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Volume 547 - Pull the Pin
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It's 125 in K-Drag today.
Sure wish I was in Ely, Mn.

 August 5, 2001.  ..... ...  .............  Sabutai Concert 
 Have you gone to to sign up yet?

  That's the place where one might listen to, oh, I don't know, ...maybe some live, subversive, pirate political radio...
  It only takes a minute, and I'd recommend you choose your current MP3 player instead of their "recommended" player,
  which locks up when you try to DL it.'ll never know when you might suddenly need it.


 "I celebrate Thanksgiving in the old-fashioned way. I invite everyone in my neighborhood
   to my house, have an enormous feast, and then I kill them and take their land."
     ---Jon Stewart

 The Leisure of Smirk
  According to Yahoo/ABC News:

 "Since taking office 196 days ago, Bush has spent plenty of leisurely days away from Washington,
  including 23 at his Crawford ranch, 36 at the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland and a
  four-day weekend at his family's compound in Kennebunkport, Maine.

  A monthlong retreat is not without precedent, but no president has been away from the White House
  for a full 30 days since Richard Nixon. When he returns from Crawford in September, Bush will have
  spent nearly 40 percent of his days as president at his ranch or at Camp David."

  Just like Reagan, an empty-headed puppet doesn't need to come to work.
  Karl Rove and Uncle Dick know what to do.

 CNN abandones "fair and balanced" charade,
 vows to become Fox News II

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 In an effort to improve his network's image with the Nazi right, new CNN chief
 Walter Isaacson huddled with House and Senate GOP leaders last week to seek advice
 on how to attract Hitler Youth viewers to the sagging network.

 Isaacson met with former sweaty men's wrestling coach Dennis Hastert (R-Faithfultohiswife)
 Council of Concerned Citizens Leader Trent Lott (R-Boldmakesthesheetswhiter),
 Uncle O. J. Watts (R-Oreo) and others to talk about CNN's image with conservatives
 and how it can be improved .

Let's bring Back Bill!
   by Chris the Screamer

  Click on the Screamer
     to get the full story

  Full Bullshit Story

 Let's end the two-term limit on presidents -- quickly.

 Why should the American people be denied their choice of chief executive?
 Why should a 22nd amendment passed by Republicans to get even with
 Franklin Roosevelt stop 21st century Americans from having the president we want?

 ha ha
 Chris the Screamer wants someone he can lie about.
 Rove told him "Don't write about the boy," so like a good, obedient puppy,
 Chris the Screamer looks everywhere but the White House for something to write about.


 "Who's better than Clinton?
   Who's better than him?
   Oh, man, Clinton in Harlem.
   Please, he's the greatest.
   You can't stop him!
   He's the greatest of all time!
   They should forget Will Smith playing Ali.
   Let Clinton play Ali.  He's the greatest."
      --  Chris Rock

 Apocalypse Now Redux

 The movie critic in USA Today was praising the re-release like crazy.

 It opened this weekend in NY and LA with an extra 49 minutes that, critics say,
 explains the confusing ending and fills out the holes in the script.

 It'll be weeks before it moseys into Knuckledrag, Oklahoma
 but I'd sure like to read some reviews of this hueueueuge movie.

 When you see 2Apoc, send a review to marty at
 so we can get it published in the entertainment section.

Today is's birthday.
This is his first toon ever...


Subject: What's Wrong With Ballet?

That's not a quote from the movie "Billy Elliott," that's a question for you, my friend.
You're obsessed with those pink tutus.  As usual, you've come up a terrific phrase to make your point.
You've created a great weapon and you've had some fun with it.  But don't use it to beat our friends to death.

First of all, Senator Clinton might look sweet in a pink tutu.
She terrified Giuliani and knocked out Lazio; why should she have to prove her manhood to anybody?
The Republican Party is the party of he-man women-haters, homophobes and other sorehead losers.
The Democratic Party pitches a bigger tent.
We welcome everyone, whether or not they wear tutus of ANY color!

ha ha
(I''m getting a lot of pro-tutu protest mail.)

Second, Democrats don't have to be supermen - they just have to be better than Republicans.
Luckily, that's not hard.
The Republicans have just  "won" the distinction of being the party that favors oil drilling in the ANWR.
OK, so 36 House Democrats voted in favor of Bush's energy bill.
Why focus on 36 Democrats, when you can point to 204 Republicans who want to rape Mother Nature?

Third, demanding ideological purity is a Naderite fantasy.
How well did abusing Jim Jeffords work for the Republicans?
I'd take a majority, however I could get it, and I wouldn't look too closely at individuals.
If a Congressional district insists on sending a reactionary creep (say, Gary Condit) to the House,
if a state keeps returning a dinosaur (say, Robert Byrd) to the Senate, at least let them have Ds rather than Rs
next to their names.  If you managed to choose between Gore and Bush, you should be able to distinguish
between Condit and Delay, or Byrd and Lott.  When it really matters, our side has a better chance of getting
a vote from a bad D than from a bad R.

Here's a nail for your hammer - Smirk's medical exam.  If the American public isn't given the details of his
physical condition - any sexually-transmitted diseases? genital abnormalities? evidence of alcohol and illegal
narcotics in his system? brain dysfunction? - we should demand to know what he's hiding.

Will Smirk be "vacationing" with Mariah Carey?  I don't believe he's going home to Crawford for one of the
longest vacations ever taken by a President; even Smirk can't be stupid enough to spend August in Texas.
Remember the words of Union General Phil Sheridan:
"If I owned Texas and Hell, I'd rent out Texas and live in Hell."

Margo, I'm with you on the medical exams.
Thirty years from now when they do his autopsy, the headline will be,
"Smirk had a tiny, underdeveloped brain - that's why he couldn't think."

...I'd rather find our before he gets us in a nuclear war.

 Patient's Bill of Rights

 This is one of those emotional arguments where everybody seems to be lying.
 Sam Donaldson semi-beat up Tommy Thompson Sunday, saying the Bush bill makes
 it so much harder to sue because they have to prove the HMO's faulty decision was
 THE cause of the problem instead of A cause of the problem.

 So unless a claim is outrageously crystal-clear, the HMO, with Bush's help, gets away free.

 I don't know Smirk about patient's rights, but if I did, I'll bet I could come up with a situation where
 some father of six young kids is disabled or killed by a greedy HMO and his family has no recourse
 because of the secret deal Bush made with the HMO lobby.

 Why don't the Democrats propose such a scenario?  Give those people names.
 "Bob" died because of the HMO and "Sally" and the six kids no longer have a future because
 Bush Heartless and Greedy protected the billionaires at the expense of working families.

 We got newspaper people on the payroll, don't we?
 Wouldn't they like a story like that?

 From now until the election, every Democrat who gets on TV says,
 "But what about Bob and Sally? George Bush is destroying their future."

 Then the press (if they were free) could look at Bush and say, "Explain yourself!"

 ...and what could Bush say?
 If he said "the trial lawyers control the Democratic party," we'd say,
 "Even if that's true, what about Bob & Sally?"

 We run Bob & Sally down their throats and make swallowing their only option.

 But noooooooooooo.
 Mr Rove calls that "dirty politics," so we'll just remain quiet, like Mr Rove wants...


Subject: long as WE know...

I see you CENSORED my "hate-filled slob" remark from my missile test rant.

...heh-heh....can't TAKE it, huh ?

Thats okay, THEY don't have to know,
as long as WE know, huh, ol' buddy (wink - wink) ?

 Peter Sliman,
 What if you sent 30 insults?
 I'd be obliged to run all 30?
 Just trying to keep things civil.
 You know, setting the new tone, and all...

 BTW, do you know of ANY Repub web site
 that would allow me to publish two paragraphs?

 You don't,  because your side is too scared.
 I'll let righties talk, because you have no ammo.
 Why won't anyone on your side let me talk?

 What are they so afraid of?


Subject: You said it yourself

You said:
>"Yes or no - isn't a Gore presidency better for your issues than a drunken no-job loser?"

Let me ask you this Bartcop... isn't a Nader presidency better for for your issues than Gore?
Gore, who is a member of a Democratic party about which you said the following:

>"They didn't mind when Smirk stole the election with December-dated ballots.
> They didn't mind when Smirk accused Clinton of trashing the White House.
> They didn't mind when Smirk accused Clinton of stripping Air Force One.
> They didn't mind when Smirk gave a spy plane to China and apologized for landing there.
> They didn't mind when Smirk sent a religiously-insane troglodyte to run Justice.
> They didn't mind when Smirk sent a top cock-hunter to be Solicitor General.
> They didn't mind when Smirk sent strip-mining Norton to protect our national parks.
> They didn't mind when Smirk said he'd use OUR tax money to prop up churches.
> They didn't mind when Smirk sent another religious-insane caveman to run the DEA.
> They didn't mind when Smirk pushed thru a tax cut that puts us in a deficit."

And I'll add... They were afraid to debate Ralph Nader!  The Dem and Repug-controlled
Debate Commission refused to let Nader debate, because they (mostly the Democrats)
knew he would steal a large portion of their fire.  And on top of that, the party's corporate
backers wouldn't care for Nader on national TV either.

> "It'd be illogical to sabotage my near-ally to ensure victory for my enemy-for-sure."

From looking at your words above, it looks like your "near-allies" are getting farther
and farther to the right.  Pretty soon, they'll look just like today's "enemy-for-sure".
Face it Bartcop, if you keep voting for the lesser of two evils, evil always wins.

Join the Green wedge... vote for the candidate that most closely follows YOUR views.

Jeff M, Huntington Beach, CA

Jeff, if the choice was Nader or Bush, I'd vote for Nader.
But Nader never had a chance - never - and everybody knows it.
Nobody was afraid of Nader, it just made no sense to let him in the debate.

If your grandmother took a 73 Pinto to the Indy 500 and she told people that
the reason they wouldn't let her in the race is because "They're afraid I'd win,"
wouldn't it be your duty to explain life's realities to her?

That "evil always wins" would look cute on a protest sign, I agree,
but you're the ones who elected evil.   I voted for boring.

Nader has convinced three percent of America - that's all.

If you continue to vote for someone who can't possibly win
you might give President Weak & Stupid a second term.

Dred Scott
  by The Daily Brew

 Click  Here  for the superior version

 Click  Here  for the forever version

Courtesy of Wizard of Whimsy


Subject: Bush Goes On Vacation For A Month??

I don't know but it sounds mighty Freudian that Bush is going on vacation for a Month to his ranch in Texas...
"He begins a monthlong vacation on his Texas ranch Saturday, and by the time he returns he will have spent
nearly two months of his presidency there" (Yahoo news 8/4/01).

The amazing thing is that acting President Cheney "will be at his own vacation home in Jackson Hole, Wyo.,
until Labor Day" .  I'm not sure if he could verbalize it if he wanted to but it appears a force deep inside Bush
is crying "I don't deserve to be here, Gore won the election."

You know, the Republicans outright declared that the office of the President was essentially irrelevant during
Clinton's term.  I guess that's how they justified voting for a moron like Smirk.  Instead of voting for somebody
with character (McCain), or character, intelligence and vision (Gore), they voted Against the democrat.

That vacation is especially galling considering he never worked a day in his life before The Florida Theft,
and as president he sleeps late, gets lots of naps and beddie-byes early, just like Red-Ink Reagan.
Another weak and stupid spokesman, sleeping thru his presidency.

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