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Volume 546 - Scream to go Faster 
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 "You saw the president yesterday. I thought he was very forward-leaning,
    as they say in diplomatic nuanced circles."
   -- Smirk, referring to himaelf in the third person (or was he talking about Cheney?)
       concerning his meeting with Putin, Rome, July 23, 2001

 The president of the United States has a beard

The Nader-go-Round


Subject: Getting to the bottom of your Nader argument.

I see what you're saying about Nader,
but I'm interested in getting to the bottom of your argument.

1. Are all of the votes for candidates to the left of the Democrats
    automatically entitled to the Democratic candidate?

    First, I love a challenge with numbers.
    To answer you - Yes, if the alternative is Weak, Stupid and Heartless.
    To suggest otherwise would be  illogical.

    Is Nader solely to blame, or does the blame extend to all of the fringe socialist
    candidates who got more than enough votes to close the 537-vote gap?

    No, Nader is mostly to blame, but not solely.
    The other fringe socialists had no way to call a press conference the Friday before
    the elction and say, "For the good of the country, we can't let the double-polluter in
    because we want the single polluter to fail."
    (Granted, I assigned those words to you, but the "they're twins" argument pulls you there.
    You admit Bush is worse than Gore, don't you?
    Yes or no - isn't a Gore presidency better for your issues than a drunken no-job loser?)


    But you were sold on the idea that your vote would "send the signal."
    But the Greens did more than send a signal.
    You guys paid for his airfare to Washington

    You sent Karl Rove the signal that drilling in Alaska, $1000 monthly electrical bills,
    overt racism, tax cuts, arsenic, homophobia and the whole Texas Package.

    ...and we're about to buy a trillion-dollar Star Wars system instead of health care.

    ...and you're going to vote for him again in 2004?

2. Fifty-two percent of eligible Americans decided not to vote on election day,  and chances are
    they were mostly pro-Gore. Did the Democrat majority who could have voted,
    but did not, actually vote for Bush?

    Well, ...lying by ommission is a lie, maybe you're onto something there.
    But again, there was nobody who could've called a press conference for non-voters and said,
    "The country is bigger than my ego, so let's save America from the BIG OIL companies."

    But Nader refused to do that, didn't he?

3. In an unlikely presidential election, the Democratic candidate is Bob Barr and the GOP has David Duke
    (or someone else three inches to the right of even Bob Barr on the yardstick). In the polls, Barr and Duke
    are both at 48.5%, and Green Party candidate Bill Clinton is at 3%. Who would you vote for?

   Trick question!
   But I'd like to answer it.
   You won't like this, but I'd vote for David Duke.
   It'd be illogical to sabotage my near-ally to ensure victory for my enemy-for-sure.

   And who'd vote for a loser with three percent?

   The way I see it, Barr and Duke are equally racist, but Duke is more honest about his positions,
   he doesn't have an obsession with Clinton's cock and, far as I know, never murdered his baby.

   Duke is clearly the man!


 So Far, Bush is Only Play-Acting as President
   Lance Morrow looks at the Man in the White House and finds, at least through the
   first few months, there's no there there.
      by Lance Morrow

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 "What our heat-sensors pick up at the center is Dick Cheney. The vice presidency, historically a
   vacuum and nonentity not worth a pitcher of warm piss has become, by an odd default,
   the engine room, even as Cheney ferries his ticker in and out of the Coronary Care Unit."

Model Niki Taylor re-admitted to hospital
  Supermodel is being treated at a Florida hospital, her publicist said Friday.

Niki Taylor, 26, who spent eight weeks in the hospital for treatment of life-threatening
liver damage and other injuries, is in stable condition at a hospital in Florida, where she
was taken Tuesday, spokeswoman Lou Taylor said.

"Due to the severity of Niki's injuries from the April 29 accident, setbacks and future treatments
are expected as part of her ongoing recovery,'' the spokeswoman said in a written statement.

"This has been a very long ten-week period for everyone, both emotionally and physically,
 ...especially for Niki,'' the statement said. ``Right now we are just taking it one day at a time
and thanking God for returning Niki home to us."

    Coke Bear says:

  "Hang in there, Niki"

 Nuclear Rant
  by  Mike Lordi

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"I told you if I kept my mouth shut and stayed in the
background long enough it would pay off some day."


Subject: Saw BIG DOG tonight

Mr. B:  I went to see PRESIDENT Clinton in Little Rock this evening.  He told about
his vision for the Presidential Library at an event for library donors.  He looks better than ever.
Mary Steenburgen was there, along w/ a number of his former White House staff, old and
young liberals, Sen. David Pryor, and others whom I can't remember this late.

I felt liberated to be in a building with absolutely NO repugs anywhere around.
Scope out tomorrow's right-wing Arkansas Democrat-Gazette for the toned-down version of the event.
Wonder if it'll make page one?  Little Rock is looking great, especially downtown in the old river market
area where there used to be abandoned warehouses and winos but now there are clubs, restaurants,
entertainment, etc.  The presidential library "park" will extend from LaHarpe at the River Market
all the way to the Presidential Center (or whatever, Library, Park).  The library will be just east of
the old Choctaw Train Station, which you might recall was a Spaghetti Warehouse restaurant
(ugh -- frozen Lasagna from Sam's) that failed.  The old railroad bridge over the Arkansas will be
fixed up for pedestrians, maybe with shops and stuff along it, and it will be all lit up at night.

When it is finished and opened, I might have to quit my job just to go hang out over there.

I've been reading your site for about a year -- this is the best thing on the net.
Keep up the good work, and please know I truly appreciate the hours and effort you put into this thing.
You write good, boy.

Best regards,

President Bush hands over control of the Senate to the
Democrats in a Rose Garden ceremony earlier this year.
Accepting for the party was Vermont teacher Michele Forman.

 Feds To Clear Clinton In Marc Rich Pardon Case

 Full Story

 NY1 has learned Friday the Manhattan U.S. Attorney's office has not been able to find
 proof former president Bill Clinton did anything illegal in his last-minute pardon of Marc Rich.

 A federal official tells NY1 prosecutors investigating the controversial pardon heard about
 lapses in judgment by the former president, but not anything worthy of an indictment.

 ha ha

 They tried for soooooo many years.
 Every wild-ass, trumped up charge imaginable, and a dozen that aren't, was hurled at him.

 Hell, this is old news.
 We reported right here on  over six months ago that Clinton was innocent.

 He's always innocent.

 The best headline Karl Rove can authorize is "GOP claims bad judgment by Ass-kicker Clinton."

Ain't this the damn truth...


Subject: Debates

Can you explaining what the hell this means?

"Weak & Stupid gave the surplus to BIG OIL."


Steve, I will attempt to get attribution before I press "send," but Friday, I read a story
that Bush signed some tax break for the energy companies to the tune of $37 billion.
There was a story about the $57 billion dollar surplus being a $51 million DEFICIT now.

The American taxpayer is down $108 billion,
and Bush gives $37 billion to the industry with the highest profits in their history.

How would you characterize BIG OIL's federal tax windfall gift?

 Ralph Nader's Skeleton Closet

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"Redefining the role of the United States from enablers to keep the peace
  to enablers to keep the peace from peacekeepers is going to be an assignment."
    - - George W. Bush, in January

 Senate Demos Reject Bush's pick for consumer panel
  A Senate committee has rejected Bush's choice to head the consumer watchdog agency.
  Mary Sheila Gall will not head the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

 Full Story

 Doesn't it figure?

 They didn't mind when Smirk stole the election with December-dated ballots.
 They didn't mind when Smirk accused Clinton of trashing the White House.
 They didn't mind when Smirk accused Clinton of stripping Air Force One.
 They didn't mind when Smirk gave a spy plane to China and apologized for landing there.
 They didn't mind when Smirk sent a religiously-insane troglodyte to run Justice.
 They didn't mind when Smirk sent a top cock-hunter to be Solicitor General.
 They didn't mind when Smirk sent strip-mining Norton to protect our national parks.
 They didn't mind when Smirk said he'd use OUR tax money to prop up churches.
 They didn't mind when Smirk sent another religious-insane caveman to run the DEA.
 They didn't mind when Smirk pushed thru a tax cut that puts us in a deficit.

 ...but sending Mary Sheila Gall to head the Consumer Product Safety Commssion?

 "You've gone too far, Mr President!"

From: (withheld)

Subject: Robin's question about Julie Hiatt Steele and bankruptcy:

It's a little hard to declare bankruptcy when you don't know who the heck you owe
the money to - one of the aspects of the process is you have to list all your creditors.
Of course, when the bankruptcy's advertised, you can then watch them come out of
the woodwork. One problem, though; in the state of Virginia, you can't keep your
house if you file bankruptcy, so, if Julie were to do that, she'd still be out of a home,
with exactly bupkis to show for it.

I'm a friend of Julie's, and I can tell you we've discussed this at length.
Sucks, I know, but there it is.

BTW, Bart, your description of Julie's conversational style is dead-on.  I can't count
the number of times I've had to ask her to run something by me for the second, or tenth,
time, because she is just overflowing with information, and everything comes at you at
one hundred miles an hour, and some of us card-carrying AARP members can't always keep up.

I'm sending her a copy of your essay, "Courage", although I must tell you that she does not
consider herself a hero. Julie said to me once that she did not choose to do what she did;
she did not consider that she had a choice. When she said that to me, I was reminded of
a book (I can't remember the title) of interviews of people in different parts of Europe
who rescued Jews from the Nazis. When the author of the book asked these people,
none of whom knew the others, why they had chosen to do what they did, to a person
they answered that they had not chosen to help; they never felt they had a choice.

I don't know if that's how you define courage, but I agree with you; she's the real deal.

Ann D in Philadelphia

 Affleck To Rehab

''Pearl Harbor'' star and good friend of  Ben Affleck voluntarily
 entered the Promises rehabilitation facility in Malibu on Tuesday.

 Damn, this will put the BartCop movie back a few months...
 I feel like Coppola doing Apocalypse

 Just kidding!

 ...get well, Ben!

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