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Volume 727 - Better off Dumb


Sunday     Feb. 24, 2002            Send Me an Angel               Recent old stuff           Shopping w/ Bart


"Our enemies hope that by portraying this as a religious conflict,
  they can disguise their own betrayal of religion..."

  Who said that?
  It was either Ashcroft, Arafat, bin Laden or Ariel Sharon.

 Enron VP tells Congress she feared for her life
  But media remains silent on Baxter "suicide"

  Click  Here

 Baxter had been identified in the media as an internal critic of Enron’s accounting scams
 and was slated to testify before a congressional committee probing the Enron collapse when
 he was found dead in his car on January 25. He died of a gunshot wound to the head.

 Officials of Sugar Land, Texas, where Baxter lived and where he was found dead, immediately
 declared his death a suicide. No serious investigation has yet been conducted and police refuse
 to release the alleged suicide note or answer questions about the case.

 Remember this?
 His body was found that morning and just hours later the Texas (read: Bush) cops
 declared this a suicide, before any investigation or tox reports could have been run.

 Oh, well, if it doesn't involve Clinton's zipper it can't be a crime.

 Headline at Newsmax.com
 White House Wants Saddam out by 2005

 Headline in USAToday 2/13/02
 White House Goal to Reduce "Drug Crisis" by 25% in five years

 Hey, Moron!

 Why don't you set a goal BEFORE the next election?
 Why are all those targets set for AFTER the next election?
 Is it so you can say, "We've almost completed the job," in November 2004?

 You've already stolen one election with "Give me a chance," so USE that chance
 and stop pretending you're going to actually win an election outside the state of Texas..

From: SPolansk@admin.usf.edu

Subject: The Daily Show

Last night I caught Michael Moore on with John Stewart.
I know you have issues with him, but he let loose on the BFEE in a sweet way.
He basically said the Bushs are in bed with the Bin Ladins and backed it up with the mainstream sources.

He mentioned the possibility that the US government knew this was going to happen.
He brought up the plane that was allowed to fly around the US and pick up Bin Ladin relatives
on the 3rd day after 9-11 when no other planes were allowed to fly.
The audience was dead quiet the whole time.  He then ended with saying he doesn't care who
was involved as long as they all are punished including those who knew ahead of time and
those who turned their eyes away as the planes approached.

When he finished the crowd gave him overwhelming applause.

Steve Polansky

Steve, if this was Thursday's show, it should repeat Monday at 7 PM EDT Monday.
That the Comedy Channel - I'm setting my VCR.

Born Again Bully

 Ding, Dong, the Cultural Witch Hunt Is Dead
   by Frank Rich

  Click  Here

 What makes history that seemed ugly at the time play like farce now is the almost unending hypocrisy
 of so many of Brock's circle in journalism and politics. Those who led the charge against the morality
 of Anita Hill, Bill Clinton and the rest were almost to a man and woman living in glasshouses of their own,
 whether pursuing sex, alcohol, abortion or some combination thereof. The checkered ''family values'' of
 the likes of Gingrich, Scaife, Dan Burton, Henry Hyde, Bob Livingston and The Wall Street Journal's
 anti-Clinton polemicist John Fund, among many others, are now part of the historical record. Clarence
 Thomas's history of regularly renting pornography in the 1980's -- documented by the Wall Street Journal
 reporters Jane Mayer and Jill Abramson (Abramson is now the Washington bureau chief of The Times)
 in their book ''Strange Justice'' -- also stands virtually unchallenged, now that Brock has withdrawn his
 previous rebuttal of it. It's particularly hilarious that The Washington Times was the paper of record
 (and of frequent employment) for this whole pious crowd, given that its owner, Moon, with his mass weddings
 of mostly strangers, probably took more direct action to undermine the institution of marriage in America
 than any single person in the 20th century, the Gabor sisters included. '

From: FN16@aol.com

Subject: Liberal talk radio

We do we do have liberal talk radio out west here.
It's Ray T on KGO  (810 on your AM dial) 1:00 am to 5:00 am week mornings.

OK, but in the middle of the night when nobody is listening?

It's not like the banished TV shows of the vulgar Pigboy and Laura the Screech.
How can the free-market forces put these programs on when nobody can hear them
considering we won the last three presidential elections?

Why can't the majority get their voice on the air?
It makes no sense.

The right-wing can't be 20 percent of America,
but they own 80-90 percent of the airwaves.

 When was the last time you visited  mediawhoresonline.com?

 John Fund (R-Scumbag) Arrested 

 Click  Here

 John Fund has been arrested for assaulting my good friend Morgan Pillsbury.

 She's 5'3",  95 pounds, green eyes and she's  35-23-35.
 Morgan's just way too hot for John Fund, don't you think?

 I guess she's going to begin dating again...

From: hanisch@pop.nwlink.com

Subject: Bushfellas; missing the first of the bunch!

Dear Sir,
Reading your fine column, I noticed the Bushfellas graphic stating "3 generations of life in the Bush mafia",
and am compelled to point out that Herbert Walker (the H.W. in George senior's name) is the forebear
of all of the above, and should be investigated further.

There's FOUR generations of this family opressing humanity, not just three!

E. Hanisch

Let me guess: Herbert Walker sold advanced weapons to Trostsky?


 Another bedroom farce
  The Chicago Tribune, USA Today, Fred Barnes and others
  claim Clinton had Ken Lay for a White House sleepover.
  One problem: Wrong president.
  - - - - - - - - - - - -
   by Brendan Nyhan

   Click  Here

 The newest perpetrator of the claim is Patrice Hill of the Washington Times, who asserts in her story
 Thursday that "evidence of Mr. Lay’s links to the Clinton administration are ample and well-documented,"
  including that Lay "at times was Mr. Clinton’s golf partner and slept in the Lincoln Bedroom."

  Hill evidently failed to consult the original Clinton Lincoln Bedroom guest list...

  For the right-wing hate crowd, "well-documented" means "I heard Rush say it."

 Don't forget to check 

 I watched the Gennifer Flowers vs James Carville trial on C-Span.
 As always, Larry Klayman was representing whoever hates the Clintons.
 Here are some highlights from the trial.

 Klayman: Hillary hired a private eye to "dig dirt" on Gennifer Flowers.
 Ms. Flowers home was broken into.
 Sometimes private eyes break into homes, and two plus two equals four, Your Honor.

 Have you ever heard horseshit with less foundation?
 He actually argued that - word for word - swear to Koresh.
 Instead of laughing him out of court, the Nazi judges thought that was "evidence."

 Julie's right.
 Justice in this country is a joke. (my words, not hers)

 Klayman: Ms Flowers is penniless because of the Clintons.
                  She can't even afford snake food for Sparky.

 A. She told Ken Starr's grand jury she was on her second or third million from the right-wing loons
      She should learn to handle her money better.
 B. If she's penniless, it's because she sold her reputation to The Star.

 Klayman: They ruined her reputation so badly, she can't even get a job singing in Las Vegas.

 ha ha
 Hey, nobody in Vegas will hire me to sing, either.
 Should I sue Hillary for that?

 Klayman: Your Honor, they called my client a slut.

 Well, Duh,
 She was paid by Star Magazine (and Richard Mellon Scaife) to call a press conference to
 run into the spolight to claim she had been screwing a married man for years.
 What part of "slut" doesn't fit that description?

 Klayman: Your Honor, Ms Flowers is NOT a public figure,
 so defendants can't find safety in that defense.

 Excuse me?
 Scaife and The Star paid her $250,000 to call a press conference and say,
 "I've been screwing the Democratic nominee for president for twelve years,"
 and she's now claiming she's not a public figure?
 Can you get any more public than when you seek publicity?

 They spent perhaps 45 minutes on whether, a "tampered with" tape is the same as
 a "doctored" tape, since "doctored" has a worse connotation. Then Klayman argued
 that CNN closed with "we BELIEVE" the tape has been tampered with.

 Koresh, what ever happened to "best evidence?"
 Instead of arguing what CNN might've said for 45 minutes, why not play the damn tape?

 There is so much insanity in these court proceedures.  They very LAST thing they want is the truth.
 They're so buying arguing miniscule legal points, nobody remembers that this slut tried to make money
 by telling stories about Clinton. And when Clinton said "She's lying," she gets to sue for damages?

 So if I say Usurper Boy pinched my ass in 1988 and he denies it, I get to sue him for defamation?
 Jesus Christ, this country has a screwy-as-hell legal system.

 Is this why Judge Judy is so popular?  Because she cuts thru the legal horseshit and says
 "Bitch, you ran into the spolight with a false claim to make easy money and you failed."

 In closing (much applause) time and again and again and again the judges asked Klayman
 why he wants to claim shit NOW that wasn't in his original complaint and time and again
 his answer was, "We didn't anticipate the defense arguing that, Your Honor."

 Sounds like bad lawyering to me.
 I'd love to do battle with Larry Klayman, but I'd need a jury
 instead of some incompetent, bought-off, Clinton-hating judge.

 Quips and Comments
   by Barry Crimmins

  Click  Here
 Watching Dubyahoo give a speech in another country is like being forced to sit
 through a school assembly featuring the rambling opinions of an embarrassing uncle
 who has wandered out of the bar at American Legion long enough to explain
 his world view to your flabbergasted classmates.

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 Bush's Return to Unilateralism
  by Nat Parry of   consortiumnews.com

  Click  Here

 After the Sept. 11 attacks, the world rallied to the U.S. side and gave
 broad support to America's counterattack in Afghanistan. But in the aftermath,
 the Bush administration has risked the success of the longer-range war on
 terrorism by alienating many allies with a return to unilateralism.

How about a hemp t-shirt that pricks our Failure in Thief?

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 Julie is back online with an ISP that works

 How does AOL stay in business?
 AOL has what, 16 million customers?
 Nobody can service 16 million customers.

 When you have an AOL problem, which is always and constantly,
 there are 15,999,999 people ahead of you in the customer service line.

 Write to Julie at   PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

 E-mail to Julie, use juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

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  Great column at Bushwatch.com
 Whispers In The Land:
 Washington Knows That Bush Has Gone Too Far

  Click  Here

 The 'conspiracy theories' are only theories in this country, it seems, in the rest of the world
 they're reported as fact. What the rest of the world knows is that Uzbekistan and the rest
 of the 'Stans' in the Caspian Sea sit atop what may be the largest oil and gas reserves in the world,
 the oil and gas that will be used primarily in the coming economic growth of the world's two largest
 countries - China and India. The rest of the world knows that Enron, Halliburton, Unocal, and other
 American energy concerns wished to build pipelines through neighboring Afghanistan to get that oil
 and gas to market; knows that the Bush administration was negotiating with the Afghan Taliban
 to build those pipelines, knows Bush threatened war if the Taliban didn't play along.

 Check today's 

 From the LA Weekly:

 Because he exceeded expectation, perennial Sundance rogue Nick Broomfield provided one
 of the Sundance Film Festival’s rare surprises by making, after years of hit-and-misses like
 Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam and
 Kurt and Courtney, an extraordinary documentary, Biggie and Tupac.

 At once a meditation on rap culture and an investigation of the exploitation of that culture, the film
 traces the lives and violent deaths of former friends Tupac and Biggie Smalls, an exploration that
 ranges from Los Angeles to New York, from the insistent calls for justice by Wallace’s mother to
 the unnerving threats, veiled and unveiled, by Suge Knight. Unexpectedly moving and tough-minded,
 at times even wildly, carelessly brave, this is the film that Broomfield has been working toward since
 he started down the documentary path.

 If the director makes it through the year alive —  and given some of the revelations he secures,
 principally from friends of Wallace/Smalls who, out of love for the dead rapper and his mother,
 prove incredibly candid — Broomfield will have made not just the best film of his career,
 but one of the gutsier documentaries in memory. All he needs now is a distributor
 fearless enough to put the film out in the world.

TV Sweep weeks are underway
 That means it's fund-raising time here at  bartcop.com

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From: roblaw@hawksnet.net

Subject: A WWII Veteran's Thoughts

My Dad's a veteran of the Second World War.  More particularly, he
served aboard an aircraft carrier in the Pacific Theatre.  I shared with
him today pResident Bush's remarks to the Japanese Parliament.
What follows was his response to his Repugnican Senator:

"Senator Shelby:

I am currently visiting with my son in West Virginia, and he shared the following remarks
with me,  made by Mr. Bush to the Japanese Parliament recently.  In his address to the
Japanese Parliment,  Bush said the following:

"My trip to Asia begins here in Japan for an important reason. It begins here because for
a century and a half now, America and Japan have formed one of the great and enduring
alliances of modern times. From that alliance has come an era of peace in the Pacific."

As a World War II veteran, and, more particularly a sailor aboard U.S.S. Essex CV-9,
I cannot adequately express to you how horrified, disgusted and, above all, saddened I was
to hear these words.  In one fell swoop, Mr. Bush has spit on the memories of oh, so many friends
and comrades of mine, brothers in arms, who lost their lives opposing the "Empire of the Rising Sun"
between 1941 and 1945.  Even though you've abandoned Democrats like me who once voted you
into office, would you please gently remind Mr. Bush of that little "tiff" we had in the Pacific?

You might mention a couple of names, like "Pearl Harbor" and "Arizona;" "Midway,"
"Guadalcanal" "Iwo Jima."     It's clear he's never heard them before.

Rob, tell your Dad I said he's a hero.
A shot of Chinaco for Rob's dad.

 Happy Birthday to...

Melinda Messenger is 31        Brandy Gizele is 32

 Also: George Harrison (1943) Edward James Olmos (1947)  Abe "Tessio" Vigoda (1921) Enrico Caruso (1873)
 Barry Bostwick (1944) Who's Barry Bostwick?  Mrs. Gene Roddenberry (1939)  the great Fred Biletnikoff (1943)
 James Farentino (1938) who was crazy enough to stalk Sinatra's daughter while Frank was still alive,
 Peter Fonda (1940)  Elisha Cuthbert (1984) who just escaped her kidnappers on last week's exciting 24
 and Brad Whitford (1952) but I don't know if that's the Aerosmith guy or the West Wing guy.

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy:
An Investigative Reporter Exposes the Truth About Globalization,
Corporate Cons, and High Finance Fraudsters
     by Greg Palast

 Click to order

 My opinion?  I haven't read it yet, but I believe this book is an expose of the Bush Family Evil Empire.
 But if he put Bush's name in the title, it would be unpublishable and Greg Palast would be found dead
 in a cheap motel room in Springdale, Arkansas where the coroner would label him a "suicide."

 Note: Greg Palast has been sued by the Bush Family Evil Empire for telling the truth!
 They sued him in England where the truth is not a valid defense in court!

        "This China-man is crushin' muh girly HAND! Yiii!!!!"

                 How embarrassing can this idiot be for America?

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