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Volume 812 - Bring the Virgin home


Thursday  June 6, 2002 

 This Just In...

  Kreskin says tonight, over Las Vegas, the biggest UFO sighting in history
  will take place between 10PM and midnight, he's betting $50,000 that it happens.

  Old link, prior to specifics  Click  Here


"I don't believe any longer that it's a matter of connecting the dots.
  I think they had a veritable blueprint and we want to know why they didn't act on it."
   -- Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) who only needs to read  bartcop.com  to find out
       why evil oil men would let thousands die to steal hundreds of billions.

 Al-Qaida monitored U.S. negotiations with Taliban over oil pipeline
  A memo by military chief Mohammed Atef raises new questions about whether failed U.S. efforts
  to reform Afghanistan's radical regime -- and build the pipeline -- set the stage for Sept. 11.
    by Jean-Charles Brisard (Caution - story may be made up - it's from known-whore Salon.com)

  Click  Here

  June 5, 2002  |  A 1998 memo written by al-Qaida military chief Mohammed Atef reveals
 that Osama bin Laden's group had  detailed knowledge of negotiations that were taking place
 between Afghanistan's ruling Taliban and American government and business leaders over
 plans for a U.S. oil and gas pipeline across that Central Asian country.

Maybe the church deserves this, maybe not,
but until they get 100 percent against child rape,
this kind of ridicule will continue.

Subject: Arlen on the Panel

Let's see, fire-up the "Wa-Bac Machine" for a little bit.
It was Arlen Specter who came up with the single-bullet theory for the Warren Commission.
Wasn't that a heckuva theory that explained everything?
And now Arlen is investigating Sept 11th?

Just thought I'd mention that.


 I saw this paragraph on a Tulsa website I might be promoting soon.
 Former OK Gov David Walters is running against Jim Pissquik Inhofe, the most ignorant,
 religiously-insane, racist homophobe in the US Senate, and that includes Jesse Helms.

“Margaret Erling helps us with a lot of things,” said the Walters campaign.
“She helped with an April fundraiser in Tulsa and she is doing a lot of
 work on an event June 25 in Washington with Hillary Clinton.”

 Her husband is John Erling, morning drive DJ on Rush's Nazi station here, and former
 Democrat-turned Rush fellator.  During impeachment, I heard him giving out the White House
 phone number on the air so Tulsans could call and demand that "that rapist" resign,
 and now his wife is fund raising with Hillary?   This is stupid.

 Older readers might recall I once delivered a bottle of Listerine to KRMG
 so this punk-ass Erling could rinse the taste of Limbaugh out of his mouth.

 Why is Hillary joining forces with Erling's wife?
 To raise money?  She needs money that badly?

Subject: Must have slipped your mind

You wrote:

> "Yes, there is such a thing as global warming, but I still don't like
>  the Kyoto accords because it would hurt the American economy."
>  -- The stupidest president ever

You failed to mention that when the Kyoto came to a vote in Congress
where any treaty must be ratified by 2/3 ... the vote was 96 to 0.
Does this also make the Senate the stupidest congress ever?

If your goal is to have others see your way of thinking... you should at
least present both views rather than your simplistic juvenile one-liners.


Doug, fair enough.
When I wrote that, I was listening to Rush say, "All humans excrete waste,
 so we're all polluters, and that's God's plan for us," or some such nutty-ass crap.

When in doubt, I always take the opposing view to Rush.

I don't know much about the Senate's problems with the Kyoto protocols.
Maybe you (or someone) someone could enlighten me?

...but no matter what, Bush IS the stupidest president ever, and failing to tackle
monster-sized problems because "We can't afford it," is crazy talk.

Could we afford World War II?
No, but action had to be taken regardless of cost.

Do overcrowded hospitals take Emergency Room patients?
Yes, sometimes action needs to be taken regardless of cost.

Bush admitted the planet's getting hotter, but his family can make more money without
bothering with all that ozone bullshit, so he walks away from it like it was a dry oil well.

He's rejecting the safe containment of our atmosphere.
Forgive me if I disagree...

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 Pick a fighter, the round & the time.  All entries must be in by 5 pm CST Saturday.
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  Get your Triple Crown news, too.
  Can War Emblem pull it off?

Bush Aide Reveals Worry Over Loss of Adviser
   By Christopher Marquis

  Click  Here

"The whole balance of the place, the balance of what has worked up to now
 for George Bush, is gone, simply gone," he said. "My biggest concern?  Want to
 know what it is? That the president will lose confidence in the White House staff.
 Because without her, we'll no longer be able to provide the president what he needs, what he demands."

 Oh, please!
 How demanding can The Chimp be?
 He does what he's told. He doesn't bark orders at people.

From:  billfolkner@fastermail.com

Subject: You are going to die


You have a bunch of assholes for fans.  These pricks send viruses, they write horseshit letters,
threaten lives, spam me like the prick who sends me 150 comics each day so I will be changing
my address soon if it doesn't stop.

In other words you can tell your fans on your f-ing website they are all assholes without any
class or substance.  Pricks and cocksuckers only.  Dipshits.  Shitheels. Motherf-kers.  Scumbags.
Slimeballs. Bastardassholes.  Print it you dipshit who lies, cheats, steals, perverts and corrupts.
You are just like these creeps and nut cases.  Leftist robotic like Liberals, all mentally ill.
Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Some guy named Bobby Rutan wants to kill you, I think.
He has plans to take over your website and go to your trailer park and snuff you.
He is dangerous as hell and I warn you he is one sick bastard.

Watch out for this prick Bobby Rutan.
He is out to get you and ruin you.
Everyone is going to die sometime.
Bobby Rutan wants your life to end asap.

Bill Folkner

Subject: Northernair Lodge - GREAT PLACE

Hi Bart,

Just wanted to let you know that as a result of ads on BartCop, my husband and I have now
been to Northernair Lodge twice.  This last visit was for my birthday, and Cathy worked with
my husband to surprise me with beautiful flowers in our cabin, dinner reservations at a terrific
local restaurant, AND she made me a delicious Chocolate Decadence cake herself!

Northernair is a lovely, peaceful place to relax, either by the fire in your cabin, walking in the woods,
or on the lake.  Or you can play games/pool in the lodge, or discuss progressive politics and BartCop
with Cathy and Grant. Plus, there are hikes, shopping, good food, espresso, and even the
International Wolf Center within a few miles.

Anyway, I'm here to say that advertising on BartCop works!  Not just for the business,
but for the consumer.   I'm sure all BartCop advertisers are just as well worth checking out,
and I plan to do just that (starting with the chocolate).

BTW, there is a special arrangement for BartCop customers.


Margaret, we are looking forward to our first stay at Northernair Lodge
Cathy & Grant are great people, and have been major pillars for bartcop.com


 As the WTC came down, Carlyle's fortunes went up

  Click  Here

 John Judge sent out a link to an article in Red Herring about the Carlyle Group, which says that the group had
 gathered for a meeting on Sept. 11 and watched the attack on the World Trade Center together. As the towers
 went down, the article says, the group's fortunes went up. It goes into some detail describing how the company,
 whose members include George Bush Sr., James Baker (the big mouthpiece in the seizure of the White House
 after the Republicans lost the election of 2000), and Osama bin Laden's "estranged family", will make huge money
 from the War on Terrorism. The article describes how the Carlyle group is involved in a kind of predatory
 capitalism that feeds on mass death and freely uses its political connections to play geopolitical games that funnel
 ever greater portions of the world's recources into its income ledgers.

 They read it in Singapore.
 They read it in Zurich.
 They read it in New York City.


 I saw The Sum of All Fears last night.

 I knew from the previews there was a nuclear explosion in the film,
 but I wasn't prepared for the movie's second half. It was like a cross
 between Fail Safe and lower Manhattan on September 11th.

 I thought my good friend Ben Affleck made a decent Jack Ryan, but it was
 strange seeing Ryan that young, but what else could they do? They can't have
 Harrison Ford playing the action hero as he moves into his sixties.

 I left the movie with two thoughts:
 1. An American city will probably be nuked this decade.
 2. When the shit really hits, it'd be nice if the man allegedly making the
      life-and-death, earth-shaking decisons wasn't a total and complete moron.

 Reading that story (above) about Karen Hughes leaving and throwing President
 Bunnypants into a confidence crisis makes me re-wonder what her motives are.
 He apparently can't function without her, and, like they keep reminding us, we're at war
 but Hughes is bailing out anyway?  Does she not have any loyalty to her country?

 How can she leave when she's half of the governor's brains?
 Bush can't afford to lose any brain power, not even a little bit.

 Tom Tomorrow Toon

  Click  Here

 Global Warming
   by Michael J. Critchley

  Click  Here

 Being a scientist in the 'Earth Science and Global Changes' and having worked as such for
 the EPA as well as in academia, I would like to comment that Bush & the EPA (as well as Limbaugh)
 have screwed it up again. Well, at least Bush has screwed it up.

 Environmental Scientists are studying man's impact on our environment and have shown that
 we are contributing to Global Warming, Depletion of the Ozone Layer, etc.  And the hype built
 into their arguments, "apocalyptic doom and gloom based on raw emotion", has really been
 necessary to even gain funding for continued studies.

Cheney doing ads?
Is this legal?

is always worth a read.

  by the dailybrew.com

  Click  Here

 We've done our part. We've published all of the evidence we could find that Bush
 was at a minimum grossly negligent in allowing the terrorist attacks of 9/11 to take place.
 It is up to the Congress to sort through it all now. So let's turn our attention to the
 new measures that the Bush administration has proposed to enhance our security.
 Because in many cases, if not most, they actually make us less secure.

  BartCop MIRC chat

 Have you checked out the chat yet?


"Chelsea Clinton was seen buying two home pregnancy tests."
    --Paul Harvey, toothless, classless gutter whore and abuser of horses

  The never-ending assault on the Clintons provides the right-wing
  with a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

 Newsmax.com floats an IPO - but are they legit?

  Click  Here

 All totaled, Ruddy and the company's directors -- who also include Arnaud de Borchgrave,
 late of the Washington Times; former Navy admiral Thomas Moorer; and Lord William
 Rees-Moog, a former editor and current columnist for the Times of London -- control about
 64 percent of NewsMax Media through stock ownership and stock options, which would
 drop to 53.5 percent after the IPO. Interestingly, Scaife is not listed as a company director,
 but his stock is counted with the rest of the other named directors.


"Dick Cheney said the CIA paper was just a "rehash," containing nothing new.
 But as to why Congress should not see it, Mr. Cheney said, 'Because it contains the most
 sensitive sources and methods. It's the family jewels.'  A rehash is the family jewels?"
 --Daniel Schorr, Washington's secrecy battles – from 9/11 to Enron, csmonitor.com

 Harris drawn into suit
    by Beth Reinhard

  Click  Here

 Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris must explain why her campaign for a seat
 in Congress does not conflict with her legal defense, as a state official, of new congressional
 districts drawn by the Florida Legislature, a Broward County judge ordered Tuesday.

 DeLay thanks CNN for becoming Fox News II

  Click  Here

  If only we had a free press in this country...

   by David Apperson

  Click  Here

 What is more important to you.  The possibility that the President had sex with an
 intern or the possibility that the President, with more than enough very credible intelligence
 that we were in for an attack chose to do nothing to protect the people he has sworn to
 protect (were his fingers crossed behind his back during the swearing in?).

by Wizard of Whimsy

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"Bush, whose judgment was so tragically off base last year before the attacks, and who says
 he still sees nothing that could have been done to protect the American people, expects the
 people to put their blind faith and trust in him and Cheney and Rumsfeld and Ashcroft and
 the rest of the rat pack as though they were divinely called to rule, rather than White House
 squatters who lost the last election by over half a million votes. He did not even earn the
 right to be president, let alone to be God."
    --David Cogswell, Bush "Concerned", davidcogswell.com

 BartCop, ...BartCop...

 BartCop - come to Vegas...

 Friday, we'll have an announcement on the Juliefest video .

 I've seen a rough copy, and it's un-be-lievable.

Father's Day is just around the corner.

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