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Volume 819 - Immune to the Pain

Monday    June 17, 2002 


"I'd rather fly coach with N-Sync than be married again."
      -- Eminem

 We Poll Where the Sun Don't Shine

 Click  Here

"Astonishingly, a whopping sixty-nine percent of those interviewed who
 said they approved of how Bush is handling his responsibilities also
 believe Chocolat Mousse plays shortstop for the Montreal Canadiens."

 Kicking Clinton - again

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 Talk about your basic waste of time and money - taxpayer dollars, at that.
 The GAO spent a year and $200,000 investigating the alleged "damage, theft,
 vandalism, and pranks" in the transition from the Clinton Administration to that
 of President Bush in January 2001. The result: "little corroborating evidence"
 to support Bush claims that departing Clintonites had shamefully trashed the White House.

 The Mexican Horror
     by Irene Adrian

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 Henry pulled various sex toys and other things I did not recognize from his bag, which David
 used on me, on the bed, in various positions.  David had removed his shirt and had on a back brace
 which he said he had to wear as a result of injuries sustained in a plane crash.  He also wore heavy
 gray gloves that snapped around his wrists.  I noticed that he was very careful to keep his body as
 far away from me as possible, stretching out his bare arm to reach me.  I turned my head to look
 at Henry sitting in the chair by the door.  He was filming this, which was why David was being
 so careful to stay out of the picture.  At some point someone told me to turn my head and smile.

  For the best coverage, check 

 FBI ‘guilty of cover-up’ over anthrax suspect

  Click  Here

"Early in the investigation," Rosenberg told Scotland on Sunday, "a number of inside experts,
 at least five that I know about, gave the FBI the name of one specific person as the most
 likely suspect. That person fits the FBI profile in most respects. He has the right skills,
 experience with anthrax, up-to-date anthrax vaccination, forensic training, and access
 to the US Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (AMRIID)
 and its biological agents through 2001."

 ...but as long as he's just sending anthrax to well-known Democrats,
 the illegal Fraud Administration can use all the fear they can get.

Subject: Nazi movement

The Nazis didn't lose - they merely relocated.
Their goal to slowly Nazify the most powerful nation in the world.

Once accomplished they could then take over the rest of the world,
not a difficult task if they dangle Sword of Damocles over the capitals of
non-compliant nations (star wars thermonuclear weapons positioned in space).

What an interesting world we live in.
Why is this occurring? God only knows.

George M

Nazi's? What Nazis?
Dubya is my president.
What he says - we do.

 Mahony's Cronies
  In covering up for predator priests, Cardinal Roger Mahony's stayed true to
  a prestigious old boys' network of fellow alums from St. John's Seminary in Camarillo.

  Click  Here

 When Roger M. Mahony pulled the plug on child-molesting priest Carl Sutphin after elevating
 him to associate pastor, the cardinal's visible anguish stemmed from more than just embarrassment.
 In announcing Sutphin's departure, Mahony first expressed sorrow -- not for the pedophile cleric's
 victims, whom the cardinal had misled and ignored for years -- but for the priest.

 Why don't they get it?
 Couldn't they at least fake some sympathy for the raped children?

 Another thing - since they hide their settlements, we'll never know, but I think Dallas took
 the church for $110M or so.  That means, maybe-probably, the Church has paid out a billion
 dollars in the last decade or so.

 Think of the good they could've done with that extra billion.
 But no, they wanted to play "Hide the child molester," instead.


 "If you can read this,
   you're not the President."
    -- sign held by an anti-Bush demcnstrator

 I see where Salon.com is doing another one of their important expose's.
 They even had the call to call the article Unmasking Deep Throat

 Trouble is, anfter that grandiose headline, they never say anything.   They beat around
 the Bush with questions like, "How long have you been searching for Deep Throat?"
 and "If you were a tree, what kind would you be?" before closing with the all important,
 "Are you disappointed that you have not named one person as Deep Throat,
   but instead identified a very small group who could be Throat?

 So, after promising to "unmask Deep Throat," they give you a Salon handjob, instead.
 Have some time to waste?

  Click  Here

 ...and be prepared for endless popups and offers to purchase a tiny camera.

 Breakthrough in the Chat Wars?

In an effort to slow the chat room deterioration, I agreed to print an apology
if the chat transcript showed me being crazy and/or unreasonable in our battle.

I made that challenge in good faith - and I like to think my word is good,
and this is part of what I got back:

[01:30] <bart>  I want kick power or fuck it
[01:30] <Kai-> nice script
[01:31] <FascistanPete> ha, ha, WHO CARES WHAT BIRDIE SAYS?
[01:31] <bart> can I get a yes/no?
[01:31] <quirkie> bc you do a great  imitation of bugsy at 18 months
[01:31] <algol> show of hands... Bart has kick power
[01:31] <FascistanPete> unemployed moron.
[01:31] <Uberfemme> BART.....WHAT MAKES YOU THINK you dont have it ALREADY?
             ..that's the part I dont understand
[01:31] * algol raises hand
[01:31] <Kai-> the answer is yes
[01:31] <Melic> bart has kick power already

[01:31] <bart> Christ, if the Glock was in this room I'd f-ing use it...

[01:31] <Kai-> thanks, that's nice to hear
[01:31] <bart> Can I ask a questuon?
[01:31] <FascistanPete> make me bart's enforcer. Happy to do it.
[01:32] <Kai-> Pete, fuck you!!!

Now, that bold line is obviously the rantings of a wild-ass loon.
I wonder why I would've brought up that violent non-sequitor?
It obviously not germain to the conversation, what was I thinking?
The "Christ" sounds like me, for sure...

Christ, I'd bet my kid's lives that I'd never said that, but it's right there
on the official transcript that was sent to Fud by ...the sender.
Odd that I would send a violent non-sequitor for no apparent reason.

Even considering it might have been made in jest, it's not a cool thing to say.
This would seem to be proof that it was said, because this transcript is accurate, right?

Maybe it's part of getting old, but I'll tell you the way I remember it.
The only time I remember mentioning the Glock was when someone asked me,
"Is [stalker] really dangerous?" to which I replied, "It's not a problem, he's in Dallas.
Besides, I have a Glock, so {stalker} doesn't scare me,"
but those words didn't appear in the transcript.

I think I even said, "I hope I don't have to shoot him," but I really wouldn't, probably.
I've never met [stalker] and I wouldn't know to shoot him if I saw him.  But if a stranger threatens me,
sure, I'm armed, but shooting [stalker] or people in the chat room wasn't meant as a serious threat.

Since my memory is very different that what the official record shows,
I can only assume my memory is faulty.

I hearby apologize for the wild gun talk
That printed Glock quote was clearly the rantings of a man not thinking clearly.

 Alabama sentences innocent man to death


 The government is arbitrarily unplugging the care that keeps people with disabilities alive and
 deaths have resulted.  Stop states from ending medical care for people with disabilities at age 21

Subject: J-Fest Video - REVIEW

I love this tape!  If you were there, it is a great record of an event you remember,
and it is faithful to the atmosphere.  You watch it, seeing people you know and
people you met, and recall the evening with fondness.  If you weren't there, this is
a good way to get a sense of it.  You'll still be disappointed that you didn't get to
be there, but you'll be happy to see exactly what it was like.
You might even get that "just like being there" feeling.

It's a very professional production, and I am impressed with that.  There's as much
footage of Julie as you could want, and a lot with Nancy Luque (JHS's lawyer),
Joe Conason, David Brock, and James Carville (whose "2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits, a dollar..."
opening wasn't there, sadly).

Note: Another BartCop error!
          I failed to notify Kent that I was given the go sign.
          He was frantically changing tapes/batteries.

Not enough of Bartcop, either, but he does have a speaking role on this tape.
If you're on the fence, consider that the cost of this tape is less than an average trip
to a movie for 2, you get to keep it, and the proceeds are going to help JHS.


 Fish Tales
  by Isaac Peterson

  Click  Here

 We were shown the video and pretty much ordered to start having fun.
 We were dragged into meetings where ideas were demanded from us on how
 to make our workplace fun. No one had a clue, and the evidence came from the
 kinds of suggestions that my co-workers were coming up with.  Some examples:
 crazy pants day, crazy hat day, wear your clothes inside out day, and snack/potluck days.

 Four Dead in Ohio!
   (c) June 15, 2002   The Daily Brew

  Click  Here

 An annual right of passage turned to sorrow yesterday at the commencement
 of Ohio State University when four students were shot and killed by members
 of the Ohio National Guard.

  is where it's at.

  Glad I didn't say it...
 In Search of Moral Clarity
   by William Rivers Pitt

  Click  Here

 The Reverend Jerry Vines, senior pastor of the Jacksonville, FL First Baptist Church,
 spoke to thousands of the faithful at the Southern Baptist pastors conference in St. Louis
 this past Monday. In his remarks, Vines stated that, "Islam is not just as good as Christianity."
 Vines went on to decry Mohammed, the founder of Islam, as, "A demon-possessed pedophile
 who had twelve wives - and his last one was a nine-year-old girl."

 The Vegas Report

- Did The Venetian Rig a Promotional Event to Satisfy a High Roller?
   Sheldon, Bubby!!!! - Say it Ain't So

- Kreskin Sees UFO, and Pigs Fly

- The Prurient Interest and Nearly Naked Twister at The Skin Pool Lounge

- Hotel Workers Union Comes to Terms with Strip Properties

 Click  Here

 They read it in Haifa..
 They read it in Oaxaca.
 They read it in Las Vegas!


 Bob Barr's emotional distress
  Clinton's most ardent foe sues him for $30 million
  -- while championing a bill against frivolous lawsuits.

  Click  Here

 Barr has quietly filed a suit against Clinton, Carville and Flynt for
 "participating in a common scheme and unlawful on-going conspiracy
 to attempt to intimidate, impede and/or retaliate against Barr"
 for his role as an impeachment manager in 1999.

 Behold: Bob Barr's vast left-wing conspiracy.

  Warning: This story is from Salon.com.
                  It may be entirely made up.


 ''A Vote for Nader Is a Vote for Bush.''
   And Bush says: ''Really? I think I'll vote for Nader.''
    -- unknown

 The Kelly O controversy

  Click  Here

 Maybe someone could read this and tell me what it means?
 I saw KO sing a song live and do a really good job.

 Like most reporting these days, this article is so poorly-written
 I don't have a clue what the writer meant to say.
 Are they saying what we saw was footage from rehearsal?

"Reporters were promised that replacement footage of her singing would be sent
 to them. But the replacement footage sounded nothing like the live performance.
 It was either dubbed or remixed."

 What the hell does that mean?
 Screw the reporters, they are meaningless, no-account zeroes.
 Tell us what was broadcast, because it didn't look like a sync job.

 Did the TV audience see a tape, while Kelly performed poorly for the live crowd?
 Anyone have a clue?

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"This week hundreds of bishops arrived in Dallas for their annual convention.
  You know what that means? Party! Party! Party!
  A couple of bellboys are being carried over the threshold tonight."
      —Jay Leno

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