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Volume 818 - Attack from within

Weekend    June 15-16, 2002 


"Do not submit. It is extremely critical that repression be met full head-on
 and that it be resisted with every fiber in our being. There is just absolutely
 no compromise that can be made with it. As a matter of fact, compromise is
 what oppression feeds on.  Without compromise it would be defeated. Just as
 some cancers feed on hormones, compromise becomes the hormone of oppression."
    -- Harry Belafonte on why it's important to resist Bush & Ashcroft

 Full Story

 It can happen to you
   by Ted Rall

  Click  Here

 You're probably not all that troubled about what happened to Padilla.
 You haven't hung out with Islamic extremists, boned up on your bomb
 -making skills or fantasized about Chernobylizing the Washington Mall.

 But don't forget:  a court of law hasn't proved that Jose Padilla did either.
 And if George W. Bush has his way, it never will.

 Where Have All the Black Helicopters Gone?
  Clinton Conspiracies vs. Bush Realities
      by Dwayne Eutsey

   Click  Here

 With the Bush administration coming very close to accomplishing exactly what these
 conservatives feared Clinton was doing, I have to wonder where are they all now?
 In less than two years, Bush has done more to imperil civil rights and basic democratic
 principles in this country than Clinton could even do in the fevered imaginations of
 rightwing conspiracists.  And yet, the silence on the right, as they say, is deafening.

 Students ordered to respect the Unelected Fraud

 Bush was invited to speak at Ohio State by the graduating class.
 An announcer instructed the crowd that all the university's speakers
 deserve to be treated with respect and that anyone demonstrating or
 heckling would be subject to expulsion and arrest. The announcer
 urged that Bush be greeted with a "thunderous" ovation.

 Full Sad Story

 Plus, comment by JulieRB

In my mind, what happened today is as egregious as a stolen election,
because it's a direct attack on our First Amendment rights. Telling students
of a taxpayer-funded public university that they cannot stage a silent,
non-violent protest or they will face expulsion, arrest, and surrender of
their diplomas is against everything this country stands for.

The whore press isn't going to say a word about it (well, I have to hand it
to MSNBC. They did. AP, however, amended their story. I'm sure Mr. Rove
made a few phone calls.) It's up to those on the Web to keep this one alive.

I'm wondering if it would do any good at all to form a coalition of Dem/liberal
websites. We all have to fight back; God knows the tutu-wearing Dem elected
officials sure as hell aren't. (Where the f#*$&k is Al Gore? Sorry for the potty
mouth, but he said he'd fight for us. He's about two years too late.) If we all got
together (and I mean bartcop.com, buzzflash.com, democrats.com, MWO,
democraticunderground.com, failureisimpossible.com and a cast of thousands
besides,) and got everyone on the same page, the din would be incredible.



"Today the U.S. men's soccer team lost but they advanced, why?
  Bush lost and he advanced, so what the heck..."
     -- Paul Begala, Crossfire, 06/14/02

Subject: Answer to which of these are not legal

Which of the following was NOT legalized by the "Patriot Act":

A)  "Black bag" searches of homes, offices, without showing search warrant.

B)  Copying records of public libraries, credit card companies, banks, hospitals, hotels.

C)  Wiretapping attorney-client phone calls without judicial approval.

D)  Preemptive executions, if authorized by the Attorney General.


I was hoping that when you said that all of the above are true you were just kidding.
I have been reading through analysis of this Patriot Act and don't see anything that relates to number #4.

Which is execution by AssKKKroft, we didn't really let them do this did we?


Ed, why do you think I've been screaming for months?

The Patriot Act provides that ANYONE that Bush or Ashcroft says
is "a friend of terra" can be secretly executed without a trial.

The Founding Fathers would, I believe, give their lives to prevent this from happening,
but the gelding Democrats are bound and determined to give Bush everything he wants.

Bush is my president!
He's the boss, whatever he says!

 Tim the Whore's Sunday Guests

 Bishop W. Gregory, Father D. Cozzens and Father S. Rossetti,

 I wonder, will he go after his Catholics with the same zeal he used
 when pursuing "important constitutional matters" inside Bill Clinton's zipper?

 Not a chance - for two reasons:

1.  Mr Scaife won't pay for a Catholic sex scandal.
     There's no tax cut in it for him.

2. This is a centuries-old conspiracy to rape thousands of little boys.
    No way that measures up to "possible obstruction of justice" by a legally-elected Democrat.

 What if Tom Daschle was president a year ago?

  Click  Here

  ...a fun toon by Tom the Dancing Bug

Dearest Bartcop,
I received the JulieFest2002 video yesterday and  want you to know
that my love abounds for  you - and those who assisted in this huge endeavor -
for pulling this off and having a record for those of us who didn't make it to the
grand historical festival in honor of Julie.

I had a multitude of emotions watching the video, but the best was the joy
in knowing there are so many wonderful people out there who share a love
for freedom and honor for "true" heroes.

I look forward for a reunion----one in which I won't miss..........

Stop counting those votes
and do what you're told!

Mail to Salon.com

Dear Salon,

I signed up for Salon Premium this year, and when asked why by the website questionnaire
I checked "to support Salon."  At the time I believed that Salon seriously examined current
events and culture free of the right-wing bias that dominates American corporate media,
and I wanted to support such an effort.

But upon closer scrutiny, it appears that Salon is just as willing to engage in anti-progressive
bias as FOX news, CNN or National Review.

In addition to publishing regular diatribes by David Horowitz (which are little more than Republican
Party propaganda pieces devoid of fact-checking) and a defense of the McCarthyist scribe Andrew
Sullivan, Salon most recently published a spitball attack on David Brock and a woefully inaccurate
sliming of the web site mediawhoresonline.com.

It's not that I object to a range of viewpoints on such issues, its just that when I pay for news I
at least expect it to be accurate, honest and intellectually balanced. There are already plenty of
right-wing "news" sources who do spin for conservative causes, without regard for the accuracy
of what they write.  I expected that Salon was better, but to my great disappointment I was mistaken.

Please don't bother e-mailing me for a renewal of my premium subscription
-- I'll spend my money where I can find accurate, unbiased news.



(seen at mediawhoresonline)

If you send salon.com money, you might as well send it directly to the Bush campaign.
Salon gives your money to David Horowitz to attack people like you and me.

  For the best coverage, check 

 Phil Gramm's Parting Shot
     by Molly Ivins

  Click  Here

 {Gramm}went on to assert that because the D's have both
 an African-American and a Hispanic high on their ticket,
 they are trying to "divide Texans based on race."

 But the swing left him wide open to the obvious counter-punch
 -- that by finally including African-Americans and Hispanics,
 the Democrats are in fact ending the old divisions based on race.

Subject: Minority Dirty Bomb Report

Hey Bart,

Since the dirty bomber was picked up and had his rights rescinded on the basis
of a crime that was at best hypothetical, maybe this was a just a publicity tie-in
with the new movie, Minority Report, in which the police arrest people on the
basis of crimes they are going to commit. Somebody should check to see if the
studio has made any recent contributions to the Repugnicans.


How can you say that?
Bush is my president!

  is  always a fun read...

  You must be a fag

   Click  Here

 I am a typical SF liberal jackass no one listens to because I live in San Francisco
 and everyone knows San Francisco is a totally useless noncity full of weirdo snobby
 leftist tree-hugging pro-choice intellectual wine-drinking peacenik tofu-suckers who
 practice yoga and smoke a lot of legal pot and are all just mad because Gore lost
 and Bush hasn't spontaneously combusted just yet and everybody seems to have
 a nice, shiny new gun except us.

Subject: new law....

in my perfect world, i just passed a new law. if you are CAUGHT raping or
hurting or even killing a priest, and it's your first offense....YOU'RE EXCUSED!

Koresh be praised,


Subject: Juliefest video


I received the video yesterday and I have just one thing to say:

This video is a real documentary - it could be broadcast on TV.
I watched it with my mother and she loved it too!
She was flabbergasted at what happened to Julie...
she had heard of her before, but never really heard her story.

She said it reminded her of the old days when she was an activist in the 60's and 70's.
She said it gave her hope for the future.   It gives me hope too!


So far, the reviews are great.
It was an amazing and unforgettable evening documented by a professional.

Have you ordered your copy?

  Click  Here  to order.


 I'm surprised how often I get e-mail with a bad return address.
 I don't mean stalker mail, I mean friendly mail.
 People who donate or purchase a Juliefest tape send me
 an e-mail address that bounced when I try to thank them.

 I'm just saying...it wouldn't hurt to check your e-mail address.

 Al Gore, high-risk passenger
 Elected president selected for special search - twice

  Click  Here

"Despite the fact that he won more votes than anyone else in the history of America, except
 for Ronald Reagan, he is more than happy to do his part for airport security," Cabrera says.
 "As I recall, he shook the hands of all the airport screeners afterward and thanked them for
 doing the jobs that they're doing, and asked them to keep up the good work."

 They read it in Bali.
 They read it in Vienna.
 They read it in Tupelo, Mississippi


  There's no way this guy from the Balt-Chron doesn't read bartcop.com

 How Bush Hit the 'Trifecta' on 9/11
 and the Public Lost ...Big-Time

  Click  Here

 It is sickening to contemplate an administration intentionally looking the other
 way while terrorists scheme so that whatever havoc they wreak can provide
 cover for the president to raid Social Security.


 September 4: businessman and commentator Ben Cohen ran a mock
 "help wanted" ad reading, "Serious enemy needed to justify Pentagon
 budget increase. Defense contractors desperate." Same day: a CBS
 poll found that 66 percent of Americans did not think a recession
 (extant, but not yet confirmed) was reason enough to tap Social Security.
 September 6: Bush invented another exception. "The only time to use
 Social Security money is in times of war, times of recession, or times
 of severe emergency."

 September 11: he had all three. Lucky Bush.

 Hey, when the Baltimore Chronicle fires this guy for "excess honesty,"
 he's got a job right here at  bartcop.com

 The situation in the live chat room continues to deteriorate.
 Yesterday's highlight was

"But Bart, since almost half the facts on your web site are wrong,
  how can we trust you on this stalker thing?"

 You gotta love that close-knit, democratic solidarity.

 Kelly Osbourne

 I have a dead-trees article that says MTV admitted Kelly Osbourne
 was NOT singing live at the MTV Movie Awards last week.

 I'm old, and I've heard/seen every musical act there is, and owned a rock club,
 (which doesn't make me an expert) but I'll bet real money that what they broadcast
 was a live performance.

 It's my semi-professional opinion that Kelly was singing live.
 It's very, very, very, very hard to lip-sync perfectly.
 I've seen performances by everybody from the Beatles to Screamin' Freeman
 and it's easy as hell to detect a sync job, but why would MTV say it was if it wasn't?

 Could somebody who taped the performance comment?
 Did we see a live performance on tape?

 You'd have to debate better than shabby to convince me that was a cheat-job.


Mail to Salon.com

I am profoundly disturbed by Jennifer Liberto's June 3 article. I am a regular reader
of at least half the websites Liberto mentions, and I know that her portrayal of the
history of these sites is _very_ inaccurate.

I know you have rec'd mail galore detailing inaccuracies. I await your corrections,
but that is not why I am writing today. I don't intend to threaten to cancel my subscription
each time you stray off course. However, I don't intend to subsidize personally damaging
and malicious reporting in violation of anonymity pledges and basic ethics of journalism.

If you send salon.com money, you might as well send it directly to the Bush campaign.
Salon gives your money to David Horowitz to attack people like you and me.

 The Media's Violation of Public Trust
   by Rebecca Knight, as seen on buzzflash.com

   Click  Here

 ...imagine being cut off from the Internet and forced to receive your
 news from the local newspaper or television only. ...Think about it.
 You might believe, through lack of evidence to the contrary, that W
 is doing a wonderful job and respond favorably if questioned by a pollster.


"There is a big conference of Catholic Bishops in Dallas.
  Well this is great for the city, it brings in about $12 million in hush money."

 Crooked FBI, Oakland police caught framing couple
 Bari and Cherney awarded $4.4M from crooked FBI

  Click  Here

 But instead of investigating the bombing as attempted murder,
 as the evidence clearly showed, the FBI, with the willing collaboration
 of the Oakland Police, tried to frame Judi and Darryl for the bombing,
 further victimizing them by false arrest and accusing them of knowingly
 transporting the bomb that nearly killed them.

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 BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you...
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

From: Michele W

To: dtalbot@salon.com

Subject: Greetings from Germany

What happened to Salon?  I've noticed that it has veered in a political direction
that I can easily get from our base military's Stars and Stripes everyday for 50 cents.

Why not dare to be different from CNN and NPR, whose BoD have clearly been
infiltrated by the Reagan right?  Living overseas, I get enough of the rightwing viewpoint.
That's why I don't read you anymore.

Michele W

Salon recently helped lead the fabricated claim by the Bushitas that the Clintons
DID trash the hell out of the White House.But when you read past the headlines,
they said, "Of course, there was no evidence since the Bush people didn't keep records."

Salon was once a liberal web site.
Then they hired unforgivable whores such as David Horowitz.
Now they print whatever Clinton lies they think will make the most money.

Hey, Dave!
Those ditto-monkey dollars feel good, don't they?

If you send salon.com money, you might as well send it directly to the Bush campaign.
Salon gives your money to David Horowitz to attack people like you and me.

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