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Volume 817 - E Tu, Brutus?


Thurs-Friday   June 13-14, 2002 


"If you want to help fight the war on terra, love your neighbor."
     -- The stupidest president in American history

 Where Have All the Black Helicopters Gone?
  Clinton Conspiracies vs. Bush Realities
      by Dwayne Eutsey

   Click  Here

 With the Bush administration coming very close to accomplishing exactly what these
 conservatives feared Clinton was doing, I have to wonder where are they all now?
 In less than two years, Bush has done more to imperil civil rights and basic democratic
 principles in this country than Clinton could even do in the fevered imaginations of
 rightwing conspiracists.  And yet, the silence on the right, as they say, is deafening.

 Croker Sack Blues
   by Chris Floyd

  Click  Here

  Killer Excerpt:
 While the lumbering giants of the American media make their clumsy bows of obeisance
 to the presidential paymaster filling their corporate goodie bags with tax-cut candy and
 merger massage oil, a few snippets of unsalted truth about the real world continue to spill
 from the croker sacks of the lean and hungry provincial papers.

 ha ha

 This guy is good.

 The first JulieFest2002-DC tape review

 Juliefest Video is great! Order yours today!"
    by Mountainmama

 I am, this minute watching the Juliefest video and I gotta say how wonderful it is to see all you good
 people who were lucky enough to be there again! We were there too and the memories are precious!

 I am seeing many new friends we met and many of you we didn't get a chance to even see! The size
 of the crowd that night is overwhelming. It will amaze you in the video!

 Listening to Carville, Conason, Brock, and SO many others is so inspiring again amidst the craziness
 that is now the daily experience of what is going on in our country!

 Julie is inspiring in her words and way. She is a REAL person, to whom the unthinkable happened in a country
 where a person is supposedly innocent until proven guilty, a great cornerstone of our (former?) government
 and legal system. In the dictionary we should find her picture as the definition of the word, "Patriot"!

 Bart's down-to-earth and humble way shines! You da man!

 Watching this video, I feel like I can go another round with the day-to-day frustrations of enduring
 this administration until we regain rightful control of our government and renew its broken spirit so it
 can again be OF, BY and FOR... WE, THE PEOPLE!

 Order your copy today if you have not already done so; you will be very glad you did. Let it do for you
 what it has done for me. I KNOW it will strengthen you in your local individual work to make a difference.

 Onward and upward!...
 Joyce in the mts.

 The guilty make their case

 I believe this to be from  Salon.com

> Jennifer did not betray any source for this story. She did leave a phone message
> for one source, offering him the chance to speak with her on background.

 I so dislike this kind of weasel writing.
 It seems there are two possibilities:
 1. This person was with Jennifer Liberto every minute, from the time she was hired until
     the story was published, and he therefore can guarantee no such promises were made.


 2. That statement should read: Ms. Liberto told us no promises were made.

 The writer apparently wants us to trust him because of his trust in her.

> He never returned her phone call. There was never any agreement of anonymity.

 The way that's written, it's like sentence two is a result of sentence one.
 As in, "Had he returned her calls, maybe things might've been different."

 Is that how they play it at Salon?
 "Play ball and we'll keep our word?"

 ha ha

 Why should I expect Salon's word to be any more reliable if I agreed to talk to this woman?
 I don't think you guys are looking very professional in this affair.

"Play ball and we'll keep our word?"
 Is that how they play it at Salon?

> Furthermore, she never used information in her story that was given to her confidentially.
> Most of the details about the people involved with Media Whores Online or its affiliated sites
> are available to anyone who can run a Google search, and she confirmed the key details with sources.

 I gotta give him credit - he's half clever.
 Notice how he covers the first paragraph with his second paragraph.
 Hey's saying "Liberto could not have broken her promise if the offending
 information is available online - after doing a little digging."

 Does that make sense?
 I wonder why he didn't open with that?

 Plus, he breaks the same rule as he did in paragraph one:
 He guarantees us that she didn't use confidential information.
 Funny how he can give that guarantee.
 He must trust Jennifer Liberto a lot.

> In all the complaints, no one has been able to point out any errors in fact.
> Anyone suggesting otherwise is simply uninformed, or not telling the truth.

 Uh, ...the "errors" were verbal.
 This guy is technically correct - we didn't hear Salon.com tell any lies.

 Mail Bag

 I really enjoy your website, but I think your missing the boat.
 Give the thousands of good priests a break. Please.
 A Fan and not necessarily a Catholic


 GK, it's very possible I have been unclear.
 My problem is with rapist priests and those who help them hide.
 Well, add the bishops who want one free shot at a kid, too.

 Click  Here

 It's Karl's World
 The best you can hope for is a peek at his data.

  Click  Here

"Yesterday, however, Rove emerged to fire up one of the GOP's most reliable
 constituency groups on of the GOP's most reliable issues, with what we all know by now
 ó after his Austin "use the war" speech ó is typically Rovian, bellicose rhetoric."


  For the best coverage, check 

  Those cheerleader pictures rule!

 Anthrax Theory Emerges

  Click  Here

"She says, in her assessment, that the unnamed scientist suffered a career setback
 last summer that "left him angry and depressed" and that the FBI, with his consent,
 searched his home and computer. Rosenberg claimed that although the FBI had the
 scientist's name for months, the bureau dragged its feet before searching his home,
 and therefore could have lost valuable evidence."

 Hmmm, "dragged their feet?"
 Or was the FBI told to "back burner" catching this guy?
 After all, he was only going after Democrats, remember?

 By the way,

 There was no issue yesterday because Vic the Racist didn't come to work,
 so I had to sit at his desk, the desk with no computer.

 Hard to believe one lazy-ass racist can shut down  bartcop.com  for a day
 but as long as I'm stuck working this bullshit day job, I guess that'll continue.

 Here you go:


  The Specious Report - America's Oldest News Magazine
  Spreading Rumors, Half-Truths and Misinformation Since 1789

Subject: Fake Photo

I downloaded the RealPlayer image of Bush reading to children after the second
WTC tower had been attacked, and compared it with the photo he is selling claiming
to be him discussing the attacks from Air Force One.

You can see that, in the few minutes (supposedly) between these two photos, Bush:

got a haircut
changed his shirt
gained approximately 5 pounds.

Hard to believe, isnít it?


  is  always a fun read...

 Dear BartCop,

 Can you imagine the outcry from the right if Clinton had been in office when our submarine
 sunk the Japanese fishing vessel, paid China to release our military people when they landed
 on their territory, if Clinton's biggest contributor had bilked investors and employees out of
 their life savings and then allowed the crooks to write his energy policy and appoint the head
 of FERC to oversee them, if Clinton's Attorney General had taken away our civil liberties in
 the name of pursuing terrorists, if he had backtracked on CAFE standards, if he never even
 brought up the terrorist problem before 9-11, if Clinton had allowed the Israel-Palestine
 problem to become so explosive, if the world was in danger of a nuclear war between
 India and Pakistan, if bin Laden was still at large after we bombed the bejeezus out of
 Afghanistan, if the Anthrax killer was still on the lose, if Clinton had given executive orders
 to withhold presidential papers from historians and the public, if nearly 9 million people
 were unemployed, if the economy was as bad as it is now, if winning in a very close election
 where his brother happened to be Governor and the person in charge of elections happened
 to be in charge of his campaign in Florida and then being selected by the Supreme Court.

All this in just one and a half years in office.

Can you imagine??

Wm F. Cravener

Al Qaeda, are ya?
This is Field Marshall Ashcroft calling in a
Secret Torture strike against William F Cravener.
Have him brought to the new Secret Torture Complex.,
What? It's still not ready? How I am supposed to secretly
torture these liberals without the proper tools and equipment?

...your time's coming Cravener.
You and BartCop and Conason and the whole lot of ya.

 How stupid is too stupid?

  Click  Here

"...George W. Bush is busy making Dan Quayle look like a brain surgeon and
 "We the People" are letting him. During his short presidency, Bush has trounced
 Quayle's record of misspelling and misspeaking and he is positively off the charts
 when it comes to his lack of world knowledge and basic social skills. Despite the daily
 reminders of this idiocy, the press and the people remain silent. When Bush fumbles
 the first line of an important speech, or forgets what he is talking about or to whom
 he is talking, half of us nod in approval while the other half quietly grimace in disgrace."

 They read it in Ahmedabad.
 They read it in Tierra del Fuego
 They read it in Wilkes-Barre, PA


Subject: Loved the Juliefest tape

The Juliefest tape was indeed a treat, and really well-edited.
Plus who would have expected a heart-warming trailer as an extra bonus?
Highly recommended.

James Carville and Joe Conanson did a wonderful job of articulating the passion
of everyone who was there, Julie remained sensible and articulate throughout,
and Bart was, of course self-deprecating.  It was great to see the faces and hear
the voices of all the Bartcoppers who came from all over the country.

Thanks for a great evening everyone, and thanks to the videographer
and editor for a excellent souvenir of same.

  Stalker - 1
 BartCop - 0

 A funny thing happened in the live chat room Wednesday night.
 My most unstable stalker showed up and was...being ...most unstable.

 I requested/demanded that he be kicked.
 My request was refused.  You believe that?

 I was told "...but he's behaving."

 The next night, I was informed that the "owners" of #bartcop
 would decide who gets to stay in the chat room, not me.

 Here's a quote, and I asked twice if we all agreed this was the crux of the argument:

 I was told:
 "And I don't think think you should have the power to say "off with his head" without explanation."

 ha ha

 Who me?
 I shouldn't have a say in kicking a stalker off #bartcop?

 ha ha

 Yeah, like I'm like gonna stand for that...

 Jesus Christ, have we met?
 My name's Bart.

 Last night, we argued for hours about this.
 I was told to "calm down."
 Matter of fact, one former friend called me "Ashcroft" - twice, for demanding
 to kick stalkers at my whim - and this was on the #bartcop channel, you believe that?

 Oh, well, maybe it'll blow over.

 ...and the stalker's gotta be loving this.

Subject: Salon

Bartcop gives Salon's attack a big write up, the same day
their stock loses 18% and closes at its all time low.

Has the BartCop Hex been activated?


You bet your ass.
The full BartCop Hex went into effect Monday night.

"Hex on thee, hex on thee, hex on thee..." was the exact quote

Oddly,  bartcop.com  has grown 18 percent since then.

Dove Mail

Subject: We do (not) kill the babies

I still believe you owe the Somali an apology.
But then again, you support the killing of women and children.

Apparently your boys now draw the line at babies. That would make you pro-life.
Here is letter from one of your heroes, may your heart swell with pride.

Click  Here


Not sure what this is, but I enjoy printing the derog mail...

by Wizard of Whimsy

Corn Man
(tune: Spoon Man by Sound Garden)

Feel the corn silk on your hands
Grab some fresh corn while you can, Corn Man
Speak of fresh corn on your website
Taste a new strain every night, Corn Man

Corn man, come and get some Silver Queen
Eat them ears of white and yellow clean
Fresh corn

All the corn is getting ripe
All the corn is on the grill, Corn Man
All the corn is getting ripe
We shuck and cook it every night, Corn Man

Feel the corn silk on your hands
Eat some fresh corn while you can, Corn Man!

>From a dedicated reader and corn lover,

 Join the BartCop Special Forces
 We work at night. We blow up ditto-monkey ammo dumps.

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 Click to be a Corona Gomer Pyle force for $10 a month

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 We'll provide the guns.

 BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you...
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

  The Juliefest2002-DC video .

  Click  Here for exciting details and ordering instructions.

 Update - another twenty tapes went out yesterday.
 I should be able to catch up completely by tomorrow,
 so everyone who ordered a copy will have it by Tuesday.

Yellow GOP leaders and their 'sheep' shameless

Date published: Thu, 06/13/2002

In response to the letter from David Black ["Democrats' game of gotcha with
President Bush is a flop," June 4], I, for one, could easily imagine Democratic
leader Rep. Dick Gephardt, Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, or
President-in-Exile Al Gore leading our war on terrorism rather than George Bush.

In contrast to the Dimwitted Prince, all of these men served with honor in our nation's
military. Mr. Bush artfully kept himself out of harm's way during Vietnam by having
his daddy secure him a position in the Champagne Unit of the Texas Air National Guard.

Then, after skipping over hundreds of men on the waiting list, Mr. Bush never showed up
for his last 13 months of service. This, coincidentally, occurred after Mr. Bush refused to
take his flight physical when the Guard began testing its pilots for cocaine use.

The Republicans talk a good game, but there are legions of GOP military hawks who,
when their nation called them to duty, were able to duck, weave, and dodge their way
out of military service.

The list of rabid right-wingers who avoided military service and their lame excuses are
well-known and it includes Dick Cheney ("had other priorities"), John Ashcroft
("teaching business ed"), Dick Armey ("attending college"), Dennis Hastert ("trick knees"),
Tom Delay ("attending grad-school"), Karl Rove ("many grad schools--no degree"),
Ken Starr ("psoriasis"), and Rush Limbaugh ("anal cysts").

The Republicans leaders and their sheep have no shame. They should simply admit they are a
bunch of chicken-hawks. I will take principled Democratic leadership any day over these hypocrites.

John D

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