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Volume 816 - BartCop vs. Salon


Wednesday   June 12, 2002 


"We knew all we needed to know about Bill Clinton from his willingness
  to award himself a mulligan when his ball failed to take the desired path.
  In golf, fraud quickly becomes apparent."
     --Thomas J. Bray, ditto-monkey and Clinton hater

 Actually, the vulgar Pigboy said it first.
 And why did we have to impeach Clinton over a mulligan?

 Bush Signs $4.6B Bioterror Bill

  Click  Here

 I guarantee the Bush Family Evil Empire will steal at least a billion of that.

 ...and where are the Democrats?

 Crimes? What crimes?
 Bart, you're too suspicious!
 Dubya is OUR president.
 How can you suspect him?
 We're at war, Bart.
 Be a patriot.

Subject: Emperor Bush

To: cmatthews@sfchronicle.com


Just finished reading your article on Emperor Bush's plans to convert the Department
of Defense into his own personal whuppin' stick to use against nations he doesn't like.

Click  Here

So the U.S. military "must stand ready to head for any continent that's home to 'tyrants,'
every country where 'human liberty' is being denied, any nation that is not 'free and open.'"

Would "Tyrants" include a president whose administration operates in secret,
systematically lies to the public, and believes it is immune from legislative oversight?

Is "human liberty" denied when the justice department can declare an American citizen
an enemy combatant, thereby stripping him of his civil rights?

Is a country "free and open" when it's Supreme Court suspends the constitutional procedures
for settling disputed elections and appoints the presidential candidate they prefer?

What's that?
Wait... gotta run, I think I hear a Blackhawk sortie coming my way...


Unka Dick, we're not in any trouble, are we?
They know we gave out Cipro before the anthrax hit.
Are we going to catch hell for knowing in advance?
Will the press ask us any questions about how we knew?

ha ha

Why you laughing, Unka Dick?
Did I say something funny?

 Remember after the Gulf War, the White House was crowing about all the Kuwaiti
 children who were being named "George Bush?"  Now that Kuwait hates us again,
 (forgetting that we handed their country back to them) I wonder how all those
 twelve year old George Bushes are getting along at school?

 Think they're getting the Tyson treatment every day?

Subject: "Let's Roll"

Two objections.

1."Let's roll" belonged to the truckers and the drinkers first.

  I have no argument there, it could very well be the case.
  Was Todd Beamer a trucker?

2.You think it's okay for our air force flyboys to write it on their planes
   and that's what offends me. WHERE WERE THEY?
  When Beamer's plane needed a jet escort, where was our air force?

  Your anger is mis-focused.
  Our flyboys were FOLLOWING ORDERS on September 11th.
  They don't take off "when it feels right."
  They don't take off "when they think they smell trouble."
  They don't take off "when they think they're needed."
  They take off (in this case) when the Commander in Chief tells them to.

So I don't mind if a trucker in a bar uses it.
It was his first and I hope he knows how much more there is to it now.

But on a plane that failed utterly in its mission? Oh, you bet that skeaves me.
Nobody in our air force has the right to use those words. Not one of them.

Abigail Quart

OK, so we disagree.
I think it's OK to use that phrase when offering to sacrifice your life,
which is what our pilots do everytime they fly over hostile territory.

You speak English because brave men gave their lives before you were born.
Even if you're the queen of the doves, please show a little respect.

 Be still, my heart

 I just called the Corn Kings in Bixby, Oklahoma and asked when the first crop would be in.
 She told me they have a new strain of corn!
 You see, they get these agri-wizards from Oklahoma State to cross-pollinate the best-tasting
 and best-looking and biggest ears of corn and produce an entire genus of sweet corn!

 Last year, they took the mas fina Silver Queen and crossed it with something
 and developed the mui mas fina Silver King.

 MMmmmmmm, boy!
 It's the Chinaco of fine, luxury corn.
 And now those agri-wizards have come up with another new strain?

 It's called Temptation, and it's bi-colored.
 Yes, it's half white and half yellow, similar to last year's extra-tasty Calico.

 MMMmmmmm, boy, I love that Calico

Ayyyiiiiiii  Get it away!

...and the first crop is due in June 21!

 Woo Hoo!

 We're nine days from fresh corn!

 Woo Hoo!


I yield to no man in my disrespect for W. However, there is a chance he
didn't know about many of these things. (I hope we find out he did, but....).

How could that be? The same way they didn't wake up Reagan when they were bombing Tripoli,
or whatever that action by our Air Force was over there, at the 'line of doom,' the Bay of Basra.

Cheney/Rumsfeld/Perle/Wolfowitz would be the guys who had to know.  The dozin' dauphin
pretender wouldn't need to know much, and they would intentionally keep him in the dark on
some things, for his and their own good, not trusting his lying skills or ability not to let something slip.

Dollars to doughnuts old man Bush knows as much or more than his namesake about all these matters.
W may have had absolutely no knowledge even thatCIPROwas being given the White House
mailroom personnel (and I heard Cheney got it as well).

That caveat aside, I do agree that these things surely indicate SOMEONE'S knowledge aforehand.


 Subject:Rush doesn't admit what a coward he is

"The amount of material, knowledge, and education, in the archives from this
 program on this website is one of the world's best-kept secrets." --Rush Limbaugh

 Yes, if only there were some way to ACCESS those archives--the way any visitor to your
 website can go back to your past editions, BartCop.   Rush should be ashamed of himself.
 He's living in a fantasy world where a coward is a hero.


 Media Study

  Click  Here

 A study of ABC World News Tonight, CBS Evening News and NBC Nightly News
 in the year 2001 shows that 92 percent of all U.S. sources interviewed were white,
 85 percent were male and, where party affiliation was identifiable, 75 percent were Republican.

 To say this poll is flawed would be to say ALL polls by those three are flawed.

 Doesn't that mean this IS the proof that fella was asking about a few days ago?

 Thanks to Avedon

 Open Letter to Jennifer Liberto
  by Faun Otter

  Click  Here

  For the best coverage, check 

  Plus, those daily cheerleaders are driving me crazy!

 White House Discovers The Power of Fear Itself
           by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 The authoritarian impulse of the White House Republicans is showing. In their ongoing
 campaign to discourage dissent and squelch investigation, they’ve employed not only
 distraction but also, increasingly, the manipulation of public fear.


 Profiling Pop Quiz

  Click  Here

is always worth a read.

 Plots, plans and panics
  The US lacks a serious anti-terror strategy

   Click  Here

"Sound leadership means respecting and building on America's democratic strengths,
 not emphasising America's vulnerability to justify the undercutting of its traditions.
 Too much of what Mr Bush and his officials say, including the al-Muhajir case,
 looks politically-driven, partly by a belatedly rising tide of domestic criticism,
 partly by a rightwing agenda. Too much of what they do lacks perspective.
 When fear usurps reason and becomes the ruling principle of governance, terrorism wins."

 They read it in Phuket.
 They read it in Ha Long Bay.
 They read it in Bald Knob, Arkansas while they eat their chocolate pie


  Bart, you said:

 >...and you don't even own a gun, do you?

 I'm not offended.
 But do you really think we should all be arming ourselves?
 Or was this tongue-in-cheek?


 M, I can't imagine anybody not having a gun in their house.
 (People with small children need to be extra careful.)

 I am NOT recommending any kind of armed insurrection against the USA.
 Nooooooooooooooooooo, Sirrrrree, Bob.
 Bush and Ashcroft are doing a good job under terrible pressure.

 I'm saying we should all have guns for when some bad guys try to break in.

 What do non-gun owners do when they hear a noise at their door?
 Call a cop?
 ha ha
 Are you kidding?

 People don't need AK-47s and armor-piercing bullets or Bob Dole's untagged dynamite.
 A Glock can fire 14 rounds in five seconds. That and a shotgun ought to solve most problems.
 But these NRA loons want to allow Koresh-style private armories to be legal, and that's crazy.

 But a Glock and a shotgun are essential when your two teenage daughters are asleep
 and six hopped-up hoodlums are prying open your back door.


 You mean you people would rather ask the cops "to hurry" than make the punks eat lead?
 Remind me not to let my daughters stay overnite at your house :)

 This could be geography-based.
 Maybe 400 people living in a cramped NY brownstone don't all need to have guns.
 If, in New York, cops are on every corner and your neighbors are the type to respond to screams,
 you might not need guns, but in Oklahoma, a man defends his family and property.

 I wouldn't live in a city or a state that didn't allow gun ownership.

 Are you starting to get Vegas Fever yet?
 Random Vegas Report 01

 Click  Here

 There's a newsgroup called  alt.vacation.las-vegas  where people publish their trip reports.

 Bellagio, three nights, comped thru Wagerworks, got a lake view room by bribing the check-in girl $20.
 Mon Ami Gabi at Paris:  a very nice surprise.  I ate almost everything on my plate despite having eaten
 the Bellagio breakfast buffet just hours before.  Friendly if a little confused service.  Highly recommended.
 Wayne Newton:  The guy has totally lost his voice, and overcompensates with a LOUD (and obnoxious)
 orchestra.  A quintessential Vegas experience, but a fading one.  Recommended, with reservation.

 I'll run some of these now & then to get your mouth watering.

  BartCop MIRC chat

 Have you checked out the chat yet?

 Tar Baby Outrage!
  Racism and Corruption at the Redstone Arsenal

  Click  Here

 Fogg said he is in possession of an April 16 2002 email, written by
 a US Army GS-14 manager, that openly describes an African
 American woman Information Assurance (IA) officer as a “Tar-baby”.
 The target of the epithet holds a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering.

 The scientist in question is Dr. Clara Denise West, a single mother of two
 who has earned four degrees, including the doctorate.  “It’s been hard and
 it’s embarrassing,” she told (this magazine) “because no matter what I do
 from here on in, I will always be labeled as the Tar Baby Lady.”

 Join the BartCop medical team
 Have fun while drinking tequila and saving lives

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 No experience necessary for surgery.

 BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you...
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

  The Juliefest2002-DC video .
   I can't wait to publish your reviews.
   The first tapes should arrive today, and a ton on Thursday
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Subject: Jennifer Liberto's phone number

I think you should remove Jennifer Liberto's phone number from your site. Here's why.
1. It does no good...MWO and other sites have already published alternate contact info.

   Not sure what that means.

2. It has the potential to do a world of harm...look at the right-wing letters attacking
    Aaron Brown when MWO suggested supporting him.

   If there's potential for harm, then Liberto/Salon should've played by the rules.

3. It's using the right's tactics when they're not necessary. The Freepers do this kind of thing a lot.

   Would it be OK if I decided what's "necessary" in this case?

For those reasons, please remove her phone number from your site.


I hear what you're saying, I just disagree.
(I took the number down because it's disconnected.)

Perhaps you're not aware of what the facts are in this case.
This isn't mean ol' Bart against helpless little Jennifer Liberto.

Salon.com sent a scheming female operative into my camp
to try to get close to me she could deliver damaging information
to Salon that would perhaps hurt Joe Conason, MWO and bartcop.com.

Go ahead, ...tell me that didn't happen.

That unfair, back-stabbing hate rant didn't fall on Salon's page by accident.
Liberto was sent by Salon.
She was HIRED by them to ferret (or weasel) out this "big expose'."

They could've sent a man.
They could've sent an honest, above board female writer, too.

But no, Salon wanted to find some DIRT on us, so they found somebody who
would jack her skirt up and bat her eyes at ol' BartCop, sniffing up some trouble.

Instead of sending a real journalist, they sent Jennifer Liberto!

"I'll do anything for a story"

I assume they have editors or a committee that decides what Salon will stand for.
They decided to stand for whore journalism and against free speech.
And on top of that, they thought screwing with me would be fun.

Fuck 'em - I'm not afraid of Salon.

Hell, it's a compliment that they consider me a threat that needed their attention.
Well, nine days after they hit below the belt, they're smaller and we're bigger.

I can hear that lying Talbot now - "We had no idea Liberto was doing that."
And Liberto would say, if she had the balls to pick up the phone,
"I didn't write that, my bosses changed my text after I handed it in."

Two lying whores, pointing fingers at each other because they got caught.
They fucked with somebody who had the will and the means to fight back.

Either way, Salon is a whore publication run by a small man named David Talbot.
He sent that Liberto slut to set me up for a fall.

Guess what, Dave?

You missed!!!!

...and some people think I should be nice to these lying scumbags?

And when you say "Freepers do that stuff," sure, they were wrong to attack that Chuy's manager who
wasn't a player and had a legal obligation to report Jenna's drunken ass on her watch.  Taken a step further,
Chuy's could've lost their liquor license, and thousands of dollars had the cops caught Jenna before the manager did.
Liberto was under no legal obligation to turn gutter slut after unsuccessfully seducing me.

Why did Salon do this?

Remember, it started as a hit piece on their own Joe Conason, one of the ten non-whores of the press that
I mentioned in my e-mail to Liberto. When they couldn't find a link between Conason and MWO,
instead of saying, "There's no story here," they went looking for a story - a very different story.

We must be a threat to them.
What other reason would Salon have to fabricate a story?

Imagine that - Salon.com using their fading muscle to trample free speech.
That's a sad way for a once-prominent e-zine to go down, isn't it?
But go down they did - on their own ethics.

Well, David Talbot, you want to take another shot at me?

You going to send a different whore after me next time?

Why don't you send a man, or maybe try it yourself?

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