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Volume 815 - Nose Ring Nation


Tuesday   June 11, 2002 


"They deliberately withheld information.
  The political elite, they'll be protected from day one.
  The ordinary folks will be treated in a lesser fashion."
     --Larry Klayman, suing President Never-Elected for handing out Cipro
        before any anthrax attacks had been reported. What did he know?

   Full Story

 How did Bush know on September 11th that there would be anthrax attacks weeks later?
 He MUST have knows the developing plan included the hijackings, and then the anthrax.
 But the anthrax didn't show up until a month later.

 What other possible explanation is there?

 There's no logic in the world that says to expect an anthrax attack 30 days
 after four planes are hijacked to be flown into buildings.
 Tell me this isn't proof that Bush knew what was coming.

 Brace yourselves, it gets worse...

 Sunday on Face the Nation, Tom Ridge was forced to admit that Bush's
 massive reorganization of government, the biggest since World War II,
 was done completely without his knowledge.

 Furthermore,  it was done without the knowledge of the Secretary of State,
 it was done without the knowledge of the Secretary of Defense,
 it was done without the knowledge of the Attorney General.

So - who the hell drew up the secret plans?

 It was so secret that the Secretary of State wasn't consulted?
 It was so secret that the Secretary of Defense wasn't consulted?
 It was so secret that the Attorney General wasn't consulted?
 Who the fuck was consulted?
 Condi, Unka Dick and Karl Rove?

 <deep breath>

 Remember Hillary's Health Care plan?
 The GOP threw a hissy because they didn't know who was involved in the planning.
 They said "This is unacceptable because health care is 1/7 of our economy!"

 Gee, but reorganizing all the power in the entire federal government is nothing?

 Remember, this ignorant Chimp wasn't even elected.
 Grudgingly, I have to admit after Reagan won 77 states in 1984, he would've had
 the right to claim he had a mandate to reorganize government - but not Bush.
 Bush has never won an election outside of Texas, and now he's taking over?
 This simpleton is carrying out somebody's orders - but whose?

 I guarantee you this:
 Power is going to be distributed ONLY to loyal members of the Bush Family Evil Empire!

 It looks like Powell, Rummy and Ashcroft aren't in the top tier like they thought, if they
 were TOLD the government was being restructured, instead of being asked for their imput.

Doesn't anybody care?

 How many months, how many years have I told you this was coming?
 The B.F.E.E. is taking over the entire planet and nobody sees anything wrong?
 And you know why he's getting away with it?
 The eucuch Democrats are bending over for the Unelected Fraud!

 Crimes? What crimes?
 Dubya is MY President.
 I love him.

 Final thought: It's my understanding (I need a staff) the reorganization does NOT include
 the F.B.I. or the C.I.A., which was the whole reason we needed to reorganize, right?

 So, if this isn't a brazen power grab by a never-worked-a-day-in-his-life,
 never-elected cocaine abuser, ...what the hell is it?

 I need a drink...

Which of the following was NOT legalized by the "Patriot Act":

A)  "Black bag" searches of homes, offices, without showing search warrant.

B)  Copying records of public libraries, credit card companies, banks, hospitals, hotels.

C)  Wiretapping attorney-client phone calls without judicial approval.

D)  Preemptive executions, if authorized by the Attorney General.

Answer next week.

(Thanks to Ironictimes.com)

 This is a trick question because ALL that is legal under the Unelected Fraud.

 The Democrats GAVE Bush and Ashcroft those powers, and a lot more.
 The religiously-insane bastards have no boundaries, they have no rules,
 they answer to nobody and there's no time limit, just like what Kenneth Starr had.

 They can do ANYTHING, including executing political enemies LEGALLY.
 All they gotta say is "We're secretly fighting terra," and it's over.

 What do you think I've been screaming about for months?

 Subject: Trifecta

 Just heard DUHbya repeat his "trifecta" comment live
 - complete with the chuckle in Iowa.
 I almost barfed all over the TV

 Larry the Liberal

  "Ha Ha, Lucky me, I hit the trifecta!"

 Jennifer Liberto - The whore from Salon.com
  The truth about an ugly lie - The people's view

  Full page of feedback

 Are you going to investigate the "fair and balanced" Fox News next?
 Or Rush's continual lies? Please!

 Mediawhoresonline.com is the first thing I read every morning.
 It's one of only a few places I trust for news and commentary.

 Whoever they are at Media Whores Online, their message is right on and more power to them.

 Next time, I suggest hire a journalist. You have way too many whores
 expressing ridiculous right-wing opinions on Salon.com to be taken seriously.

 Sometimes Media Whores Online goes too far.
 But not as often as, say, Fox News or Ari Fleischer.

 If Salon can publish David Horowitz,
 Media Whores Online can try to set the record straight.

 Tell the author to put her monocle back on, and calm down.
 It's the freakin' Web, get used to it.

 Personalize, psychologize, marginalize, trivialize -- sounds like a primer for political reporting in the '90s.

 Stalin would be proud.

 Reagan, Hoover and the UC Red Scare
  Part of a hueueeueueuge  series in the SF Chronicle

   Click  Here

  Along the way, the FBI campaigned to destroy the career of UC President Clark Kerr
  -- even though the bureau's own investigations repeatedly found him to be loyal.

 At the same time, the FBI forged a close relationship with Reagan -- a more aggressive
 informer than previously disclosed -- catalyzing his transformation from liberal movie star
 to the staunch conservative who became one of the 20th century's most powerful figures.

 Subject: The Dirty Bomber

 I sure hope that you point out to your readers two important facts that may not be
 mentioned in all the news stories about the arrest of the so-called dirty bomber:

 1.  The actual arrest occurred on May 8th. It was only announced today Why?
 2.  There is no evidence that this individual was going to bomb anything. He didn't have any bomb.
     It was an arrest made on someone else's word. A jailhouse snitch. You know how reliable that is.

 The Last Liberal

 Odd, ten days after Sum of All Fears debuts, they claim they bagged a "dirty bomber."
 It's almost like Rove's focus group said "dirty bomber" sounded best, right?

 For all we know, our racist attorney general caught "some nigger" looking at his daughter.
 For all we know, the guy has a web site that printed something Ashcroft didn't like.
 ABC Radio just said this guy can be HELD FOR LIFE without seeing a lawyer,
 without being charged, without being arraigned and without ever being brought to trial.

 HELD FOR LIFE because the B.F.E.E. CLAIMS he's probably guilty?
 They have "secret evidence" that's he's guilty?
 Sounds like McCarthyism to me.
 This is what America has become just 20 months after we lost our right to vote?

 ...and you don't even own a gun, do you?

I'm getting everything I want.
Nobody but Bart sees what's going on,
and nobody even reads his dumb web site.
As long as his hammer stays tiny - we're safe.

 ...and another thing

 Remember when they unveiled this unconstitutional "military tribunal" crap,
 they guaranteed us it would only be used on shoeless Afghani goat herders.

 But now they've grabbed an American in Chicago, given him an "Abdullah" name,
 and now he's headed for a secret trial with no lawyer, no judges, no due process?

 Why can't we see some proof?

 How long will we stand for the B.F.E.E. grabbing people off the street,
 calling them guilty, then throwing them in prison for life without due process?

 When do we get Bill Clinton's America back?

Dear Salon staff,

I'm horrified to see that you printed the recent load of swill by Jennifer Liberto.
Do you employ fact-checkers, or do you hire the same ones used by Rush Limbaugh and newsmax.com?

Why you would allow the printing of this speculation and innuendo, even after it has been refuted by more
than one source?  If you insist on using "free-lancers", I would suggest hiring the homeless; i'm sure  some
illiterate wino could put together a more accurate  article without being dependent on this magnitude of BS.


  For the best coverage, check 

  If you haven't been to BartCopSports lately, Milt has been outstanding.
  It's the best, most complete and up-to-date sports page ever!

  Plus, check the cheerleader of the day!

  Suddenly, I'm a basketball fan.

 Gore Slams Bush for Refusing Global Climate Report
  Candidate begins 2000 campaign

   Click  Here

"The president has succumbed to the powerful interests that run the Republican Party
 and rejected the report rather than accept it and do something about global warming...
 The Bush administration has put "lobbyists for the polluters in charge of policies" and
 put "the hungriest fox they could find" to guard government henhouses.That's not a
 moral choice,  "I don't want to hear from this bunch: 'We didn't know'."
    -- Al Gore, two years after he promised to fight for ue.


"That would be like the end of the world!”
     -- Bulent Bozdemir, hairstylist to both Linda Tripp and Monica,
        on the danger of them both showing up at the same time

 The Missing Trillions and Other Government Scams,
     by Al Martin

   Click  Here

 (June 10) Recently I had what could be called a "Close Encounters with the New Neighborhood Watch."
 I wake up and I see a car from the local county sheriff's office parked down the way. There's a guy with
 a clipboard walking around, and I see our new Neighborhood Watch Association group out front having
 coffee and donuts. They're all wearing their orange and black ballcaps with their whistles, clipboards, and
 Homeland Security arm badges. They're all in their golf carts because this is what's called an adult gated
 community. Our Neighborhood Watch Association has golfcarts which have the initials "NWA" painted
 on the side in black letters, while "Homeland Security." is painted in black letters across the front. Then on
 the front is a transfer decal of the new imperial state eagle that we've seen on the new 57 cent US postage stamp.

is always worth a read.

 They read it in Oumihachiman.
 They read it in San Carlos de Bariloche.
 They read it in San Diego, where they hear the ocean roar


 How the whore media played the Skakel trial
   by BartCop

 Click  Here

 From: Milt at 

 Hey Bart...

 Can you give Nick Barlow a shout-out on your page for winning the Tyson, Lewis fight contest?

 ha ha

"Fix! Fix!"
 Nick is the Chief Foreign Correspondent for  bartcop.com  based in the UK
 Nick, pick something from the BartCop store and send us both your street address.

 We had about 75 entrants for the contest.
 Believe it or not only 2 picked the 8th round.

 In the 7th, I knew Tyson would fall soon. Do I win anything?

 Plus: I have a new featured guest writer this week... Will Pitt from DU..
 He writes about his beloved Red Sox...


 William Rivers Pitt  is one of the best writers on the www.
 I'll enjoy reading his baseball column.
 Good work, Milt!

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 Possibly the final word on Jennifer Liberto

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"It was a slow news day. New York Mets catcher Mike Piazza held
  a press conference today to say he wasn’t lactose intolerant."

 Mail Bag

 Subject: Media Whores Online

 I hope you don't think I am giving you a Monica, but I love your site.
 I cancelled my Salon subscription after the MWO online article.
 I think MWO and you are doing Koresh's work.

 I started my silver subscription to your site with the money that I saved.
 Make the hammer bigger and give the sluts hell, Bartcop.


  The Juliefest2002-DC video .
  Whatever you're expecting this tape to be, it's so much better...
   I can't wait to publish your reviews.

  Click  Here for exciting details and ordering instructions.

  Great News!

 You know how most places that offer a product tell you "Allow 6-8 weeks for delivery?"
 Not at  bartcop.com
 Tape sales are slower than expected, so I'm pretty much caught up with dubbing.
 Plus, I have made special arrangements with the post office for a bulk mailing, two-day
 priority postage program that should have this great tape in your VCR in just a few days

 ...if you act now.

 I'm not crying wolf.
 This tape totally rules!

 Subject: little help....

 I need a link to that study that statistically demonstrates a conservative bias in the press.
 Nobody on the board seems to know where to find it.

 Very Respectfully,

 Darrell, I'm not aware that such a study exists.
 Seems to me, to get an accurate, definitive answer, one would have to read/see/hear
 everyword ever written/broadcast/spoken about every topic in every language to know.

 That's why Bernard Goldberg was such a slut to write "Conservative Bias,"
 because all he did was select a few dozen examples out of 100,000 journalist pieces
 and the right-wing jumped in screaming "See? There's your proof."

 I, however, compiled a list of ditto-monkeys who have been known to spend their entire
 shows screaming insults and falsehoods at Clinton, and nobody has been able to counter
 with a list of left-leaners who did the same against Bush, Reagan or Bush.

 See this list here - >  libmedia.htm

 The simplest of the chimps scream "Rather, Brokaw and Jennings,"
 as an attempt to counter this list, but none of them have ever spent an entire show
 screaming lies and personal slurs against any human being.  Not even Bill Clinton.

Father's Day is just around the corner.

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