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Volume 814 - The Jennifer Liberto Issue


June 8-10, 2002 


"I want to kill him, I want to eat his children, all praise to Allah."
   -- former boxer Mike Tyson, before the last Holyfield fight

 Don't you know that if there was such a being as Allah,
 he'd be embarrassed at following the "eat his children" line?

 Jennifer Liberto - The whore from Salon.com
  The truth about an ugly lie - Bart's view

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 It's Official - Bush announces Police State, a centralized,
 domestic CIA/Waffen SS/Gestapo to watch America

  Criticism no longer tolerated in America

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 Do Dots Connect to Police State?
 Like several other law enforcement changes proposed by the Bush administration
 during the past two weeks, this move was sharply criticized by civil libertarians,
 one of whom cautioned that Bush was leading the country toward a "police state."

 Jennifer Liberto - The whore from Salon.com
  The truth about an ugly lie  - Marc Perkel's view

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Subject: FEMA in NYC on 9-10?

Is this true???
I just read it on your website today.
Don't these guys have the authority to declare marshal law?
(according to William Cooper in "Behold a Pale Horse.")


MM, I believe both statements to be true, but I can't personally verify it.
The whore press refuses to ask ANY questions like that, because Bush has
given them a cutesy nickname and now they're part of his team. They protect
the man who stole the presidency instead of doing their jobs as journalists.

 Jennifer Liberto - The whore from Salon.com
  The truth about an ugly lie - Tamara Baker's view

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 Department of Homeland Insecurity
     by Frank Rich

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 Instead of creating a new organizational chart, Mr. Bush might have enlisted one man
 to hose down our security bureaucracy: Rudolph Giuliani. Instead of speechifying that
 "only the United States Congress can create a new department of government," he might
 have followed the suggestion of Stansfield Turner, the former C.I.A. chief who, like others,
 has called for the president, "with a stroke of the pen," to give the director of central intelligence
 the authority to coordinate the 14 entities in our intelligence apparatus. Rather than take such
 old-time C.E.O.-style action, the president wrapped himself in the mantle of Harry Truman.
 These days that's a sure sign that the buck-passing will never stop.

 Jennifer Liberto - The whore from Salon.com
  The truth about an ugly lie - an opponent's view

 Jennifer Liberto's article in Salon about Mediawhoresonline was a fair article and provided
 some good background information on how it got started and what people think of it.
 That is irrelevant.

 I had been reading some rumors on the Web that Liberto, in her research had promised one
 of the people she interviewed, she would keep his name anonymous. I sent an email to this
 person and asked them to confirm if this was indeed true. They replied (with some  'colorful
 metaphors') that she did indeed promise to keep their real name out of it.

 This person and I are about as far apart as you can get when it comes to our politics, but they have
 always been a straight shooter with me, and there is a healthy respect between us, so I believe them.

 Jennifer Liberto has breached a trust that outside marital, medical, and religious confidentiality is
 one of the most important in society - the promise that a journalist will protect their sources, and that
 includes the request to remain anonymous. Liberto, in my opinion, is a disgrace to her profession,
 and should never be able to write for Salon again.

 Posted by Jay Caruso at The Daily Rant


"The spirit of Joseph McCarthy glows jealously at the powers that John Ashcroft has achieved.
  While John slyly implies that any who question his motives is a closet terrorist, he hides his
  inner glee that his bullying tactics cover his complete ineptitude and incompetence or worse."
      --Bridget Gibson, Nucular winter, americaheldhostile.com

 Nader's sorry legacy
  The Green Party's goal: Ensuring that Republicans take over the Senate.
    by Joe Conason

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 Nader often threatens to deliver both houses of Congress to the Republicans unless the
 Democrats surrender to his ideology. But sometimes he will claim -- as he did not long
 ago in Slate -- that Green votes actually helped the Democrats gain control of the Senate,
 by mobilizing left-leaning voters who otherwise wouldn't have showed up at the polls.

 In other words, he wants to have it both ways. As the self-appointed scourge of the
 Democratic Party, he feels entitled to destroy it for its political sins, without assuming
 any responsibility for the ill consequences of his moralistic posturing.

  Bush’s new Department of Homeland Defense:
 The scaffolding of a police state

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 These measures are combined with constant alerts, warnings and sensationalized publicity
 of alleged terrorist threats, aimed at keeping the American population off balance and creating
 the conditions where some new catastrophe—perhaps on an even more terrible scale than
 September 11—can become the occasion for an outright suspension of democratic rights
 and the imposition of martial law.

 The secretive manner in which the plan was drawn up, and the sudden and improvised manner
 in which it was released, have their own significance. The process bespeaks an administration
 in enormous crisis, concerned that its political support is eroding, that the US and global
 financial situation is balanced on a knife edge, and that emergency powers may be required
 to deal with domestic social unrest.

 The most important thing to remember about the coming martial law is that it's primary enforcer is
 a religiously-insane, white-power gun nut and tobacco whore on the B.F.E.E. payroll for big money.
 Why do you think Ashcroft refuses to answer questions about Enron contributions?

 The Senate Democrats on Judiciary allowed this to happen.

 Subject: are you that stupid?

 ok what about the fabricated "Bush had complete specific knowledge
 of 9-11 months prior, but sat quiet to make rich his defense buddies" lie?


 Evnlee, you think that charge is fabricated?
 I don't know if it's true or false, and neither do you.
 Congress and the press are too afraid (or on the team) to ask.

 When Clinton had a girlfriend, it was our business.
 When 3000 died while Bush was sleeping, they say we have no right to ask questions.

 They're treating this like that Enron sub accident, like Bush's abortion, like his AWOL,
 like his secret arrest record, his DWIs and his cocaine arrests - none of our business.

 Jennifer Liberto - The whore from Salon.com
  The truth about an ugly lie - Buzzflash's view

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 Bart's between rounds call of the BIG fight
    with commentary by chat room regulars

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  For world reaction, check 

  Fighter vs Biter
 Get the 411 on 

 Is It OK To Hate Bush?
  In which the president's carefully orchestrated
  dumb-guy shtick proves hollow and dubious
        by Mark Morford

  Click  Here

 GW Bush's image is extremely carefully managed, probably more intensely than any
 president in recent history. He gives almost zero unscripted talks, expresses minimal
 extemporaneous thoughts, still mispronounces "nukuler" even when reading from a teleprompter.

 He is protected from difficult questions, schooled in basic sentence structure, makes sudden
 political maneuvers to deflect increasingly troubling accusations that his administration had
 plenty of advance warning of 9/11 and did little to prevent it. And please do not mention his
 major ties to Enron at this time. Thank you.


 Jennifer Liberto - The whore from Salon.com
  The truth about an ugly lie - Eric Alterman's view

   Click  Here

Subject: Major League Soccer is not fixed

First off, FIFA (the international governing body for soccer) runs the World Cup.
Major League Soccer (MLS) is purely an American league with no financial ties to FIFA.

Even if the U.S. won the World Cup, it would not mean a single extra dime for FIFA.
You of all people should adhere to the "follow the money" principal!

Tommy "liberal soccer nut" Mack

Tommy, I don't know enough about soccer to keep the factions straight.
I meant whoever is fixing the biggest, world league, whatever that's called.

...and following the money is exactly what I did.

If the corporate slugs pay each goalie 200K to let the USA win the World Cup,
they'll get that back ten thousand times if soccer catches on in the US.

It's like BIG OIL giving Bush $2MIL for his campaign.
They know he'll give them a $350BIL tax cut.

 They read it in Pyongyang.
 They read it in Mott.
 They read it in San Francisco, especially Salon.com Chairman and Editor in Chief  David Talbot


Paid for by the GOP


"Lieutenant Colonel Steve Butler is being suspended for violating a prohibition
 on military personnel using contemptuous words against the president. Apparently
 truth is not a defense, and when asked to comment on the contempt that at least
 some military officers hold him in, Bush said the comments didn't bother him until
 Dick Cheney told him what the word contempt means."
     --Paul Begala, Crossfire, 06/07/02

 Jennifer Liberto - The whore from Salon.com
  The truth about an ugly lie - The Daily Brew's view

  Click  Here

is always worth a read.

 Mr. Cheney, step down
     by Richard Prasad as seen on DemoUnderground

   Click  Here

"Vice President Cheney has been very successful at staving off any inquiry about himself
 or his administration's actions by saying the Democrats are playing politics. Don't ask about
 Bush's prosecution of the war on terror, or what country we are going to invade next, that is
 unpatriotic. Don't ask what the Bush administration knew before 9/11 about the WTC attack,
 it is all the Clinton Administration's fault. And so goes Cheney's song and dance, and so far
 it has kept the press at bay."

  BartCop MIRC chat

 Have you checked out the chat yet?

 Jennifer Liberto - The whore from Salon.com
  The truth about an ugly lie - Kelley Kramer's view

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"Just after September 11, President Bush told us to go back to work, back to school,
 and back to New York, facing danger and fear because otherwise it would mean that
 the terrorists had won. But as the government moves toward eliminating privacy rights
 and embracing racial and religious profiling, we must ask ourselves, don't such affronts
 to the Constitution mean that the terrorists have won?"
    --  Laura Fernandez,    Crossfire e-mail, 06/07/02

 Jennifer Liberto - The whore from Salon.com
  The truth about an ugly lie - Charles Utwater II's view

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  Urgent Alert on Political Persecution in America:
 The case of Irene Adrian
     by Barbara Hartwell  as seen on barbarahartwell.com

  Click  Here

 Irene is shadowed by carloads of gov't agents wherever she goes: to the grocery store;
 to the park to walk her German shepherd, Solo; to the school where she teaches music.
 She can't leave the house without these packs of goons hot on her trail.

 She wakes up with stun-gun marks and ugly cuts and bruises on her face and body,
 not remembering how they got there.  She has been hit with electromagnetic weapons
 and she has been drugged. Psychotronic weapons (mind control technology) are being
 deployed against her. After these brutal assaults, much of her memory is wiped out,
 by drugs, hypnosis, and/or electronic means.

 The new Chris Rock movie blows?

 From the previews, I'd have to agree.
 The "Don't shoot the bomb," "Don't shoot me, either" is the best of the bunch,
 but that joke with the towel is probably what the two hours mostly consist of.

 If (I think you'd agree) Chris Rock is the funniest man in America, why can't he make a funny film?
 Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey aren't as funny as Rock, but they make better movies,
 but that's an assumption because I don't see Sandler or Carrey movies.

 Eddie Murphy was once the king, and he makes decent movies, probably, but I haven't seen a
 Murphy movie since maybe BH Cop. Richard Pryor was the funniest man of all time, and they
 gave him $50M to make five movies and they were mostly forgettable chaffe.

 So what causes the funniest man in America to make bad movies?
 When Rock is on Oprah or Dave, he's funny as hell, just off-the-cuff.
 When he interviewed people on his HBO show, he was great,
 but when you give him $40M and a team of writers he blows?

 What's up with that?

  The Juliefest2002-DC video .
  Whatever you're expecting this tape to be, it's so much better...
   I can't wait to publish your reviews.

  Click  Here for exciting details and ordering instructions.


"There's an awful lot of depressing news going on — terrorists attacks, of course;
  possible war between India and Pakistan; the stock market just going crazy.
  Don't you wish you were President Bush and didn't know about any of this?"
     -- Dave

 Jennifer Liberto - The whore from Salon.com
  The truth about an ugly lie - Media Whore Online's view

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