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 Thursday,  July 30, 2009  Vol 2370 - Carmel Trip Report

Quote of the Day

"This president is, I believe, a racist." 
     -- Glenn Beck, looking for that Pigboy payday,   Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Trip Report Part One
Arrow Trip Report Part Two
Arrow Some Excellent Cartoons 
Arrow Trip Report Part Three HOT
Arrow Trip Report Part Four HOT
Arrow More Excellent Cartoons
Arrow Conclusion of Trip Report HOT
Arrow Rihanna forgets her blouse 


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July 09 Trip Report

Click Here for Part One   HOT 

I need to explain that the web works on clicks, and working 8-10 hours to get one click is suicide.

If I could get you readers to click on multiple pages per day - like every other werbsite does,
that might give me the edge to stay alive on the Internet and that's worth trying.

If you read the entire trip report, you'll give me 5 clicks instead of one.
I hope you enjoy it.

Marty's Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Click Here for Part Two of the Trip Report HOT

Subject: Prague

Hey Bart, it just might be that Joe doesn't want to go back "home. 
Prague has a way of becoming "home" in no time. 

Consider: the ladies are even lovelier than the city, life is laid-back, 
I'm growing God's flowers in my back yard (for my arthritis and entertainment), 
since it's perfectly legal to grow your own modest supply (OK, people will try to steal it, 
but that would seem to be universal), the police mostly leave ordinary people along. 

Yeah, you won't easily find fine tequila here, so it ain't paradise, 
but it would be a great venue for some sort of BartCop festivities. 

Save your frequent flier miles, and see for yourself! I bet Mrs Bart would love it too!
 Bob, another of your friends in Prague

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Click Here for Part Three of the Trip ReportHOT


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Click Here for Part Four of the Trip ReportHOT

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Trip Report
Click Here for the exciting conclusion   HOT 

This is the best part - it was rad, Dude.

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Right now in Tulsa on July 30th 1 PM it's 73 degrees and raining.
That's the perfect weather for me - unless it's colder.

Today we have a little Carmel in Knuckledrag!

Rihanna forgets her blouse
 Hotties don't wear tops in Vegas?


That's a trend I could get used to.

 See 99 more  Rihanna  pictures  at BC Hotties

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