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 Friday,  Feb 19, 2010  Vol 2474 - Smoked Stack

Quote of the Day

"Homey made this bed, 
  now he has got to lay in it." 
    -- Stephen Baldwin, who's not only racist
        but he's also religiously insane and
        politically and historically insane if he thinks 
       "Homie" created Bush's depression   Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow The Politics of Wah HOT
Arrow Racist "Justice" is dead HOT
Arrow Toyota vs American Airlines 
Arrow Past time for leadership 
Arrow Rich - Income Up, Taxes down HOT
Arrow That nutty Austin bomber 
Arrow Dick Cheney's taunting 
Arrow Charlize Theron's Hurt Locker


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"What's more important: five, six, 10 or 20 more years on earth? Or living forever?" 
     --  religiously insane David Valdez, begging a Jehovah's Witness to reject a lung-transplant
          because dying early lets you live forever with the Invisible Cloud Being who doesn't exist,   Link

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Saw it on

The Politics of Wah


People who talk about how "the government that governs best governs least" suddenly start singing a different tune 
(usually complaining) when the snow starts coming down hard and fast. "Why weren't the plows out earlier?" 
"Why didn't they start salting the roads last night?" "Why isn't my street plowed?" These also tend to be the same 
people who complain about taxes as well--but when snow comes down in record amounts, the amount of taxes 
they pay aren't the issue any more, it's, "Why aren't you plowing MY street?"

Reagan got many Americans into this mindset 30 years ago, and they've been playing the same tune ever since: 
You can have it all, and someone else can pay for it. And woe be to any mayor or governor who doesn't pay 
attention to the problems of the locals, no matter what the trouble. Poor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake didn't have 
time to take a deep breath before Baltimore got slammed with the largest amount of snow on record. 

Despite the city getting leveled with more snow than Syracuse, N.Y., all you hear is "the city's doing a crappy 
job of plowing the streets." Let's note that Baltimore budgets for Baltimore winters, not upstate New York ones."

Ed Schultz had a good take on the teabaggers who claim they want less government.

When it comes to the Toyota recalls, do they want more or less government?
Should congress hold hearings or let the marketplace work?

Next time we have a Swine Flu scare, do they want more or less government?
Next time we have million pounds of beef with e-Coli, do they want more or less government?

To paraphrase a Popeye line from the Forties,
"Teabaggers, half the time they don't know what they want
  and the other half of the time they don't know what they want."

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"He also let down his fans. He wants to begin the process of 
  making amends and that's what he's going to discuss."
    -- Tiger's agent    Link      (Written and posted before the crying started)

Webster's dictionary defines discuss this way:
Discuss implies a sifting of possibilities especially by presenting considerations pro and con 

But Eldrick is refusing to take questions (big mistake) so they're not "discussing" anything.
Eldrick is going to read what his publicist wrote for him ...then cry, ...then run away and hide.

So what has this reading accomplished? Nothing - it just generates more salacious headlines 
while he continues to hide from a press who will largely turn on him after years of worship.

It's a mistake for him not to take questions because that makes his relationship with 
the press adversarial and Eldrick can't afford to have the press turn on him.
Eldrick either has terrible advisers OR he is ignoring their advice.

Only one camera will be in the room to provide live coverage via satellite. 
Other writers with proper credentials could watch from a hotel ballroom more than a mile away.

Hueueueueueueuge mistake to tell the press, in effect, "to fuck off."
Telling the press they can watch your greatness from a mile away?

ha ha

Who's his agent - Al Jazeera?

Tiger insists on controlling every aspect of this reading and it's going to kill him.

A better way to do this would be to take questions until there are no more questions.

If he would allow the whore press to "beat him up" for an hour or two he'd get some sympathy
but by tightly controlling everything he's going to come off as the same old Tiger.

That's a BIG mistake.

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Subject: Billion dollars for Brazil for Chinese oil? 


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MMA Rumors

Racist "Justice" is dead, but not gone
 by Gene Lyons 


"Justice Jim was an innovator. His methods and tactics were as contemporary as Rush Limbaugh, 
the Tea Party and Glenn Beck: an insidious but heady blend of half-truth, disinformation, 
conspiracy-mongering and appeals to ignorance.

But because the primary target of Johnson's ire was Bill Clinton, many in the so-called "mainstream" media 
and among progressive Democrats imagined that the target somehow deserved it; also that the kinds of coarse 
smears used against Clinton couldn't possibly harm so august and transcendent a figure as President Obama. 
Now they're struggling to catch up.

Reading accounts of Tea Party patriots oiling their guns for the coming counter-revolution can't help but remind 
Southerners of the 1950s and early 1960s, when demagogues like Justice Jim stoked fears of federal tyranny. 
Years later, he claimed to have hoaxed Arkansas Gov. Orval Faubus into calling out the National Guard, 
supposedly to control white mobs determined to prevent the 1957 integration of Little Rock Central High
-- the shameful event seared into the memory of every Arkansan of Bill Clinton's generation.

"There wasn't any caravan," he told Faubus biographer Roy Reed. "But we made Orval believe it. We said. 
'They're lining up. They're coming in droves.' ... The only weapon we had was to leave the impression that 
the sky was going to fall." Somewhat later, Johnson said Faubus asked him to raise a mob to justify his actions. 
As neither man could be believed, there's just no telling.

Justice Jim's hatred for Clinton dated to that 1968 campaign, when Bill served as Sen. Fulbright's driver. 
Confronting Johnson after a speech, the future president blurted, "You make me ashamed to be from Arkansas."

Years later, however, Johnson got him back, telling a conservative Washington gathering that he was ashamed 
Arkansas had produced, 'a president of the United States who is a queer-mongering, whore-hopping adulterer; 
a baby-killing, draft-dodging, dope-tolerating, lying, two-faced, treasonous activist.'"

Gene Lyins is pointing out why these handjobs need to be stopped.

When (Or is the question IF?) will Obama learn what everyone else in America already knows? 
You can't reason with a barking dog - yet Obama tries, again and again.

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Yesterday in the USA Today, there was a big headline on the front page of the Money Section.

Toyota considers another recall


Toyota said that it's considering a recall of 2009 and 2010 Corolla sedans because of 
power steering complaints ó just as U.S. safety officials said they plan to open an 
investigation into Corolla steering by week's end.

That's pretty serious, right?

If all you saw was the front page, you'd miss this headline on Page Two

American Eagle faces $2.9M fine over maintenance


The FAA proposed a $2.9 million fine against American Eagle on Wednesday for 
operating at least 1,178 passenger flights with planes that had been improperly repaired.

The proposed fine was the second large penalty levied against American Eagle this month 
and another sign of maintenance problems in the industry.

On Feb. 1, the FAA proposed a $2.5 million fine against American Eagle for operating at least 
154 passenger flights without adequately ensuring the weight of baggage was calculated properly.

Almost 2,000 flights on improperly repaired planes?

What does a plane like that hold - about 100 people?
So American Airlines risked the lives of almost 20,000 people?

Someone made the decision to run the Toyota story at the top of Page One
and bury the American Airlines fails to maintain their jets properly story inside.

Me? I'd rather be in a defective car than on a defective jet.

USA Today disagrees - they want Toyota brought down.

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Subject: The single bullet theory fails for more than one reason


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Got passion?

Mike Malloy Live

Rich - Income Up, Taxes down
   by Joe Conason


Before angry voters restore Republicans to power -- in the name of "tea party populism" -- perhaps they should 
consider just how well right-wing rule worked out for them during the past decade. Last fall a Census Bureau study
found that real median household income had declined from $52,500 in 2000, the last year that Bill Clinton was president, 
to $50,303 in 2008, George W. Bush's final year -- a period during which Republicans dominated Congress as well. 
Millions of those median households lost their health insurance (and, since the onset of the Great Recession, 
many of those same families have lost jobs as well).

So most of those middle-class Americans who flock to the tea party demonstrations were big losers during the Bush era. 
So who were the winners? Newly released IRS data shows that the country's very wealthiest citizens -- the top 400
-- marked enormous income gains while paying less and less in taxes. For purposes of comparison, Johnston notes that 
the bottom 90 percent of Americans saw their incomes rise by only 13 percent in 2009 dollars, compared with a 399 
percent increase for the top 400."

Teabaggers and Pigboy listeners don't understand that they're getting fleeced.
Der Monkey Fuhrer promised tax cuts - and gave it to the oil companies and the super-rich

On Larry King, Bill Maher said Evan Bayh voted AGAINST a bill that would raise taxes on the top .2 percent.
That's NOT the top 2 percent, it was the top .2 percent, the very richest of the very richest.

How many of the very richest of the very richest live if f-ing Indiana?   I would bet ZERO,
yet the GOP and the backstabbing Blue Dogs continue to take from the poor and the middle class
so the very richest of the very richest can have more - and we just take it.

We take it because the Democrats can't figure out how to tell us "lessers" that we don't have to take it.

Poor people could vote themselves free healthcare for life - but they choose not to.

If only we had a leader who would list the damn facts.

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w/ Updates


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"That's all I can stands because I can't stands no more." 
     -- nutty Austin plane bomber,   Link

 He crashed just before 10AM - why was he in a such a hurry?
 I wonder what was going thru his mind as he load the extra gas onto his plane?

 Instead of dying at 10AM, he could've gone to see Avatar and died at 1PM.

 In his last hour, did he masturbate one more time?
 For that matter, why not fly to Vegas, get the hottest hooker in the whole town
 (charge it to your VISA - you ain't going to pay it anyway) and have the time of your life.

 Might as well stop at the best liquor store in Austin and buy a $400 bottle of Chinaco
 and chug that bad boy as you approach the targeted building.  Why the hell not?

 If you're going to be dead in an hour, why not call your mother-in-law
 or that boss who fired you for beinf late that day your kid was sick.
 Might as well unload on them since you'll be dead in an hour.

 Did he give himself a last meal?   Wonder what it was?
 Did he spell-check his rambling, teabagging "manifesto?"  LOL

 He did take the time to set his home ablaze.  CNN said the wife 
 and daughter "manged to excape" as tho they were tied up

 Damn, think of the bad day they're having.
 I'll bet Stack the teabagger was no fun to live with lately.

 And the weirdest thing: CNN and FOX are both bending over backwards to say, 
"This was a crime, it was NOT terrorism," which it most certainly was.

 If suicide-flying a plane into a building with the intent to kill isn't terror, then neither is 9-11.

 And braindead Rick sanchez said (at least three or four times)
"And he didn't even file a flight plan."

 Even tho each time he said that, some pilot would follow him and say,
"In Tejas, small planes don't have to file flight plans on a clear day."

 You can't fly with the federal boots on your throat, right?

 A few minutes later, there he goes again.
"And he didn't even file a flight plan."

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Past time for leadership


Health-care reform, financial regulation, the jobs bill, the long-term budget deficit, energy and climate change
-- everywhere you turn, there's political stalemate. Poll numbers are plummeting, and many good people either 
have been reduced to shameless pandering (John McCain) or are simply giving up and going home (Byron Dorgan, 
Evan Bayh, Billy Tauzin). While we're passing out the blame, however, let's not forget a heaping helping for the public.

It should be obvious now that the president cannot leave it to Congress to sort things out. 

Washington and Lincoln confronted far worse division and dissent in their times. They threw off the yoke of party loyalty, 
defied popular opinion and used the full weight of their office to do what had to be done. They understood an important truth: 
that only after they had demonstrated that they were willing to lead, and lead boldly, were the people willing to follow and 
drag Congress along with them.

It turns out that successful political leadership is not about this strategy or that tactic or where 
you place yourself on the left-right ideological spectrum. What it's mostly about is character.

Does the president have the character to come to work?

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New Phoenix UFO Footage

from March 13, 1997

Who is this mystery man?

Clcik for the answer

Marty's has new stuff every day
on her tons-of-fun Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.


Click on the E!


"Republicans did a slick job of pretending that this whole bill was about pet projects and nothing else. 
  And they ignored the fact that the earmarks were stripped out of it. They ignored all the tax cuts that 
  the president talked about or the unemployment benefits. And they actually did a much better sales job 
  than this White House did, because the White House thought they'd get credit for dealing with the crisis."
     -- Richard Wolffe,    Link

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Vintage children's books with illustrations
by Shiba Productions from Japan.

Subject: questions about your bottom line with Iran 


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Adult Friend

Must be 18 to click

Tally's American Idol primer


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Writers w/ Opinions Wanted

Americal Idol - do they pick the final 24 next week?

Survivor Heroes vs Villians - Fantastic premier

The Amazing Race - starts Sunday

I think we should put a full day between opinions.
So we'll do Idol on Fridays (if anyone writes) and
Survivor on Mondays and Amazing Race on Tuesdays.

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Disturbing ads from the past

This is the America that the tea-baggers want back.


"Iím afraid that after all the finger-pointing is finished, it has become clear who is responsible 
  for President Obamaís lost year, the 10 percent unemployment year - Obama and his Democrats." 
     -- Mitt Romney,   Link

  I predict the GOP will be successful at pinning Bush's Depression on Obama.

  It's not true, of course, but when you refuse to defend yourself...

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Dick Cheney's taunting


Dick Cheney went on This Whore and boasted of the role he played in ordering the waterboarding of detainees. 
Andrew Sullivan has written several posts accurately describing this statement as a "confession of committing a war crime 
on national television."  Harper's Scott Horton identifies the specific criminal statute Cheney confessed he violated, 
makes clear that -- as the Attorney General himself previously said -- there is no reasonable debate possible regarding 
the criminality of waterboarding under U.S. and international law (notwithstanding the efforts of Politico and friends to 
pretend otherwise), and then asks:  "What prosecutor can look away when a perpetrator mocks the law itself and 
revels in his role in violating it?"...

What would stop a future President (or even the current one) from re-authorizing waterboarding and the other 
Bush/Cheney torture techniques if he decided he wanted to?  Given that both the Bush and Obama administrations 
have succeeded thus far in blocking all judicial adjudications of the legality of these "policies," and given that the torture 
architects are feted on TV and given major newspaper columns, what impediments exist to prevent their re-implementation?

Because we have no leadership and no desire to punish lawbreakers, torture has become accepted.
Torture is the norm now and it's illegality is a thing of the past because nobody will speak up. 

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Charlize Theron's Hurt Locker 


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