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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


 Friday, May 7,  2010 Vol 2522 - Blackout

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Quote of the Day

"Cinco de Mayo commemorates the 
  Mexican Army’s surprise victory 
  over sobriety back in 1862."
     -- Jimmy Kimmel


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow GOP gets away with it HOT
Arrow Ghosts of Neo-Slavery HOTHOT
Arrow Jindal: 'More Gubmint, please'
Arrow Bishop: Society is a Pedophile
Arrow Teabaggers  Big Government HOT
Arrow Kent State: The Trial
Arrow Jesus Christ hit by car 
Arrow Anna Kournikova returns  




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"The Republicans are having difficulty determining how 
  they're going to continue making love to Wall Street." 
      -- Harry Reid, showing signs of spine now that his career is ending,   Link

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How the GOP gets away with it
  by Gene Lyons


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on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

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Marty always has good stuff.

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Ghosts of Southern Neo-Slavery
 Is Arizona turning the clock back on civil rights?


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Jindal: 'More Gubmint, please'


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by Bill Day - "Cartoon Winner" in the 2010
Robert F Kennedy Journalism Awards

Bishop: Society is a Pedophile
 That's why they rape kids - they're gay, anyway


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Subject: Kissyface and losing citizenship

Bart, Lieberman's idea of revoking the citizenship of anyone who is deemed a terrorist?

I'd like to go one further - I think we should revoke the citizenship of anyone 
who proposes revoking the citizenship of any American.
 Eric X

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"Thank goodness I'm not running this time. This is a really tough year for all incumbents because 
  people are horrified by what they see coming out of Washington these days, and they don't 
  distinguish between people who vote no and people who vote yes." 
       -- Sen John Cornhole (R-TX) on how stupid voters are,    Link

  Cornhole, for the first time, I agree with you.

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Teabaggers  Big Government
 Glenn Beck's chalkboard not withstanding


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If you feel that drugs or alcohol are a problem for you,
Drug Rehab is a solution to get your life back on track.


"The President referred to the Teabaggers by the name they chose first, Teabagger -- until they found out 
  what it meant -- and we all started laughing at them even louder because it was too late. Good times."
       -- Attaturk,    Link

"Bush the fuctard never ceased referring to the opposition as 'The Democrat Party' for 8 years." 
       -- Anonymous,    Link

 It's not pretty, but I've mentioned how easy it would be to stop Bush from saying "Democrat party."
 All a Democrat would have to do is mention "Republicunts" - just one time.

 That would usher in a new era of mutual respect when it comes to names. 

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In Albuquerque?
Go see my good friend David's art May 7th-May 29th.

Factory on 6th Art Space
1715 5th St

Subject: That teacher e-mail crap 

Hey, Bart
The "teacher" e-mail can be found on  As usual, it's 100% Bull Shit.  
I always check snopes whenever someone sends me one of these "true" letters.
 Don in Vancouver

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Mike Malloy Live

Kent State: The Trial


Rep. Alan Grayson on Kent State: "THEY CAN'T KILL US ALL"  


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"I pray that he (God) doesn't want me to run for office."
      -- Joe the Plumber, quoting Benny the Rat EXACTLY,   Link

 And just like Benny, Joe is running for the office he claims he wants God to deny him.

 How much more fraudulent can these phoney frauds be? 

  "Bart, why can't you just leave things alone?"

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Subject: Times Square bomber in the nick of time 

Hey bart,

Do you think perhaps the dramatic snatch of the times square bomber where the plane was pulled back or the plane 
re-opened ( depending on which story you read ) and the guy basically nailed in his seat --   was simply a setup and 
staged as such -- that it allowed them to corner him with no way out which wouldn't have worked if  he went to buy
a ticket and was told he's on a no-fly list?  after all the no-fly is NOT a fugitive ( although it could be!) list and that IS 
a problem since there's no "calibration" of the names on that list.
On the other side and taking that information at face value, don't you think the the "updated" no-fly list could actually 
be done in real-time? check-in, check off the list?  board the aircraft, check off the list again? and then again when 
they're finished staging the aircraft?   

There are so many millions of people who fly every day.
And there are what, 190 countries we have to deal with?

I wouldn't want to be in charge of keeping that list current, however...

If the TS bomber were rumored to have a joint on him, the police 
would turn over Heaven and Earth to apprehend him immediately.

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See who they raped lately.

Why are we still hooked on oil?

Exxon-Mobil made $35 Billion dollars
in tax free profits last year, that's why..

Exxon-Mobil is bad for America.

Weird Picture of the Day


 I'll bet you've never seen anything like it.

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Jesus Christ hit by car 
Cops confirm that's his legal name


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Saw it on   mariopiperni dot com

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Tally's Idol Results Recap 


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Anna Kournikova returns to tennis
 Wait - she plays tennis?


 Link to Story

See dozens of  sexy Anna Kournikova  images  at  BC Hotties

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