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 Friday-Monday,  June 25-28, 2010  Vol 2544 - To the Greek
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Quote of the Day

"The President took a matter of hours to pick
  a commander in Afghanistan so why is it taking
  months to plug the leaking oil?"

    -- Fox News' Brian Kilmeade    Link

  That's really, really, really stupid - even for FOX News.



In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Exxon Valdez Cleaners Dead
Arrow Reid's Chances Are Improving HOT
Arrow OK Cops Taze Grandma HOT
Arrow Obama bringing tyranny
Arrow I hate Microsoft Expression HOT
Arrow "Progress in Afghanistan War"
Arrow Al Gore - Horndog?
Arrow Avril Lavigne sells perfume



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"James Inhofe - Joe Lieberman - John Cornyn - Jim Bunning -James Demint.
  There is something rotten in J-land. All are missing the normality gene and Inhofe has worms in his cranium." 

        -- Distributorcap


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Exxon Valdez Cleanup Crew Dead
But Obama says it's safe to clean the Gulf?
Didn't we fault Bush for pulling this at Ground Zero?


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"When I was governor, I had to file an amicus brief against Exxon to get them to finally pay up what they
  owed Alaskan victims. And thousands of Alaskans in those 20 years, the fishermen, they died. A whole other
  generation now that finally received some compensation. So, how dare BP put the Gulf victims through such
  a thing. We have to make sure that BP will not do this. We will not do what Exxon did to those Alaskans
       -- Palin, putting on her sane face for a speech at the Texas Oil Palace   Link

 I'm going to say something positive about Sarah Palin - she's going against the vulgar Pigboy and the GOP on this issue
 and I think this signals that she really is going to run against Obama in 2012.

She's positioning herself as the anti-oil spill candidate so where does that leave Obama?.


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Subject: Your argument is weak tea


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'Just Imagine' A Night with John Lennon

 Link to Press Release

Starts June 30 at Planet Hollywood, Vegas


Marty's has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!



Reid's Chances Are Improving
The teabaggers are running a real loon against Harry


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Subject: what I find offensive

It wasn't the decision that Judge Martin Feldman made this week lifting the oil drilling moratorium
that I find the most offensive. What is even more offensive was that he was allowed to hear the case in the first place.

The Code of Judicial Conduct prohibits judges from hearing cases for which the judge has even the appearance
of a financial interest in the outcome. Judge Feldman has tens of thousands of dollars in oil stock that is directly
affected by the outcome of this decision. Yet he was allowed to hear this case. That is what is really really outrageous.

By allowing this judge to hear this case the Courts sent a clear message that they are so deep in the pockets of big oil
that they aren't even going to pretend to follow their Code of Judicial Conduct. They are flaunting their corruption in
front of the public. They are sending a message that they are above the law and that they can just get away with it
because the public is powerless to stop them.

Public respect for the judiciary has eroded ever since the Supreme Court appointed Bush president.
Since then judicial ethics has gone down hill to the point that a judge no longer even pretends that the appearance
of impropriety has any meaning at all. Now they flaunt their corruption. To me this is an act of treason to the
Constitution and insults the values that America represents.

Marc Perkel
My blog:

Founder of the Church of Reality
Reality changed my life. It can change your life too.

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Big Dog and Mick share a skybox at that soccer thing 

Subject: your pet's picture on Bartcop

Cosby and Flopsy from Shingle Springs, CA



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This is the way the world ends: not with a bang, not with a whimper, but a slaughter.

This is the story of the soldiers who tried to save it.

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Free wood samples

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If you feel that drugs or alcohol are a problem for you,
Drug Rehab is a solution to get your life back on track.

Obama bringing tyranny
 by Thomas Tom Sowell

"I hate Black people"


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Why are we still hooked on oil?

Exxon-Mobil made $35 Billion dollars
in tax free profits last year, that's why..

BIG OIL is bad for America.


They-read-it-here-first Quotes

 "Obama trusts people too much. He trusted Wall Street. He trusted the Republicans
   to engage in a meaningful way. He trusted BP.  He's 0 for three."

     -- Eliot Spitzer, who surely must be reading    Link

"I think there is almost like a reverence that the president has for authority and for establishments.
he Wall Street establishment. The military establishment. The BP establishment.  Even his own admiral
in charge of the BP oil spill a few weeks ago said that 'I trust what Tony Hayward is telling me.'
He actually used those words. So that is really very fundamental problem that is affecting his whole presidency." 

     -- Arianna Huffington, who would never admit to reading   Link


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"My parents are Glenn and Sarah,
and I'm the gift that keeps on giving."


M o u s e t r a p   Trust me


Subject: Pot a low priority in Hailey, Idaho

Bart, you wrote:

"Marijuana isn't addictive, unless you consider "American Idol" to be addictive, too."

Just wanted to agree.

BTW: Unlike pot, I haven't built up a tolerance to "Idol" yet.
 Eric in OH
e-mail to Bart

I hate Microsoft Expression 

Microsoft Expression is a lot like Netscape 4.7, except it sucks.
Things that took one stroke in 1996 take several strokes with M.E. in 2010.
It's those damn idiot engineers, who have to change things to justify their jobs.

What ever happened to WYSIWYG?
Spacing is now a big issue.
When I'm building the page, it looks fine - but not when it's published.
It's crazy for things to look OK until it's posted, then I gotta go back in
and add or subtract spaces because they distort the view during construction.

Another thing, the new system can't remember fonts or colors, which ads steps to everything I write.
With Netscape, I could leave a word on the page (like a bold, blue quote) and I could drop the next
day's quote in it's place, but the idiots/whores at Microsoft disabled that and it pisses me off.

The net result will surely be a smaller page because they've added so many new obstacles.

Why can't Microsoft hire at least one code writer who has an IQ of 64?

Same with PayPal - if a button was on the Left, round and blue
it's now square and red and it's on the right - that's just bullshit.

Same for Wikipedia - if a button was a green triangle above the fold,
it's now a pentagon and chartreuse and below the fold - it's pure bullshit.

Every time they "fix" things, they get worse and more difficult and they super-suck.
No wonder America doesn't manufacture shit anymore - we just make things worse. 


As you can tell, I'm having LOTS of trouble with this extra-stupid program.
Everything looks OK until it gets on the web.

Then all the spacing and blocking go crazy - what's wrong with Microsoft?

The toons hug the walls and the fonts go berzerk - fuck Microsoft.
Michael Dare suggested a page-building program, I'll try that.



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Mike Malloy Live

The world's reaction to Donovan's soccer goal


Well sure they're excited.
They waited around all day for someone to finally score.

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Subject: SC correspondent

From today's Greenville SC News:

As embarrassing as the election results were in the June 8 Democratic primary for U.S. Senate,
state Democratic Party leaders did the right thing Thursday night in rejecting the protest of Vic Rawl.

Had the State Democratic Party Executive Committee agreed with Rawl that the election results had
somehow been tainted, the party would have started a dangerous process that could have yielded the
same results while also leaving other Democratic candidates much weaker in the fall.

 Hammer on,


Bob, thanks for that.

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I had to buy a computer I couldn't afford.
I must raise $1500 before the VISA bill comes.



CaCan you help an old altar boy out?



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"Progress in Afghanistan War"
 Leon Panetta is lying to us


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Subject: PayPal cancelled my subscription

Bart, I'm sorry my subscription lapsed. I don't understand it.
Paypal cancelled all of my liberal news subscriptions without my permission
and didn't inform me (maybe it's a right wing plot!) You are the first one
to let me know. I'll set up autopay next week.

Bart, I did not cancel my subscription.  One day I got an email saying my bartcop account has been cancelled.  
I wasn't quite sure what was going on but thought you didn't want or need my money anymore.  
I will subscribe again,

Thanks to Leslie and Ann.
We are surviving on fumes, as they say.


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OK Cops Taze bedridden Grandma
  We call it 'Frontier Justice'


 Send e-mail to Bart 

Subject: why your stuff keeps breaking or why your japanese stuff works well

hey bart!

because it's almost 100% chinese!!  material substitutions or process shortcuts are made. 
Short term no one notices ( paint, milk, dog food, etc etc ) and long term everyone thinks its built in obsolence.  

 American made products from the 80's & earlier and other stuff made in japan tends to last as there's a
conscientious commitment  and pride in quality. Look at American produced products ( high end machinery,
aircraft engines, etc )    Nowadays, whatever you buy ( consumer goods ) is strictly viewed a commodity  including service. 

Unfortunately  the ethic there  is NOT what it is here. No integrity mind you.   I am NOT saying that a chinese worker
 doesn't work hard, but the companies themselves work hard to cut corners.  The  American company doing the
contracting just doesn't know.  ( Mcdonalds glasses, anyone) as there's no oversight,  personal responsibility or
even knowledge of processes.  That's why chinese shit's so cheap. If Obama decides to try and hold the chinese
accountable for something ( say the drywall which some courts have tried to do ) the chinese will pull some other nonsense.  

Our reliance on china for manufacturing ( and India for IT ) skirts the foundation and structure that created whatever
strong industry here in the US. It's as bad as the foreign oil.   This would never happen with US produced products
and services and we wouldn't come away from a sale or service feeling hung over after a wild night of whoring.


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Subject: your pet's picture on Bartcop

I lost your pet pictures in the great crash of 2010.
Could you re-send those?  I'll get them right up.

Meanwhile, here's Mr Bennett.


 Picture sent in by David G  

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Adult Friend

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Subject: why your stuff keeps breaking or why your japanese stuff works well

We got rid of our old cell phones--mistake!  New ones are junk.
We got rid of our old '89 Acura (294,800 miles) for a 2010 Prius (thanks to the clunkers program)
and 'someone' shoves Toyota under the bus, but the Prius has been a great car (got us to Depressionfest
in fine shape on a few (very few) gallons of petrol.  She runs beautifully, thousands of miles later. 

My 1970 SS 454 Monte Carlo is bullet proof.  I get in it, and it takes me to the nearest
gas station in a nanosecond.  It was the last new car I bought, before the Prius.

I bought an iPod--I need a nine-year old to make it work.

I never replace ANYTHING that is working with something new.
I have no desire to help China's economy, but who can help it.



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See who they raped lately.
See who they paid to keep quiet.

While I was away...

y Eldrick managed to lose again.
    Could you hear me screaming "Hex on thee" as he missed those short putts?
    A year ago, Eldrick was a lock to win four more majors and tie Jack Nicklaus - not any more.
    I think we've seen the last of the "Great One."

y How screwed is soccer?
    Soccer is so screwed, a referee can say, "That goal didn't count" when it clearly did.
    In the NFL, if you catch the ball in the end zone, and they say it's not a touchdown,
    they gotta give a reason:  Foot out of bounds, QB was past the line of scrimmage, etc.
    But in soccer, apparently, it's legal to cheat and you don't have to give a reason - what a dumb sport.
    Soccer makes Golf and Basketball look like sports (not a compliment)

yThe people and businesses around the Gulf got together and sued to get more oil spilled.
    How are we supposed to feel sorry for them when they ask for more spills?
    Perkel had it right - they need to look for jobs that aren't Gulf-killers.
    If they lost jobs installing asbestos, should they be able to sue to keep asbestos in schools?
    If they lost jobs coloring toys with lead paint, should they be able to sue to keep those jobs?

    I'm surprised that a crooked oil judge has more power than the President of the United States.

yWe saw the movie, "Get him to the Greek," thus today's title.
    It was similar to The Hangover, but Hangover was better.
    Interesting, Russell Brand was the same character as he was in Sarah Marshall,
    which is probably why Kristen Bell dropped by - as Sarah Marshall.

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Weird Picture of the Day


 I'll bet you've never seen anything like it.

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Al Gore - Horndog?
Masseuse says Gore tried to jump her


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Do I owe anybody anything?

I need to ask now and then because I'm so scattered.

If I promised you a package in the mail, a bunch went out
a week ago and more are going out this week

But if you paid for something and didn't get it, send me another e-mail.


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Saw it on


Lowly Ghana beats mighty USA


Ghana's about the size of Tulsa - and America couldn't handle them?


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Did you know we had a lunar eclipse over the weekend?

This photo was taken by Alan Dyer, near Gleichen, Alberta 

Guess the City


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Today's Historic Photo


 Do you know who these sellouts are?


Subject: yesterday's Historic Photo

It's Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong, one of the greatest jazz men ever.
I still choke up when I hear his version of "What a Wonderful World". 

I have a short, fun Louis Armstrong story.
He was playing Berlin in, maybe, 1962 when the Wall was still being enforced.
After he got done playing his regular gig in West Berlin, he'd go to the gate
and the East German guards recognized him (go figure) and let him thru
where he'd find an East German club to play in until dawn.

Note: The airport in New Orleans is Louis Armstrong International Airport.


Subject: yesterday's Historic Photo

Shape of his head and nose is all wrong for Armstrong. In addition, Armstrong always
held a white handkerchief in his left hand.  Check out this photo of Miles - Steven E 


 I would've bet Armstrong but you could be right.
Wish these photos came with titles.

 Send e-mail to Bart


Subject: your pet's picture on Bartcop

I lost your pet pictures in the great crash of 2010.
Could you re-send those?  I'll get them right up.

I'm sending you a donation in the name of my beloved dog, Juno, who died 1 year ago this Saturday (June 19th).  


He got cancer and was gone very quickly.  My wife and I miss him very much and
thought about a memorial in the local newspaper but we'd prefer you to have the money.  
Juno used to sit with me while I would sip Chinaco and listen to your radio shows.  I miss that.
 Tony the Razorback

Tony, thanks for that. 

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TV Stuff

Tonight we have Lie to Me, the best show currently on TV,
but that will probably change tomorrow night when Rescue Me returns.

When we last saw Tommy Gavin, he'd been shot by his uncle and the uncle
is holding a gun on Tommy's dying ass and his friends so nobody can help him.

If you're not watching these two shows,
you have no right to say there's no quality on broadcast TV.

Check out the toons and stuff


 on the Bart Blog!

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I'm sure I've been reading you since you set up shop waaaay back in the last century!
Here's a few bucks, I'm retired now but can squeeze out the odd few coins to throw in your can.
Keep hammering my friend. Even us Canucks need you!


Mary, that was nice - thanks.

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Avril Lavigne sells perfume
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 Link to Story

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