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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Bartcop Radio #163 is up 
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 Thurs-Friday,  August 19-20, 2010     Vol 2569 - Mickey Mosque

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Quote of the Day

"I'm Pat fucking Tillman."
     --  his last words as he tried to get the
        American soldiers to stop fucking shooting him

   The MPAA rated the Pat Tillman movie "R" because
   of that one curse word.  I think kids need to know
   about their government's cover-up of his murder.

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Gibbs is Losing Democrats 
Arrow Is Bachmann's seat safe?
Arrow Palin 0-for-5 in endorsements
Arrow McVeigh Was Christian
Arrow Obama, more Muslim than ever 
Arrow Those Wyly Billionaire Burglars
Arrow Mom: Lindsay won't die young



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 "Am I too conservative? They probably
  said that about Thomas Jefferson and
  George Washington and Benjamin Franklin."

    -- Sharron Angle, Harry Reid's opponent,   Link  

    Harry, if she beats you my opinion of you
   will be worse and that's hardly possible.


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Gibbs is Losing Democrats 




Subject: Blago
Hey Bart-
I live in Illinois just outside Chicago.
Personally I'm glad Blago beat most of the raps.

I admit that I'm not deeply familiar with the details of the case, but my feeling is that this whole thing smells somewhat of a witchhunt.
I don't think Blago wanted to kiss the fat asses of the slimy vermin that populate Illinois politics. He did some good things for the people.

Tell me what state governor would not salivate over the opportunity to name a senator, though they probably (wisely) wouldn't say so.
And what is this crap with Blago using the f-word so much? Oooh, that is SO shocking in year 2010!

I heard on Bill Press this morning that the count they got him on involved lying about things that were not even criminal in nature.
Of course he shouldn't have done it, but still...

I bet Bush and Cheney and the like chuckle over things like this, as Republican Fitzgerald prepares his next attack...

I agree - I lost a lot of respect for Fitzgerald.
I thought he knew what he was doing but now he seems like a total fuck-up.

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"I am amused with their comments about obstructionism.
  I wish we had been able to obstruct more."

          --  Mitch McConnell  (R-Bitch)    Link

 THIS is the kind of thing that WOULD NOT HAPPEN if *I* ran the DNC.

 I would flood the airwaves with videos of out-of-work regular folks looking for jobs
 with the Bitch's ugly mug on the screen saying he wished he could kill even MORE jobs.

 It's so f-ing easy but our brain-dead Democrats don't have a f-ing clue.

 The bastard is BRAGGING about holding back the recovery and if *I* was in charge,
 his office would be calling me 24 hours later with an apology and offering me a deal
 if I would just PLEASE take down that goddamn ad that's killing the GOP.

 This is grade school stuff and STILL our Democrats haven't figured it out.

 How is it possible that they can't think or fight?

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Marty's has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!


"George Bush got snookered into going into some mosque, taking his
  shoes off, and then saying that Islam was a religion of peace."
     -- Florida Teabagger Allen West, running for congress   Link

 Really, Allen?

 The guy who holds the modern Western Hemiphere record for most killings
 was just too forgiving and doesn't get the real world like you do?

 Let me guess: Compared to you, Reagan was a pinko commie, right?

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Cool, Sarah the Quitter identifies with Laura the Quitter!

Poor Dr. Laura, the victim, not free to screech
"Nigger, nigger, nigger" on hate radio anymore?

If you saw her on Larry King, she said it wasn't fair
that Black comics on HBO get to say "nigger"
but poor Laura (R-Victim) can't.

Why does she want to say "nigger" so badly?

Is Bachmann's seat safe?
I would LOVE to run against a crazy person


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject:  Leggo my Blago

Why can't federal prosecutors learn?
I don't know, they've prosecuted Blaggo and his family into poverty.

When he goes to prision, it will be for the same thing they got
Martha Stewart for: failure to correctly respond to an FBI word puzzle.

The DOJ retains its abilty to intimidate and destroy lives.
I don't think they see this as a loss.
 Frank K

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Check out my new video card.

"In 2009, Rahm Emmanuel scolded progressive groups in Washington for attacking backstabbing Democrats
  who were obstructing progressive policies on Capitol Hill.  Rahm called the strategy "fucking retarded" and
  ordered the professional left to stop.  Much of the left did, in fact, stop the attacks on the backstabbers.
  The under-reported scandal here is not that the White House tried to control and muzzle the professional left.
  The scandal is that the Left, for the most part, complied...   I don't share Gibbs' outrage that the "professional left"
  is currently being too critical of  Obama. What I am outraged about is that the professional left wasn't more
  critical of Obama a year ago."

          --  Sally Kohn, expecting the Party of Surrender to fight back?     Link

  Sally, the Left only fights back when a Clinton is involved.

 Then they go crazy and scream, "you fucking whore,"  
  even tho they never screamed that at any Republicans.

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Subject: Make your pet famous!

Hey Bart, this is my Siberian Husky Sebastian who passed away 2 years ago..
Please make him famous.  Sebastion has his own website


Sebastian D'Browski - Thank you for giving us 12 years of perfect love. We miss you!

Keep up the great work.

Steve, thanks for that.

 Send your pet's picture to Bart

Palin 0-for-5 in endorsements
Who's calling her a kingmaker now?


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Obama, more Muslim than ever
Why can't he control his own image?


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Subject:  your trip to Glacier

Bart, you wrote:

> Besides "Bring a camera" and "Don't taunt the bears," 
> and "Keep your tank full," who has a suggestion for us?

Don't make fun of the Bears either Bart.
And NEVER touch their hats.
They're like super sensitive about those little green hats.

Have a grand adventure dude - you deserve it.
 Scott M

I may have an IQ of 64 but I'm way too smart
to go around fucking with a bear - or his hat. 

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Adult Friend

Must be 18 to click

"The Mosque decision is up to New York." 

       --  Nancy Pelosi      Link
 That may be the smartest thing I ever heard her say.

 Too bad Obama's people didn't think of that.

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McVeigh Was Christian
So why not ban all Okie churches?


Those Wyly Billionaire Burglars
They bankrolled Bush's smear campaign



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Subject: Should Christians build Churches near Ground Zero?

Should Christians build churches near ground zero after the horrible act of terrorism of blowing up a building?
I'm not talking about 9/11 but rather the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City that was blown up by Christian
terrorist Tim McVeigh. Since it was blown up by a Christian, shouldn't we ban all Christian churches near ground zero?

This is of course ridiculous but it is no more ridiculous that prohibiting Muslims from building a mosque a few blocks
away from ground zero in New York. It's really not that complicated to understand that not all Muslims are alike and
that American Muslims do not have a history of violence. I think it's time for the news media to stop fanning the
flames of hatred just to make a buck in the ratings.

Marc Perkel
My blog:
Founder of the Church of Reality
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Weird Picture of the Day


 You have never seen anything like this.

Subject: Obama's birth certificate 


Being insane means facts, evidence and proof are irrelevent.

They don't want to see it, they don't want to hear it.

All they know is "that nigger" is in the WHITE House
and, by God, they want their country back.

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Mike Malloy


What does this mean?
Are they saying Harry is made of butter
and the world is a sharp, hot knife?

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Guess the City


Nobody got yesterday's city - in Niger.

Yesterday's country was Scotland!

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Subject: Need your help


I sent you this back on Tuesday.
Can you follow the link and sign the petition real quick?
We need your help to end the filibuster:


Markos Moulitsas
Founder, Daily Kos

Sure, glad to help.


I don't think this is accurate.

"Real men" like Ted Nugent and Dick Cheney
enjoy shooting helpless creatures in cages.

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Today's History Mystery


We got a good one for you today.

The first 5 people who can correctly identify 5 people
will win 5 weeks of  Bartcop Radio.

Subject: last issue's history mystery
Hey Bart, why that's Adolf Hitler without his mustach.  Wow!
The difference facial hair makes.  He looks like a completely different person

I agree but almost everybody got it right.

Subject: last issue's history mystery

Hey, Bart - Could that be what old Adolph would`ve looked like
when he landed in Argentina at the end of the war ?!!
 John B
BTW: when are you gonna tell us who the "Famous personality" was in the school photo posted several days ago ?

I don't know who the famous personality was.
I was hoping someone could identify him for the rest of us.

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Subject: Donation

Long overdue - More if you watch: Fr Ted Season 1 Episode 1.
It's somewhere on the web.
 George O'Carroll in Ireland

George, I found Fr Ted, Season 1, Episode 2 and watched some of it.
It's non-American humor.

I have a rule:
Funny people are from America (excluding Eddie Izzard) and
Guitar players are from the UK (excluding the Del Castillo Brothers)

Thanks for the donation. 

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Mom: Lindsay Lohan "Won't Die Young"

             "Can't somebody please help me?"

Link to Story

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