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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Bartcop Radio #163 is up 
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 Thursday,  Sept 2, 2010     Vol 2573 - Rough seas

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Quote of the Day

"A new poll shows a majority of Republicans
  believe Obama sympathizes with the goals of
  Islamic fundamentalists who want to impose
  Islamic law around the world."

     --  Thinkfast,      Link


    BTW, Barack, don't worry about that.
   People, especially voters, are smart.

   They'll see the truth - like they did in 2004
   when they believed Kerry was a war deserter.


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Another well blows in the Gulf
Arrow Obama has become Mr. Unpopular
Arrow Bart, lay off the tequila
Arrow Glenn Beck and Public Faith
Arrow Bush gets 'credit' for Iraq
Arrow Religion forced on our soldiers
Arrow Carmen Electra's Lesbian Tape


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“One thing that didn't worked in Obama's speech was his assertion that we were turning a page.
 We're still at war, and Obama said that now more resources are available for Afghanistan."

    -- Eugene Robinson,    Link  


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Another well blows in the Gulf
Didn't Obama have these wells inspected?


A mile-long oil sheen spread Thursday from an offshore petroleum platform
burning in the Gulf of Mexico off Lousiana, west of the site of BP's massive spill.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Bill Coklough said the sheen, about 100 feet wide,
was spotted near the platform owned by Houston-based Mariner Energy Inc.

He said Mariner had deployed three firefighting vessels to the site
and one already was in place fighting the blaze.

IF I was president when the BP rig blew up, I would have ordered the inspections of
every well in America,  but do we see any evidence that Obama did that?

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Erik has been advertising with for nine years

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"I have a gun, and I have a bomb. I have several bombs strapped to my body ready to go off.
  I have a device that if I drop it, if I drop it, it will fucking explode."
     -- James Lee, the Discovery Channel bomber, who was then dropped by a sniper,     Link

According to CNN, Lee devoted himself to stopping population growth after he started reading "My Ishmael,"
a book about a telepathic ape "who dispenses ecological wisdom about the possible doom of humankind."

Damn, those telepathic apes will get you every time.

This guy was crazier than my friend Russell.

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Subject:  Repugs and work


Since you asked about the last time Republicans did any work, I want to point out two things:

1.  When Republicans were in charge of the House, the work week went from Tuesday at noon to Thursday at noon. 
     I don't know any other profession that pays so well for two days per week.

2.  John Boehner, the man who wants to be Speaker of the House, looks like he spends his time in a tanning booth
     rather than working anyway.  He claims to spend a lot of time golfing.  How is this taking care of the Nation's business?

On the other hand, look at Rush Limbaugh!  Imagine how much work it is to haul his ass out of bed
every day and do three whole hours worth of random raving!  The hardest working Republican in the U.S.!

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"Glenn Beck has emerged as the Lich King. Whereas the Lich King embraced death, destruction
  and mayhem, Beck marries a stridently paranoid style with political views rooted in the 1850s.
  But like the Lich King, Beck terrifies mainstream liberals, who see something sinister in the fact
  that both Beck and the Lich King endorse brain-eating as a healthy pass time."

          --  Ta-Nehisi Coates      Link

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Subject: Bart, lay off the tequila


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Obama has become Mr. Unpopular


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Subject:  John Avarosis

Hey Bart, Fuck John Avarosis. 

I started my day with Americablog for more than a year until Avarosis went completely overboard for Obama. 
That was fine, I suppose, until Avarosis started attacking Hillary in terms that would give HuffPo a run for its money. 
As far as I am concerned, Avarosis is a psuedo-intellectual Georgetown-spawned Beltway-insider-wannabe Twit.

John's only redeeming features are his love of cats and his skill at raising exotic orchids. 
But if he is unhappy with Obama, he only has guys like himself to blame.
Best regards,


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Del Castillo in Yosemite this weekend!


Adult Friend

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"That was just a big ball of crazy.  Glenn Beck should have held his rally at a church rather than
  the Lincoln Memorial. I was praying Lincoln would get up and drop kick him into the reflecting pool.
  Now that would be a rally. I don’t know how Lincoln sat through all the crap."

       --  Wanda Sykes,   

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Glenn Beck and Public Faith
How crazy can one bastard be?


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"I get a headache when I hear supporters of this endless war complaining about the budget deficits.
 They're like arsonists complaining about the smell of smoke in the neighborhood."

       --  Bob Herbert,    Link  

 What's crazier is the Republicans who think the rich need more tax cuts.

 Trust me, the rich can take care of themselves just fine.

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Bush gets the 'credit' for Iraq
by Mike Pence (R-Douchebag)



Send e-mail to Bart

Subject:  Marc Perkel

Marc, you are SO right! (Last issue)  We all live on one planet. 
I just did a workshop at the U.S. Social Forum in Detroit titled, "How to Design a Better World". 

Using our brains to get nations to work together for a less chaotic world is never talked about. 
There are answers out there and I am moved to get them out in public. 

Our country and world needs hope.
 Debbie from Milwaukee
P.S.  I LOVE your Church of Reality!

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Religion forced on soldiers
I thought they fought for freedom...


Those of us that chose not to attend were marched back to the company area. At that point the NCO
issued us a punishment. We were to be on lock-down in the company (not released from duty), could not
go anywhere on post (no PX, no library, etc). We were to go to strictly to the barracks and contact maintenance.
If we were caught sitting in our rooms, in our beds, or having/handling electronics (cell phones, laptops, games)
and doing anything other than maintenance, we would further have our weekend passes revoked and continue
barracks maintenance for the entirety of the weekend. At that point the implied message was clear in my mind
'we gave you a choice to either satisfy us or disappoint us. Since you chose to disappoint us you will now have
your freedoms suspended and contact chores while the rest of your buddies are enjoying a concert.

This will continue until the Democrats call them on it, look for it to continue

Tell them, "Bart sent me!"

Subject: Beck and racism

When I was a kid in the 70s, there was an older couple next door. 
The husband had a heart attack, and back then, that was serious business. 
He needed open heart surgery, which was still a new and dangerous procedure at the time. 
The only cardiac surgeon in Grand Rapids at the time was black. 

The old man refused to have a black man operate on him
Finally, his wife told him if he didn't get the surgery from that doctor,
she was going to divorce him.  He got the surgery from the black doctor. 
If he's still alive, he's probably a Beck fan.

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Outtake from my Glacier Park movies, coming soon...

Weird Picture of the Day


"It’s hard to say the Republican economic policies were bad, then continue them...
 All of the energy in this election is on the right; the progressives are completely demoralized.
 One of the reasons is that when you get up in the morning and you find out that Democrats are
 increasing troops in Afghanistan and cutting taxes for the rich, why the hell have a Democratic Party?"

       --  Paul Begala, who seems as frustrated with Obama as the rest of us,    Link  

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Bush's war
Bart, Republicans are clamoring to give credit to Bush Jr. for the surge saying that it
was this decision of his that is allowing our soldiers to come home now.

I say we do it

As soon as they admit that following Rumsfeld’s disastrous policies is what got us into
the mess in the first place.  If they went in with the larger army in the first place there
would have been fewer casualties.  But Bush’s unwavering support of Rumsfeld is what
dragged this war out.  So lets give him a bit of credit for finally correcting a mistake and
may have cost us this war in the long run.

And don’t get me started on why we were there in the first place. 
Another Bush mistake!  
Thank you, 
 Larry The Liberal 

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Mike Malloy


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Guess the City


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: last issue's mystery city

   Last issue's Mystery City

Hi Bart,

This has to be Moscow in your last edition.

I live here in Moscow since bush was elected.  Figured he would not have the balls or be stupid enough
to attack a country which could actually whip his sick ass.  And then I just fell in love with Russia
and with what is happening here so ... guess I will not be coming back anytime soon to the US of A.

BTW, me and my ex pat friends and many many Russians just love what you write.

All the best and keep hammering anyone who needs hammering,

Subject: last issue's mystery city

Hi Bart, so I'm stuck in Argentina, on a business trip, barely have time to breathe, but today I said
screw it, and reading your page ...what do I find, in guess the city section?   Moscow :-)

The Ivan the Great Bell Tower,  and Cathedral of the Archangel,
Both within the grounds of the Kremlin.

And the tall building in the back is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building:
Great pic, all in all!
 Alex from Russia

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Today's History Mystery


Who is the dude in the cloth chair?

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

Yesterday's dead guy was Dutch Schultz
Thanks for a great site.
  Ray in LA

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"Sarah Palin is attractive partly because she lives such a dangerous life -- flying solo, taking fire.
  The establishment -- both wings of it -- attacked Palin ferociously and drove her as far as possible
  out of any sort of safe career trajectory. This puts Palin in the position of an Amelia Earhart..."

       --  Ace,    Link  

 Does that mean she might fly away and disappear forever?

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Please note that this is specifically for catfood.

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Bill, that was way cool - thanks.
So far, we're still eating people food :)

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Carmen Electra's
Lesbian Tape


Link to Story

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