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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Bartcop Radio #163 is up 
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 Wed-Friday,  Oct 27-29, 2010     Vol 2603 - Teatards

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Quote of the Day

"The U.S. did not turn a
  blind eye to torture in Iraq."
-- U.S. Army Chief of Staff George Casey,
       lying his ass off, claiming the policy of the
       Bush bastards was to report abuse,     Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Stewart Rally no laughing matter  
Arrow The World Liberals Made
Arrow Glaxo to pay $750M Fine
Arrow Obama on Daily Show tonight

Falling into the Chasm

Arrow Why do people vote Republican?
Arrow Kristin Cavallari ...and Jay Cutler?

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"You know, 30 years ago, anything was possible in this state.
  I mean, this is why I came to California, so many years ago."

      --  Meg Whitman, oblivious to the fact that Jerry Brown was Gov of CA 30 years ago,   Link       

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Stewart Rally no laughing matter
  by Anne the Party Pooper


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Subject: Week 7 results of BartCop's NFL Pickem Pool

Week 7 results.
Overall Standings
Player                             Overall Record     Overall Points
MarioInCandenza                          52-47     394
SeaRust                                        49-50     374
MudSharks                                   49-50     368
PackerDogz                                  48-51     368
KingFriday                                    47-52     361
Week 7 Results
Player                        Last Week     Weekly Points
MarioInCandenza                 8-6     74
KingFriday                           9-5     61
Monish                                6-8     51
MudSharks                          7-7     45
Dennis in DC                       5-9     42

Thanks to Dennis (D-Red Wings) in DC

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Subject: stuck in Kentuck

Hey Bart its Dan from Ill, then Wis, then Joplin Mo now SE Ky (all in last 6 years)

Remember I said Joplin was redneck? Nothing compared to Southeast Kentucky.
A freakin DRY country!.  Now I'm used to Wisconsin were the ratio to bars /people is  like 10-1.

These baptists nuts, they did make one county here "moist"   Have to sell 70% food to stay open.
No carry outs anywhere. Have to drive almost to Lexington to get a carry out ..  45 minutes.
How much $$ do you think they are losing from that in these economic times?

These people down here HATE Washington and all those bureaucrats
but they sure let the baptists TELL them how to live their lives...

And get this in the 3 bars/restaurants they have - you can't dance!
They have bands and stuff but they will NOT allow dancing.
They say dancing and booze don't mix.

America frightens me... theocracy oligarchy plutocracy.
Man, I would love to move to Sweden...
  Dan in Kentucky


Falling into the Chasm
  by Paul Krugman


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I might be missing a link here.
You're supposed to watch this one- minute video on Facebook.
When you do, it takes your name and pictures and inserts them into the ad.

Subject: Palin's ratings...

Dear Bart:
If you check out the latest CBS News Poll you'll see twice as many Americans view Palin
unfavorably as favorably, and nearly a third of all Americans still undecided (DOH!). 

She's still big with the Baggers, nearly two-thirds of them remain brainwashed. 
But the good news is, if you break it down as a percentage, they only represent
15% of all Americans, the same 15% that supported "Mooselini" in WWII! 
 John the priest

But if she's at 70% with Rethugs she WILL be the nominee, agreed?

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The World Liberals Made
  by Chris Hedges


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Marty has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!


Glaxo to pay $750M Fine
They've been selling fake drugs for years


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Obama on Daily Show tonight HOT
Biggest week ever for Jon Stewart's Career?


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Kids can't buy alcohol.

But pot needs no ID.
It's time to control pot.
Just like alcohol.
Vote Yes on 19.

30-second commercial

Subject:  Does Money influence the news?

The Supreme Court changed the rules this year so the corporations can give unlimited money anonymously
helping Republicans who are more than willing to do what the corporations want. We saw that a few years ago
when Republican House Minority Leader John Boehnor was passing out checks from the tobacco industry
on the floor of Congress during a vote.

But does all these hundreds of millions of dollars affect news coverage? Of course it does. The Republicans
don't just buy an even amount of political ads everywhere. They buy ads more where the news says they are
going to win. If the news show says they are going to lose then they don't get the Republican ad money.

So of course the producers are going to put people on who are going to say the Republicans are going to win.
When was the last time you saw James Carville or Paul Begala on the air? The Republicans don't even have
to say to slant the news in their favor because the news media already knows what to do. All they have to do
is show the money.

Think about it. The Republicans are now running candidate who are nuttier than a fruitcake. These people make
Bush look like a genius - and we're going to elect them to run America? That's the narrative that the news media
wants us to believe. So when you listen to the news media ask yourself, "Is the news media really that stupid or
is it the money talking.   

It's the money talking!
The news media is merely the money's voice.
That's how it really works! 
 Marc Perkel

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“Mike Palecek reminds me of Socrates the gadfly who asked unwelcome questions,
Diogenes with his lantern looking in vain for an honest man,
Chekhov the man with the hammer challenging the complacent family to share their meal,
Kerouac the ever on the move, somewhat hysterical searcher, and he reminds me of many
Americans who as children were so blasted with propaganda that they’re devoting the rest
of their lives to challenging the lies and all who tell them. In this land where babies are
brought by storks and buildings collapse due to unpatriotic bricks, we need the gadfly
because no leader, preacher, guru, or saint will wake us up, though the Doomsday clock
is ticking close to twelve.”
David Ray, American poet, author of “The Endless Search”
and “The Death of Sardanapalus and Other Poems of the Iraq Wars”

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"I'd like to see her do this ad in the South Bronx. Come here, bitch!
  Come to New York and do it! She's going to hell! She's going to hell, this bitch!"" 

-- Joy Behar, upset with Sharron Angle's racist campaign ads,    Link

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Why do people vote Republican?
Roger Schank


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"I don't see anybody. Not Newt Gingrich. Not Sarah Palin.
  Sure enough not John McCain. I don't see 'em."

-- Carl Paladino, on Rethug prospoects in 2012,    Link

 I'm going to miss Paladino when he's gone.

 He's a comedy writer's dream come true.
 Same for Sharron Angle and the masturbating witch. 
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Mike Malloy


Got plans for election night?

Let's drown our sorrows together...

It's been so long - what vehicle should we use?

I'm thinking we should go with  Be sure to click on Wall

Who knows what buttons need to be set so everyone can post?

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Guess the City


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, last issue's mystery city From the tower, I'd say it's Berlin. 
That's the Fernsehturm, the TV tower built by the East Germans. 

Berliners, known for their very wry sense of humor, call it the Pope's Revenge
because when the sun is out the reflection causes a cross to appear on the tower.

That photo was taken by The Hollywood Liberal.

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Today's History Mystery

 Do you know your sixties rock n roll?

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Subject: last issue's History Mystery

Bart, last issue's History Mystery is Princess Diana, although at
the time of the photo she would have been Diana Frances Spencer.
  Steve in Champaign, IL


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Bart, The H.O.R.N. just turned 5 years old on Oct. 24.
From the very beginning, you've served as an inspiration to keep fighting.
I hope this note finds you and Mrs. Bart well.

Bob, that was way cool, thanks.

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We're in Missouri for a couple of days - back Monday.

Kristin Cavallari ...and Jay Cutler?

Link to Story

Check out bunches of  Kristin Cavallari photos at  BC Hotties

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