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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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 Weekend-Black Monday,  Nov 20-22, 2010     Vol 2613 - Dallas

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Quote of the Day

 "I think she's very happy in Alaska
   and I hope she'll stay there."

     --  Barbara Bush (R-Witch), pushing Jeb for president,  Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Hiding from Reality
Arrow Pot growers are terrorists?
Pretty Good for Govt. Work    
Arrow Remember why we're Democrats?
Arrow Fix the deficit: Cure diabetes
Arrow Canada: Time to build a fence
Arrow Jennie Garth's leaky heart 

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"You know you’re in trouble when you need Henry Kissinger to vouch for you."

    -- Maureen Dowd, on Obama asking Kissinger to vouch for the START treaty ,  Link   

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Hiding from Reality
by Bob Herbert


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"If you relied on MSNBC for your news, suddenly Arizona -- and by extension,
  all of red-state America-- had become the equivalent of Nazi Germany."

    -- Sarah Palin, saying there's nothing wrong with criminalizing brown skin,   Link


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Sarah, are you really that stupid?
"The publishing world" isn't leaking your book, your publisher is.
So yeah, have them arrested.  That'll be entertaining.

"If Hillary gave up one of her balls and gave it to Obama, he’d have two."
    -- James Carville, being a little more blunt than usual,     Link

"James Carville is well-known for spouting off his mouth without always knowing what
  he's talking about. I intend to stay focused on fighting for the American people because
  what they don't need is 20 more years of performance art on television. And that's what
  James Carville and a lot of those folks are expert at ... a lot of talk and not getting things
  done for the American people."

    -- Obama,     Link

 There he goes again, picking all the wrong battles.
 Of all the people in the universe, he goes after James Carville?

 There have been hundreds of thousands of Obama insults in the last 2-3 years
 and the ONE GUY Obama chooses to single-out a reply to is James Carville?

 I never thought I'd say this, but Obama needs somebody like Bob Shrum.   (Bart chokes)
 He needs somebody who's watched a TV and read a newspaper during
 the last 20 years to advise him politically.

 Did David Axelrod have a stroke?  What happened to him?

 Why is Obama so civil with the Bitch and the Boner and then he lashes out
 at Carville who, truth be told, is really trying to help Obama be a better president.

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Pot growers are terrorists?
Any garden is a terror garden


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"I am not in any way interested in or pursuing anything in elected office." 

    -- Hillary, telling lies on the Sunday shows,    Link

 Did you see Hillary machine-gun-lying on Meet the Whore?

 She said the Rethugs in the senate were "good people" who "loved their country,"
 and that they "weren't blocking everything because of politics" and other massive lies?

 Not sure what she's up to ...but I like it.

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Pretty Good for Government Work
 by Warren Buffet


Send e-mail to Bart - Connecting Global Buyers with China suppliers.

"Sarah Palin says she believes she can beat Obama in 2012.
  The way things are going, Bristol Palin could beat Obama in 2012."

    -- the great comedian Jay Lamo, who's the funniest man on NBC at 11:30 weeknights,     Link

 Jay Lamo is a comedy genius, even funnier than Conan O'Brien.

 BTW, isn't it sad about Conan's ratings?
 He did good his first night, as can be expected, but then America remembered
 why Conan failed and lost the Tonight Show - because nobody was watching.

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Subject: Obama

Bart, I wish I knew what happened to Candidate Obama when he became President Obama. 

As his supporters, we do him no favor by ignoring his unwillingness to fight on behalf of the middle-class.
He even said we should hold him accountable, so with your rants you are only doing what he requested!

If you were a passenger in a car and the driver appeared to be falling asleep at the wheel, would you shout
at the driver to wake up or would you just hope the driver snaps out of it in time to avoid the brick wall
you are about to smash into?

With that said, keep swingin' that hammer, Bart!
 Kathleen H.

There are those who get very upset when you shout, "Wake up!" to the sleeping driver.

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Remember why we're Democrats?
  by Lawrence Lewis


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Subject: Obama

Bart, we gotta wake him up before it's too late.

Keep hammerin'.

Subject: Obama

Hey Bart, I don't get it. Where have you ever been unfair to Obama?
Never any proof to back up the charges.

I am almost beyond hope.
I believe Obama's biggest crime is that he has alienated an entire generation of voters.
Young voters that had faith in his vision are now turned off to politics. Who can blame them?
Obama promised everything and delivered little more than an insult while squandering the
best chance we've had in living memory to move the world forward.

Katie, we ALL want Obama to succeed, but I am weary of watching him
Charlie Brown himself to defeat. I can hardly watch anymore.

Bart is doing his best to get a message across, not tear Obama down.

take care,
capt jimmie

Subject: Obama - I agree with Katie by Tally


Tally, if you think Obama's doing a great job and should stay the course,
I think you're really going to like the next two years.

Subject: Obama - I agree with Katie

bart, i agree with katie 100%.
even i have stopped reading bartcop on a daily basis.
you seem to want obama to hire karl rove and dick cheney.

When you make an accusation that wild, shouldn't you explain yourself?
america wanted someone in the white house who “didn’t” stick firecrackers up frog’s asses.
i sent you three incredible articles how amazing, positive, economic things are happening
here in columbus, not a word showed up in your blog.
next thing we know your fans will see you on fox news.

The fact that I want Obama join the fight makes me a right-winger?

your ohio pal,

Maybe I'm guilty of forgetting Bart's Law #1.

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What is the most pro-Obama site on the Internet?

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Man watches Bristol dance,
then blasts TV with his shotgun


Even non-political people say Bristol Palin is the worst dancer on DWTS
but she's going to win - won't that make the Palins seem even more phoney?

Subject: Bill Maher and pink tutus

I had only one thought when Maher mentioned pink tutus:
why the hell isn't Bart the DNC chairman?
Keep swinging that Hammer, you so often hit the nail right on the head!

Subject: Bill Maher and pink tutus

Yes, indeed -- I was the one who reminded the DU'ers that Bartcop had INVENTED the pink tutu term...
And you know I call you on it because my daughter is a professional ballerina...

I hate for the ballet art form to ever be aligned with spineless, weak-kneed Dems
 -- because you have to have guts, a spine, and then some to be a ballerina.
Just saying.

I don't know why people at DU went gender crazy over the pink tutu.

A ballerina in a pink tutu is generally going to be a small female, maybe under 100 pounds,
and not very likely to beat up the toothless, SUV-sized linebackers that are the Republicans.

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"Republicans are united to stand for keeping the
  tax cuts in place; this is how we create jobs."

    -- Rep  Joe "You lie!" Wilson,    Link

  Butt Joe, you've had TEN YEARS of tax cuts for
  the super-rich and you bastards have created ZERO JOBS.

 This crap could only work against refuse-to-fight-Democrats.

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Fix the deficit: Cure diabetes


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OMG Palin Quotes
"Did you ever wonder where the producers of American Idol come up with the
  seemingly endless supply of people who can't sing but are deluded enough to
  get up in front of a national television audience and screech out a song anyway?"
    -- Sarah Palin, who must think her daughter can dance,    Link

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Canada: Time to build a fence


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Wildlife Picture of the Day


 Can you identify the Mystery Animal?

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“Mike Palecek reminds me of Socrates the gadfly who asked unwelcome questions,
Diogenes with his lantern looking in vain for an honest man,
Chekhov the man with the hammer challenging the complacent family to share their meal,
Kerouac the ever on the move, somewhat hysterical searcher, and he reminds me of many
Americans who as children were so blasted with propaganda that they’re devoting the rest
of their lives to challenging the lies and all who tell them. In this land where babies are
brought by storks and buildings collapse due to unpatriotic bricks, we need the gadfly
because no leader, preacher, guru, or saint will wake us up, though the Doomsday clock
is ticking close to twelve.”
David Ray, American poet, author of “The Endless Search”
and “The Death of Sardanapalus and Other Poems of the Iraq Wars”

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Subject: Balance, please - Reply to Katie


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Guess the City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, last issue's mystery city is Doha, Qatar.   Proof

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Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

Bart, last issue's History Mystery is Bob Dylan striking a Hamlet pose
outside Elsinore (Kronborg) Castle in Denmark, during his 1966 European Tour:       Proof 

  Ross W

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Jennie Garth's leaking heart

Sounds like something to have fixed
  Link to Story

Check out bunches of  Jennie Garth  photos at  BC Hotties

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