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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

EXTRA  Saturday 5:05 PM Central

Teabagger (confirmed)
shoots Dem Rep, 17 others in AZ


Shot in head, said to still be alive...
Doc says bullet when clean thru her brain, out other side
but she's responding to their questions - Unbelievable!

5:04 PM Central
Giffords out of surgery, in intensive care.
Docs say tomorrow will give lots more information.

Gifford's March 2010 Quote:
"Sarah Palin has the crosshairs of a gun sight over
  our district and when people do that, they’ve gotta
  realize there are consequences to that action."   Link

Giffords appeared on a map of House Democrats
"targeted" by Sarah Palin in 2010.

Palin 2010 Quote:
"We’re going to reclaim the power of the people
from those who disregarded the will of the people.
We’re paying particular attention to those House
members who voted in favor of Obamacare and
represent districts that Senator John McCain and
I carried during the 2008 election."   Link

I presume that includes Arizona District 8
the district in which Giffords was shot...?

Palin statement:
"My sincere condolences are offered to the family
  of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the other victims of
  today's tragic shooting in Arizona."

What she should have said:
"My sincere condolences are offered to the family
  of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and the other victims of
  today's violent Republican extremism in Arizona."

Unconfirmed report:
"Sarah Palin is deleting old tweets and removing
  webpages. Someone has a guilty conscience."

Will Sarah advise shooter?:
"Don't retreat - reload, instead!"

Six others dead, including federal judge - CNN


Turn on CNN, MSNBC

"Gunman is an atheist who rambles a lot," that makes him a Democrat, right, FOX?

Spin! Spin! Spin!

It's a tragedy for the GOP.

Rethugs & FOX say:  "More guns, more guns,
more guns for everybody!  Obama is a traitor!
Democrats want to give America to bin Laden,
Democrats are a threat that must be stopped!
More guns, more guns, bigger clips, fewer laws,
Obama is a Kenyan Muslin, out to destroy us!

Then some Teabagger answers their call and they say,
"Who me?"
after he fires into a woman's head.

FOX probably saying, "You can't blame us for this.
All we said was that Obama and Dems were a worse
threat to America than Soviet Union in the seventies."

FOX News 4:41:
"Citizen in crowd opened fire on shooter.
  Another citizen tackled shooter"

FOX News 4:42:
"Bodies still in Safeway parking lot so
  death toll higher than stated so far."

So far, FOX has not done
"The bullet went right thru with no damage
  because she's a brainless Democrat" joke.

CNN goes to senior correspondent - Luke Russert.
Is he the only guy left in the CNN building?

Is Violent Rhetoric Behind the Attack on Giffords?

Sad, sad day for the GOP - how low they have sunk.

Is this the first shot in the
Teabagger Civil War?

Is this the beginning of their
'Second Amendment' solution?

Shooter's YouTube Video

He's a GOLD freak - who sells more GOLD than anybody?


 Jan 6, 2011     Vol 2634 - Ideological leprosy 


Quote of the Day

  "I love the idea of reading the
  Constitution on the floor of the
  House of Representatives..."
        --  the vulgar Pigboy,  

  Sure, that's a cute gimmick,
  but how many jobs will it create?





In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Get Ready for a GOP Rerun
Arrow Glenn Beck fired in New York
Open letter to the non-rich
Arrow Bachmann to run in 2012?
Arrow Floyd Tears Down the Wall
Arrow Helen Thomas controversy  
Arrow Paris Hilton loses her phone

"The American experiment is in mortal peril because of the debt we have coming.
  This is more frightening than even the Soviet nuclear threat..."
    -- Indiana Gov Mitch Daniels, (R-HJ)   Link   

  Hey Dude, how can you claim that AND borrow
  a trillion dollars to give to the super-rich?


Send e-mail to Bart

Get Ready for a GOP Rerun
  by Bob Herbert


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: birds

Hello Bart!
Happy New Year!

So, about those birds.  Internal trauma, not external, eh? 

ha ha

Doesn’t that kind of rule out the fireworks AND the weather ideas? 
Seems to me, that logic would dictate that if it were fireworks or weather
there would have been some external damage done and visible, no? 

Let’s go out on a limb and take into account the large fish kill that happened
as well, not that far away.  I’m beginning to suspect that perhaps Uncle Sam
got his hands on a new Tesla style, directed energy type weapon and had some fun. 

I’m certainly open to other ideas, but this one seems to fit the “internals ruined,
outside just fine, thanks!” shoe, in my opinion…If so, that’s some seriously scary shiz! 

What’s to say they won’t turn it on some unsuspecting humans of a bothersome
nature at some point?  Since there is no external damage, they can easily walk away
with no accountability. 

Call me kooky (OK, I’ll do it – I’m kooky!), but this
explanation of fireworks or weather just doesn’t add up…
 Dennis in Portland

Another point - it happened at night when the birds weren't flying.

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"Health Care reform is causing folks (present tense) not to be able to get health care...
  There are a lot of insurance companies that are just saying 'We’re not going to
  be in this business any longer, because we know that we can’t survive..."
-- TN GOP Rep Diane Black, (R-Snarling dog)    Link


 Ms Black, I'm calling your bluff.
 I got $100 that says you're lying.

 Please list the insurance companies that have gone out of business since January 3, 2011.
 Please list some people who have been denied health care since
January 3, 2011 because of Obamacare.

 When you insist they put their money where their mouth is, the liars always back down.

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Glenn Beck fired in New York
Who wants to listen to a racist moron?


Send e-mail to Bart

"I can't tell you the answer to that..."

    -- GOP rep Paul Ryan, when asked by Meredith Viera to come up with one
        specific cut in discretionary spending that the Rethugs are planning to make,  

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Fighting back

Hi Bart

I believe that Barack and most of the Dems are in the backpocket of the Two Per Cent.
This is why things will never "Change", the Big Dog made it work, but he is gone.

We are screwed and Barack the repub-light is going to keep it that way.
Check out "The Family" by Jeff Sharlet, they control both parties.
 Joe  in T-Town

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Joe, you're my main man, but I can't get into the "control both parties" theory
until the Dams start winning half the time.

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Open letter to the non-rich


Send e-mail to Bart

Saw it on


"People misunderstand the meaning of the word corrupt. It's no different than a disk drive
  that’s giving you some bits that are wrong. I've never made any statement imply wrongdoing
  of the President at a criminal level.”

    -- Lying whore Darrell Issa, who told the vulgar Pigboy that the Obama administration
        was "one of the most corrupt"

  Hey, lying whore,  nobody misunderstands the meaning of the word "corrupt" but you.
  When your disk drive fails, you say, "It's broken."
  If you had said, "The Obama administration is broken," nobody would be upset.

  But you outright-f-ing lied while kissing Rush Limbaugh's ass.

  We're going to make you pay for that...

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Subject: Helen Thomas


 Want to have a 4,000-year old argument?

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"Ford Fusion is projected to hold it's value after two years better than Camry."
     -- current Ford commercial on TV

 Oh, pray tell, who did this "projecting?"
 I assume it was ...the Ford advertising people?


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Helen Thomas

I think you're spot on regarding Helen's remarks. I also have to think that one reason
the U.S has never really taken Israel to task on their annexation of land in the "muddle" east
and calling it home, is that we don't have a fucking leg, or toe for that matter to stand on.

Ask any Native American.
Just an old cook in Lowell, MI

Subject: Helen Thomas

Stick to your guns brother. She's an American institution from Detroit Michigan
that just happens to be of Lebanese descent. She's not anti Semite in the least.

She just has that bad habit of telling the truth in simple, easy to understand English.
Just like that no good trouble maker from just up the road in Flint, Michael Moore.

You know, our pal, the most successful documentary film maker in American history!!!
Rock on.
 Danny Detroit.

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"If they want to vote their very first vote to take away prescription drug money from
  senior citizens, to take away coverage for young Americans 21 through 26, to take away
  coverage for people who have pre-existing conditions—this is the first thing they want to do.
  If they want that fight, bring it on.  That that‘s exactly the kind of debate that we want to have."
    -- Rep Anthony Weiner (D-NY) today's Alan Grayson (compliment)

Send e-mail to Bart

Batshit Bachmann to run in 2012?
If so, it's a gift from Baby Jesus!


Can you imagine a debate between Batshit and the Publicity Whore?

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: when will Obama see the light?


You asked “what will it take for Obama to see the light?”

It was in reference to Obama's expectation and hope that McConnell and Boehner will realize
there is plenty of time to campaign for 2012, and by extension act reasonable and co-operative.


I don’t see ANY answer for your question. 
It is unanswerable. No one knows. 
It may be that nothing that happens will make Obama see the light.

It may be that he is so fully and completely into his idealized version of compromise
he will never get out of it. It may be that he is getting (and taking) bad advice,
It may be that he believes he is taking the high road and will be applauded for it.
All I know is I don’t get it, I don’t understand it, it frustrates me and I think he is
WRONG in his approach.   I dread and fear these next couple years.

I’m not seeing the leadership we need.
It sure isn’t what I voted for in 2008.
 Mary Lou

They say he's hiring Bill Daley as his Chief O' Staff.

Can't he get some advice from someone who's NOT from Chicago?

Send e-mail to Bart

Geez, it's almost like they're lying.

I don't think they should be allowed to
sell you "A" and then serve you "B."

Graphics from

Sometimes more government is good.

Eldrick dropped from the cover of his own video game


Man, it's gotta suck to be Eldrick...

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Homeless man w/ Golden Voice
It's the feel-good story of the New Year


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: the word police


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Floyd Tears Down the Wall
A deal is made with iTunes


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Mrs Bart and the squirt bottle

Ha, ha.  Hilarious.  Thanks for sharing your story. 
I’ve never had the guts to get married so I WONDERED how you folks do it. 
I love ya both!
 Debbie in Milwaukee

Debbie, thanks for that.
When I told her I mentioned that on the page, she
asked if I reminded my readers
that we were TAPING the game in case anything great happened while we were away.

When I splashed her awake, she woke up thinking she was seeing THE TAPE
and that's why she asked, "You woke me up for that?"

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bart blog

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I wonder...

Has Paula Abdul "been to the dentist,"
as Kathy Griffin would say?

She looks years younger than last year...

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Guess the City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, last issue's mystery city is Joplin, Missouri.

Just a wild guess,
 Mary B

Mary, you are correct!

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VTR Alert

If you like Poker,
If you like Las Vegas,
If you like great architecture,
tape NBC's Poker After Dark one of the next three nights.

They moved the game to Aria, at the still-opening City Center.


On Poker After Dark, when they go to a break, they fade to video
shot from helicopters flying overhead and if you think this building looks great now,
you should see it in the dark on the Strip wth all the lights dancing and reflecting
....and whatever else lights do.

I heard they moved Bobby's Room, the biggest poker game in the world, to Aria
so they seem to be making a name for themselves.

...and least in poker and architecture circles.

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Subject: FINAL Standings - BartCop's Pro Football Pool

Here are the final season standings in the BartCop Pro Football pool during the regular season.
Player                                   W-L Record                        Points
MarioInCandenza                      135-114                             1103
SeaRust                                    122-127                             1048
Dennis in DC                            129-120                             1030
MudSharks                               127-122                             1027
Animaux                                   127-122                             1003
Monish                                     118-131                               939
PackerDogz                              105-144                               829
KingFriday                                 75-174                               510
Thanks to all who played for the entire 17 weeks!
See you next season….
 Dennis in DC

Dennis, thanks for setting that up
and congrats to MarioinCandenza

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Today's History Mystery


I need more history pictures - do you readers have any history pictures I can use?

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 I could also use some city pictures from America and around the world.  Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: last issue's history mystery

Who is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, thats a photo of falsely accused Peggy Buckey in court
during the McMartin-Buckey preschool trial in L.A. in the late '80s.
 -John in San Diego

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Subject: donation

Hi Bart,

I wish all of your readers would post a few bucks.
I throw down when I can... thanks for your work!
 cm in nyc

CM, that was very nice.
Thanks for making higher pie!

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Paris Hilton loses her phone
America's Sweetheart hasn't been arrested in weeks...

  Link to Story

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