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Wednesday,  June 1, 2011     Vol 2699 - Majority minority

Quote of the Day

 "Feminism was established so as to allow
   unattractive women easier access to the
   mainstream of society. ''
     -- the vulgar Pigboy, showing why three wives
         left him even tho he makes $80M a year     Link


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Weiner steps in it - BIG time
Arrow Pub Ho Re-writes the Rules
Debate: Osama and Building 7
Arrow Revenge and bin Laden
Arrow Joplin Bikers 1, Handjobs 0
Arrow Michael Moore, looking bad
Arrow Kelly Ripa - after Regis leaves


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"Obama was able to find and kill bin Laden because of a tip from one of his wives.
  When she saw a picture of his body, she said, 'Now who can't drive the car?'"
     --  Conan

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Weiner steps in it - BIG time
First they got Grayson, and now Weiner?


Rep. Anthony Weiner refused to answer questions outside his Capitol Hill office about how
a photo of an underwear-clad erect penis ended up on his Twitter account over the weekend.

In a brief gaggle with reporters Tuesday, Weiner said he’s done talking about it and refused
to say whether the photo was of him.

“I’m not going to talk about this anymore,” the New York Democrat said. “I think if I was
giving a speech to 45,000 people, and someone stood up and heckled in the back, I wouldn’t
spend three days talking to him. I’m going to get back to the conversation I care about.”

That's what a guilty man says - hoping a terrorist attack or killer tornado will come along
and push this super-embarrassing story off the front pages.

...but that's not going to happen.

The headline says, "Rep. Anthony Weiner refuses to say
if lewd Twitter photo was of him."

Anthony, are you new to politics? 
That means it f-ing WAS him, ...OR he's the dumbest politician in Washington.

This doesn't pass the smell test - at all - and I like Weiner.
I wish he was innocent, but the evidence points towards "Guilty as Hell."

*I* can defend every Tweet and every sentence I've ever written online - but Weiner can't?

Why was @RepWeiner following some girl in California?

Someone sent this woman a Brett Favre photo - and Weiner says, "Let's drop this?"

Why do men do this?
When I get drunk, the last thing I want to do is e-mail pictures of my Cheney.

More bad evidence - Weiner says he was "hacked," but "no need" for an investigation.
He also continues to use the same account - that means he knows who the "hacker" is.

Meanwhile, Weiner is making Andrew Breitbart rich and famous.

I wish he could survive this, but the GOP will never let that happen.

They don't believe in "looking forward" the way our side does.

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Subject: Primaries and Race

Hi, Bart,
In this day and age, I don't think a state which is 92.6% white represents most of America.
Here's the fact sheet from the census on Iowa:

New Hampshire is 94.8% white, also not representative of the modern United States.
Why do we pay any attention to the Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary?!!

Just wondering,
  Mary, Bilingual Librarian

I suppose we do it because the Democrats are so brainless.
They don't think about elections until the week before, and then it's too late to do anything.

For the last thirty years, whoever says "Ethanol" the most times wins Iowa.
What a super-stupid way to start a race for the most powerful position on Earth.

Same with the GOP.
Iowa is majority religio-wackos, so Bachmann, they say, is the favorite.
The GOP's gotta hate their chances this year.

That's why they keep talking about nobodies like Trump, Cain the Pizza Man
and Chris Christie, who runs the Morning Zoo on some Newark FM station.

Christie has said again and again, "I'm not running, I don't want the job,"
but the GOP has NO decent candidates - so they keep on looking.

If Bachmann wins Iowa, which color should my 2011 Dodge Challenger be??

Dodge calls this color "Toxic Orange Pearl."

I call it copper.
I wonder if it turns green after a few months?


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Pub Ho Re-writes the Rules
 But will that be enough?  And to what end?


Sarah Palin is spending the week breaking the rules again. Everything about her “One Nation” bus trip,
except the bus, is the antithesis of how most politicians would do what she’s doing. The question is
whether she could ever run for president this way.

Palin is partway through her tour of symbolically important historical sites along the East Coast.
After a weekend in and around the capital, she stopped at the Gettysburg battlefield and then saw
Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia on Tuesday.

She will get to New Hampshire, whose political significance is well-known, late in the week.
But this is not, she has insisted, a political campaign. Still, the trip has renewed speculation that
she could be heading in that direction, though no one but Palin may know the real answer.

John King had a good point on CNN yesterday - seriously.

He said since FOX News kicked Gingrich off the air for being a candidate, for them to keep Palin
suggests one of two things: Either she's given Roger Ailes her word that she's not a candidate OR
FOX has chosen to let Palin break their rules, which should really piss off Gingrich.

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"Cheney's new book doesn't have a title yet, Might I suggest a few.
 'How to Shoot Friends and Influence People,' 'A Dick for All Seasons,' 'Torture in the Rye'..."
     -- Craig Ferguson

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Debate: Osama and Building 7
Bart spars with a conspiracy theorist

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Subject: Developing

Bart, we have to nail these fuckers using the same tactics...

Jerry V


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Who's holding the Bartcop sticker?

Last issue's sticker mystery...

  Hey Bart, that looks like Margot "Lois Lane" Kidder to me,
vb in Akron

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Revenge and bin Laden
 by Noam Chomsky


"The May 1 U.S. attack on Osama bin Laden's compound violated multiple elementary norms of
 international law, beginning with the invasion of Pakistani territory. There appears to have been
 no attempt to apprehend the unarmed victim, as presumably could have been done by the 79
 commandos facing almost no opposition. President Obama announced that 'justice has been done.'
 Many did not agree - even close allies. British barrister Geoffrey Robertson, who generally supported
 the operation, nevertheless described Obama's claim as an 'absurdity' that should have been obvious
 to a former professor of constitutional law."

I'm confused by people who see this as a "norm" case and a "norm" criminal.

Yes, Obama violated "norms" when he grabbed the most wanted man since John Wilkes Booth.
He said he'd do that during the campaign and he did what he said he'd do.

Why are liberals crying over "Poor Osama?"

This is why the GOP says Democrats are soft on terrorism.
"We could've gotten bin Laden, but it would've been a violation of accepted norms."

That sounds like crazy talk to me...

And Obama could've said bin Laden fired at Team Six - he didn't - he was honest about it.
A less honest politician would've just lied to us.

And there were 79 commandoes?  Really? 
I heard there were 18 or 20.
That sounds like an unnecessary exaggeration.

And you seem to think you have a feather in your cap since you were able to find someone
in England who agrees with the views of the extreme left.   To me, that's no coup.

Obama took the action that was called for.

If Chomsky's great-grandson fell into a "No Swimming" river,
would Noam obey the letter of the law and let him drown?

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One Hundred and Fifty Million Zombies. Sixty Million Dogs. All of them hungry for warm human flesh.
The dead have risen, killing anyone they find. The living know what's caused it - a vicious contagion.
But it's too late to stop it.

Kindle    $5.95
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"Why would I drive a two-ton truck to get a loaf of bread?"
     -- common sense talk from Robert Latimer, today's USA Today

  I read a thing the other day - 60% of Americans say they'd refuse to buy an electric car
  after being told it'll only run 80 miles on the charge before you started using gasoline.

  How insanely stupid is that?

  Don't you think 90% of all trips are going to be 80 miles or less?
  Groceries, post office, liquor, harcuts, school, banking, Grandma - all that is going to be
  less than 80 miles away unless you live on a giant farm, so why shun electric cars?

  They say the Nissan Volt costs about $1,50 a day to drive, so why is America
  so eager to pay $65 to fillup their gas-guzzling pickup truck?

  I blame Rush Limbaugh.
  He has intentionally miseducated half this country.
  How many more soldiers need to die so Buford can drive his Land Cruiser to work? 

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WTF Sports Moment

Joplin Bikers 1, Handjobs 0
They even have a confusing video of the action


According to one first-hand account, it went something like this:

“When the police saw what was about to happen they grabbed (the handjob) and
tried to push the bikers back!! Then they told the guy “Run, you stupid mother-fucker!”  
ha ha
And I am quoting!! "

We heard that more of them were blocked at a local truck stop by a few awesome truckers!!
They pinned them in until it was over, not sure about this - that's just what we were hearing!!
You may think of bikers as mean or lawless but when it comes to things like this they really step up!!!”

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Bush created half the debt

"Met Antonio Esfariandi, talked a few, just the 2 of us, got his "Don't gamble" autograph.
I  asked
'Where's your partner in crime?'  He knew I was talking about Unabomber Phil
so he said
"I don't know and I don't care." I gave him a BC card and said, 'Later.'

Met unabomber Phil, just 2 of us, got auto, gave BC card.
Met Umberto Benes "the shark" just us 2.

Met Devil Fish, asked why he's not on High Stakes Poker
and he said
"I'm too good, they won't let me play."

Met Annie Duke and Howard (Professor) Ledderer.
I asked Annie if she was an Obama fan,  she said
"Big time"
gave her a Bartcop.com card."
     -- Unsent draft e-mail recently found from my first World Series of Poker,    

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Subject: bacon

Bart, did you know they sell gourmet chocolates with bacon in them?

I'd rather savor gourmet web pages like Bartcop.com.

Brad, that was nice.

...not sure about bacon & chocolate.


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  Private eye Pete Goddard takes leave of Los Angeles to re-establish The Night Rabbit
detective agency in Ohio. Lovely Bonnie Kim decides to accompany him in the new venture.
Their plan is to ease smoothly into the new area with nondescript cases.
Instead, The Night Rabbit is asked to reopen a bizarre double homicide.

David Redstone is a longtime Bartcop reader

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FBI, Aussies target poker websites
Why don't they go after criminals, instead?

The Australian Federal Police and the FBI are jointly investigating untaxed and unregulated
online casino sites, which take an estimated $1 billion a year from about 700,000 Australian punters.

Tax them and regulate them - the answer is so simple
but America doesn't want more revenue.

Australians have long used sites such as PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker even though the
Bullshit Gambling Act prohibits the provision of ''an interactive gambling service to customers in Australia''.

It's legal if you go to a casino, but illegal online?
That's plain crazy - why not make it a felony to shop at Walmart online?
Companies that breach the act, which applies only to casino games,
are meant to face fines of $1.1 million a day.

A million dollars a day for the vicious "crime" of poker?

Why don't they go after REAL criminals, instead of poker "criminals?"

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Palin's douche bag express

Bart, could you please help me?
I remember seeing a great Palin photo of yours where she
is standing next to a bus that says "Douche Bag Express"

I can't find it, would you happen to have that?

Pitman, this is the only one I found after a quick search.


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When Dominique Strauss-Kahn Met Michelle Obama...

Mother-Daughter Torture Talk

  by my good friend Jane Stillwater

"Just suppose for a minute that all the Arabs in all the Arab countries throughout the Middle East
  who have been tortured over the past many decades by various American forces and spy agencies
  and corporatists -- that they all suddenly got together with all the various Asians in all the many
  Asian countries west of the Indus and Urals where Americans have tortured quite a lot of people,
  and that all the Latinos from Mexico and all the many Central and South American countries
  where Americans have tortured untold numbers of people thanks to excellent torture techniques
  taught at the infamous School of the Americas, and that all the blood-covered Africans from all
  the economically-colonized African countries where American armies, intelligence agencies and
  corporations have tortured people over the past many decades since Patrice Lumumba and all the...."

  "Okay.  Okay.  I get the idea."


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Subject: California Prison Crowding

Hey Bart,

Some random thoughts:

1.  Even if we release 30,000, California prisons will STILL BE AT 180% of capacity, as in,
     if we set free one of every two California inmates, the prisons would still be 100% full.

2.  Turn the 30,000 loose and give each of them a one-way bus ticket to Washington DC.

3.  Legalize drugs and turn loose every drug offender.

4.  Place a moratorium on the California legislature--no new laws for five years, coupled with
     the elimination of one existing law every hour for the five years.  After the five years,
     one law on the books must be abandoned for every new law passed.

5.  Turn loose every offender being held for federal offenses with a bus ticket as in #2 above.

6.  Just turn loose every non-violent offender, period.

7.  While we're at it, junk Homeland Security and its illegitimate child TSA.

Don, Shingle Springs

Don, I had no idea you were such a radical :)

That scares me.  I'm possibly wanted in California.
    Motorcycle cop said "You just about ran me over, Boy..."

    I got a ticket in Temecula, they said they'd "be in touch," haven't heard back.
    I posted that MP3 online so when I get arrested, I could "prove" I tried to pay them.
    That was maybe 2003? 

    The recording says the citation "was cleared." 
    Well, for sure *I* didn't do anything to "clear" this ticket.

    My guess? 
    I was so goddamned polite to this cop, and so f-ing incredulous about the nutty charge,
    at the end of the day he decided to drop the improperly written ticket and let me go.
    Trust me -  you've never seen "polite" until you've seen me talk to a suspicious cop.

2. I don't get it - sounds like Lee Atwater talking (little humor)

3. I would agree with maybe 60% of that.
    I'm sure there are some drug dealers who belong in cages. 

4. I don't get that - maybe it's a Cali thing.

5. I'm clueless - you're saying all federal offenses are meaningless?

6. I guess I'm the Republican in this argument.
    Violence isn't the only reason to put monsters in cages.

7. I think junking HS and TSA sounds like "Abolish the IRS."
    Did you vote for Rand Paul in 2008?  :)  

We're two people with differing opinions.

Thanks for your monthly support.

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Subject: The Elizabeth Smart case



 Want to get your blood pressure up?

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Wildlife Photo of the Day

 Two unlikely friends...

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Michael Moore, you're looking bad
Stop crying over bin Laden's death


You want me to cry a river for the man who terrorized this country for two decades?
Do you want me to slam Obama for keeping his promise to kill OBL even if he was hidden
away in Pakistan?  You want me to worry about OBL being taken to some prison and awaiting
a fake trial—with all of the international drama only to be“executed” on American soil? 
I don’t this so.
Obama has broken the meme of the weak-kneed, sandal wearing, democrats who smoke
peace-pipes in times of war.  He has torn down Cheney’s tall tales about how our party can’t
protect the United States. He’s destroyed the fraudulent belief that it takes massive armies to
find those who desire to harm us. He has erased the memories of so many failed military
operations by Clinton and Carter. 

He was on the money until he attacked Carter and Clinton. The only way Carter and
Clinton screwed up is if the military told them "We can't carry out that mission!"
and the Commander-in-Chief said, "You've got to try, whetever it takes."

Apparently, the Joint Chiefs told Carter they needed six choppers to get our Iranian
hostages and Carter had them send eight - only to have three crash in the desert.

How was that Jimmy Carter's fault?
If that mistake was Carter's, I'm sure the military would've leaked his bad decision-making.

And Clinton didn't send those troops to Somalia - Bush the 'Smarter' did.  As a former
head of the CIA, Bush should've known al Qaeda had a presence in Somalia, but the
blame fell on Clinton and Hollywood made a movie so nobody would forget that.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: recalls in Wisconsin

All six recall petitions against Republican state Senators in have now been found sufficient
by the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board (GAB).

In addition to the three petitions the GAB approved last week against Dan Kapanke, Randy Hopper,
and Luther Olsen, this morning they approved the petitions against Sheila Harsdorf, Robert Cowles,
and Alberta Darling.

Further, the GAB has delayed the determination of sufficiency or insufficiency on the three
recall petitions filed against Democratic state Senators, due to the stronger challenges filed
against those petitions:

(because the GOP paid out-of-state scabs to fill out the petitions, making fact-checking them
a little difficult for the GAB.)


Buh-bye Wisconsin GOP!
Hope the Koch Bros go their money's worth for you!

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It's terribly embarassing to see our whore media follow
this ignorant slut around the country - begging for an interview.

My opinion of America's whore press has worsened.
I didn't think that was possible...

Who's that Celebrity?

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World Series of Poker begins

Will Obama's Justice Department raid the Rio and arrest everyone?

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Hayden's 'Bigfoot' Interview.

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Subject: last issue's mystery city

last issue's mystery city was Habitat67 in Montreal, Quebec.
Habitat 67 was designed by Moishe Safdie from a thesis "A Three-dimensional Building System"
and has 158 housing units each having at least one private terrace on top of another unit.

The units have a view of either the city or the St-Lawrence River.
Expensive place to live - prices as high as 795,000$ or you can rent for as little as 3300$ per month.
Everette B


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Today's History Mystery


Do YOU, the reader, have a not-too-obscure History Mystery picture?

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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, that's 'baby" Alan Greenspan.

He’s got my vote for one of the worst humans ever—chairing the 1983 presidential commission that
raised Social Security taxes on the lower and middle classes and extended the full-benefits retirement age
(including on me) from 65 to 67; then, as Federal Reserve Chairman, politically denying President Clinton
the ability to fund needed investments in America  and demanding that the deficit and debt be paid down;
then using that hard-earned Social Security-generated surplus under Clinton to justify W’s tax-cutting
free-for-all, which I prefer to describe as “No Millionaire Left Behind”. 

On top of all that, Greenspan’s got Mrs. Alan (Andrea Mitchell) shilling pro-corporate
and wealthy interests as a “serious” correspondent all over the TV.

 Eddy the Pillar

I remember in 2008, McCain was so pro-Greenspan, he said, "Even if he dies,
I say we prop Greenspan up like Weekend at Bernies and let him run the Fed,"

which is really stupid, and it shows how clueless McCain really is.

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Subject: donation

Bart, when you said it was the worst $$ month in Bartcop history
I nearly cried like the Speaker of the House!  Here's some moola.
  Annie  in Philly

Annie, that was nice.
I'll fix you up with some you-know-what.


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Kelly Ripa - after Regis leaves


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