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Wednesday  Feb 20, 2013    Vol 3018 - Exalted Cyclops

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Colorado's Pot Tourism
Mississippi Outlaws Slavery
Why I Hate the Clintons
Arrow KKK Rally, Memphis March 30
Arrow When Benny the Rat Retires... 
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Underworld's Kate Beckinsale



"We're about twenty seconds from conservatives telling us that
  any woman who doesn't have a gun is asking to be raped."
      --  LOLGOP in a tweet

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Colorado's Pot Tourism

Members of a task force proposing regulations for recreational marijuana in Colorado
approved recommendations Tuesday that would allow for marijuana tourism but block
out-of-state pot shop owners.

The Amendment 64 Implementation Task Force voted to allow people from outside of
Colorado to shop in forthcoming retail marijuana stores, though the amount they could
purchase at any one store would be limited.

This changes everything.

Colorado will see a boom in tourism and other states will notice.

Nevada, for one, won't like losing all those tourism dollars to Colorado.

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Amazon business has been slower than usual.
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Someone bought a Logitech Boombox Wireless Speaker

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I think everyone should have a wireless boombox

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Mississippi Finally Outlaws Slavery
..and you thought Texas was racist.


Mississippi lawmakers have officially ratified the 13th Amendment, which banned slavery in 1865.

One hundred forty-eight years after three-fourths of the states voted to approve the amendment,
Mississippi's legislature finally took steps to fix the glaring oversight last month. The decision was
inspired by the Oscar-nominated film "Lincoln," which depicts the 16th president's efforts to enact
the amendment.

After University of Mississippi Medical Center professor Dr. Ranjan Batra saw the film last year,
he was inspired to look into what happened after states voted on the amendment. He found that while
the state had originally rejected the slavery ban, the state legislature eventually voted to approve the
amendment in 1995. The measure cleared both legislative chambers, but was never sent to the
Office of the Federal Register and therefore never made official.

Next they'll ban lynchings.

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 Subject: Lindsey Graham

What's the difference between Lindsey Graham and Liberace? 

Lindsey Graham can't play the piano.

  Randy E

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KKK Rally, Memphis March 30
I've got half-a-mind to attend that.


I haven't been to a KKK rally since way back in Issue 0006 from May of 1996.

If we had help from a local, I'm sure we could find a place to observe this
2013 version of Fort Sumter with some strategic fall-back positions.

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Why I Hate the Clintons
by now-hates-everyone David Sirota

The news yesterday that Hillary Clinton is going through the revolving door to make
huge money on the speaking circuit is an important reminder of one of the most pernicious
forms of political corruption — the kind that holds out the promise of later riches to those
who follow corporate orders while still in office.

Hey asshole, how is leaving government "a revolving door?"
That perjorative is mostly used to describe politicians-turned-lobbyists,
but since Sirota can't score with any legitimate points, he has to cheat.

How dare Hillary get what she's worth on the lecture cicuit.
That shit wouldn't happen if King David Sirota was boss.

At this point, the Clintons are the shining example of how this powerful corruption
system works. Bill Clinton has become one of the wealthiest presidents in American history,
thanks to the fact that since leaving office, he “has earned more than $125 million before taxes,
with the vast majority of that coming from speaking fees.”

Blow me again, Sirota.
Getting paid for a spech isn't "corruption."

By the way, YOU are getting paid to "speak," right?
Doesn't that make you a corrupt whore, David?

How much access to the free market should a former president have, King David?
Plus, Clinton didn't get rich by selling weapons like some former presidents did.

I guess his work at the Clinton Global Initiative is to be condemned, too?
Clinton raised $8 billion for charity, what have YOU done, David,
besides whining like a little bitch at people who are better than you?

You remind me of the vulgar Pigboy, Rush Limbaugh.
You can't score with the facts so you make shit up.

BTW, if someone offered Sirota $100,000 to give a speech, who thinks
he would say, "No, I refuse to be a part of your corrupt system?"

David Sirota, you're a lying whore.

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When Benny the Rat Retires...
...will he still claim to be infallible?


What will he be called? Will he keep his white robes and trademark red loafers?
And in the last absolute monarchy in the West, how does the resignation of Benny
the Rat change a role long considered by Catholics to be that of God’s representative on Earth?

How can a pope can be infallible one day and fallible the next?.
The implications of Benedict’s act remain unclear.

“What is the status of an ex-pope?” asked Ken Pennington, a professor.
“We have no rules about that at all. What is his title? What are his powers? Does he lose infallibility?”

Two thoughts:

It's a sign of weakness to create a club and then say, "Our leader is never wrong?"
That's the kind of thing child-raping cult leader Warren Jeffs would claim.

Also, a while back Benny the Rat claimed he couldn't be subject to a lawsuit
because he was a head of state and that gave him diplomatic immunity.

You can bet he's got Jim Baker and Ted Olson working on that problem right now.

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Today's Sarah Palin Nude Photo


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There's a reason why some people don't have kids


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Marty's Entertainment Page
has new stuff
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Marty's TV Listings are the best!

Marty always has good stuff.

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 Subject: Oscars Odds by


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Bart, that's "It Can't Happen Here" by Sinclair Lewis

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Today's Scary Don't Look Down Picture


Were people just crazy back in the thirties?

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Subject: Your pending funds of 750,000GBP has been released by RBI.

Your pending funds of 750,000GBP has been released by RBI.

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Know your Supermodels


 Subject: Last issue's supermodel     Link

Nobody got supermodel Valeria Mazza

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10 year anniversary of Bush's wars of choice

Today's Wildlife Photo



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Going to Alaska

Mrs Bart has always wanted to go to Alaska and we thought we'd better go
before I have to drag an oxygen tank behind my wheelchair.

We bought tickets last year but we kept running into reasons why we couldn't go so
we're trying once again to go - and we're Alaska newbies. Astrocat says March is the

best month for aurora viewing and the weather isn't always freezing - hopefully.

I heard Alaska had something called Matanuska Valley Thuderfuck
but I'm a journalist so I can't say it exists because I've never seen any.

Any Bartcop readers in Seward, Whittier, Homer, Wasilla or Anchorage?

And something new we're trying:
Be in the Trip Report!

Kick in for a tank of gas or a few dollars towards a hotel or a ferry ride and your name
(Earl C in Erie, if you like) would be in the sure-to-be-fun Alaska Trip Report.

"And the fifth night we stayed at the Wild Moose Hotel in Valdez
  thanks to Bobby the Burner and Padre Mickey" type of thing.

Be in Bart's Alaska Trip Report

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that is actress Jennifer O'Neill
  Mark with no last name

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Today's Mystery City



Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Bart, that's Fort Worth, Texas,
 Jeff in Fort Worth

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Name the Star AND their Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Hi Bart,

Great photo of Rita Hayworth and her 1941 Lincoln Continental. 
What a car, sculpture on wheels.  I believe her husband, Orson Welles, bought it for her.

Keep swinging that classic car hammer!

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What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

That c.1910 Kodak Brownie camera was used by 16yr. old Bernice Palmer
a passenger of the Carpathia on April 15, 1912 to document the ships rescue
of the survivors of the Titanic disaster.

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Underworld's Kate Beckinsale


Check out  almost 100 sexy and tasteful photos of  Kate Beckinsale

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