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Thurs-Friday  May 23-24, 2013    Vol 3066 - Strictly business 

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow OAS to Obama: Get Real on Pot
Nobody's Getting Impeached 
Ted Cruz: ‘I don’t trust the GOP’
Arrow GOP's Santelli: 'Shoot Hillary'
Arrow Janet Jackson is a Billionaire
Arrow Amazon Helps Tequila Treehouse
Arrow Idol Success Carrie Underwood


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"You've been waiting your whole life to watch Jon Stewart
  take down
@PeggyNoonanNYC like this."     Link
      --  LOLGOP in a Tweet


 It's a massive beatdown of that crazy old broad.


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OAS to Obama: Get Real on Pot
Why does he cling to the unpopular past?

On the Latin American street, the Organization of American States has always borne a reputation,
often undeserved, as Washington’s lackey. But the OAS, based in Washington, just sent the western
hemisphere a message the White House would rather not hear: It’s time to seriously discuss legalizing
marijuana as one means of reducing harrowing drug violence.

That conclusion, from a study presented last Friday in Bogotá, Colombia, by OAS Secretary-General
José Miguel Insulza, is one that a growing number of Latin American governments — including Uruguay,
which might legalize marijuana this year — are urging the Obama Administration to accept.

Having the motion seconded by Washington’s “lackey” makes it harder to ignore.

I doubt if President Stubborn is going to allow science and logic (or saving lives)
to get in the way of his inexplicable Reffer Madness for God's harmless flowers.

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Sorry, Republicans
Nobody's Getting Impeached
  by Gene Lyons


Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when every jackleg news organization in Washington
— that is, virtually all of them — was feeding out of Kenneth Starr’s soft little hand like a Shetland pony.

 ha ha

"I'm Kenneth Starr, here to investigate your sex life!"

I thought about Ol' Kenny last Sunday when Piggy Noonan was screeching "special prosecutor!"
I'll tell you who needed a special prosecutor is Ronald weapons-to-terrorists Reagan

But no, funding secret war war that involved cocaine smuggling and nun-rape
isn't as bad as a Democrat getting a hummer while at work.

Our poor, pitiful sacless Dems - will they ever learn to fight?

Once again, the nation appears to be headed for a fun-filled summer of televised hearings,
elaborately feigned indignation, and predictions of dramatic revelations that either never materialize
or blow up in their sponsor’s faces.

Of course, the Democrats will sit there and let this happen.

When people say, 'There's no difference between the two parties," I know that's not true.

Republicans aren't scared little bunnies.

 Subject: Helping Oklahoma

Gotta say, I'm struggling here. If they had one Dem congressional district
it would be a no brainer to donate to some related thing there. But they keep
putting in assholes who give the finger to Sandy victims and pretty much everyone else.

I'll probably still donate, but part of me is tempted to make it to a charity elsewhere
in memory of the tornado victims. Like a charity based in, say, Staten Island.

If that makes me a terrible person, all I can say is I'm struggling with it.

Ahhhh, do it for the kids.

They're growing up with F-5 tornadoes and their $16,000-a-year parents want
"less government
" more than they want the super-rich to pay their goddamn taxes.

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Ted Cruz: ‘I don’t trust the GOP’


Wednesday on the Senate floor, Tea Party darling and ultimate handjob freshman
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Cunty) declared that he does not trust the Republican leadership
to properly handle budget negotiations on the next Congressional showdown regarding
the budget ceiling, nor does he trust the Democrats. The contentious asshat seemed to
go out of his way to question the judgment of senior windbag John McCain.

Cruz said, “the senior senator from Arizona urged this body to trust the Republicans.
Let me be clear, I don’t trust the Republicans.”

“And I don’t trust the Democrats,” he continued after a beat. “And I think a whole lot
of Americans likewise don’t trust the Republicans and the Democrats because it is
leadership in both parties that has gotten us into this mess.”

Both parties?   Actually, no.

Clinton tripled the stock market and left Bush a surplus.
Under Der Monkey Fuhrer, the stock market lost half it's value
and Obama inherited Bush's economic disaster.

YOU think those two are the same but voters know better.

...but thanks for being you.

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 Subject: Rolling Stone, Hall of Fame

Hey, Bart:

Some years back my highly musically proficient son and I watched some special on like MTV or VH-1
that named the Rolling Stone top guitarists. Somewhere in the top 10 was Kurt Cobain.
With all due respect to him and Nirvana, that was just criminal on RS's part.

That told us all we needed to ever know about their judgments on anything. I saw recently
that he's descended into 73rd in the top 100 now. They must have heard from other people
who care more about their opinion than either of us did or do or will.

Maybe it's the lists, themselves, that are super-stupid.
Take Maxim Magazine, pretending Miley Cyrus is the Hottest Woman in the World.

Meanwhile, last year's Number One, Bar Rafaeli isn't even in this year's Top 100!

Was last year's Hottest Women in the World in a horrible, disfiguring accident?
Did she have seven kids in 2012 and lose her fabulous figure?

If lists weren't super-stupid nobody would talk about them.

BTW, someone said The Doors and Chili Peppers are in.

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Funny, the Democrats never mention that

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Teen Girl shreds Van Halen

90 seconds, safe for work

Watch 15 seconds, you'll see what I mean

Today's OMG!  Don't Look Down Picture


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Subject: OK twister

Glad you guys are okay, Bart.
Tough luck for a lot of other people, though.

Looks like the folks are made of strong stuff there though.
Moore will bounce back.

Nick, thanks for that.
They say maybe 13,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed - and only 24 deaths?
Early on, I was thinking more like 1,000 dead.

Now people are saying, "Why would you live there?"
Well, until VERY recently, the tornadoes weren't that bad.

You hid in the closet and if things went really wrong, you maybe lost your roof.
Now the damn things strip the bark off of f-ing trees.

Did you see they found some stainless steel highway guard rail wrapped around a pole?
Think, that long, thin stainless steel strip has almost no wind resistence, yet the tornado
tore the stainless steel off it's 3/4-inch bolts and I would've bet that was impossible.

OK, so let's start the Help Bart Move to Oregon or Colorado Fund.
You figure in 10 years we'll have enough to get away from this very angry God.

Summers at 115 degrees and EF-5 tornadoes, sure,
but the property values are so low, you can get a great deal on a home here.

Send e-mail to Bart

GOP's Pete Santelli: "Shoot Hillary"
And that's not even the weirdest part of this


This ‘C U Next Tuesday,’ Hillary Clinton, has been involved in the killings of American troops.
Namely, the mysterious suicide of the emotionally unstable Navy SEAL commander who just
so happened to be involved in all of her dealings in the Middle East, okay. And he just mysteriously
got suicided along with everyone else associated with the Clinton family. Miss Hillary Clinton needs
to be convicted, she needs to be tried, convicted and shot in the vagina. I wanna pull the trigger.
That ‘C U Next Tuesday’ has killed human beings that are in our ranks of our service.


Suddenly, the vulgar Pigboy seems real respectable.

I guess if the Secret Service visits him, they'll end up joking
and laughing and checking out Pete's collection of bows and guns.

Hey, it worked for Ted Nugget.

Send e-mail to Bart

Janet Jackson is a Billionaire
Why did she ask her publicist to send this out?


Variety reports that Janet Jackson has raked in a total of $260 million in album sales
and another $81 million off music and publishing fees. Her sold-out world tours have
earned her another $458 million, with an additional $81.5 million coming from tour
sponsorships and licensing fees.

First, that sounds really suspicious.
She might have made a billion dollars, over the last 40 years, but she didn't spend any - not at all?

Second, her "sold out" shows died many. many years ago.

Third, I doubt she's in the top 100 in Hollywood salaries - does that mean
there are over a hundred billionaire performers in Hollywood?  I doubt that, too.

Fourth, if she's got a billion dollars, why marry a billionaire?

Lastly, if she's really a billionaire, why try to steal money from Michael's kids?

It doesn't add up. guesses she's worth $150, which sounds high, too.

  Send e-mail to Bart

Know Your Classics


 Subject: last issue's Classic    Link

Bart, I bet you get billions and billions of people answering this...
that's the opening line to Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie.

Russ, I got lots of correct guesses but very few got the author.

 Send Classic Lines to Bart

Subject: Re: Blitzer, God and Tornadoes

Bart, you wrote

< I wish Rebecca had said the obvious:
< Why did God send this tornado to kill kids in small town Oklahoma?

But of course if she had, she would not have been on television and we’d never know about her.

Are atheists the last bastion of descrimination?

We have a Black president, we might soon have a woman president,
but when will this country be able to stomach a politician who says,
"It would be illogical to believe in ghosts and such?"

We won't get there in my lifetime.

Americans want to be lied to.

Send e-mail to Bart

Today's Wildlife Photo


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Subject: Seven kids drowned?

Bart, that was a bullshit story. The walls fell on them!
  Brian in Los Angeles

Try to understand - *I* didn't do the autopsies.

I'm a full hundred miles away, but when a first reponder on TV says,
"Seven kids drowned in that school basement," on what evidence can I call him a liar?

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 I had room for one more e-mail here.
 You were going to send that interesting thought, but you decided not to.

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Today's Mystery Celebrity Photo 


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Celebrity    Link

Bart, that is Halle Berry.
 Steve L

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Today's Mystery City


Subject: last issue's Mystery City    

Nobody got Frankfurt, Germany.

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Name the Mystery Car


 Subject: last issue's Mystery Car    Link

Bart, that is a 1951 Riley Dhc.
 Paul in VA


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What is today's History Mystery?   


Subject: last issue's History Mystery    Link 

The history mystery is an old logo for the Chicago Cubs,
 Tom C:

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Rare Idol Success Carrie Underwood 

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