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 March 17-18, 2001
 VCR Alert
- Sunday is the usual bonanza with a twist: Regis, The Practice, The Sopranos ...and the twist?
  I know I'm the only one in America looking forward to the Kathie Lee Sweatshop movie on E!
  According to TV Guide, she's a pill-popping, pot-smoking, hard-drinking, foul-mouthed, suicidal
  snotty bitch of a TV star/whore, but I'm not sure what role she plays in the movie.
  USA TODAY's Robert Bianco says "she tries to have sex with anything that moves."
  He says this movie is so bad, you actually feel sorry for Kathie Lee Sweatshop ha ha

 Do the writers at SNL read

 You know that Napster debate we've been having all week?
 Well, during Update, Jimmy Fallon did a joke with the punchline, "still smoking."

 Wednesday's  had this exachange:

 Question: What's the difference between Bill Bennett and David Koresh?

 Answer:  Bill Bennett is still smoking

     (If you like this joke, please send $1
      to PO Box 54466, Tulsa, OK 74155 each time you tell it.

 How many jokes end with "still smoking?"
 I think Jimmy Fallon owes me a dollar.


 "We in New York, have a particular stake in global warming,
   because Long Island could become Short Island,"
     - Hillary, referring to rising sea levels.

Vince McMahon isn't thrilled with Ventura
LOS ANGELES (Launch) - Add Vince McMahon to the list of people who aren't thrilled with
Jesse Ventura's performance as a game announcer for the new football league. Ventura has already
been slammed by TV critics and many in his state aren't thrilled with his moonlighting. Now McMahon
has told the Los Angeles Times that Ventura is "on thin ice," with research showing that people think
he's too "over the top" in his announcing.

"Hyperbole turns people off. They know when you're not telling the truth," McMahon said.
Ventura wouldn't respond to the comments, but his attorney, David Olsen, told AP that Ventura was
surprised by them. Olsen said he didn't know if McMahon was perhaps trying to start a pro-wrestling
type feud, or make Ventura the scapegoat for the XFL's dismal ratings. McMahon also said he made
mistakes, including their choice of announcers. "We need football announcers, not WWF announcers."
McMahon said they'd put more emphasis on football instead of the WWF-style aspects of the league.

 Brown U Student's Kick Racist Jew David Horowitz Nazi ASS
   Brown students steal university paper with Horowitz ad

 Full Story

 Brown University students stole the entire press run of an issue of the Brown Daily Herald in an
 apparent protest of a racist-whore ad denouncing reparations for slavery that appeared in an earlier edition.

 Herald staff members Friday physically restrained a group of students who tried to force their way into
 the newspaper's office and destroy the remaining 100 copies of Friday's newspaper. The protesters
 pounded on the door and demanded an apology and financial amends for the ad in Tuesday's editions.

 The advertisement had a headline that said,
"Ten Reasons Why Reparations for Slavery is a Bad Idea and Racist Too" and a layout that was similar
to the Bill of Rights. It stated that black Americans owed the United States more than it owed them.

 The Herald became the first Ivy League newspaper to print the ad from conservative whore David Horowitz.
 It had been rejected by at least 18 college newspapers, including the Columbia Daily Spectator,
 the Harvard Crimson, and UMass-Amherst's Massachusetts Daily Collegian.
 Of those that ran it, at least four quickly apologized.

 Did you see Aerosmith do "Big Ten Inch" on SNL last night?

 They did "Jaded," too, which is a good song, especially the "Bye, Bye, Bye" part.
 ...but where were Justin and Britney?

 ha ha


 It's just that I felt really let down seeing the Super Bowl Halftime Hoedown
 and watching Tyler and Spears trade licks.
 (He wishes)

 But last night Aerosmith did a lot to rehabilitate their reputation with Ol' BartCop.
 Brought the house down.
 Tore the roof off the dump.
 The old, straight guys can still pull it off.
 Perry was playing his ass off, Joey was good, the whole band was tight,
 ...and who was the SNL house band guy on saxophone?
 He seemed to be saying "David Sanborn ain't the only sax in town."

 But the star was Tyler.
 I was damn impressed.
 Are we sure this band is from America?

 ha ha

 Tyler has the wisdom of his years and he can't still hit the notes.
 His teenagers weren't embarrased for Ol' Dad last night.
 Monday, her schoolmates are gonna say, "Your old man rocks."

 One last thing - what kind of song is "Big Ten Inch?"
 Is it jazz? Is it ragtime? Or just plain boogie?
 Is it what Cab Calloway played?
 What do you call that?

Happy Birthday to Vanessa Williams (38)

 Remember how we met her?,
 Sure, she won the Miss America title, but nobody remembers that.

 She came to everyone's attention when Penthouse published some "art" pictures of her
 frolicking with another young woman. She was stripped of her crown and cut loose.
 That would've ruined most careers, but she fought back and, like Jennifer Lopez,
 she established very successful careers with her singing and acting.  I like a fighter.

 Click  Here  to see a small video tribute to Vanessa Williams

 Another funny from SNL Update

 "A new report says married men live longer than single men.
  Congradulations to Larry King, who just turned 400."

  ha ha

 Did you see Anna Gasteyer's Martha Stewart St Patty's Day skit?

 Hot Irish pick-up line: You must be Irish, cause my penis is Dublin.

 Tina Fey had a good line:

  Smirk in Florida said "Dems want to keep revoting the election.
  If they'd listen to America they'd find that Americans want to move forward."

  Americans responded saying "We want to move forward to 2004!"

  Tina has a hot picture in the new Rolling Stone

 A Quote and a Quiz

"My direction seems to be shifting towards more mellow music,
  something more sophisticated than straightforward rock."
   -- the great Eric Clapton

 What year did he say that?

  ...all of the above?


 "So why not just tell the truth about the tax cut and work with the President?"
     -- Paid-for Timmy to Tom Daschle on Meet the Whore

 Swear to Koresh, if Tim Russert did that to me I'd just fly across that desk and smack him.
 I'd grab his Scaife-financed tie with my left hand and "fist" his face with the other.
 With each knuckle sandwich, he'd get a word of reply.

 "I (pow) am (pow) telling (pow) the (pow) truth (pow) you (pow) ignorant (pow) slut." (pow)

 I'll bet a single on-air ass whooping would turn Timmy around.
 He could go to those fancy-ass Cheney cocktail parties with a split lip for two weeks.


Subject: Too Bad...

Jeez, I thought success was something to aspire to...

Maybe you should consider a better brand of class warfare; like Knowledge vs. Ignorance?
Your whole trip is one big protection racket. Go be successful at something, you might like it!

Too bad about your poverty..
I laugh at your pain, considering the opportunities at your disposal.
Bashing the rich is pointless.

Too Bad..

Jonn, hard to tell where you're coming from, I'll guess it's my tax plan.

Most people, maybe including you, will get back $130-$300 under President Smirk's plan.
Under my plan, you'd get back at least $1500, maybe double that if you have a working wife.

Now, you're saying you'd rather the billionaire spend that money then you?
Why do you assume the billionaire needs your help?
Don't you think he can take care of himself?
Why do you want to help him, but not yourself?

President Smirk says the economy needs to be stimulated - right now.
Don't you want to help the President get the economy back to Clintonian levels?

 Silent Warriors

 In K-Drag, there's a 30-minute gap between Meet the Whore and Cokie the Whore,
 so I switched over to see what lies they were telling at the Fox News Channel.

 They were doing an entire show on Smirk's BIG OIL contributors on the submarine.
 Well, actually Smirk's name never came up, and the contributors were only mentioned once
 and that was in passing, and spoken very quickly by the blonde anchorette. (get it?)

 However they were giving lots of information, such as the history of submarines,
 Leonardo Da Vinci's role, the role the submarine played in the Civil War,
 how to fix a leak on a sub and various sub-related minutia.

 Why are they giving America this unneeded hand job?

 So Fox News can claim, "We did a story on the Ehime maru" to cover their ass
 when reporters ask why they're helping to cover up Smirk's fund-raising murders.

 It's the same reason Rush always has one black guy working for him - insurance.


 "I look forward to all sorts of amusement as snake-handling fundamentalists
   of West Virginia distribute free rattlers to drug addicts."
   -- P.J. O'Rourke, ridiculing Smirk's faith-based thievery of tax funds.
       matter of fact, he called this idea "Bush's mindless brainstorm."

 Note to Dennis Miller:
 It IS possible to be a right-leaning comedian wthout being a soulless asshole, Dennis

 New Site - Demsunited

 News, cartoons, Demi World and more...


"Yesterday, Bush claimed that the economy is to blame for his broken promise on the environment.
 Now, Bush is vowing to protect Medicare from his tax-cutting zeal. But what happens when
 projected 10-year budget surpluses fail to materialize? Seniors in America may discover one day
 that the Medicare trust fund is as empty as a Bush promise."
    -- DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe, one of the only white fighters in the Democratic Party


Subject: Excellent Point

I agreee with you 100% on the e-mail between Smirk and Gregory Slayton
discussing Bush's poor performance in the first debate.  I thought the same thing
when I read the story in the Post; "What debate are they talking about?"

The press said Bush was so much more likable than Al Gore and kept harping on
how rude Gore was.  Then there was Gore's "sighing and eye-rolling".  Forget that
Gore understood the questions and gave cogent, precise answers compared to
Bush's rambling muddle-speak.  Then once the press took Rove's bait on the "lies" angle,
Ma and Pa Kettle had heard enough.

The Money Pit
 By Paul Krugman

 So this contractor is renovating your house.

 Funny how he got the job: you checked the wrong box on a confusing form,
 and the judge a close friend of the contractor ruled that you were stuck.
 Anyway, though you told him that your priority was replacing your leaky roof,
 he insists that first he wants to put in a luxurious powder room.

 Click  Here

 It's worth a read


Subject: Is that the best you can do?

Your little silly liberal media myth debunked is quite embarrassing.
Why can't you give multiple specific examples instead of ranting a page of fiction?

I'm not sure what you're referencing, but if you're talking about
it's hard to believe you'd call that non-specific.
I gave about 30 examples of TV media that piled on Clinton's every burp,
while pointing out that there's NO outlet for the pro-Clinton side.

That's thirty vs zero, and you want me to do better?
You want me to be more specific?

In the last day or so, I demonstrated how Margaret Carlson, Al Hunt et al don't hesitate
for a moment to jump on Clinton and rip him a new one - even before the facts are known.

If you're aware of 30 liberal TV news shows, forward the list and I'll print it.
But you can't because there aren't any.
That seems to make you a dumbass and it also proves my point.
The "liberal media" is a myth, and until you produce that list, your debating skills are a myth, too.

You really make liberals look bad.  You simply yell, spew hate and
change the subject when you can't argue a conservative point.

It was spewing hate to make a list of people who pile on Clinton?
If I'm Hateboy, what does that make the prostitutes on that list?
And. Koresh forbid, what would that make a Nazi like Hannity or the vulgar Pigboy?

I am a conservative, however, I have many liberal friends and I appreciate their point of view,
when it is well reasoned and not simply attacking the opposition.

It was a list, Cubby

I've tried this with a dozen accusers like yourself, but nobody has the balls to take me up on it.
I'll name THREE on-air Clinton haters for every SINGLE on-air Clinton defender you name.
We could go, say, $20 each.
You got your wallet with you?

You simply demonstrate your ignorance and hatred.
It's sad to see someone get so wrapped up in hate.

Have a nice life.

You keep driving home the "hate, hate, hate" theme, so now I'm thinking you're NOT
referencing the "liberal media myth" rant, so maybe instead of a dumbass, you're just
so ineffective at making your point that people can't follow it.

Tell me, when the Post Office posts pictures of wanted felons, are they guilty of "hate, hate, hate," too?
Who taught you a list was, by definition, hatred?

 Kids & Guns just seem to go together whiskey and car keys.

 Click  Here


"The Bush administration, while claiming otherwise, would indirectly use
  the Medicare trust fund to help finance the president's tax cut."
   -- The Washington Whore Post editorial

 Why would the Whore Post attack their boy this way?

 Courtesy of the Wizard of Whimsy

 Stock Market goes Straight to Hell
 Smirk tax boondoggle having drastic effect on world markets.

  Investors can't believe Bush's stupidity

 The Dow Jones industrial average, having fallen through 10,000 earlier this week, dropped below 9,900.
 It was the Dow's worst week since October 1989 when Smirk's Daddy said, "What recession?"

 Although the Nasdaq had fallen almost 60 percent before this week, the massive sell-off in the other
 two indexes since Monday has confirmed, by Wall Street's definition, the arrival of the first bear market
 since 1987 when Red-Ink Reagan was killing the economy with his "voodoo economics*."

 * Phrase coined by Smirk's Daddy, George Herbert-Herbert Bush

 Oh, if only America had a plan, ...say, ...a tax rebate to revive the on-life-support Bush economy.
 Investors are waiting for a sign that things will turn around before they jump back in.

 If only they would adopt The BartCop Tax Plan the economy could almost be Clintonian again.


 "It's bittersweet. My heart goes out to everybody who was hurt by this."
    - Sean Combs, saying the right things after his "not guilty on all counts" day in court

 First of all, it's my "best guess" he was guilty, but that's not how we handle justice
 in this country. We don't ask a rube from Oklahoma what he thinks.
 The first thing the witnesses should do is sue their lawyers for filing their civil suits
 before they had a guilty verdict.

 Did you know the witnesses against Puffy in this trial had civil suits filed against him
 that totalled over a billion dollars?

 That's worth a repeat: over a billion dollars.

 Like with Clinton, if the accusers are given big fame and big money to make a claim,
 their claims are automatically suspect. It doesn't mean their claims have no merit,
 it just means the bar is higher and you gotta have REAL PROOF of a crime,
 not just "In the panic, I think I mighta seen Puffy with a gun, so pay me my $200,000,000."

 Remember Mr. Johnson at the hardware store: If a bunch of witnesses say Mr. Johnson
 fired a gun at a club - he probably did - because he's not giving the witnesses a
 seven or eight-figure reason to fabricate a load of horseshit about him.

 Trial observers said Puffy was charming the jury thru the whole trial.
 No doubt, Johnnie Cochran gave Puffy tips on how to win them over.

 I wonder why the prosecutor didn't call Jennifer Lopez?
 She was closer to Puffy than his bodyguards.
 She'd know if Puffy fired a gun or not.
 She knew what the conversation was in the SUV, too. (the bribery accusation)
 Lying could've easily cost her her entire career.
 It's my "best guess" she would've told the truth.
 Did the prosecutor not want the truth?

 ...and look at the bright side - New York is not engulfed in flames.

 I am the greatest, talent on loan from God.
 I'm a legend, just read my announcer's script.
 I'm always right, even though I don't allow rebuttal.

 By the way, did you know Chelsea was a dog?
 How about a few tampon jokes, in God's name?
 Maybe some 'Monica choked on it' jokes, in God's name.
 Religious people love me because I'm better than God.

 I am Pigboy, hear me bitch.
 Buy my Damp Rid, make me rich.

 Dignity for sale - call 1-800-282-2882

 Check out Smirk

The Slumber Party
  By Frank Rich  (no relation)

 Click  Here

 Bill Clinton's labor secretary declared in The Washington Post last Sunday that
 the Democrats are "an ex-party." Who would argue? The party that won the
 popular vote in November stands for little and has no evident leaders.

 Smirk's Private E-mail

 The New York Whore Times printed some Smirk e-mail, which he stopped using Jan 17
 because his lawyers told him Larry Klayman would subpoena every word he ever wrote,
 that is, if Klayman ever went after a Republican which is unlikely since Richard Mellon Scaife
 funds Klayman's Clinton's cock-hunting organization.

 Full Story

 But, the e-mail the Whore Times printed was telling:

 Gregory Slayton, a rich ditto-monkey who raised $10 million for Smirk's campaign,
 offered his counsel last year on Mr. Bush's debate performance.

 "I was out in Hawaii with my wife right after the first debate," said Mr. Slayton.
 "Obviously we didn't cover ourselves in glory. He recognized it was nota stellar performance.
  Fortunately, it was only starting to dawn on everyone that Al Gore made up a few tall tales."

 Wow, can we believe our eyes?
 Slayton and Smirk knew he screwed the pooch in the first debate?
 But how could that be?

 The media said Smirk put on a command performance of the highest caliber.
 They said Smirk was the smartest, brightest and most-gifted debater to ever speak.
 The press couldn't shut up about how great Smirk was, and what a mean, cold bastard
 Gore was for reacting to Smirk's constant evasions and misreadings of the questions.

 As far as his last sentence, we know that was a lie fabricated by the RNC and that
 worst-of-all-whores Tim Russert. We know for a fact that the RNC called Russert
 and ordered Tim the Whore to beat the drum concerning "Gore's lies," when the
 worst that a neutral observer would call them were "misstatements."

 But Tim the Whore gets his marching orders from Karl Rove and the RNC, and Timmy
 is a good soldier when there's money to be made, so he repeated every horseshit fabrication
 the RNC sent him, while overloooking truly serious matters such as Smirk's going AWOL,
 Smirk's abortion, his multiple hidden arrests and his general inability to think or speak.

 The truth is, if it fucking matters anymore, Smirk gave a piss-poor performance in all three
 of the dabates with Gore, but the whore press gave him a pass and now we're stuck.
 The e-mail you just read tells us something important:

 Slayton knew Smirk sucked big-time in the first debate.
 Smirk knew he sucked big-time in the first debate.

 Add to that, you knew Smirk sucked big-time in the first debate.
 I knew Smirk sucked big-time in the first debate.
 Everybody knew Smirk sucked big-time in the first debate.

 ...but the whore press pretended Smirk won.

 It's very scary when the press gets together and lies, en masse, to the country.
 Thank Koresh we have the Internet, where the truth can breathe, if you know where to look.

...but The BartCop Tax Plan  is faster, simpler, fairer and much, much cheaper.

 For details, click on

 E-mail to your friends and media outlets.
 America deserves a better plan than the reverse Robin Hood giveaway to the super-rich.


Subject: Matthews

At the 1993 DC Correspondents' dinner, Clinton said that Pigboy defended
Janet Reno on his TV show, only because "she was attacked by a black guy," John Conyers.

Matthews then went over to Pig and said,
"He just called you a racist.  Are you gonna let that stand, Rush?"

You're rant on Matthews is right on, Bartcop.

I can't say that was my proudest moment on the web,
but it certainly has caused a stir, and nobody disagreed.

 Treasury Inches Closer to The BartCop Tax Plan

 Full Story

 Congressional aides said plans being considered would speed up the income tax rate reduction
 part of Bush's tax cuts, and there has been some talk of rebates as a one-time stimulus,
 congressional aides said.

 "There are currently a number of people working it out, working out how to accomplish it,''
  a Republican Senate aide said.
 "What Treasury is proposing would be a one-time shot-in-the-arm.''

 Gee, have you guys considered a 10 percent rebate to all income earners up to $15,000?
 That would rebate $1500 to every wage earner in America.
 What could be more fair?
 What could be cheaper?
 What could work faster?

 It's The BartCop Tax Plan

 And I'm such a generous guy, you don't even have to call the plan by it's rightful name.
 You could call it the "Smirk Opens His Eyes" plan.

 Is Molly Ivins mean and vindictive?

 Click  Here

Ruth M. Collom of Atlanta, Texas, in a Letter to the Editor on March 14,
stated that Molly Ivins is full of hate and venom for "our new president."


>Usher says Napster influenced album
>LOS ANGELES (AP) - Singer-actor Usher says Napster forced him to scrap much of the material
>on his new album. Usher said he was scheduled to release his new album last month, but pushed back
>the release and started over after the material was leaked to Napster in January.

>First off, Napster didn't force this guy to do anything.
>If anyone forced him, it was the incompetent slacker who gave copies of
>Usher's new album to his friends so they could put it on the Internet.

>If you get bad news over the phone, you don't sue Ma Bell.

From: Ice Weasel

Or could it be the tracks just sucked?  could it be that the music was
leaked intentionally as a trial balloon?  I'm not talking conspiracy here.
I'm talking as someone who has spent most of his adult in the music business.
the folks at the top have little or no real insight as to what works and what doesn't.
they guess.  just like everyone else.  so when they see a new way to "test" things, why not use it?

one other thing on napster in general.  well, two.

the first, your comments in general about napster are right on.
your position is clear and in my opinion, irrefutable.

second, keep in mind bc, the whole napster debate has NOTHING to do with copyright.
nothing.   that is all for the sake of the public.  this is a fight about distribution.
not about protecting artists copyrights.  record labels could giving a flying fuck about the artists rights.
abuses, perceived as horrible forty years ago, are still commonplace.
the prime motivator here are retailers and one stop shops.

they are ones who will be left out in the cold if the record companies decide to distribute music online.
the record companies will still make money.  the artists will continue to get fucked out of their royalties
(especially in the digital domain where physical inventory doesn't exist).  nothing would change for them.

well, except their cost of business would be drastically reduced and, most importantly, they would be
able to focus their marketing money on what is generally regarded as the most profitable use of record
company cash, "bribing" media to play and talk about their music.

how bummed would you be if you owned a record company and suddenly did not have to spend millions
on bribing retailers to carry your record, advertising to go buy it at a store (most of this is paid for by the labels)
or all that silly promotional material?

you wouldn't be bummed at all.  in fact bc, you would do exactly what the record labels are doing.
put up a token resistance.  stake your claim in digital distribution quietly. and let an third party organization,
the RIAA for instance, carry the ball for you AND the retailers.

it just makes sense.

thanks for a great site.

-ice weasel


Subject: Best POTUS

Your constant reference to W.J. Clinton as the "best President we've ever had" forces a response.

Done once or twice this might be seen as simple rhetorical excess.  You've used the expression
so many times however, that one might conclude that you actually believe it to be a true statement.

Such a belief not only dismisses FDR, Truman, JFK and LBJ, but exhibits absolute ignorance
of the records of these truly great leaders.  Clinton surely was not our worst President, and might
even qualify as the best Republican President of the 20th Century,  but he was certainly not the best overall.

G. Wallace

Before Bill Clinton, the phrase "peace and prosperity" was some abstract idea
that America was striving for, not something that we had really ever achieved.

In a  very small nutshell, FDR pulled out out of a recession and into a war.
He gave us some prosperity but little peace. I only know him from history books,
but who knows what FDR would've been without all the catastrophes?

Truman was a simple, brave man who didn't suffer horseshit easily.
He had the courage to drop the bomb and integrate the armed forced, for which
he deserves praise, but again, war and some prosperity.

JFK's optimism showed us our future, but his grade would have to be "imcomplete,"
wouldn't you agree? Like with FDR, who knows how Kennedy would've been rated
by history without the worst of all possible endings to an administration.

LBJ, had his good points, (civil rights,) had his bad points (don't ask.)

But nobody on that list gave us what we wanted like Bill Clinton.
Clinton solved so many problems, and caused so few problems, we were forced
to invent problems and so we turned on each other for entertainment.
Without the threat of Russia, the GOP decided the enemy was us so they
created a Jihad against Clinton just to have something to do.

You don't have to agree with me, but if peace and prosperity is NOT what we want
from a president (along with policing the world with no man sent into battle who
didn't come home) please tell me what you look for in a president.

You can be cute and say "I want a president who doesn't have an eye for the ladies,"
but that'd just be horseshit to distract from the important things a president does.

 Quickie Gun Debate

 Recently, a lady wrote and said she was about to debate a ditto-spank on a variety of things.
 I asked if I could help.

 She said the first topic was school shootings.

 Click  Here

 Smirk to put 1/3 of our National Forests up for development?

 Click  Here

 The filing of the motion suggested more clearly than ever that the new administration is not inclined to support
 the rules as they now stand. The offer of a postponement essentially granted a request by Boise Cascade,
 the timber giant, which had asked a federal judge to grant a preliminary injunction barring the rules
 from taking effect.

 The move also opened a window for possible negotiations between the Bush administration and the Western
 states, timber interests, off-road enthusiasts and others who have filed lawsuits aimed at overturning the Clinton
 rules, which would ban roadbuilding and logging across some 60 million acres of national forest.

 I'm not so Pollyanna naive to think both sides don't take special interest money, but
 when Clinton took money, we didn't lose 1/3 of our national forests.
 when Clinton took money, he didn't let Barbara Streisand sink any Japanese fishing boats.
 when Clinton took money, we could still breathe the air when he was done.
 when Clinton took money, blacks, gays and women still had a shot at the American Dream.
 when Clinton took money, women still has access to family planning information.
 when Clinton took money, we could still afford to pay the heating bill every month.
 when Clinton took money, California had enough power for homes and businesses.
 when Clinton took money, he didn't encourage big cancer to make more cigarettes.

 Things are a lot different now, since Scalia decided our votes shouldn't be counted.

 America, America, God shed his rage on thee...

 Deputy White House press secretary comes out for The BartCop Tax Plan
  Claims Smirk agrees, too.

 "The president understands the concerns of the American people, the concerns about their savings,
   the concerns about their financial situation at this stage, and we need to do everything we can to
   help get more money into their pockets as soon as possible."
     -- Scott McClellan, the deputy White House press secretary.

 The BartCop Tax Plan but the Smirk giveaway to the super-rich will not have an effect
 until five long years after it's implementation, whereas The BartCop Tax Plan would guarantee
 millions of Americans a better Christmas than they'll have with the reverse Robin Hood Smirk plan.

 Mr. Bush - you can have the credit for The BartCop Tax Plan.
 It's not important that the plan's author get credit for it - only that it's written into law.
 Please. Mr. Bush, I know it's hard, but think of your country!

 This means more than just another unearned windfall in your private account.
 If you implement The BartCop Tax Plan  that 0.3 trillion dollars America will spend will not only
 empty factories, create jobs and fire up the economy, it will also mean you have finally done something good.

 Mr. Bush, if you must, change the name of  The BartCop Tax Plan  to "The revised Bush Plan,"
 and take the credit for it - I don't care. One of us needs to put our country before our personal enrichment
 and I'm happy to be that guy if you'll just do what's right.

  by billhere

 Click  Here

...and they want us to believe Clinton was a liar?

 They didn't lie about sex.
 (They never had to.
  The press never asked Reagan if he raped Selene Warters,
  and they never pressed Bush for details about his own private Jennifer.)

 They lied about arming a terrorist nation,
 and since Bush pardoned his co-conspirators to keep them quiet,
 we'll never know what crimes they sucessfully covered up.

 More Republicans come out for The BartCop Tax Plan

 "The sooner we move money out of Washington into taxpayers' pockets,
   the more it will help our credibility and the more it will help the economy."
     --  Chuck Grassley, (R-Copperhead) chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.

 Senator Grassley says the Republican Party is in need of repairing their credibility,
 and what faster way to repair it than by adopting The BartCop Tax Plan?
 By the White House's own estimates, Smirk's giveaway to the super-rich won't have an effect until 2006.
 However, The BartCop Tax Plan  would have an immediate effect this year!

 Call your Senator, your Representative, your local talk shows and your priest or minister.
 Tell them you have read and understood The BartCop Tax Plan and you believe it
 is better for America's economy and better for America's working families, and remind them at a cost
 of only 0.3 trillion, it's 7-10 times cheaper than the reverse Robin Hood plan Smirk prefers.

 Stand up, America

 Do you want no tax relief until 2006?
 Or do you want instant tax relief at 1/7 the cost of the reverse Robin Hood plan?
 We can use that 1.3 trillion we save under The BartCop Tax Plan to shore up Social Security
 or we can use it to pay for prescription drugs for the elderly.

 Stand up, America

 I don't care what Tony Three Fingers Scalia says.

 It's still our country.

 But we'll need to fight for it if we're going to save it from Smirk's robber barons.

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