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March 16, 2001

 A More Comprehensive Report on the Reagan Years

 This was written by an old friend,  Steve Kangas  who, Swear to Koresh
 may have been murdered by Richard Mellon Scaife.

 Steve's friends said he was notoriously anti-gun, but Steve's body was found inside the building
 where Scaife had his personal office. Police, after some confusion and misstatements,
 ruled Steve's death a suicide, but there were unanswered questions.

 1.  Did Steve, who lived in Las Vegas, go to Scaife's building in PittsburgH with a gun?
      His friends didn't know he was taking a trip.
 2. After his death, who got to Steve's computer and wiped his hard drive clean?
     Someone bought his computer (from his mother?) but when contacted, said the hard drive
     was completely blank and his mother knew nothing about computers.
      (This is how I remember it - details could be wrong)

 In a very Twilight Zone moment, months after his death, I was having severe problems
 with my mail backed up inside the Mindspring system. I got into my mailbox one day
 and there was a new letter from Steve asking my opinion of something he'd written.
 He said he wanted to run it by a few people before he made it public.

 Whatever it was (it's in the back issues) I published it just to be sure that if there was
 something in his writing that it would get out. Odds are he got it published OK,
 but if the worst scenario was true, I didn't want to give that fuck Scaife the satisfaction.

 ...and you wonder why I carry a gun?

 One thing G. Gordon Liddy had right:
 It's better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

 So, here's a gift from Steve Kangas, an old Internet friend who I never met or
 talked to on the phone, but I was a fan of his. If you have a few days or weeks,
 you can get into his writing (thru his links) and see what all he was into.
 He wasn't a comedian - he took things very seriously - perhaps too seriously.

 One other thing about Reagan that's never discussed.
 This is a detail that may not make it in the history books.
 Reagan was never unsure about anything.
 Once he made up his mind about an issue, no amount of argument or debate
 (some would say 'the facts') could change his mind.

 One of his kids said it was hard growing up with such a disciplinarian because
 once Dad got his mind set on something he NEVER changed his mind.

 The second best line Mondale ever got off in a debate was,
 "It's not what Mr Reagan doesn't know that scares me.
   It's what he knows FOR SURE that just ain't so, that scares me."

 That's one reason why the righties loved him so much.
 He NEVER changed his mind on anything - he was all granite.
 AIDS may be a good example: Once he got it in his weak and feeble mind
 that AIDS was a "queer" disease, he never - ever - gave it another thought.
 It was out of Reagan's mind forever because, after all, they were "just queers" dying.

 For the record, the best line he ever got off was the "There you go again" rebuttal.
 Reagan used it against hapless Jimmy Carter in 1980, and got away with it.
 In 1984, Reagan's debate-prep team told him, "No matter what, doNOT
 repeat that line or Mondale will have you by the balls and he'll squeeze hard."

 So, what did the brainless old coot do?
 He ignored his debate-prep team and after a Mondale attack, Reagan said,
 "There you go again," and got a medium-sized laugh for his familiar one-liner.

 Mondale got that gleam in his eye and said,
 "That's a great line, Mr President. Do you remember the last time you used it?
  You accused Jimmy Carter of lying about you attacking Social Security by saying
  'There you go again'  and what did you do, Mr President? The minute you had the power,
  you went right after Social Security - proving President Carter was right about you."


 Old Reagan was fucked and he knew it.
 He stared at the floor and just counted the seconds until the debate modreator saved him.

 That's why Reagan's debate-prep team told him to stay the hell away from that line.
 Mondale smacked old Ronnie in the face with the "there you go again" carp!

 So, you younger kids (like my friend Young Bird) who never knew Reagan might do well to
 remember that he was loved and hated for being Mr Granite, and never changing his mind
 about anyone or anything, no matter how the facts changed.

 Some would say that's a sign of stupidity and rigidity.
 They would be right.

 So, in closing, another nod to my old friend Steve Kangas.
 I like to mention him every year or so.

 Was he murdered by the rich prick who financed Paula Jones, the American Spectator, the Freepers,
 David Hale, Hardon Kenny, Larry Klayman (R-No dick) and every other heachache the best president
 we've ever had was forced to endure for the last nine years?

 A shot of Chinaco for you, Steve.

 Check out Steve's still-online pages starting with

 Usually we put a cartoon here,
 but I don't feel funny after that.

 Smirk Treasury Chief comes out for The BartCop tax Plan
   USA TODAY, front page, top story

 Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill said yesterday
 "Bush's tax package would do little to boost the economy."

 However, he couldn't say the same about The BartCop Tax Plan.
 Economists agree The BartCop Tax Plan would, indeed, boost the economy, and right away.

 Remember, the Republicans it was OK that Bush was a blathering idiot because
 he wasn't afraid to surround himself with people smarter than he*. (homage)

 So, the question is:
 Will Smirk listen to his Treasury Secretary and adopt The BartCop Tax Plan?
 Or will he continue his blind crusade to bankrupt America to help the already-rich?

 Does the vulgar Pigboy read

 The talk the last week or so has been the Republican's never-ending obsession
 with the penis of the best president we've ever had, Bill Clinton of Hope.

 Today, 2/3 thru the second hour, Rush established the "Golden Phallus Willy Award."
 No doubt, he will be the first winner, because nobody has spent more time on Clinton's cock than Rush.
 A probable runner-up would be Sean Hannity.

 But why would Rush "walk into it," so to speak?

 Rush invents an award named after Bill Clinton's penis at the same time
 he's running promos for his show where he says,
 "Not only are they wrong when they say all I have to talk about is Bill Clinton,
  the biggest problem I have is figuring out which other stories to talk about - there are so many."

 So what does he do?
 He invents a new award named after Clinton's cock
 ...and that's Swear to Koresh!

 Deloitte and Touche, a leading accounting firm quoted by USA TODAY has taken
 a long look at both plans and has endorsed The BartCop Tax Plan.

 In today's paper, they estimate the current Smirk giveaway to the rich
 would only provide $180 to a single person making $55,000 a year.

 Under The BartCop Tax Plan that same taxpayer would get a whopping $1500.
 Which is bigger, Rush? $180 or $1500?

 Deloitte and Touche estimate a couple with two kids making $75,000 a year would get a
 paltry $360 under the current Smirk giveaway to the rich, but under The BartCop Tax Plan
 they would get back at least $3,000, and maybe $6,000 of their kids worked.
 Which is bigger, Rush? $360 or $6,000?

 There's no mistake - the news about The BartCop Tax Plan
  is sweeping Across America like a breath of fresh air.

 If more people did what 'Daryl from Michigan'  did yesterday on The Mike Malloy Show,
 not only would the Hammer increase exponentially in size and power, but YOUR tax rebate
 might grow from a paltry $180 to a whopping $1500-6000, depending on your crumb crunchers.

 Remember, The BartCop Tax Plan is seven times cheaper than the Smirk giveaway to the rich.

 If we can get the word out on The BartCop Tax Plan  everyone gains, ...well,
 except for Smirk who would look like a total and complete fool if an uneducated fallen catholic with ADD and an IQ
 of 64 had come up with a better tax plan for American than the greedy Smirk.

 So, if you don't want to embarrass Smirk, keep very quiet about The BartCop Tax Plan


  ...if you could use an extra thousand or more,
 and would like to see the greedy Smirk exposed as BIG OIL's cabanaboy,
 call your local radio talk show and tell them about The BartCop Tax Plan

 It will always be where you can find it at
                      We have also saved it as in case you forget the extension.

 Slappy Speaks

 HARRISONBURG, Va. - The smartest black man scurrently on the Whore Court,
 Justice Clarence "Slappy" Uncle Thomas says people who want to abolish the Electoral College
 should think carefully about why the Constitution's framers created it.

 Slappy said,
"Before people go making changes to something that was thoughtfully implemented,
 they should be as thoughtful in what the consequences would be."

 Slappy may have a point.
 We'd sure hate to elect the wrong guy, due to a flawed system, right?

 "They should understand why it's there, as a protection so regions won't dominate other regions,"
   Slappy said.

 He has a point - we wouldn't want states like New York or California to have a say.
 We'd much rather have Carolina, Massabama, Idaho and Utah pick our president.

 ...ignorant fool,


Subject: Free Republic vs. the repulsive Pigboy


If you're wondering why the nauseating Pigboy is going after freekrepublic get this:

When further commenting on the Celucci incident, Pigboy said that freerepublic would be
full of riff-raff until they started charging people to post there. This happens the same week
that the vomitous chupacabra announces that his web site will soon have a new section that
the ditto sheep will have to pay $39.99 to be admitted to.

Remmember when you said Rush was too much of a pussy to have a forum?
Well, he's found courage in the form of limitless pigboy greed.

So you see the game plan...Create a controversy and break off a faction of the freepers
who can be brought over to Rush's site to be shaken down for $39.99.

Mystery solved?

ha ha

Gens, I think you nailed it.

 Spring Training

 I like Sammy Sosa OK, but I have a question.
 He just signed for 4 years for $72,000,000.
 That means (my good Catholic math) he's making $18,000,000 a year.
 The Cub's manager (his boss, Don Baylor) probably doesn't make $1,000,000 a year.

 How's Sammy going to take orders and follow directions from some guy
 who doesn't like him and makes about five percent of his salary?

 I mean, if Sammy is 3-0 and Baylor tells him to take a strike, will he?
 Sammy makes $18,000,000 and the guy with the great ideas makes less than $1,000,000?

 I don't think so...

 Foot-in-Mouth Disease

 No, not a stupid joke you'd see coming a mile away, but a complaint.
 I haven't even seen any TV news lately, but I guarantee that every story about this outbreak
 in Europe has footage of tractors dumping dead animal carcasses in a pile.

 Am I right?

 The networks love to shock, because that's what whores do, so I'm sure with
 evvvvvvvvvery report, you see cow legs and pig legs sticking up from a pile, somewhere.

 I choose not to watch it.

 I get my news from Voltai (you should, too, just e-mail him) and I promise
 he'll never send you a picture of pig and cow legs sticking out of a pickup truck.


"For the first time in his young administration, George W. Bush has run into
  a blizzard of negative headlines, with the strong likelihood of more to come.
  In market terms, the Bush futures are down."
    --  Howard Kurtz, Washington Whore Post

 Howie, why are you saying something negative about your boss?
 Did he screw up your nickname and piss you off?

 From: (withheld)

 Subject: Holidays

A few months ago Rush and Hannity were being very critical of St. Patrick's Day.

"Excuse me, but I'm an American, and I only celebrate American holidays,"
  said Hannity, dripping with sarcasm.

"Everybody who wants to celebrate St. Patrick's Day should go to Ireland
 and celebrate it there, but don't do it here." said Rush.

"Our schools should be teaching American holi...

Oh wait; that was KWANZAA they were talking about.

Never mind.

ha ha

Whitey can have his holdays, but if the darkies want one,
 it's because they're not good Americans like white people.

Good point, Joseph.

Ladies and gentlemen, George Stephanopolous...

Whoops, sorry.
Wrong backstabber!

 The Horseshit Hour
 by Jerry Falwell

For quite some time now, CNN has witnessed a startling ratings plummet.
At the same time, the FOX News Network has seen its ratings experience an expansion.

Coincidence?  I don't think so.

You see, FOX News has gone out of its way to employ a staff of hosts, commentators
and reporters that represent a large part of the political spectrum.

That's an outright lie.
Fox News won't hire a competent liberal.

Influential conservatives like Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly have places of prominence on the network.
The FOX agenda appears to be one of providing equal time to those with countering political doctrines -
conservative, liberal and those in between.

Besides the extremely ineffective Alan Colmes, who's job is to make Hannity look smart,
there's nobody on that entire network who isn't a full colonel in the ditto-monkey Army
...and that lying bastard Falwell knows it.

Another man of the cloth, lying his ass off for money.
How can you religious people stand this?
Doesn't your religion mean anything to you?

If I'm wrong and there is a God, and a heaven,
ha ha
I'll get in before this money-whoring fraud.

Speaking of religious insanity...

Taliban orders sacrifice of 100 cows
 by  Zahid Hussain | KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) --

 Upset by how long it took to destroy two towering statues of Buddha in Afghanistan,
 the Taliban's reclusive leader on Friday ordered a sacrifice of 100 cows to atone for the delay.

 Full crazy story

 Isn't religious insanity wonderful?
 They're going to kill 100 cows so Allah won't be angry about the delay in destroying historical art.

 ...and just think - Smirk is making America a religious state, too.



 "The Clinton administration produced few books worth reading.
   Bush may be different. "
    --piggy Peggy Noonan

 Hey, Piggy, I remember YOU writing some hate book in the Clinton years.
 Is that what you mean?

 Neither Bill nor Hillary have written their bios yet, is that what you mean?

 Or did you mean the Clinton administration should've ignored their duties
 and spent their time writing books, instead ?
 Is that what you mean?


 Economists line up behind The BartCop Tax Plan

 Full Story

<But are tax cuts in general, and Bush's tax cut plan in particular, the answer?
As Princeton economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman observes,
the benefits of the Bush tax-cut plan are mostly "back-loaded" --
they won't take effect for years to come and will be of little benefit to anyone right now.

If Bush really wanted to stop the oncoming recession,
say both conservative and liberal economists,
he would push for an immediate -- and temporary --- tax cut.

And instead of a plan that puts most real dollar gains in the hands of the wealthy,
who are the least likely people to run out and spend their refunds, the best stimulus
for our flagging economy would be a tax cut for the poor and working class,
the people who would spend it immediately. >

Yep, that's The BartCop Tax Plan all right.

Iyt just proves Smirk is lying about this tax cut.
It's not about helping the poor, the middle-class or the economy.
It's all about helping the super-rich finance his re-election in 2004.

 As Smirk continues to destroy the economy...

 I'm reminded of something from waaay back in Volume 137.

Whiners Unite

Want to make a statement about how bad Bill Clinton is?

Doc Meng says:

"As long as the economy is doing well, screw values?
We don't care if Clinton is a lying crook, as long as the economy is doing well?
The Rule of law comes first, not the stock market!
What good is money if we have no soul?"

I have an idea for you ditto-monkeys: Make a statement - Quit your job.

You heard me - quit your fucking job.

...if the stock market isn't important,
...if the economy isn't why we elected Clinton,
...if fewer abortions and fewer murders isn't important,
...if our pensions and our kid's collegs fund doesn't count,
...if money is second to family values,
...if jobs and prosperity are meaningless,

...prove it!

Anybody who thinks traditional values supercede the economy,
prove it by quitting your fucking jobs right now!

If 30,000,000 people quit their jobs by Monday, I will join Doc Meng
and Pigboy and David Duke to say Bill Clinton is a bad, bad man and
America would be better off if he would resign and let Rush's ditto-monkeys
in the GOP bring back war and recession.

C'Mon, you right-wing fundamentalists!
PROVE to BartCop that you're telling the truth.
Quit your jobs!

Demonstrate that you're more than just lying, partisan ho'res,
and BartCop will join your call that Clinton should resign.

If not, shut the hell up.

So now, we have the worst of both possible worlds.
A crashing economy and a president taking bribes from BIG OIL to allow pollution
to run wild because of  "the incomplete state of scientific knowledge of its causes."

Tony Scalia did this to us, and Ralph Nader and Michael Moore.
...and the fake Democrats are just laying there and enjoying it.

God, why did you give me a conscience?
It would've been so much easier if I was a Republican.


"It's been obvious from the get-go that this concept of playing ads
 with JFK supporting tax cuts has been profoundly effective.
 That's why they're getting such a strong reaction."
   --The ignorant slut, from his website

 This looks to me like proof.
 Pigboy claims victory here, not because he's any closer to a tax cut,
 but because he was successful at causing pain to the Kennedy family.
 He thinks being a prick to the family of the man he claimed he respected
 just yesterday is a big victory -- if you're a vulgar Pigboy

 It;'s just like I've been saying since impeachment.
 It's not about the Rrepublicans winning.

 It's about the Democrats losing.
 That's all the nasty cock-hunters want out of life.

Pigboy vs. Freepers
Who do we root for there?

ha ha

Click  Here


The town council of Virgin, Utah has passed an "ordinance outlawing the designation
of endangered species  within its borders" says the Christian Science Monitor 3/14.
The desert  town has also banned most environmentalists and prohibits the
"recognition of any wetlands locally" as well as making it a "crime not  to own a gun."

Middle East Peace Talks

"Powell told a House panel there is little opportunity for the U.S. to try to restart Mideast talks
 until violence ends. The administration won't appoint a special Mideast envoy at this time,"
  the Whore Street Journal reports.

 Hey, Colon, I've got a thunderbolt for you:
 Violence is NEVER going to stop in the Middle East, you idiot!
 Religious insanity says they must murder each other to avenge some slight against
 Abraham or Isaac or somebody that was dissed 3,000 years ago by somebody else.

 So, that means you're not even going to try?

 I remember how much the newspapers loved running the headline,
 "Clinton fails again" whenever a peace accord fell thru because of more violence.

 So you chicken shit bastards are just going to say, "it's useless," and go back to
 working on that tax cut and that goofy-ass star wars idea that'll bankrupt America.

 Oh, Bill Clinton, please come back and save us from these circle-jerking fools.

How Stupid are We?

Senate Passes Bankruptcy Reform: "The Senate voted, 83 to 15, to overhaul
the nation's bankruptcy laws and make it harder for people to erase their debts,"
the NY Times reports. USA Today notes the bill closed "a loophole in present law
that allows wealthy debtors to shield their assets in luxury homes."

Is there a thinking human being anywhere that think this congress is going to make
anything harder on the wealthy? This is about screwing the little guy, make no mistake.

The trillion-dollar credit card companies want to be able to squeeze some poor bastard
making $30K a year who just had a $300,000 heart attack that his health insurance won't cover
because it was excluded when his old insurance carrier changed names and re-wrote the policy
with his bad heart as a "pre-existing" medical condition.

When the bankruptcy court orders 25 percent of his gross to be deducted until the $300,000
is paid back, with interest, the debtor will realize suicide is a much better way to end his misery
than a lifetime of paying for a heart attack that he couldn't afford because the GOP cried "socialism"
when Bill Clinton tried to fix the health care rip-off industry.

This congress is NOT going to help the average debtor.
This congress exists to fuck the little guy to death so the super-rich can get that third yacht.
This is another payback for Smirk's contributors to finance his 2004 re-theft.

...and super-Christian, bible-totin' Smirk can live with a few thousand suicides.

Oh, if I had a bigger hammer, I'd make 'em pay...

White House Seeks Resignations
"Three of the four top federal prosecutors in New York State, all Democratic appointees,
  have been asked to step down by the Bush administration,"
    -- the NY Whore Times reports.

 Looks like somebody's having trouble fabricating a case against Clinton on the Marc Rich pardons.
 I wonder if Hardon Kenny is free?


 The Promise

"With the help of Congress, environmental groups, and industry, we will require
all power plants to meet clean-air standards in order to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide,
nitrogen oxide, mercury, and carbon dioxide within a reasonable period of time."
  -- Smirky, during the presidential campaign, making promises

 The Reality

In a letter to four Republican senators this week, Bush emphasized
"the incomplete state of scientific knowledge of its causes."

 President Bush can't be trusted to keep his word.
 He's wholly owned by BIG OIL.

The Truth about the Reagan Years
 by The Unbiased Reporter

Click  Here


Subject: CO2 stuff

Saw one of Bush's backers on the PBS Newshour last night.  Midway through the segment
he began to argue that it made no sense to consider carbon dioxide a pollutant, something
along the lines of  "we would all be guilty of emitting it just by breathing".

Here's what his opponent should have said.

"Okay, buddy -- I'll support your lame position.  I'll even cheerlead every 'environmental' promise
that Snippy decides to follow through with, for the next four years.  But here's the condition.
During the pledge break, I want you to go backstage and pee in this cup.
Then come out and drink it, on national TV.

It can't possibly be harmful, right?
Your body produced it, so by your criteria, it's not really a 'pollutant'!"

Victoria, B.C., Canada

ha ha

Remind me not to debate Lisa from B.C.

Bush praises Bartcop Tax Plan
 Slams his own, confusing staffers

       Yesterday, in New Jersey, Bush said targeted tax plans are wrong and that
"everyone who pays taxes should get relief."  As we know, The Bush Plan targets
rich people with young chlidren and leaves millions of taxpayers high and dry.
       Under The Bartcop Tax Plan, everyone who works or has
income gets relief. It's still the only plan I've seen that does that, so President Bush
must be talking about The Bartcop Tax Plan.
     Why does Bush hammer away at his own tax plan while seemingly giving his
endorsement to The Bartcop Tax Plan? His staffers haven't a clue.
But every time Bush says, "every American needs relief right now," he seems to be endorsing
The Bartcop Tax Plan and distancing himself from his own five-year plan for the rich.

       Also Thursday,  Bush makes good on a quid pro quo bribery agreement and
reversed his promised environmental policy and allowed his large Energy Producing
Contributors to continue their assault on the Ozone.  I call on Dan Burton to subpoena these
contributors and ask about any conversations they had with Bush concerning this flip-flop
and how it relates to millions given to Bush during the campaign.
      Burton should also subpoena all memos, records, and phone logs etc.
Attorney General Von Ashcroft should assign this and other Bush bribery charges to
the New York U.S. Attorneys Office.  According to Von Ashcroft, all it takes to start
an investigation is for a political opponent to make an allegation. We have that here.

Is there equal justice in America , or is anyone named Bush above the law?


Subject: Stock market plunge

I probably lost more in my modest IRA and profit sharing accounts in
yesterday's market fall than I could ever expect to see in Smirk's tax plan.

Lucky we can't invest our social security in the market, too !
How come the analysts have all sorts of explanations  ("weakening of the yen", "fewer housing starts")
and never state the obvious: Wall Street thinks Smirk's plans are bad news?


 Napster Talk

 Click  Here

 Really old people almost always tell the truth
 David Brinkley is the execption.

 Click  Here  to read an interesting and funny interview with Helen Thomas.

 She covered the crucifixion for the AP.
 Both of them, if you count Clinton's.


Subject: Repugs Purloin Kennedy Speech

Unlike the members of the Kennedy family and some other Democrats, I do not
oppose the use of the John Kennedy speech by the Repugs in the current tax cut debate.

To the contrary, I say let them use it -- but we MUST show their hypocrisy for the LIE it is!
We must show the nation how Kennedy's tax cut differed from the Bush proposal, and expose
the Repugs for the greedy bastards they are!

By the way, Pigboy is taking credit for this whole thing -- he provided the tape of the speech
to the Repugs, and it's so damn funny how now he seems to revere the late President
(for two weeks he kept calling him "Senator Kennedy!").


Y'know, if we wanted to fight fire with fire, we could find an audio clip of Reagan saying,
again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again,

"Government is not the solution - government is the problem,"
and them show a picture of the Murrah building in Oklahoma City.

 Robert Reich jumps on Bartcop Tax Plan Bandwagon

    Thursday on Hardballs, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich (D-Back-stabber)
said that Democrats should get behind a tax cut for the little guy, because the Bush
tax plan favors the rich and does nothing to immediately stimulate the economy as
The Bartcop Tax Plan would.

    We at  have reluctantly agreed to accept the endorsement of the
book-writing back-stabber - for the good of the nation's economic future.

 How do seniors feel about the Smirk's tax cuts at their expense?

Usher says Napster influenced album
LOS ANGELES (AP) - Singer-actor Usher says Napster forced him to scrap much of the material
on his new album. Usher said he was scheduled to release his new album last month, but pushed back
the release and started over after the material was leaked to Napster in January.

"All the Napster songs have been dropped. We're cutting completely new tracks," he told The AP.
"I couldn't do that to the fans, release an album that they have already heard."

First off, Napster didn't force this guy to do anything.
If anyone forced him, it was the incompetent slacker who gave copies of Usher's new album
to his friends so they could put it on the Internet.

If you get bad news over the phone, you don't sue Ma Bell.

It reminds me of the debate tape Smirk's staff sent to Al Gore during the campaign.
You're going to blame the Post Office?

Seen on the Mike Malloy Message Boards

Date: 3/9/01
The main reason why Clinton was “scandalized.”……… Tom


Stories were obtained, and the scandal-machine started cranking.

Clinton starting having "scandals" at the rate of two a week.
And just when the gas ran out on Scandal 5, Scandal 6 would break.
The press couldn't get enough.
They swarmed like African bees.

All this was happening about the time they told Bush his only way out, the only way to escape, was to let the
spotlight shine on someone else. He was sure now - he had to lose this election or he'd lose everything.

In the game of chess, it's called a "Queen sack."

Sacrificing President Bush, to save the Kingdom of Reagan and the GOP.

 Hooked on Saint Reagan

 Good article about some poor, sick bastard who's addicted to Schlub

 Click  Here

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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