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Volume 466 - He Don't Need No Educashun
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 April 30, 2001.............................................................Sweep Weeks......................................................Help Wanted

Price Caps Don't Fit in Cheney's Head for Figures
 by George Skelton, LA Times

Full Story

Early last year, a megawatt-hour was selling wholesale in California for $30. By year's end, it had risen
to an average $300, according to state officials. At peak, prices have soared to $1,500. Meanwhile,
demand increased last year by less than 4%. In fact, demand last month was 9% less than in March 2000.

Californians paid $7.4 billion for electricity in 1999.
This year, the tab--without price caps--is projected at $70 billion. Gov. Gray Davis disclosed Tuesday that
his administration has been shelling out $73 million a day to buy electricity for the pauper utilities.

The profits of power producers--many of them Texans and Bush backers--have risen 400%-500%-600%.

Timmy the Shill asked Karl Rove about that excerpt this morning on Meet the Whore.
Rove's response: "Gee, Tim, California hasn't built any power plants in ten years."

Well, that was good enough for on-the-payroll Tim the Whore!
Even tho demand is down and profits are up 500 percent, all Timmy needed was to hear the same
old cliche faxed out from the RNC  (no new plants) ...and it's time to move on to another subject!

Next up, Joe Lieberman and that old yawner, school vouchers.
Timmy pounded on Lieberman:

Russert: "First, you were for vouchers, then for the campaign, you switched sides.
                 Was it pressure from the teacher's lobby that made you fold like a cheap card table?"

JoeL:  "Well, Tim, I actually didn't change my position on school vou...

Russert:  "Oh, yes you did!  Yes you did!  Yes you did!"

JoeL:  "Well, no Tim,  actually I didn't change my...

Russert:  "Oh, yes you did!  Yes you did!  Yes you did!"

Jesus, Timmy!

California is being raped 1000 percent on energy prices ($7.4 billion to $70 billion)
and you give the super-rich thief a total pass so you can hurry up and pound on
Joe Lieberman for a put-everyone-to-sleep yawner like school vouchers?

Why couldn't you ask Rove a follow-up about his clumsy dodge instead of
attacking Lieberman on a matter that can't possibly be in the top ten right now?

What's more important, Timmy?
Energy prices going up 1000 percent to repay Bush's campaign debts to BIG OIL
or a nothing subject like the stupid school voucher issue from last fucking year?

When your electric bill goes from $90 to $900, school vouchers become a non-issue.

You give the villian a pass on an almost life-and-death issue in the country's most populous state
and then pound and pound on a decent man with a non-issue like school vouchers?

Tim Russert, thy name is whore.

                                                                  Artwork by Wizard of Whimsy


"George W. Bush has a little more of his mother in him.
  Where his father would bite his tongue, every once in a while
  George W. Bush flaps his tongue."
     -- Andrew Card, White House chief of staff, telling his first truth.

 Report From the Front:

 An MWO Reader tries to bring down The Nation
 (sort of)      By Atrios

 Click  Here


Subject: Yeah

This is what happens when you eat too many Clinton-Biscuits in the morning.
Your perception of reality is all twisted.
Your assimilation of details is without cohesion.
Your logic is faulty.

I read that whole Clinton Gave Us All Jobs and Money Fantasy of yours... and
I did not see where you indicated exactly what HE did to marshall the economic prosperity.
If you intend to propose that, by taxing ther people more, he somehow afforded us more cash
- then I'm afraid you have lost your mind entirely.

It was the people outside of DC who created everything.
Bill Clinton did NOTHING.
He just happened to be there.
He was "The Accidental President".


Spamkiller, no matter what, keep sending.
Damn, I hardly ever get mail this good.
Let's check into what you've written:

Your assimilation of details is without cohesion.
Your logic is faulty.

That is so cool!
Which Star Trek is that from?
The one where William Windom lets the half-fish eat his ship?
Or is it it the one where Nomad must survive, so it fires on the Potemkin?
Either way, it sounded good when Spock said it.

OK, let's look at your complaints:

I read that whole Clinton-gave-us-all-jobs-and-money fantasy of yours... and
I did not see where you indicated exactly what HE did to marshall the economic prosperity.

In the back issues, (I don't have the time)
there are multiple explanations of how Clinton re-financed the national debt in some risky
short-term bond thing and Pigboy beat him to death for "risking America's future."
Turns out, all Clinton did was bet on America, and America is a winner, and so is Clinton,
so the bet paid off and Rush never apologized, can you believe that?
Not gutting the treasury with a fat cat tax cut was another smart thing Clinton did.

But beyond the political and financial answers, there's a bigger answer.
It comes in the form of a question to you, Spamkiller:

What, specifically, did Joe Namath do to win Super Bowl III, and please, be specific.
What, specifically, did Michael Jordan do to win 6 basketball championships in Chicago?
What, specifically, did Joe Torre do to win three World Series in a row?
What, specifically, did Tom Hanks do to win his Oscars?
What, specifically, did Rulan Gardner do to win a gold medal in the Olympics?
What, specifically, did Hasim Rahman do to beat Lennox Lewis?

The answer is - it doesn't matter.
It doesn't matter, ...because they did, and that's all there is to it.

You can stand there and whine and pretend and listen to Rush explain it away but the truth is
all the good stuff happened to America when Clinton was driving the boat
and you guys can't stand it, so you start asking silly questions, playing the fool.

I think you're just jealous that Clinton won two elections, and Smirk won nothing.

If you intend to propose that, by taxing ther people more, he somehow afforded us more cash
- then I'm afraid you have lost your mind entirely.

ha ha

Spamkiller, my friend, you have four choices:

A - There was a tax increase on the super-rich.
B - There was no tax increase on the super-rich.
C - There was prosperity.
D - There was no prosperity.

ha ha

You're so screwed, ...I feel sorry for you.
The only answer you have is "A and C."
You just answered your own question.

It was the people outside of DC who created everything.
Bill Clinton did NOTHING.

If Clinton did nothing, if it was "the people" who deserve the all the credit,
explain why "the people" refused to produce for Reagan and Bush.

He just happened to be there.
He was "The Accidental President".

ha ha

Clinton "happened to be there" because he was legally elected twice.
Do you know of any current "presidents" who were legally elected?

New, from K-Tel
Girls Gone Wild!!
College Coeds Bare All

Behind closed doors
Must be 21, due to slutish, first-beer behavior
Not sold in stores - by court order
See what really goes on in Austin, Texas
Call in the next ten minutes and receive
a free bonus video
"What I did with my twin sister last Spring Break"

What did Laura Bush ever do to them?

 It was a non-story, so I didn't pay attention.
 The Metropolitan Museum of Art threw a "gala" for a Jackie Kennedy exhibit

 Laura Bush showed up for the pre-party, but ducked the main event, probably to avoid meeting,
 and inevitably being compared to Hillary, her superior in every way but sheepishness.

 Since the subject was "First Ladies," one speaker at the event, close friend Caroline Kennedy
 Schlossberg, said that Hillary "re-defined the role of First lady," or words to that effect.

 Well, the vulgar Pigboy just "had a child," to use his stroke-impaired lexicon.

 "What did Laura Bush ever do to them?" he bellowed for hours on his hate show.
 "What did Laura Bush ever do to them?" he bellowed again and again, for emphasis.

 Well, Rush, let me take stab at that:

 First, she dissed and ducked the entire event and it's attendees to avoid the can't-be-avoided
 comparison with the best First Lady America has ever had.

 Second, she's sold out every woman in America and the world by abdicating her voice
 and subjugating her will to whatever orders her father-in-law's friend's handlers bark at her.

 Remember when she opened her mouth with an opinion on abortion?
 Like Barbara Bush, like Bob Dole's daughter (and wife, trust me) like Nancy Reagan,
 like most women in America, Laura is pro-choice on reproductive rights, be she's chosen
 to play the whipped dog and let the trampled-on women of the world speak for themselves.

 Do you think there are any women outside of America who'd want to meet Laura Bush?

 Do you think thousands of young women, in dozens of countries, would walk a hundred
 miles without shoes on their feet for a chance to get a glimpse of Laura Bush?

 They damn sure did for Hillary Clinton.

 Hillary Clinton went to places like China and said, "Woman is not the nigger of the world."
 No, wait, that was John Lennon, not Hillary, but that was basically Hillary's message.
 Hillary gave billions of women hope, and a reason to fight their oppresive social structures.

 What hope has Laura Bush given anybody?
 What hope has Laura Bush given anybody, anywhere?
 What hope has Laura Bush given anybody, anywhere, ever?

 Laura Bush has chosen to remain silent while billions of women are raped, robbed, mulitated
 and even fucking sold into slavery like cheap chattle rather that speak up for women's rights.

 She is the paradigm of cowardice, Rush.

 Just like her weak & stupid husband, she's chosen to accept the tons of stolen gold
 without lifting a finger to earn a single penny of it, ...and that we don't forgive.

 One last thing,
 You asked: What did Laura Bush ever do to them?

 I have a question for you, Pigboy:

 What did Chelsea Clinton ever do to you?

 You lying, bullying son of a bitch.
 YOU called Chelsea Clinton "the White House dog," when she was 14 years old, you big bully.

 What did Chelsea Clinton ever do to you?

 When called on this, Rush explains it away like this:
 "While doing my TV show, some 'unnamed staffer' accidentally put Chelsea's picture
   on the TV screen without my permission or knowledge."

 Rush, you're lying again.

 If this was done without your permission or knowledge, why did you set the joke up by saying,
 "Everyone knows there's a cat in the White House, ...Socks, ...Socks the cat.
  But did you know there's also a dog in the White House?"

Then  Chelsea's picture appeared.

 ...and the audience of older, wealthy white Christians guffawed with glee while Rush,
 with talent on loan from God, ridiculed the personal appearance of Chelsea Clinton.

 Why, Rush, did you set up the joke, if you didn't know it was coming?
 If Chelsea was NOT the butt of that cruel joke, ...who was?

 Where were you (not some 'unnamed staffer') going with that joke
 if an innocent 14-year old girl was not the target?

 C'mon, Rush, give us the truth about your big, brave personal attack on a 14-year old girl.

 THIS is the role model for young Republicans?
 THIS is the most decent man in the Republican party?

 ...and the lying sack of shit is whining about a slight against the silent co-conspirator?

 Doubt Surrounds Dr. Laura's Claims

 Laura the Unloved's claim of a recent hike in her radio audience is either misinformation or evidence
 that the decline in listeners last year was more significant than many people realized, say GLBT media watchdogs.

 Laura told religious broadcasters in Las Vegas this week.
 "Even with the brouhaha, my audience is up 15 percent in the last ratings period, thank you."
 She said her right-wing hate show is heard by 18 million people.

 John Aravosis, of,  says her figures don't add up.
 "Either she is in error, or the show took an even bigger hit late last year than we knew," he said.
 On September 5, 2000, Laura was claiming a 18 to 20 million in a New York Post interview.
 Those numbers were supported by numerous media reports from early that year up to that point,
 which would make 18 million a possible 10 percent decrease.

 Late in March, Paramount halted production on the witch's TV hate-show after a piddly seven months due
 to dismal ratings and a lack of advertiser support.  Cathy Renna, spokesperson for GLAAD, said her organization
 has also been unable to find anything to back up Laura's claim.

 "Her radio network even said her show had lost $30 million in advertising revenue," Renna said.

 By the way: Why did the religious broadcasters have their convention in Las Vegas?
 I'll tell you why - can you handle the truth?

 The religious broadcasters go to Las Vegas so they could gamble, get drunk and get laid.
 In Las Vegas, no man is married, and the girls are spectacularly gorgeous.

 You can get a Playmate-quality girl for an hour for about $200.
 She comes to your room, she's totally off-the-planet beautiful and very discrete.

 Religious broadcasters could hold their convention in any city in America.
 LA or New York would make more sense, if they wanted to be close to the source.
 Kansas City, St Louis or Dallas would make more sense, geographically.

 But the call girls in Las Vegas are so much cuter and so much more convenient than the
 hookers in Dallas, St Louis or Kansas City. In these three cities, there is no organization.
 Sure, you might get lucky in those cities, emphasis on might.
 You might get a crack-addicted slut, but not a clean and gorgeous playmate-type.

 In Las Vegas, if you just stand outside a billion dollar casino, a woman who looks like this

will smile and hand you a card with her picture and phone number on it.
She'll lean into you and whisper, "I'm very reasonable."

How do you think Las Vegas became the convention center of the world?


These religious charlatans are stealing from the sick and the old and giving that blood money
to the greatest-looking prostitutes in the United States, so stop kidding yourself.
I'll bet a third of the men in Laura's audience got laid that night.
I am so sick of religious hypocrisy.

...and if you write to say this isn't true, you better be standing on Gibralter.

 Today in History, nine years ago

 Stacey Koon - "Not Guilty"
 Larry Powell - "Not Guilty"
 Timmy Wind - "Not Guilty"
 Ted  Briseno - "Not Guilty"

 Riots engulfed Los Angeles when the Rodney King beating verdicts were announced.
 The police were capured on videotape abandoning the neighborhood around Florence
 and Normandie in South Central Los Angeles, which became a tinder box for the riots.
 Reginald Denny, an Anglo truck driver, was pulled from his truck and beaten there,
 his skull bashed in by a brick thrown point-black by one "Football" Williams.
 Fidel Lopez, a contractor and a Guatemalan immigrant, was beaten at his home, nearby.
 Choi Sai-Choi, an immigrant from Hong Kong, was dragged from his car, beaten and robbed.

 A news helicopter captured it all on videotape while TV stations ran the live feed worldwide.

 As the rioting began, LA Police Chief Daryl Gates abandoned police HQ to attend a
 political fundraising party in the wealthy (and white) community of Pacific Palisades.

 The National Guard was called in to restore order to the city.
 By the time the riots and rebellion were over, 42 people were dead, 5,000 were arrested
 and Los Angeles had nearly $1 billion in property damage.

 Reminder: Daryl Gates is the 'genius' who said, "A man selling a bag of marijuana does
                  more harm than a man firing a machine gun at noon in Times Square."
                    (Chief Gates was a Republican.)

 Also, I found this sentence while researching this story:

 Koon's attorney said more prison time would be unfair because,
 he claims, the beating was partly King's fault.
 Defense attorney, Ted Olsen, said King was a large, strong man
 who led police on a 100 mph chase and resisted arrest.

 Is this the same Ted Olsen who helped Hardon Kenny Starr in the Clinton Cock Hunt?
 And helped the Failure in Thief steal Florida from the voters last November?

 If there's a cock to hunt, call Ted Olsen.
 If there's an election to steal, call Ted Olsen.
 If there's a black man to be vilified after a severe beating, call Ted Olsen.

 You know what's going to happen - Smirk will repay Ted Olsen with a seat on the Whore Court.
 And since a black-hating, cock-hunting thief is just what America needs right now,
 the fake Democrats will vote to confirm this rightist-of-all right-wingers without a fight.

 Oh, God, I need a drink... of cool, cool rain.


The conscientious and responsible Chelsea Clinton never embarrassed America like this.
That was before we had a boozing cokehead and convicted criminal in the White House.

"Must be in the parenting", said Morality Czar Bill Bennett.

"This is the tragic result of careless self-absorbed parents passing their values on to their children",
exclaimed Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

"The fact is, young adults from homes where personal responsibility and obeying the law are taught
   early on  just don't get into this kind of trouble", lamented Jerry Falwell.

"It's time for Bush to resign and go home and tend to his severely dysfunctional family"
- Wall Street Journal editorial


My, my, have I been wrong about the media?
Was I mistaken, calling Bennett, Schlessinger and Falwell lying whore hypocrites?

Gosh I feel bad, I thought I had them pegged, but if they said that about
Bush's heavy-boozing daughter, ...well. ...maybe they are honest people.

I think I own them an apolo...


It's a what?

It's a parody from

How can it be a parody if it's exactly what you'd expect from Bennett, Schlessinger and Falwell?


You mean Bennett, Schlessinger and Falwell failed to condemn the drunken tramp?
Are you kidding me?

Bennett, Schlessinger and Falwell are the guardians of morality.
Of course they'll condemn a drunken slut when she hits the front pages, right?

They didn't?

Why, ... that's proof then that I was right all along!
Bennett, Schlessinger and Falwell are lying whore hypocrites.

Can anybody challenge that?


 "I'm here in my office early in the morning because I want to be, not because I have to be.
   The president, turns out, ...if he doesn't want to be here, he doesn't have to be here.
   Everybody else kind of, you know, shows up where he shows up.''
     --  President Weak & Stupid, finding out he's actually in charge of which hours he works

Cheney Says Bush 'In Charge' at 100 Days

 Whore City - President Dick Cheney insisted on Fox Whore Sunday that young Bush, not he,
  was "very much in charge of the show.''  Cheney discounted any notion that he is the real power
  in the White House, as hundreds of cartoons and editorials have charged.

 "That's silly,'' Cheney insisted.
 "Anything I do is because he specifically directs me to do it.
   He makes all the key decisions."


Subject: Ted Rall Article

Hey, the whole piece by Ted Rall is out of kontrol, and a narrow view.
Agreeing with most of what you say, and being a fellow Smirk hater, I can
overlook something's, but this phallacy has to end.

Think about this. You and I both know there are rednecks a plenty out flying
the Confederate Flag, listening to Pigboy, and doing bunches of, "nigger hating".
Well, fine and dandy. That's what they do.

But the Confederate Flag is a representation of states rights.When I look at it,
I see a state exercising their rights, and rebelling against unfair trade practices.
You do know that to be the reality of the war; don't you?
You do realize that four Union states were slave states, right?

So in order to keep the hammer mighty and truthful, I must point this out as one
of the more ridiculous Liberal causes, and one of the most misunderstood, too.
Not to say that that most of the pathetic rednecks down there can think on that
level and see it the way I do. Most of them, I'm sure, are just "nigger hating".

But maybe if we work together we can realize the flag for it's true meaning,
and not get so hung up about such tired issues as racism.


I understand what you're saying.
As with a lot of reasonable mail I get, I think we're both right.

You could probably put two Civil War scholars in a room and not get the same answers,
just as a liberal or conservative would describe Vietnam in different ways.

I'm thinking "street."
When those idiot yahoos in Massabama fly that flag on their pickup,
they are not championing state's rights.  Trust me - they hate blacks.
That flag tells a car of blacks to "watch yer ass."

You seem to be giving the more intellectual view of the South's thinking,
whereas I'm talking about the people who chose Bush over McCain in Carolina.

The rednecks who hate the most don't know anything about history.
All they know is their daddy and their granddaddy loved that flag & hated niggers,
and by God, that's good enough for them.

Also, would you not agree that owning slaves was their premier "state's right?"

I don't see any daylight between our positions.
You're speaking with some intelligence and I'm explaining Southern man.

 I forget...

 Is it illegitimate president or bastard president?

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

 Copyright © 2001,
   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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