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Volume 465 - The Texas Pop Tart
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 April 29, 2001.............................................................Sweep Weeks......................................................Help Wanted

Jenna Bush cited for alcohol possession
 Drunk like her daddy - with the whole world watching

April 27, 2001 | AUSTIN, Tx. -- Jenna Bush, nineteen and nasty, was cited early Friday for
alcohol possession by a minor, police said.  The ticket was issued by Austin police who were
checking for minors in possession of alcohol at nightclubs along the city's popular East Sixth Street.

Officers questioned Bush and another woman they believed to be under age 21 at about 1:30 a.m.
They were given a citation but were not arrested.

Note: They are white, rich and connected, and this is not Cincinnatti..

White House officials handled this the same way they handle Smirk's addictions:
"We respect privacy and we're not going to comment on anyone's personal life,"
said Noelia Rodriguez, spokeswoman for first lady Laura Bush.

Drunk again?
Didn't we taxpayers just pay to get her drunken stud muffin out of jail?
Is Jenna Bush out of control?

Where's the Secret Service?
They let Jenna Bush do anything she wants?
The Secret Sevice stood by and watched her get drunk?

If the Secret Service has to narc on Clinton,
why aren't they turning in the young Bush lawbreaker?


What does Scalia have to do with...??

Scalia said the Bush daughters "can't commit any crimes?"

He can do that?


Do you need another reason to hate the Bush family?
Don't read this with a full stomach.

Lions face new threat:
They're rich, American ...and they've got guns
Schwarzkopf and Bush Sr mobilise opposition as Botswana moves to save its big cats

Click  Here

Excerpt that'll make you sick:


George Bush senior and Schwarzkopf, are pleading with the government of Botswana to be allowed to
revive their old alliance, this time in pursuit of Africa's endangered big cats.  Mr Bush is among prominent
members of Safari Club International (SCI) who have written to the Botswanan authorities asking them
to lift a ban slapped on trophy hunting of lions in February.


Many of the lions are bred in captivity solely as bait for hunters and then hardly pursued at all.
They are released into what are no more than fields surrounded by fences and "hunted".
They have no chance of escape.

...son of a bitch.

I can't even show this to Mrs. BartCop.
She always sending money to some "Save the Lions" fund.

She    would    flip.

Bush senior wants a waiver to shoot an endangered species?
I guess once you head the CIA, nothing is out of your reach.
Not even stealing the White House for your stupider son.

...son of a bitch.

 Mo Mail and Toons

 Click  Here


"This coming weekend, President Bush will reach his 100th day in office.
 It's a big milestone for him, surpassed all expectations. In fact, so has Dick Cheney.
 Cheney was only supposed to make it to day 73."
       —Jay Leno

 Pope Asks Bush to Spare McVeigh

 Whore City - Pope John Paul II has asked President Weak & Stupid to
 spare the life Timothy McVeigh, who is scheduled to be executed on May 16.

 White House spokeswoman Claire Buchan said that a letter from John Paul requesting
 clemency was received this week. She would not reveal the details of the letter.

 Why the hell not?
  Isn't that state business?
 Why can't we read the Pope's letter?
  Is it kept hidden for "national security" reasons?

 "The president has great respect for the pope and this is a tragic situation.
  The president also has deep compassion and sympathy for the 168 victims of the
  Oklahoma City bombing and their families,'' Buchan said.

 Wait a minute - twice in the last six months, the Republicans have gotten a lot of
  political mileage out of being in bed with the Catholics on condemning abortion.
  Smirk always made sure there were enough cameras there to record him saying,
 "I believe in a culture of life," then he'd pause so the crowd could jump to their feet
 and cheer this brave warrior while glaring at those who remained sitting.

 If I was a devout Catholic, I'd be outraged that this cheap-ass political stunt was
 played - repeatedly - on my church, my Pope and my God.
 Don't you Catholics even care?

 But nooooooooooooooo.
 God, faith and religion are number two (or maybe number three)

 Job One is we have to ridicule Bill Clinton and "those liberals."
 Job Two is we must praise the new Savior, the woodchuck from Texas.
 Then, later, if we have time, and it's politically convenient, THEN we play
 the "I believe in a culture of life" card for the TV cameras.

 Plus, either the Pope is in on this charade or he's incredibly naive politically.
 If I was the Pope, and I knew the man who held the record for most state-sanctioned
 murders in the western hemisphere was waving my letter of endorsement around during
 a political campaign, I'd make it very damn clear to him that since we were "so close,"
 on this "culture of life" deal, that when it came time to stay an execution.
 I didn't want to be blown off like a second date on prom night.

 Smirk does a photo op with the Pope because the two of them are twins when it
 comes to that "culture of life" thing, meanwhile Smirk can't hear the Vatican phone
 ringing when a man is about to be executed?

 This isn't a "culture of life."
 This is a culture of horseshit.

 We know Smirk is a lying opportunist (who's on record dissing Catholics anyway.
 Remember, McCain would've won the Carolina primary if Smirk and Bob Jones
 hadn't trashed the Catholics to win the bigot vote in that backwards hole).

 So, what's the Pope's excuse?
 He allowed himself to be used by Republican Party?
 Or he just not real sharp when it comes to protecting Papal integrity?

 If I was a man of faith (much less the Pope) my religion would come BEFORE politics.

 Looks like I'm alone on that.


"Castro has done some good things for his people."
  -- Colin Powell, praising the communist dictator.

 A Letter to Laura Bush
 by Linda Stout Deak
 as seen on

 Click  Here

 Laura, if you cannot discuss politics with your husband, we are in deep trouble.
 It is his vocation.
 It is amazing to think that the president of the US is disinclined to talk politics with his wife.
 What we are afraid of is that he is disinclined to talk politics with himself. Please help us.

 By us, I mean the collective us, the ones who are neither Fat Cats nor NRA members.
 If a woman finds herself married to a clueless president, it is her job to put clues into his head.

 ha ha

The First 100 Days
 by Linda Chavez

 Click  Here

 George W. Bush is going to save this country.
 He's got Reagan's vision, and he's got Reagan's courage.

 Where would America be right now, without George W. Bush?


"President Bush announced today he'll approve the sale of 4 destroyers to Taiwan.
 Bush is trying to walk a fine line between helping Taiwan and not angering China.
 Bush admitted today he is not used to dealing with two different Chinas.
 In fact, Bush's staff admitted today that he still doesn't get the Dakotas thing."
       —Jay Leno

 Available from

Brother Jeb defends anti-Semetic remarks

Full Story

Ward's defamatory comments toward Jews, have plagued New York during playoff time.
 And even as the Camby situation continued to unfold today, the controversy over Ward also simmered.

Speaking at a briefing in Tallahassee, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush defended Ward's right to make the comments he did,
including Ward's assertion that "there are Christians getting persecuted by Jews every day" and that Jews have
Jesus's "blood on their hands." When asked about a request from the American Jewish Congress that Ward
be removed as the spokesman for the state's literacy campaign, the president's brother said:

"I doubt very seriously, knowing a little bit about Mr. Ward, that he meant anything,
 that he had any meanness in his heart by these comments."

ha ha

Besides that whole "murdering Christ," triffle, what's to get upset about?


"This Monday President Bush will be celebrating his 100th day in office.
  When asked about it, Bush said, 'Gosh, 100 days? Has it been a year already?'"
        —Jay Leno

From:  Johnny Angel

Subject: Classic!

 One of the more consistent aspects of the loud n' vulgar set in this
madhouse nation of ours is the ever-present "if you spot it, you got it" syndrome.

In the last few years, this conundrum has been most blatant when it's applied to the
hand-wringing moralizing of the Republican Right and their endless condemnation of Bill Clinton.
It seemed that one GOP chest beater after another got stung, Newt Gingrich (carrying on an affair
with a staffer while pushing forward impeachment for same), Bob Livingston (would be Gingrich
replacement that stepped down and resigned rather than be outed as BDSM poster boy),
Henry Hyde (House Judicial Committee Torquemada whose own adultery wrecked a neighbor's
marriage 30 years earlier, which Hyde wrote off famously as a "youthful indiscretion") and on and on.

Yet, these conservative heavyweights aren't even in the same ballpark as their Tallahassee cheerleader,
Marty Glickman. Glickman, a 44 year old, well-known Tallahassee sports and politics commentator and
guest host on local radio shows "The Wayne Green Show" and "Florida Radioactive" (WCVC-1330AM)
is famous for going into meltdown mode on the subject of the Clintons. " Seven years ago!

The Gingrich Revolution rallied to take over Congress," Glickman raved on "The Ugly Truth" a page from
the Register website. "A rednecked, classless pervert named Clinton from a low rent state like Arkansas
was tearing down all standards for the highest office in the land. O.J. Simpson was about to go Scott free
for a savage double murder. With a rapist, a liar, and a sexual harasser and his First Enabler Hillary Clinton
in charge; the country and it's children were perilously close to sinking beneath recovery."

Rather Gantry-like words they were, and on April 20th, Gantry-like actions followed--Glickman was
arrested n four counts of unlawful sexual activity with a juvenile and one count of delivering LSD.

Apparently, Glickman had been under investigation by the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement since August,
when agents received information that the radio celeb had been having sex with underage girls. He was
released on bail, if convicted he can face 15 years in prison for each count. Glickman has a history of
criminal charges dating back to 1995, of assault and battery and burglary, but was never convicted.

Andrew Cox, a producer of the shows said that it was unclear whether or not he would be a guest host
in the future. Given the possibility that Glickman would be unable to air his "controversial" views from
behind the walls of Raiford State Prison, I'd say that this is a good bet to take!

 Available from


"President Bush is back from that big trade summit up in Canada,
  but he said the water tastes funny up there without the arsenic in it."
     —Jay Leno

Senate Democrats open online store to raise cash

                 Click on any tutu

"Why pay for professional models?" asked the party of scared bunnies and fiscal sanity.

 Celebrity Mail


 Subject: Spy Plane Video

 BartCrop, I have poof!

 I have come into excusive evidince, from secret China sourses, that proves the American
 spyplane was gutly of attacking the innocent jet fiter flown by tha  innocent Chinese pilot.

 Click  Here  to see evidance nobody have.

 It's a little grainy, maybe the satellite was dirty
 Hey, Bart, if this blows up, can I get a gig with you?



 "I think that if you are the leader of planet Earth, you should be smarter than me.
   You just get the feeling, don't you, in the Oval Office that Dick Cheney is working
   behind the big desk. And then off to the right there is a little collapsible card table
   where George has like airplanes and stuff. Then every once in a while he looks up
   and says, 'I've discovered that if I shut my eyes, I can disappear.'"
        —SNL's Darrel Hammond, on why he didn't vote for Bush

 I forget...

 Is it illegitimate president or bastard president?

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 It had everything.

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