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Volume 484 - When it Rains - She Pours

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 To request ad information, or to threaten me a lawsuit, use

 May 31, 2001.   .   ...Advertise on     ...............SPORTS..  ...........  ..Did you hear it? 

  Three Little Tramps

 Report: Jenna corrupted sister Barbara, too.


 At approximately 10:19 P.M. on Tuesday, May 29th, the Austin Police Department
 received a 9-1-1 call reporting minors attempting to purchase alcohol. The caller was
 the manager of  Chuy's Restaurant located at 1728 Barton Springs Road.

 APD patrol officers arrived and found that Jenna and Barbara Bush, 19,
 were alleged to have been involved in this incident.

 As no offense was witnessed by APD officers,

 following routine procedures,

 further investigation is required

 to determine if any charges will be filed.

 APD and the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission are investigating this incident.

 ha ha

 These little tramps aren't going to be punished.
 They don't have to obey the law.
 Their last name is Bush, so  further investigation is required to determine if any charges will be filed.

 ha ha

 What a joke!

 Did we lose a war to England?
 Do we have a Royal Family now?

 In England, they recently ARRESTED Tony Blair's boy for alcohol,
 I guess because he wasn't royalty like the Windsor Family or the Bush family.

 Jenna was drunk enough for the Enquierer to get this picture.

 Then in the SECOND incident we, the taxpayers, paid to have her drunken boyfriend picked up
 from jail, and that was without having to bother with the usual time in the drunk tank.
 The Secret Service came right away. After all, this is the sacred Bush family
 They don't have to obey the laws against drunk-driving.

 Why, in the Bush family, you can be guilty of DWI, then hide that criminal record,
 then lie to the press when they stumble on it because "We should move on."

 Jenna was then involved in a THIRD incident three weeks ago, on April 27, 2001,
 where she was caught possessing alcohol,
 Isn't Texas a "three strikes" state?

 Didn't a black guy get life in prison last year for stealing a giant candy bar in Texas?
 Of course, if you're black and your last name's not Bush, you rot in prison.

 This, then is the FOURTH alcohol-related incident for young Jenna.

 Does anyone know where I can get a timer for the page
 so we can track how many days Jenna can go between arrests?

 ...and where the hell was the Secret Service?

 At the next table, sipping Cuervo margarita's?

 The Whore Supreme Court ordered Clinton's Secret Service detail to narc on him,
 but Clinton's last name wasn't Bush, so he wasn't immune from the law like the Bush family.
 I guess jenna gets another pass - just like her daddy on the DWI, the AWOL, the election,
 the debates, the 15-year old girl's abortion, the all-full National Guard unit. etc,
 just like her grand-daddy for pardoning the Iran-Contra felons, protecting Reagan.

 ...but the Clintons are the arrogant, immoral family in American politics?


Subject: this Casey Martin deal

First time for everything, you are wrong.
Golf is not a walking sport, it is a swinging of clubs and smacking a ball sport.

It is in no way the same thing as a pinch runner for Mark McGuire's
bad knees, it is like letting a nearsighted batter wear eyeglasses so he
can make out the managers hand signals. Letting Martin ride a cart is a
reasonable accomodation that has no direct effect on the actual play of the game.
Besides, golf isn't really a sport anyway.

James Jones


ha ha, I'm with you on that. Tonight, President Bartlet said,
"Golf's OK, but let's not confuse it with a game men play."

Ok, so how far do you take that?
Let me ask you a couple:

Scene One:
In an indoor sharp-shooting contest, one contestant has vision problems and
he wants a spotlight on his target to help him see it in the limited lighting.
After all, it's about a steady hand and not who has the best eyesight, right?

You're the tournament director - does he get his light?

Scene Two:
In a rowing contest, one guy is a skin cancer survivor and wants a canopy over his canoe.
You're in charge of the race.

Does he get a canopy on his canoe?

Scene Three:
A driver at Indy gets nasuous when he smells exhaust fumes.
He wants to breathe from an oxygen tank during the race.

You're in charge - does he get his oxygen tank?

Scene Four:
Jockey has a bad hand and can't hold on to his horse's reings.
He wants to strap himself onto the horse - for safety.

Do you allow him to wear a harness?

Please use numbers and short answers in your reply.

Put another way...

We're going to take money away from these worthless social programs
 for the "poor people," and give it to BIG OIL.

 Interview with the publisher of "Fortunate Son"
  the book we're not supposed to read because Uncle Dick says so. seen on

 Click  Here

 If you connect all the dots in the “Fortunate Son” story, you get a picture
 of a President who was made, not elected. The Bush Presidency is a
 creation of minds much more meticulous and strategic than his own.
 They removed talk of the Bush drug arrest from the media by feeding it
 to a biographer they knew had a felony conviction in his past.
 He breaks the story, and then they break him, the Dallas Morning News
 reports the salacious story about a car-bomb, a hit man, a boss, a
 felony conviction, and then the mass media's attention is focussed
 en masse on Hatfield.  The publisher was paranoid, so they announce
 that they are pulling all copies, all 88,000 copies of the book from stores.
 So much for America, so much for the Bill of Rights.

 You can order the book from them, too.

 GOP Reaction to the lastest Bush daughter alcohol incident
  courtesy of

 Click  Here


President Weak & Stupid came to Fresno today and was quickly chased out
of town by angry protesters. Bush had originally planned to stay the night in Fresno.
He was probably thinking that he would be safe in the conservative Central Valley.

Obviously, he couldn't visit the Bay Area - he would have been tarred and feathered.
But, in the days prior to his visit, plans were made to protest his arrival, the hotel
where he would be staying, and any other event he would be attending.

The prospect of his being greeted by big protests everywhere he appeared while in
Fresno was not what his public relations team had in mind when they selected his visit
to this area. Bush stayed less than 30 minutes and never left the heavily guarded airport.

One local radio station (KMJ) reported that almost the entire Fresno Police department
was on the scene to protect him. Protesters held signs and chanted as Bush left his plane
and boarded a helicopter headed for Sequoia National Park.


   by Greg Palast, as seen on

  Click  Here

 Investigative reporting about voting rights violations in the U.S. have been page one news -- in Britain.
 How did a hundred thousand U.S. journalists fail to get and print the vote theft story?

 Bush's Faustian Deal with the Taliban
   Weak & Stupid gives $43 Million to Religiously Insane Regime
   by Robert Scheer

 Full Story

 Enslave your girls and women, harbor anti-U.S. terrorists and destroy every vestige of civilization in your homeland,
 and the Bush administration will embrace you. All that matters is that you line up as an ally in the drug war,
 the only international cause that this nation still takes seriously.

 That's the message sent with the recent gift of $43 million to the Taliban rulers of Afghanistan,
 the most virulent anti-American violators of human rights in the world today.


Subject: Jenna Lewinsky?

Maybe now, the get-tough, law-and-order republican judiciary in Tejas will put her in jail.

.......yeah, right!

The only way Bush's daughter is going to jail is if she has sex with Clinton.

ha ha

Jenna Bush having sex with Clinton?

ha ha

We need a photo-toon of that!

Who will break the story of Jenna's abortion?
Greg Palast or Robert Parry?


 "I think we know that John has moved increasingly to the left over the last couple of years.
   Only he can say what he is up to. He has said repeatedly that he will always be a Republican.
   He is certainly a man of his word. But there is no question that John's voting has moved
   dramatically to the left over the last couple of years."
        --  Mitch McConnell, hudband of a Bush cabinet member.

 Sorry, Mitch, that's not quite true.
 McCain's party grew a swastika with which he was not comfortable.

 Captain Grunt is bragging that he's got two Red-Ink Reagan speeches posted on his website.

 Who cares?

 Reagan didn't write them.
 Reagan never had a clue what he stood for, except "tax cuts,"
 because that was a phrase he was able to commit to memory.

 Reagan did a half-decent job of reading someone else's words,
 but he never had any thoughts of his own.

 Contrast that to the State of the Union (1997?) speech where a staffer loaded the
 teleprompter with the wrong speech, and Clinton winged it until the right speech came up.

 I doubt we'll ever have another president as good as Bill Clinton.

 Stroke Me, Stroke Me

 "You don't have to be mean to be a good republica.
   That was the hallmark of Ronald Reagan.
   There was never any man-spiritedness at all."
       --the forgetful stroke victim, third hour.

 But, Rush!
 But, Rush!

 If that's true, why did George Bush (the elected one) declare that under his administration,
 America was going be "kinder and gentler" place?

 He did that because Reagan was a grumpy-ass, spiteful bastard and a grouchy son of a bitch.
 Reagan and his thugs created destruction politics.

 Bush (the elected one) said he wanted his America to be "kinder and gentler"
 compared to the mean-spirted viciousness of Ronald Reagan's America.

 A great, great article by a great writer, Robert Parry.
  This is a must-read column for everyone.

 Click  Here  for his superior version.

 Click  Here  for the forever version.

 No excerpt could do this great column justice - read the whole thing.
 Like Joe Conason, Parry has that ability to stay right on-target.
 Great work, Mr. Parry

 If anyone can dispute anything in this column, write to me.


Subject: Good Parenting

Chelsea Clinton is an outstanding scholar, going to Oxford.

Meanwhile, Jenna Bush is puking her guts up after doing six consecutive beer-bongs.

Yup, you can tell a lot about people by the quality of their kids.


 ...and Chelsea has never been arrested, not even once.


 More Details

 Police: Bush's daughter attempted to buy alcohol with fake ID

 President Bush's 19-year-old wild-ass daughter, Jenna, tried to purchase alcohol at a restaurant
 using someone else's identification card, police said Wednesday.

 Police were called to Chuy's Mexican restaurant Tuesday night as Jenna (Foster brooks) Bush
 was attempting to buy alcohol, police spokesman Kevin Buchman said.
 The legal drinking age in Texas is 21, but, of course, that doesn't apply to the rich and privileged..

 Jenna Bush's attorney, William P. Allison, the busiest son of a bitch in the legal profession,
 was hiding from reporters to avoid thousands of embarrassing questions.
 White House spokesman Scott McClellan declined comment.

 "If it involves the daughters in their private lives, it is a family matter," McClellan said.


 When one of Gore's daughters was caught with alcohol - once - G. Gordon Liddy
 said it was an example of "bad parenting" and clearly the Gore's fault - I have it on tape.

 When Al Gore III was caught speeding, Sean Hannity has an orgasm on the air
 and had to go to a commercial while he changed his pants.

 Of course, the pro-Bush whore media will play this down as much as possible,
 because Uncle Dick and Karl Atwater don't like negative news, "You got that?"

 I guess we can always wait a week and see what kind of facts Greg Palast digs up.

 Less than a month ago, Jenna Bush pleaded no contest to a charge of being a minor
 in possession of alcohol in connection with another incident, proving she either has
 the Bush family disdain for the Rule of Law or, like her father, is incapable of learning..

 She was ordered to pay $51.25 in court costs, and ordered serve eight hours of
 community service and attend six hours of alcohol awareness classes.

 Notice it says, "ordered to pay a fine - ordered to serve sommunity service."
 It doesn't say she paid or served, just that the judge, no doubt appointed by her crooked daddy,
 ordered her to pay - and ordered her to serve.

 She's a pampered little Bush - she doesn't have to do shit.

 Did Jenna inherit her violent dependence on alcohol?






 Jenna (Crime Wave) Bush was busted AGAIN last night in Texas.
 She was trying to buy alcohol with a fake ID.

 Can you believe this?

 The most famous teenager in the world was trying to use a fake ID?

 ha ha

 Where were her Secret Service agents?
 Waiting in the car outside, while Jenna (Darryl Strawberry) Bush went in the liquor store to break the law?

 ...and why doesn't Yahoo News know anything about this?

 I just heard it on K-Drag Nazi radio, KRMG, an ABC News affiliate.

 Where is Bill Bennett's outrage?
 Where is Laura the Unloved's outrage?
 They're not going to be outraged, because they are paid-for whores!

 They only get outraged when the RNC fax tells them to.

 ...and if President Weak & Stupid can't control his third-strike wild daughter,
 what chance does he have with North Korea, China, Iraq or Afghanistan?


 Hold on, the story is just now breaking...

 Police Say Bush Daughter Tried to Buy Alcohol

 AUSTIN, Texas  President Weak & Stupid's 99-year-old daughter Jenna (Robert Downey Jr) Bush
 attempted to buy alcohol with a fake identification card that belonged to someone else, police said on Wednesday.

 Police were called to a Mexican restaurant in the city on Tuesday evening after Jenna Bush tried to buy alcohol
 with a valid identification card that was not her own, Austin police spokeswoman Laura Albrecht said.

 No further details were immediately available, but Albrecht said police
 were preparing to release a statement. The legal drinking age in Texas is 21.

 Bush, a freshman at the University of Texas in Austin, pleaded no contest earlier this month to a
 charge of being a minor in possession of alcohol after police found her drinking beer in an Austin bar.
 She was ordered to perform eight hours of community service and take an alcohol awareness course.

 Is Smirky as AWOL with his parenting duties as he was with his National Guard duties?

 What kind of values did this rich girl grow up with?

 Is it true she's been seen wearing a sheer t-shirt with "Rich Bitch" spelled out in diaminds?

 How severe is her alcohol addiction?

 Didn't Smirk & Pickles set her down after the last two infractions, sorry - that's THREE infractions,
 and explain to her that the Secret Srevice has other things to do besides bail her out of jail each time?


 It's the hottest story on the Internet.

 from Tamara Baker

 Subject: Re: Heads up!  McCain may switch

>From the Orvetti report
>>A Democratic senator and a source in the Republican Senate  leadership say a switch
by John McCain to independent status could happen soon, National Journal's Charlie Cook reports.
McCain has been in talks with Democrats including  Ted Kennedy and John Edwards about
becoming an independent, Time reports...>>

If John Edwards can get McCain to switch, he deserves to be President in 2004.
(Teddy's resigned himself to being the Gray Eminence of the Senate, what with Chappaquidick in his past.
 Though it's rather unfair that Laura Bush can off a boyfriend with her car, yet that doesn't disqualify her
 idiot spouse from being Usurper-in-Chief.)

This would be on a par with the persuasive abilities of Bill Clinton himself.  (As much as I like Al Gore
and his record, he just doesn't have the guts -- or the mental creativity -- to pull off something like this.)

Come on, Johnny E!


Then we could lose important votes 57-43!


Subject: Larry Kilbride

Let me get this change words in someone's (Larry Kilbride's) e-mail and it's libel...
He changes words in someone else's writing and it's telling a little fib?
...thanks for clearing that up...

and the Freepers say that your site is bereft of intellectual content...?

ha ha

The Freepers may be right about this site having no intellectual content,
but we have more fun than anybody, here.

 Being right is different than being popular


 The government can not execute Tim McVeigh if his lawyers say they need more time
 to read and interpret the evidence the government held back undet Louis Freeh.
 Just as only Nixon could go to China, it takes a semi-liberal Democrat like myself to
 say McVeigh cannot be executed without due process.

 If a white-power handjob like Barr or Lott were to suggest Mcveigh be treated lawfully,
 crticis, perhaps myself included, would say they were just trying to help one of their own

 Of course, I'd like to see McVeigh stick around and endure sensory deprivation and
 some painful sodomy for the next 60 years, but we can't always get what we want.

 Maybe people have said it, but I haven't heard any of them yet:  We can not execute a man,
 no matter how guilty we "know" he is, until his lawyers have had a reasonable amount of time
 to digest the evidence that was illegally withheld from them.

 Of course, since Louis Freeh helped lead the Great Cock Hunt, he's a big hero to every
 ditto-monkey in the Republican party, and therefore he won't be held responsible for violating
 McVeigh's constitutional right to a fair trial.

 My crazy friend Vic the racist says McVeigh is going out a winner, because he's proving the
 United States government is murderous and corrupt - and who can argue with that?


 This casey martin deal isn't as urgent as McVeigh's situation, and Koresh knows I hate agreeing
 with the vulgar Pigboy, and those two partisan thugs on the Whore Court, Tony & Slappy,
 but apparently the Whore Court is saying,
"The way you idiots have stupidly worded this law, we have no choice but to rule for Martin."

 We could almost do without a Supreme Court if the people who wrote the law had even the
 slightest clue about how to phase a group of words. These mindless dorks write a law to
 help their campaign contributors, instead of doing what's right, so the law has these nutty
 sticking points and sharp edges that cause the problems the Whore Court must entangle.

 I am not insensitive to the handicapped, but this is reallt stupid law.
 The easiest way to see the efect of the Whore Court's ruling is to extrapolate.

 If a fellow with bad vision wants to compete as a marksman,
 should he be allowed to wear telescopic goggles?

 What if Casey Martin wants to run in the Boston marathon?
 Should he be allowed to use a golf cart there, too?

 Pigboy made a point yesterday that I've made many times, perhaps not on this page.
 I'm 47.  I'll never play professional baseball, football or hockey. I'm too old.
 I'm too short to play pro basketball, and I'm too tall to be a jockey.

 Should I sue someone?
 Or should I accept the fact that we can't always get what we want?

 Since Mark McGwire had bad knees, should he sure to have a pinch-runner run to first?
 After all, why should his bad leg stop him from competing?

 The brainless congress needs to take an English course and get familiar with the language
 we speak so they can write laws they don't need interpretation by anybody.
 If nothing else, the law could read, "except in professional sports."

 What will happen when Casey (Is he any good, by the way? Does he have a chance of
 winning a tournament someday?) wins a major tournament by one stroke on a 108 degree
 day when his challenger is dehrydrated from walking 18 holes, plus the tie-breakers?

 Stupid, stupid ruling, of a stupid, stupid law.
 They've opened a Pandora's Box of lunacy.

 We deserve better than those money-grubbing fools in Washington.

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 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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