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Volume 483 - Raining All Over the World

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 I'm finding requests for ad information buried in the mail pile, so I have a mail box for business purposes.
 To request ad information, or to threaten me a lawsuit, use

 May 29-30, 2001.    ............     ...Advertise on     ...............    ..SPORTS..  ......       ..  ..Did you hear it? 
 Thanks to Judy Dilworth, the Clinton link is back in operation.

 Bush Actually President,
 Nation Suddenly Realizes
   as seen on The

  Click  Here

"A few nights ago, I was watching The Tonight Show, and [Jay] Leno was making
 some typical joke about Bush--you know, the kind we've all heard a thousand times
 before--and I was thinking, 'Boy, wouldn't it be bizarre if he actually got elected?'"
 said Ocala, FL, homemaker and mother of four Janis Niering.

 "Then it hit me: 'Wait a minute--I think he was.'"

More on the dirty-tricks campaign comes to light
 by my good friend Gene :Lyons

 Click  Here

 Now it's obvious why Starr hid [the Shaheen Report]. Shaheen concluded that Olson offered what amounted
to " 'free' legal services because he viewed the client as a thorn in the side of a political foe."

    Ancient history? Maybe to Senate Democrats, but not to Tucker, who filed a motion last year to have his
Whitewater conviction set aside on precisely those grounds: that Starr's prosecutors hid Hale's Arkansas Project
ties for the same reason they went after Tucker in the first place--to conceal their star witness' role in a well-funded
dirty-tricks campaign involving Olson whose ultimate goal was the ruination of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

 The Wicked Tao of Lee
   by Maureen Dowd - she hates everybody

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 Ready for Slime Time: Critics Slander Jeffords
  by my good friend Joe Conason

 Click  Here

 Poisonous accusations about Mr. Jeffords have been spewed up by the same pundits
 who routinely praise GeorgeW. Bush for uplifting the atmosphere of Washington.
 Their bile carried the usual aroma of hypocrisy.

 “Changing the tone” was only a self-serving slogan, the kind of cheap sanctimony
  that winners forget as soon as they sense they might be losing.

 How to drive a ditto-monkey crazy

 Click  Here

 ...make that TWO ditto-monkeys.

Courtesy of the Wizard of Whimsy

 Those Wacky Iranians, circa 1980

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 From the BartCop Sports page

       Big Mac's back

  The Cardinals' new No. 2 hitter admits he doesn't know the bunt sign.
  "I haven't looked at the signs in years," said Mark McGwire on Monday.

  McGwire and No. 2 haven't been used in the same sentence other than
  a reference to McGwire hitting a second home run in a game.
  But No. 2 is where the Cardinals' slugger was hitting Monday
  for the first time in his career after being activated from the 15-day disabled list.

  "It is opening day," said McGwire, who was making his first appearance since April 16.
  And, as he seemingly does on most opening days, McGwire hit a home run.
  He also singled and scored another run as the Cardinals beat the Milwaukee Brewers 6-2.

 The Angry Burgher is doing a great job with the page,
 but sports is too big for one man to handle.
 You sports people need to contribute something.

 From the Sports page:

 It's a work in progress!
 Any suggestions? Volunteers? Want to write an article - maybe you should check with me
 as everybody wants to write about the Packers and Dolphins! I'm mostly harmless!
 Also, any basic html skill?   You are needed!   Email me: The Angry 'Burgher

 Haven't you always wanted to write about your favorite sport or team?
 Go to the Sports Page and send in your rants.

 They're fighting back in the Netherlands

 Click  Here

 Now, if only we could get the Americans to fight for their own country.

 Oklahoma just executed it's 14th inmate since executions have come back in style.

 Oklahoma ranks third in executions,
 ...after the Bush Brothers.


"Thank you all very much. General Hagee, thank you very much.
  Thank you for your warm welcome here at the White House..."
    -- President Weak & Stupid at Camp Pendleton, not the White House

 He's a poorly-trained chimp, is what he is.
 He memorized, "Welcome to the White House," and he says that to everyone he meets.

 Oh, God, why have you done this to us?

 Poll: 54 % of Americans know Smirk is Lying

 Click  Here

 In the poll carried out just after Jefford's announcement Thursday,
 53% of Americans said they had doubts and reservations about
 whether or not Mr Bush was a leader they could trust.

 Pearl Harbor Talk


 Subject: Downtown?

 Then what the hell was Petula Clark singing about?
 Downtown Tulsa?

 ha ha


 "The Supreme Court substituted their own personal views for the law."
    -- Rush, second hour, whining about the flawed Casey Martin ruling.

 Yeah, Rush, ain't it a bitch when the Whore Court does that?

 You didn't complain when they ignored the law and ruled against Clinton every time in the Great Cock Hunt.
 You didn't complain when they installed President Weak & Stupid over the wishes of the voters.

From: The Dome

Subject: Web site

I have an on line comic called George the Second and was wondering if you could add a link to my site.

The Dome

 From the NY Story


 Subject: Dip License Plate

 Near as I can make out the photo is of a Tanzanian Diplomat to the U.N.

 Country Code VG = Tanzania
 Suffix D = United Nations Diplomat

 Got this from this site.

 It doesn't say anything about the might be the Ambassador to the U.N.
 Or, if they're security conscious, he may have some other number.

 Pearl Harbor Talk

 I got a nice e-mail from Ben Affleck, thanking me for my positive review.
 It may have been the only positive review given to Pearl Harbor.

  "You have a new fan," he said.

 Remember how Ben and Matt got their start?
 They sent their Good Will Hunting script to Robin Williams,
 and Robin answered with, "Can I be in your movie?"

 Yes, Ben, you can be in my movie.


 Subject: Limbaugh

 No one ever brings up how Limbaugh spent the first year or two beginning
 each show with  "Day __ America Held Hostage."

 The right never accepted Clinton's election even though he unequivocally won both the popular and electoral vote.
 I think this attitude helped lead to some of the violence, like Oklahoma City, against the government by giving
 an imprimatur to the idea  that the government was illegitimate.

 DeElk, how true.
 Limbaugh spent years calling Clinton "illegitimate,"  but now that his boy has won
 over the objections of the voters  he's a fucking church mouse on "legitimacy."

 Rush Limbaugh is a lying opportunist with an infected cyst on his poorly-wiped ass
 and if I'm lying, you can serve me a subpeona any day of the week.

Let's me & you go to court, Pigboy.

 Let's see who the jury finds more credible.
 Let's see who the jury finds more honest.
 Let's see who the jury finds more mainstream.
 Let's see who the jury finds more human.

 Pick a jury from Oklahoma, Massabama, Carolina, I don't give a flying 'F."
 The jury doesn't exist that I cannot convince.

 Tally Briggs / Actress at Large

 California Slumming

 Click  Here

 You aspiring writers and activists need to get to
 and sign up your page so Marc Perkel can tell people about you.

 If you have a complaint about the media whores, get to

    by Greg Palast

 George Bush's energy plan (if you can call it that) is not just about lining the pockets
 of his oil company buddies - it's about making California pay for voting Gore,

 Click  Here

 From: (withheld)

 Subject: Chinaco Anejo and the Bartcop Tax Plan

 Congratulations on the "Bartcop Tax Plan" passing!
 Secondly, after my girlfriend of 4 years broke up with me yesterday,
 I decided to try some Chinaco Anejo to ease the pain.

 Went to a place in Tempe called "Palapas" and it was hopping, even on a Sunday night.
 Salsa or whatever filled the air and the small dance floor was packed with Hispanic-Americans.
 I bellied up to the bar and asked for Chinaco Anejo.

 The bartender looked over his inventory and then handed me a Tequilla menu.
 I looked it over and sure enough, Chinaco Anejo was on the menu for $7 a shot.

 The bartender poured out what looked to me like a huuuuuuge shot--but I wouldn't know
 since I haven't drank "shots" since I was a teenager.

 Damn that was good!  It took me almost 20 minutes to find my car afterwards!

 I understand now why you are so gaa-gaa over the Chinaco.  It truly is heavenily nectar,
 although I suspect it will take me a number of months to recover from the pain of relationship breakup,
 it was a nice distraction from the trauma of the experience.




 Chinaco Anejo will never lie to you.
 Chinaco Anejo will never break your heart.
 Chinaco Anejo will never throw your clothes into the street.
 Chinaco Anejo will never run up $6200 on your credit cards.
 Chinaco Anejo will never tell your friends about that one night.
 Chinaco Anejo will never have nasty, hot-monkey sex with your best friend.
 Chinaco Anejo will never pack a .357 in your carry-on luggage,*
  then call the airline and tell them you're planning to hijack the damn plane

 You can trust Chinaco Anejo.

 *Homage to the late, great Sam Kinison.

 Ton o Mail and Toons

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There's no place like
There's no place like
There's no place like

 by  Isaac Peterson

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 BartCop's Lib'ral Hammer



 Subject: Reagan Analysis

 "Reagan was essentially an opportunist in the pursuit of power.
 He had very little coherent political 'philosophy'. His focus was upon power.
 In my view he is best seen as atavist, a throw-back to an earlier society: the
 'great conqueror' and would-be builder of empire, not a modern pragmatic politician.

 In a sense, he was born out of his time. He was a brilliant stage performer who,
 in a later part of the century, might have ended as a pop singer or a successful salesman
 or businessman. Reagan is, as with us all, a child of his times. He is also an example of
 the professional politician-not primarily an ideas man, but an opportunist who will
 'read the polls' and say whatever it takes to gain and stay in power."

 The author certainly has Bill Clinton pegged accurately, doesn't he.
 This is fascinating because if you are a liberal or a conservative there is plenty to agree with.
 Not much to disagree with.
 The only flaw in the analysis is that I told a little fib.
 I substituted the name Reagan for the real subject of the analysis.

 The real subject was Adolf Hitler.


 Larry, good stuff.
 That must've been hard for you, because I know at one time you were a Reagan fan.

 Welcome to the light, my friend.

Courtesy of The Diva

Click on the toxic "W"

 Why the Rush to Execute Tim McVeigh?
    Maybe they don't want him to reveal who he voted for?

 Click  Here

 There is another dimension to the Oklahoma City bombing that the political establishment has sought to conceal.
 At the federal, state and local level there are numerous political figures with close ties to the Christian right,
 militia groups and racist and anti-Semitic organizations—the very circles in which McVeigh moved prior to the bombing.
 The Republican Party in particular has close ties to such right-wing groups, and a number of Republican senators,
 congressmen and governors have actively solicited their support.

 During the GOP impeachment drive against Clinton, it was revealed, for example, that Bob Barr,
 and Trent Lott had ties to the Council of Conservative Citizens, a white supremacist group.

 The  GOP  is  run  by  white  supremacist  handjobs?
 Who  knew?

 I have lost the link to Bill Clinton's web page.

 When you look for it with search engines, all you get is lawsuits
 by money-grubbing, publicity-seeking sluts and cock-hunting, white-power,  tobacco whores.

 If you find that link, could you let me know?


Subject: Monday's issue...

...really DID have it all. I just spent an hour reading it and the links, and my oh my, what a great issue.
Smirk, Laura the Unloved, Andrew Sullivan, Cheney...mucho dissing of people, for lack of a better
word, who so richly deserve it.

I'm still in hysterics over Mr. Bareback and his POWER GLUTES.
How can I get POWER GLUTES???

But the best line of the day has to be "In the 'Vagina Monologues,' you couldn't win a part as a genital wart."

It just doesn't get any better than that.

RE: NY. After living there for many years, I have my good memories and bad ones as well. The Mets and
Yankees, for instance, fall under the latter designation. NY pizza, however, falls under the former.
And you don't have to go to Ray's to get great pizza there...any neighborhood joint will do.
The secret, as near as I can tell, is to put fresh garlic on the bread before applying the sauce.
In my neighborhood in Brooklyn, there were three pizza joints within a block or so.
It was TORTURE deciding which one to go to for a slice. All different, and all great.

Oh, Larry Kilbride sent me a thoughtful message, telling me I was insane and sick and whatever and that
he was BLOCKING ME from ever contacting him again.
Since he's the one who contacted me...well, let's just leave it at, THANK YOU LARRY, you crazy nut, you.

Take care,
Pete Hisey

Pete, you are correct.
Andrew "Bareback" Sullivan is a nut,
Margaret Shemo is hysterical and
Larry Kilbride is a nut.

 Astrological Reading for BartCop
  as determined by

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 Be sure to visit  for all your astrology needs.

 I shouldn't, but I'm gonna.
 This is a picture of Sarah O'Hare.

 She's a near supermodel who married Rupert Murdoch's son "Lachlan."
 (If I ever had a kid, I'd name him "Lachlan."
  Either "Lachlan" or "Hootie and the Blowfish," whichever is more street.)

 I'm not trying to make some big political statement here about how supermodels
 sometimes marry men for their daddy's money or to get inside a hotter spotlight.

 This is not about the imperialistic, reich-leanings of the Murdoch Monster.
 It's not about Newt's failed revolution and how Murdoch got burned.

 I just think Rupert's daughter-in-law has a cute caboose.


 "Bush is unusually incurious, abnormally unintelligent, amazingly inarticulate, fantastically
   uncultured, extraordinarily uneducated, and apparently quite proud of all these things."
     -- Christopher Hitchens in Vanity fair.
         Like that bitch Maureen Dowd, Christopher Hitchens hates everybody.

 Join the Paul Harvey Fan Cluib
 (You must pass a test to get in)

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 Subject: Question

  I wanted to email you because I thought maybe you could give me your opinion on a few things......

 1. I was talking to a friend of my mom's the other day about the Iran hostages in the early 80's.
 He says that the reason the hostages weren't released until Reagan got into office is because the
 Ayotollah didn't like Jimmy Carter and wanted to wait until a Republican president was in office
 before he let them go.

 2.  One of my friends is a Republican and she was talking about Clinton, saying that he was the
 reason that a lot of american soldiers got killed during the war in Bosnia. I'm sure that's not true either.
 (Of course she also brought up the subject of Monica. and also the supposed trashing of  the White House
 and the looting of Air Force One, which I pointed out to her never happened and which she had no response for.)


 Kelly, you came to the right place.
 1. Yes, the religiously insane Ayataollah Khomenie didn't like Jimmy Carter because
 Carter allowed the dying Shah of Iran to come to New York for medical teatment.
 Khomenie very logically assumed the Shah was here to plot his return to power,
 so the hostages were taken - for no particular reason.

 There was no "invasion" to call off, there was just a lot of name-calling, ("Great Satan")
 and a lot of chest-thumping about how badly Iran could kick our ass in battle,  ha ha
 but Khomenie came to realize that the hostages were gaining him absolutely nothing,
 and they were becoming a severe liability to him and his faith-based initiatives.

 While looking for a way to get out and save face, Bill Casey contacted Iran and told them
 if they would keep the hostages until after the election, they would be rewarded with
 planeloads of Stinger missles to help them in their war with Saddam in Iraq.

 So, your mother's friend is right: Khomenie didn't like Carter at all, but he loved Reagan
 and his team of perjury-riddled, Constitution-raping, arms-for-hostages band of thugs.
 Reagan's promise of missles from the future and his "never negotiate with terrorists" horseshit
 was just what Khomenie needed to get out of his jam with Jimmy Carter.

 Reagan saved the day - for the Ayataollah.

 And all it cost was Raegan's dignity, his honor, his self-respect, the rule of law, his word to
 the American people2 planeloads of missles, and the continued blindfolded incarceration
 of 50 innocent, terrorized career-service diplomats. Since these crimes had nothing to do
 with Clinton's zipper, they weren't considered crimes at all.

 After the election, Iran wanted to release the hostages right away, but Bush and Casey
 thought it would look better if Iran held those innocent diplomats until January 20th,
 so Reagan could start his "never negotiate with terrorists" administration on a high note.

 2. This is crazy talk. There were no "American soldiers killed during the war in Bosnia."
 Sadly, one ot two died in a car wreck and I think one committed suicide, but none in battle
 When in doubt, just remember,  "Clinton never sent a man into battle who didn't come home."

When you're young, ...and hopelessly in love,
 there's only one thing that matters...

 I forget...

 Is it illegitimate president or bastard president?

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

 Copyright © 2001,
   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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