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Volume 492 - Bat Boy Hot for Jenna Bush

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Bush's Daughters Enter Pleas

Barbara Bush, the sl;ightly more sober daughter, has pleaded no contest to an underage
drinking count stemming from their world-famous crime spree last month at Chuys.

The other, drunker daughter, Jenna Bush, has pleaded innocent to a charge of
misrepresenting her age while trying to buy a cheap margarita with someone else's ID.
Sources close to the drunker one said she was unable to remember who she was,
and therefore can't be held liable for trying to pass herself off an someone else.

Barbara Bush was sentenced to probation and eight hours of community service
and must attend an alcohol awareness class, which doesn't make a lot of sense
because she's obviously aware of alcohol already - that's why she's in court.
They do things goofy in Texas.

The court has set a trial date of July 31 for the drunker twin, Jenna.
It indicates that Jenna pleaded  innocent  to the charge.

The court had previously said both daughters were scheduled to appear June 18.

Two weeks before the May 29 incident, Jenna Bush pleaded no contest to underage
drinking charges. She was ordered to take alcohol counseling and perform community service.

The White House has insisted the crimes are "a private family matter."

What Happened that Night at Chuys

  Some guys say they're sorry with a dozen red roses.
  Others make promises that they'll never cheat again -- never, ever, honest!

  Full Scumbag Story

  You can't really blame Maria for feeling agitated. Her 15-year marriage has been rocked
  over the past months with a story of her husband's infidelity and rumors of his womanizing
  behavior, which included a seven-year affair with former child actress Gigi Goyette.
  The stories may even have stalled Schwarzenegger's plans to run for governor of California


Subject: Secret service tried to sneak Jenna out of bar

The attached link suggests that Secret Service agents tried to shuffle the Bush twins out of Chuy's.
It also shows that far from getting worse treatment than other teens caught under this law,
Jenna had preferential treatment.

*Bush, when he was Texas' governor, signed the 1999 law that increased the
 penalty for using false identification from a Class C to a Class B misdemeanor.

*At least 67 people have been charged with the Class B misdemeanor for trying to
  buy alcohol with a fake identification since the law took effect on Sept. 1, 1999.

*Class B offenses typically result in arrest.

Records on file in Austin Municipal Court show that only one person this year has been given a Class C
citation for attempting to use a fake identification to buy alcohol, said Rebecca Stark, the court clerk.

That's Jenna Bush.



Of course it was.
The Bush family is royalty.
They don't have to obey the law.

  Cops forced to restrain brawling Republican bad girl after DUI arrest

 Full Drunken Story

 Shannen Doherty spent six hours in jail after cops busted her for drunken driving.
 TV witch Shannen Doherty is in a bubbling cauldron of toil and trouble -- cops say she was so wild during
 her recent DUI bust, they had to tie her hands and legs behind her back to keep her from hurting anyone!

From: (withheld)

Subject: Limbaugh Didn't Lie Friday

Limbaugh didn't tell any lies on the radio Friday--he let Hannity do the lying.

Hannity was complaining about the shabby treatment that the Bush girls were receiving.
In typical Republican fashion, he threw in some unsubstantiated smears about children of Democrats
to roil the waters, then mentioned that he'd never stoop so low as to say what he just said.

He talked about "the young Al Gore" with "a certain weed" at school.
Which Al Gore was he talking about?  He then mentioned that he wouldn't repeat
any of the rumors that people share with him about Chelsea.

Hannity doesn't seem capable of making the distinction between getting arrested for a crime
and having the FreeRepublic types invent rumors about you.

Hannity also claimed that no one in bars ever call the police on people with fake IDs.
You know what's going to happen, don't you?  Hannity will get away with that lie for a day or two,
then the lie will be repeated and grow, then some guys who DID get busted that way will go public,
and the GOP will say, "What does that have to do with it?"

We've been down this road so many times it's mind-boggling.

If Bushes don't want their kids to be treated any differently than our kids, then why in the hell
was "rising political superstar" Patrick Bush on Larry King last summer, talking about politics?
If a 14-year-old Bush can have Larry King fawning over him because he accepts the fact that
he has to wait until 2024 for HIS turn to be president, then the drunk one and the promiscuous one
have to understand that some of their run-ins with the law will be made public.

p.s.  Hannity said the drunk one is pleading "innocent."  This could get fun.

p.p.s.  I don't care a whit about 19-year-olds drinking.  It's nice to see most Republicans temporarily agreeing with me.

p.p.p.s.  Is it true that Smirk wants to keep the barricades in front of Pennsylvania Ave.
             to keep Jenna from crashing into the White House?  has a new "wing" on his page

 Click  Here

Bat Boy Hot for Jenna Bush

  ...headline in Rupert Murdoch's Weekly World News

 Dad Slinks Off Into Silence on Alcohol
   By Robert Scheer

 Full Shameful Story

 Maybe the drinking age should be dropped to 18 years old, as most of the Bush daughters' classmates
 seem to feel. Why make criminals of the young, most of whom are quite responsible in making their
 own decisions about when and what to drink?

 But isn't that even truer of an adult cancer patient who uses marijuana to ward off nausea?


Subject: Tiger Beat

You need a new link on the top of the page called TigerBart, in homage to Tiger Beat magazine.
You can post all these love notes to Bono there.
I have to agree with the reader who said U2 and Nugent sound the same.
They do...unlistenable.

Lets not put that crown of thorns on his head yet.
Other performers have seen more woe than Bono.
Other performers do great things for their favorite causes.
Sinatra did more for the world of music than Bono ever will and saw twice the misery.
Paul McCartney seems to struggle on.
Elvis lost his Mama.
How many "Close Friends" do you think Elton has buried?

I'll give Bono credit for being a good guy but I'd rather read about Casey Martin.
The first song they did at the game is the only U2 song I can stomach. I didn't see it.
I also have no idea why they were playing at an NBA game.
Doesn't seem to be their target audience.
Black fans were saying "U2 who? Where's that little slut Christina?"

Ever hear the phrase "Buy American"? It means in rock n' roll, too.
Listen for the new R.E.M. CD.
BTW, did you hear that the singer has admitted he's gay?
Who knew?

Rich in New York

I try to avoid American rockers, English comedians and rude New Yorkers.


Subject: Fuck u2- whut about the game?

Hey Bartcop,
Fuck Boner and U2.
That sucked.
AI and the 76ers.
Now that was real artistry.

Thomas Jameson

Thomas, have you met

I think U2 might get along real well.

 If Jenna Bush is a pothead, is it news?
 The media has been silent about recent allegations that the first daughter is a marijuana user.
 Is the press giving the drug war's commander in chief a break?

 By James Pinkerton at

 Click  Here

 "Jenna came over one night and we all did some doobies together.
  I wouldn't say she's a major pothead but she likes to toke up when it's around."

Giuliani (R) Hires Investigators To Probe Love Nest Story

Rudy Giuliani (R-Reich) "has unleashed private investigators including one of his top guns
from his days as a U.S. attorney to probe a report that he and girlfriend Judith Nathan
overnighted at the St. Regis hotel several times last week," the New York Daily News reports.

"The broadening investigation follows Giuliani's threat to slap a libel lawsuit on the New York Post,
which reported Tuesday that the mayor and Nathan used the luxury hotel as a 'love nest,'
where they 'spent several nights ... last week.'"

To:  Laura C. Schlessinger


Subject: ACLU and Free Speech

Click  Here

You claim that the ACLU is obligated to defend the free speech rights of
each and every high school student who agrees with you.  You further claimed
that the ACLU had failed to come to Ms. Lawyer's defense -- "to the best of
my knowledge;" we can only imagine how good your knowledge of the matter
might be.  (You believe, of course, that the ACLU has no business defending
the right of students to express views with which you do not agree.)

Intern Called Congressman Before Vanishing

"Missing Washington intern Chandra Levy called Rep. Gary Condit several times the day before
she mysteroiusly vanished, according to her cell-phone records," the New York Post reports.

"Investigators say Levy repeatedly called the California Democrat at a special answering service
that bypassed his congressional office."

Condit has denied a published report in the Washington Whore Post that missing intern
Chandra Ann Levy had spent the night at his Washington condominium.

I don't know why the authorities are spending time investigating this missing woman.
It's got nothing to do with Clinton's zipper...

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