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 June 18, 2001.  .....   ...Advertise on    ..... .......SPORTS..  ...........  ..Did you hear it? 

 Two reminders about Rush's squealing about price controls:

     Dear vulgar Pigboy,

 1. The only president in my lifetime to issue long-term price controls was Nixon, you nut,
     so stop whining since your side is the only one to ever take this drastic step.

 2. Your repetitive whine that, "Price controls will not produce one watt of electricity,"
     comes nowhere close to making any sense. If there's an earthquake or hurricane, temporary laws
     against gouging on batteries, ice and bottled water don't produce any batteries, ice or water,
     but they PROTECT the people whose lives were turned upsidedown by Mother Nature.

     In California, it's the unrestrained greed of Smirk's friends in BIG OIL causing the problems.
     So shut the hell up about price controls not producing anything.

     If your phones were open, liberals could point out the realities of life, Rush.


Subject: When O'Connor retires...

i am going to suggest that when O'Connor retires we begin raising the holiest hell imaginable.
Why? Because that bastard,like his father replacing a great African-American jurist with Uncle Thomas,
would replace O'Connor -- who is on the shit list anyway -- with a nut from the 5th circuit in Louisiana.

Her name is Edith H. Jones, a Red Ink appointee who is apparently as insane as Scalia, Uncle Thomas, and Renquist.
She authored the decision allowing Bush the Sequel to put a man to death whose attorney had slept through the trial.

Apparently just having a warm body in the court room constitutes due process.
Prediction: the grab your ankles Democrats will approve and the press will say "she's a woman."

John, I agree.
The gelding Democrats will confirm whoever Karl Rove tells them to.
I think every Democrat should get out their checkbook, write a check
to for $600, take a picture of it, and send that photo to
their pink tutu Senator or Rep with the note,
"I was going to send this to YOU, but you refuse to fight the Fascists."

You don't have to mail the check to me at PO Box 54466, Tulsa, OK 74155,
but your scaredy-cat Democrat in Washington will think you did.

Heck, they might even dial up  to see what the fuss is about.
I don't think our Democrats know the meaning of the word, "NO!"

...otherwise, don't even bother voting again.
Uncle Dick and Karl Rove will handle that for you.

 Moving on from the Tiger Woo  situation, one last note:
 I'm guessing this week was the most visible week for Tiger in 2001,
 and he drove a Chrysler around K-Drag all week.

 If I was Buick, that'd piss me off.

 They paid the former Mr Perfect millions to endorse their cars,
 but the one week when everybody was watching him, he drove a Chrysler.

 Oh, one other thing.....

 ha ha

 This is a follow-up to the California energy problem debate I had with Michael Gardner.
 Click  Here

 I've said for years that the government should regulate the price of gasoline.
 Nobody gains but OPEC and BIG OIL when the price fluctuates.

 Same for California's energy problems - power should be regulated.
 Aren't most monopolies regulated, anyway?
 In K-Drag, natural gas & electricity rates are set by the Oklahoma Corporation Commission,
 where Uncle OJ Watts made his fortune accepting "gifts" from the companies he regulated.
 For decades, OPEC has had the power to lower prices to where American wells shut down.
 This is what happened under Clinton.  Oil was $20 a barrel and it costs $25 to drill for it,
 so hundreds or thousands of unprofitable OK and TX wells shut down and those oil field
 workers went into different lines of work.

 Now, OPEC and ENRON can raise the hell out of oil prices, knowing it would take years
 to assemble the equipment and personnel to make the wells operate again, but as soon as they do,
 OPEC and ENRON can drop prices and put them out of business like a Wal-Mart.

 Gasoline, oil, coal, natural gas and nuclear should be regulated by the feds.

 ...and Al Gore was right.

 The gas-chugging automobile engines are what's killing us.
 That's why Houston looks like this:


 We could make rechargable-battery powered cars right now if we wanted to.

 But then Smirk's buddies couldn't make those extra billions, so we're mired in the morass
 of technology that was around when Judge Roy Bean and Bear were scaring strangers.

 You can't blame Clinton for this.
 When we were drowning in cheap, cheap oil, you can't expect a nation to get behind a move
 to "fix" an emergeny that doesn't exists.

 But now that ENRON and Exxon/Mobile are raping American family budgets to death,
 we need a new Manhattan Project that won't make the super-rich richer.

From: Coach

Subject: Area 51 video


I couldn't read your Area 51 stuff either. And I'm also on cable with a brand new video card.
The whole thing downloaded in less than three minutes but wouldn't play.
No idea what the problem is, but there's a problem.

When I'm fooling around with new stuff, I usually send it to myself first for a trial run.
Have you tried this?


Coach, thanks, you're the second person to give me feedback.
Since the feedback is running 100 percent "can't see," I won't post anymore video
until some tech dude writes in with possible solutions.

Heck, it may be something as simple as having the wrong setting when I create the mpg,
but I can download what's on the www and it worls perfectly.

...but then, I have some porn experience :)

BTW, the video shows a real spaceship landing and small silver beings getting out.
They mulitated some cattle and took off in a flash - too bad you can't see this incredible proof!

Europe vents its anger against Bush

Click  Here

The President’s visit to Sweden was dogged by protesters, thousands of whom at one point
bared their bottoms outside his hotel. The failure to reach agreement at the US-EU summit
followed a polite but unco-operative reception at Nato over US missile defence.


"Tiger Woo   is nine strokes back
   If he has a great round, he may finish in the top five.
   If he wins this golf tournament, he'll be my idol, that's for sure."
  -- golfer Sergio Garcia, near the lead after Saturday

  ha ha

From: (withheld)

Subject: Area 51 video

Hello Bartcop,

I just finished attempting to get this video to work with no such luck at all.
I have a cable modem, and the new real player 8, I can't get it to play at all.

Enclosed is a copy of the error message,
MPEG by Bitcasting: Error 3 unable to play file.
yet I doubt that will be of any help.

Do I need a different player to view this file?


Dae, thanks for the feedback, you're the only one who has written.
I wish I knew what to tell you.

As far as I know, it's a regular mpg.
After I uploaded it, I put the original in another folder and downloaded
what was on the www and it worked fine, but I have a Voodoo 3500 video card.
Maybe it plays more formats - I don't know.

Any of you porn experts out there know what to do?
I know that's why you got the cable, the DSL, the T-1's and T-3's, so you could download the nasty movies.
(If you write in, I won't identify you as a "porn expert")

If nobody can see the mpgs, I'll stop uploading them.


Subject: VN Vets Memorial for Reagan...


you rule dude!
me and my homeless buddies wish to contribute our WebReadyRonnie tribute to Reagan ....

laughing vietnam veterans in seattle...

pls send Chinaco!
... its COLD in the morning under this bridge...

     Click on Red-Ink Reagan to see a great page

 Good stuff, guys!

 Lying Bastard Rewrites History for Upcoming Confirmation Hearings
 Asa Hutchinson (R-Bob Jones Alumni) claims he tried to stop the lynching of Clinton's penis
 Senate Democrats will certainly confirm, to avoid making Rove and Cheney angry.

 Full Story

 Asa Hutchinson said Friday he was part of a small, bipartisan group of House Judiciary Committee members
 who tried but failed to find an alternative to impeaching President Clinton in 1998.

 "It was very difficult for the legislative branch to discuss sensitive issues with the judicial branch," he said.
 "So [impeachment proceedings] was something that was started and simply had to continue on."

 If, I mean when they confirm this nasty-ass, racist, lying cock hunter,
 please tell me you're going to stop sending money to the gelding Democrat.
 Make them take one, little tiny step towards acting like men before they get another dime.

 God, what are we going to do when O'Connor retires?
 Rove will stack the Supreme Court with more partisan whores and we'll never get to vote again.

 Pundit Pap over at  is great reading every week.
 I stopped watching the Sunday shows because Pundit Pap watches them for me.

 Be sure and read the Capital Gong Show  piece by Dash Riprock.
 Good damn stuff, wish I'd written it.

 I'd like to steal it, but that whole page is great, you should check it out.
 And they're faster than hell, too.
 The networks make you wait days for transcripts.
 But Pundit Pap is up within hours.

 A shot of Chinaco  for Mac, Doctor Dave, Morrie and Dash.

 Maureen Dowd  had another yawner column Sunday.

 Click  Here  if you want to waste the time.

 Admit it - you wanted Tiger to win the U.S. Open, didn't you.

Tax Cut Puts Social Security at Risk

Full Sad Story

Bush's tax cut and the lagging economy are shrinking federal surpluses, shaping the political battle
over the budget into a fight over which party will be forced to dig into Social Security and Medicare funds.

Democrats say the tax cut -- along with spending Republicans envisioned in the 2002 budget -- will
drain away expected surpluses in the near term and eat into money generated by the two politically
sacrosanct programs for the elderly and disabled.

"There is still very much a sense that there's money for more tax cuts, and money for more spending,''
Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, D-N.D., said last week. "I don't believe that's the case.''

Washington 'Dead Wrong' on AIDS
 By the Washington Whore Post

Click  Here

Andrew Natsios, the Bush administration's new chief of the U.S. Agency for International Development
(USAID), has made a very bad start with regard to one of his agency's primary missions: dealing with the
scourge of AIDS in Africa. Natsios has made comments recently on the prevention and treatment of the
disease in Africa that are, to say the least, disturbing, if not alarming.

Stopping AIDS deaths in Africa won't produce a single barrel of oil...

The act-now, think-later president
   by Daniel Schorr

Full Story

But perhaps one should not be surprised at this tendency to act now and think later.
This, after all, was the president who decided how much money he wanted to commit for tax relief
before he knew how much he would need for defense, education, and prescription drugs.

 Dear BartCop,
 Thought this might've gotten lost in the recent full-up :)



 Subject: You're not sending that check to NPR, are you?

 Hey Bartcop,

 Everywhere the fashionably liberal people are talking about NPR.
 About the artsy programs, about history, life, and such. Maybe some
 get the warm and fuzzies by funding "public" radio too. I sent money
 too, until NPR started smirking along the right wing-to-irrelevant,
 axis, and then danced at the funeral when they buried democracy.

 So, where are fine democracy-loving people to send their money now?!

 Nobody wants to fund more political Prozac on NPR/PBS (we put the "Goebbel" in "information")!
 They can't give it to Salon, 'cause Salon will turn around and give it to Horowitz and Paglia.
 What are they going to do, give it for another Green ego-trip?
 They'd give it to the DNC, but then the Crisco kid (Ministry of Justice) will come looking for them.
 So, till the Big Dog asks for it to give Hillary a promotion, they can hit the Paypal button to grow the Big Hammer.

 BartCop.. it's better than Working Assets.

 Pretty clear, eh? Maybe you can tell the lost souls this on the page,
 instead of just showing a GIF of Paypal.


 bhaskar is right.
 Everyone should support

 Koresh knows what would happen if we had a budget to work with.


 "I don't know if anything improper happened in Mr. Rove's meeting, but I do know this is exactly
  the type of situation that you would have investigated had it occurred in the Clinton Administration.''
     -- Henry Waxman to Dan Burton (R-Depends)

 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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