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Volume 521 - Fooling the Man

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 July 8, 2001.  ..... .....  ...Advertise on    .......... .......SPORTS..  ..........  ..Did you hear it? 

 Robert Blake's Lawyer commits suicide
  Barry Levin apparently shot himself Saturday at a veterans cemetery


 "Gore Satellite" gets closer to launch date

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 Gore's idea was to place a spacecraft in orbit far enough away from Earth to get continuous
 images of the entire globe--a feat impossible with existing satellites because they are too close.

 Now, after years of wrangling over what Republicans in Congress derided as "Gore's screen saver,"
 the much altered, $135 million project appears to have survived political ambushes, rising costs and
 intense scientific scrutiny. It is slated for launch early next year.

 Gore has always been an extremely intelligent, forward-looking congressman, senator and VP.
 It's still hard to believe he lost a race to a simpleton who spends his day trying to get staffers
 to explain why peanuts float in his YooHoo.

  Remember Elliott Abrams?

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 He was that sniveling Reagan State Department official who pleaded guilty in 1991 to lying
 to Congress about the scandal involving the contras.

 But that's not all he did. Abrams had a habit of covering up the massacres that the
 U.S.-funded Salvadoran military committed in the 1980s.

 The Bushies are taking unusual care of Abrams.
 George W.'s dad pardoned him in 1992, and now W. is fumigating his résumé.

 ...and the gelding Democrats are just sitting back and letting him do it.
 True, Abrams doesn't need confirmation to his new post, but do you think
 Bill Clinton would just lay back and take it, whimpering, "I'm so helpless?"

 If Daschle had any balls, he could've told Smirky, "We're saying no to your
 next three confirmations if you proceed with the Abrams appointment."

 But no.

 Karl Rove and Uncle Dick know a trained dog when they see one.

 Condit Corner
 "Drip, ...drip, ...drip"


 "Hi Linda, this is Chandra. My internship is over. I'm planning on packing my bags
    in the next week or 10 days.  Heading home for a while. Don't know what I'll do this summer.
   And I really have some big news or something to tell.  Call me ..."
     -- Chandra Levy's last known words

 This can't be True  ...can it?

 Friday night on Larry King, either Juan Epstein or Mark Garegos,
 both hugely successful and respected, high-profile Democratic Washington lawyers,
 said one-third of the women Chandra Levy's age that go missing are from Washington DC.

 Again, one-third of all women that age that go missing are from Washington DC.

 That doesn't seem possible, but they said it twice and nobody challenged it.
 Can you believe one-third?

 In rough numbers, that means DC has more missing young women
 than the New York area and the Los Angeles area combined,
 and until Chandra Levy was kidnapped/murdered - nobody knew.

 They said DC has a "horribly primitive" system to track missing people.
 I'm sure if the DC police chief was asked why, he'd say "money" is the reason
 the system is so primitive, but why is that since we're coming off eight years
 of unprecedented growth and wealth?  Is it because DC is mostly black,
 and the white congress doesn't care enough about missing black women?

 ...and now that President Weak & Stupid (with the help of the gelding Democrats)
 has thrown away 2 trillion dollars on his rich friends and oil buddies,
 is there enough money left to fix the DC problem?

 Or do we just not care?

 On that same Friday Larry King, Garegos mauled a lawyer to death.
 That flight attendent who says Condit asked her to sign an affadavit full of lies?
 It was her attorney on the panel with garegos and Epstein.

 After he railed against Condit for faxing a false affadavit to his client for her signature,
 Garegos asked, "Did that affadavit have a cover letter with it saying she was free
 to make changes or corrections to anything she knew to be untrue?"

 The stewardess's attorney tried to slime and weasel away from the question.
 Garegos would have none of it.

 Garegos: "Did that affadavit have a cover letter with it saying she was free
 to make changes or corrections to anything she knew to be true? Yes or no?"

 The weasel finally admitted yes, it did have that cover letter.

 Garegos: "So how does that affadavit request differ from every other affadavit request
 that hundreds of thousands of attorneys fax every day?"

 The weasel could only stammer and say, "I guess it's not different."

 ha ha

 When I get caught - get me Mark Garegos!

 The Idiot Cops

 I just heard someone of Faux News say the first 72 hours in the disappearance of
 a person are the most critical in getting information from friends, co-workers,
 neighbors, doormen, cabbies, etc.

 But we're 68 days after Chandra Levy's disappearance, and the DC cops still say
 "We have no crime, therefore we have no suspects."

 No wonder one-third of the missing women are from DC.

 Next time a pervert wants to enslave then murder a women, he knows he can go
 to DC and pick one out because the DC cops are so uncaring and incompetent,
 it's the only place to "shop."

 Abbe Lowell

 Condit's lawyer was once Clinton's lawyer.
 This guy may be good in court, and he may be good in front of a congressional
 panel, but he's one of the worst I've ever seen on television.

 He was on This Whore and Face the Whore this morning.
 It takes him 700 words to answer a yes-no question.
 That makes his client look guilty and it makes him look like an accessory.

 ...and right now, Condit doesn't need to look any more guilty.

Note: You have to leave the country to see resistance to the Failure in Thief
           because the American whore press is too busy fawning over Bush's
          "intelligent engagement" to accurately report on his presidency.

Supreme Court is condemned for 'theft of presidency'
  By Andrew Gumbel in Los Angeles     Attribution

Just as George Bush is hitting the first seriously heavy weather of his presidency, two of America's
most prominent lawyers have published books pushing to unprecedented heights criticism of the
Supreme Court decision that awarded him victory in November's election.

In separately published tracts, Alan Dershowitz and Vincent Bugliosi characterise the five justices
who sided with the Republican candidate in the nail-biting case of Bush v Gore as
partisan, demonstrably corrupt, criminal and treasonous.

Mr Dershowitz argues in 'Supreme Injustice: How the High Court Highjacked Election 2000':
"The decision may be ranked as the single most corrupt decision in Supreme Court history,
because it is the only one that I know of where the majority of justices decided as they did
because of the personal identity and political affiliation of the litigants."

Mr Bugliosi, best known for prosecuting the Charles Manson gang and writing about it in the
bestseller 'Helter Skelter', goes even further in 'The Betrayal of America: How the Supreme
Court Undermined the Constitution and Chose Our President.' "The stark reality ... is that the
institution Americans trust the most to protect its freedoms and principles committed one of
the biggest and most serious crimes this nation has seen - “the theft of the presidency.."

What makes the two new books different is the detail of their arguments and the legal expertise of their authors.

Singled out for criticism is Justice Scalia, who had repeatedly expressed scepticism over equal
protection issues and insisted on the importance of precedents and "unbroken national traditions".
Mr Dershowitz says: "In joining the majority ... Antonin Scalia violated every one of these salutary
principles to enable him to vote his political preferences."

It is not clear what long-term damage will be caused by the Bush v Gore ruling, which has prompted
some misgivings across the legal spectrum. There are indications, however, that Mr Scalia's ambitions
to become Chief Justice when the current incumbent, William Rehnquist, retires may have been dented.

 The First 167 days

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 George W. is not the popular effervescent president Karen Hughes, Mary Matilin,
 Karl Rove, or Ari Fleisher make him out to be. He can not be propped up. It would,
 and does, take too much fibbing. We expect our Presidents to be good on their feet
 when circumstances demand. "He has a good heart," doesn't quite do it.

 Don't put Weak & Stupid's head in your mouth
  White House aides tone down the Phillie Phanatic

  Full Story

 The aide walked over to the Phillie Phanatic and said, "Hey, don't pull any shit."
 The aide was probably nervous since, as he told the Phanatic earlier,
 another mascot had once put President Bush's head in his mouth.

"We don't want this happening again," scolded the aide.

  ha ha

 That's be a good job for Smirky, starting January 21, 2005.
 He's always liked being a part of baseball, right?
 He can put on a chicken suit and be baseball's buffoon, instead of America's

 Bush to North Korea:
 Let me help with your energy problems.

 Bush to California:
 You liberals can go straight to hell.

  Full Story

 Has Tiger suffered enough?

  What do you think?

  Has Tiger Woo   learned his lesson?
  Or does he need a little more humility?

  Should we lift the hex, or not?

  Click  here  to vote.


"I regret doing it. Sometimes you get a little hot at yourself.
  I can't explain it. It's almost like there's a hex on me.''
    -- Tiger Woo    at the Western Open, explaining why he was yelling,
        throwing clubs and looking stonefaced throughout the round.

 Full Story

Fooling the Man


Subject: banned from easyEverything Net Cafe

So I'm hanging out in New York City, just walking around, ya know, seeing
the sights, and after buying a new pair of shoes and getting some pizza, my
friends and I wander into easyEverything, a gigantic Internet cafe about a
block from Times Square. I did the business I went there to do, and realized
that I had paid for an extra 15 minutes.

So I wonder what BartCop's been doing lately, and type in the usual
into the browser window. And what happens? I get redirected to easyEverything's home page!

I seethe for a minute and then calmly retype the address into the window, figuring that
maybe I had typed it wrong or that it was just some kind of intermittent mistake with them.
But the damnable easyEverything homepage comes back again.
No BartCop.

I tried to complain to the service desk, but all I got was
"We wanted to be able to serve up, but Karl Rove said we can't",
or something to that effect. All I got was their home page. Anyway, there's a solution for all the people living
under the watchful eye of Big Brother Karl. If ya go to , it'll do all the stuff itself so
Big Brother can't watch where you're surfing. I was BartCopping away in that lousy cafe ten seconds after typing it in.

Needless to say, easyEverything will no longer be receiving my business in the future.


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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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