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Volume 525 - Drip, drip, ...drop

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 July 12, 2001.  ..... .....  ...Advertise on    .......... .......SPORTS..  ..........  ..Did you hear it? 
 VCR Alert - Paula Poundstone's lawyer on Larry King tonight.
 Last night- Larry said he'd have PP's lawyer, but CNN lists the Condirt A-Team,
 which is a great panel of Epstein, Garegos, Barbie Fries and Laura Ingraham. 

 Condirt's Apartment gives up clues?

 Click  Here

 During a four-hour search of Mr. Condit's apartment, crime-scene technicians took
 samples from one drop of blood in plain sight in the bathroom and from specks
 detected with special equipment in the living room, one source said.

 Gore's Lost Votes
   by Robert Parry

  Click  Here

 A new study suggests that American voters favored Al Gore by a larger margin nationwide
 than his official plurality of more than a half million votes – possibly significantly larger.

 The reason: ballots from poorer, heavily African-American precincts were over three times
 more likely to be thrown out than those from affluent, primarily white districts.

 Another Robert Parry must-read

 'Going Back to Crawford'

  Click  Here

 Less than six months into his unusual presidency, George W. Bush has begun telling his followers
 that he is ready to “go back to Crawford” if he doesn’t get his way on his conservative policies.

 ha ha

 Goodbye, Smirk.
 America never wanted your Weak & Stupid ass anyway.
 You were installed against the voter's will, remember?

 Ton O' Mail and Toons

 Click  Here

 What's the difference between a Fenway hot dog and a Yankee hot dog?

 You won't be able to buy a Yankee hot dog in October.

 The Casey Martin ruling causes more problems
  Autistic golf savant can't keep his own score.
   Is scoring a "fundamental" part of the game?

  Click  Here

 Happy Birthday to Cheryl Ladd
   the cutest of the original Angels...

 Sticking to the Script
  He has no choice - he's brainless

  Click  Here

 Then he was heading into the city that had given him only 15% of its vote in the 2000 election,
 the huge rude anarchic American city that still believes that Bush lost the election by 538,000 votes
 and won the presidency by two votes (Scalia and Thomas).

 On that little journey, the directors of his presidency and his life would not allow Bush a single
 unscripted moment. He would not see the protesters on Madison Ave. and 51st St., holding signs
 and 152+2: WHAT  WOULD  JESUS  SAY?

 Nobody on the street would have a chance to hurt his feelings.

 From:  Phillip A. Schuman

 Subject: Clinton Accomplishments

 Dear BartCop:

 Prompted by a local radio talkshow host, Randi Roades (sp?), a liberal here in South Florida who gives
 the right wing fits every day, who said 'today is the last day it may be up on the web,' I downloaded the file
 that used to be accessible off of the WH website, entitled The Clinton Administration Accomplishments.

 Click  Here

 Your fan,

 Phillip Schuman

 Phillip, that's damn good.

 We Shall go a Rovin'
  A real pirate ship

 Click  Here

 Guest Rant

 Stop and Reassess
  by  Miksat

 Click  Here

From:  Nick Barlow    Sr.  Foreign Correspondent

Subject:  Whore Times to expose Smirk?

Full Story

'IT seems The New York Times still hasn't accepted the fact that George W. Bush is president,
 and has a Supreme Court ruling to prove it. I understand the Times has prepared a story,
 possibly to run this Sunday, claiming that all the overseas ballots included in the squeaker Florida vote
 were "blatantly fraudulent." I also understand the Times was putting the story to the White House
 and the Republican National Committee yesterday for comment.'


Nick, I sure hate to think they're running the story past Karl Rove.
If he doesn't like it, he'll order them to not publish it.

 From: Bert.Porter@Sun.COM

 Subject: the Guess Who? quote

 You quoted:

 "His dilemma is coping with a world that is changing in front of him.
  He doesn't know what to do, except lose his temper, mouth his poisons
  and look elsewhere to fix the blame for his own discomfort.
  But he won't get to the root of the problem, because the problem
  is himself and he doesn't know it."

"Guess who" goes two ways - who said it, and who were they referring to.  It's a famous truism that
 when we talk about others, our words often reveal more about us than the person we think we're describing.

So this could easily be spoken by someone who suffers from this dilemma himself but doesn't know it.
As the last line of the quote goes.  So, anybody could say this about Bartcop, or about me.

My guess is that someone said this either about you or about Rush Limbaugh.

Thanks again for your fighting website!

Bert Porter
Milpitas, CA

Bert, it was said about Archie Bunker, but I was struck by how it fits the vulgar Pigboy.
As far as it applying to me, you're right, anyone can say anything about anybody.
But I want to work to change faster, not slower.

 On the slippery slope
  Mr Bush's domestic problems multiply

 Click  Here

 Mr Bush's job ap proval is falling, down to around 50%. Moderates and independents,
 the people who swing elections, say the  president is out of touch with ordinary people,
 far more rightwing than expected, too pro-business, reckless of environmental concerns,
 and not the nice, trustworthy chap people took him to be. In the wake of the spy plane affair,
 more than half of all Americans doubt his ability to handle an international crisis wisely.

 Condit didn't do it
   by Vance Everson

 Click  Here

 Senate Votes to Ban Drilling in National Parks

  Full Story

  WASHINGTON (AP) - The Democratic-led Senate voted Wednesday to
  bar coal mining and oil and gas drilling on pristine federally protected land
  in the West, dealing a fresh blow to President Bush's energy production plans.

  Hold on, ...this is from the Associated Press.
  Is this another one of their "predictions?"

...or did this actually happen?

  It must be for real because President Weak & Stuipid is furious.

"Those parks belong to ME and BIG OIL!
  My daddy bought those parks just for ME.
  I'm calling Tony - he can fix this for ME.
  Everything must be about ME!"


Subject: Reagan Papers

I've been to this 'library' in Simi Valley--recently in fact.  The whole place is a self-serving,
egotistical memorial to one of the most corrupt men ever in public service.

Suffice to say there is nothing worth looking at in the "Reagan Presidential Library and Museum",
I left after they tried to screw ten bucks out of me--I guess that was to pay for the concrete and steel
vaults anchored to the bedrock in those coastal mountains that hide some (or none) of the documents
that would prove what a criminal mastermind Reagan and his right-hand toady Bush truly were.

Plausible deniability indeed.  More like treason!
Reagan should have been impeached immediately after he forced American hostages to remain
incarcerated in Iran and sold arms to the very people he excoriated as 'enemies'.

I hope someone actually gets at these documents and publishes every last dirty detail so that Reagan
gets the kind of legacy he deserves--one of a traitor.

Gully Foyle

 The Enigma Of JC Watts
    by  RB Ham

  Click  Here

 What's up with JC Watts? Is it the religion? Is it his greed?
 What's up with this former athletic maverick, did he learn nothing?
 How can he ignore the institutional bias that the Party he is affiliated with supports?

 An Ed Ames/Tomahawk moment

 Dave produced a classic moment on TV Tuesday night.
 I can't tell if this was masterfully written, expertly staged, with great comedic timing
 on behalf of dave, Julia and Paul - or if it just somehow fell together perfectly.

 His guest was Julia Roberts.
 He loves her, she's his most favorite female guest.
 He kept saying how nervous he was about her coming out.

 The set up:

 Since she was on his show last, she won her Oscar and dumped Benjy Pratt.
 Dave felt at ease asking her about the Oscar, but he said he didn't feel right bringing up
 the break-up issue, so he weaselly asked Paul if he'd fall on the sword for him.
 Paul agreed, so here we go.

 The execution:

 It was treated as a clumsy moment.
 That's why I can't tell how much was scripted.
 Julia asked when Paul's ambush question was coming.
 She said Dave and Paul had blown it by front-loading the joke,
 thereby making the asking of the question an anti-climactic letdown in itself.

 So, Paul Schaffer, 26-year veteran of live TV experience, asked the question:

 Click  Here for the 75-second  clip.

 The reaction to Paul's question:


 ...and then there's Paul, saying,

 "Was that the wrong thing to say?
   I thought that was the question I was supposed to ask..."

 Dave had a total cow as he walked over to Paul screaming, "What's wrong with you?"

 When they ran the replay on ET, they bleeped the offending word...
 I'll bet it doesn't show up on the anniversary show, either.

 It was a well-crafted joke.
 It was tasty.

 Dave, for an old guy, you still got it...

 Get the lowdown on all things Bob Jones University

  Click  Here


 "I did not have sex with that horse, ...Mr Ed."
    -- Paul Harvey, on a writing pad, in pencil

 That's his statement and he's sticking to it.
 But  has obtained an exclusive interview with Mr. Ed.

 Mr. Ed, is Paul Harvey telling the truth?
 Is Paul Harvey innocent of these charges?

 There you have it - proof from the horse's mouth.

 Minister says Condirt did his 18-year old daughter, too
  "Congressman warned her 'never to talk'," claims man of the cloth

  Click  Here


 Subject: Clinton accomplishments

 From time to time I run across a conservative moron who states quite simply,
"What the hell did Clinton EVER do in his 8 years in office"?

 I used to be able to go out to the .gov page an list ad infinitum what
 Clinton and Gore accomplished  in their 8 years in office.

 The slate is now completely empty.  Could you guys get the list of the government
 info and post it so we can have some ammunition for these idiots??


 Robert Dier

 Robert, that's a good question. used to have that info, but it's gone.

 Anyone know where that list can be found?  blowing up all over

 I'm sure glad I played down that "BartCop interview" I did Monday on the phone,
 in traffic, from inside the Bartmobile in the hundred degree heat.   was one of 800 sites she researched for her story.

 Here's the mention:

 Why is the readership of these one- or two-year old zines so high?
 Well, according to the editor of, one of the most irreverant anti-Bush sites,
  it's because "people can't believe the media is giving Bush such a free ride."



 (I'll bet she meant irreverent.)

 Remember me writing about how worked up I said I had gotten during that interview?

 Reminder: That C-Span thing was 6:30 in the morning.
                    It's hard to get worked up at 6:30 in the morning.

 How I was real proud of myself for not using any blue words when I was off wilding on my rant?
 I think I might've shocked her a little bit with my not-fit-the-mold opinions.

   ...but the passion came thru, didn't it?

 Is Rush's hero Roger Clemens the anti-Christ?
  Probably, the no-good coward

  Click  Here

 The Anti-Bush Majority: Still Mad as Hell
   Tamara Straus, AlterNet

  Click  Here

"You have to realize that every place Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Reinquist and
  Scalia have gone there are protests," he says. "And none of these protests
  have received the slightest media coverage." Fertik argues that the Web sites,
  the protests or any action or opinion that is highly critical of Bush's policies are
  systematically denied by the mainstream media."


 Read the  Previous Issue

 It had everything.

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   Thanks for the fumble, Dude.

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