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Volume 533 - Nerves of Steele

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 July 21, 2001.  ..... Small Town X...  ...Ad-vertise.......SPORTS..  ..Did you hear it?     Bush Abortion Shocker!


 Greta Van Susteren: What do the British think of President Bush?

 Ben Fenton - UK's Telegraph: I hate to say it, but we think he's a bit of a buffoon

 "It is white."
   -- Weak & Stupid, when asked by a child in Britain what the White House was like,
        proving Ben Fenton was right.

 Some Taxpayers Not Getting Refund

 President Smirk said Friday that ``help is on the way'' as the first tax refund checks
 hit the mail, but more than 34 million taxpayers will get no check - most because
 the Social Security and Medicare payroll taxes they paid don't count.

 This wouldn't have happened under The BartCop Tax Plan
 Under my tax plan (This is a half-assed, pale imitation) every taxpayer would get $1500.
 But those billionaires come first, since Smirky stole the throne. on James Hatfield

 Thanks to

  Joe Conason on Greg Palast
 Exporting corporate control
 A gold company with ties to the Bush family tries to muzzle a muckraking journalist.

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 Nobody can explain a complicated story better than Joe Conason


Subject: James H. Hatfield

Still almost no news--small item I had to search for in NY Whore Times, nothing on CNN.

Why was his book "recalled" because he concealed a criminal record, when Henry Kissinger, a widely
acknowledged WAR CRIMINAL gets all the book contracts he wants, including one for "Diplomacy" ?

AmeriKa, the land of hypocrisy.

It's the Bush Family Evil Empire.
They control everything now.

 As the Entertainment Section of continues to pick up steam,
 we're getting previews and samples that are timelt, so let's check into one or two.

 Jurassic Park 3 - Review by Trevor Gordon

 Good work, Trevor

 If YOU want to write film reviews, TV reviews, CD reviews or whatever
 send e-mail to and tell her what you'd like to do or
 volunteer for what she needs help with. You don't need experience - just passion.

 We also need a name for this section so we can make a banner for it.
 Any ideas?


From: Gene Lyons

Subject: The Chandra Mob


        Here's my view: there's a lynch mob running, and Democrats don't need to join it out of panic.
Politically, I think people aren't obsessing over Chandra, cable TV is. A 24/7 race to the bottom.
To the extent they blame a class of people for Condit's real and presumed sins, it's politicians
(if not just powerful men generally), not Democrats.

        The Ann Coulter-Barbara Olson line, that Dems are uniquely horny, won't get them anywhere.
(Did you see the amazing sequence on Larry King the other night where Ann essentially called
Cynthia Alksne a slut, Olson tried to say historians invented Thomas Jefferson's affairs to cover for
Clinton, and Mark Geragos made a joke about how it was no surprise Coulter's not married, as she's
a shrew?) Hilarious. You ought to post it.

        Here's where I'm coming from. Before getting sucked into the Clinton Wars, I wrote a book
called Widow's Web, which dealt in part with a local media freakout which almost railroaded an
innocent man for murdering his wife. I thought then it was a pure Arkansas thing. Coverage of the
Levy thing makes me see it as sophisticated and nuanced by comparison.

        This story's Little Red Riding Hood on the Potomac. A two character melodrama in
which Condit's presumed guilty largely by virtue of being the only other character in the tale.

        Of course the cops would want to know all about her love life.

         But wouldn't the weasel Condit, assuming innocence for the sake of argument, have a perfectly
valid reason for not volunteering the nature of his relationship with the young woman until directly asked?

        Namely to avoid what's exactly what's happened: a leaked dirty secret leading to a media carnival
ruining his life without contributing anything to the investigation except sensationalism.

        Don't know that's the case, but it's more logical than the idea that he killed her and thought he could
get away with denying an affair even a half-assed investigation was bound to uncover. If you think about it,
it's more or less the same reason her parents denied she had any lovers at all at a time they (now) say they
knew Condit was her beau.

        Don't much care what happens to Condit.
Do hate to see the Mob get its way.


From: Lanny the GOP

Subject: C'mon Quit Your Revisionist History Reporting


You wrote:

>In 1964: Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona was nominated for president by the Republican
>national convention in San Francisco.  Barry Goldwater lost that election for many reasons,
>but chief among them was most people thought he was just waaaaaay too right-wing to be trusted.
>Thirty years later, this radical's party moved so many miles to his right,  he was on Jay Leno saying,
>"Bill Clinton is MY president and I support him."

>He also said the GOP needed to give organized religion, "a kick in the ass."  Barry Goldwater was so
>right-wing in 1964 he was radioactive.  But compared to the wild baboons who've seized control of the GOP,
>Barry Goldwater was just another mealy-mouthed, good-for-nothing centrist.  I wonder what Barry Goldwater
>would've said about Karl Rove, Uncle Dick and the Whore Court steamrolling Smirk into the White House
>over the wishes of the voters?

Facts:       1.  Barry Goldwater was ahead of JFK in all polls in November, 1963 before JFK  was assassinated.

That might be true, but it was still a year before the elections.

               2.  Barry Goldwater was far to the right of most Republicans now.  Proof?
                    He favored using atomic warheads in conventional warfare.

That might also be true, I don't know.

               3.  Barry Goldwater has been senile for years.  He hasn't a clue to what is logical now.
                    Just leave the guy alone.  He and Reagan are about equally rational today.

ha ha
You don't have any clue how crazy you are, do you?

Why do you suppose nobody who is a real journalist would take
an interview seriously from either Reagan or Goldwater now?

An interview with Reagan would be easier because he's still alive.

Get your facts right next time.  All you spread is misinformation and disinformation.

ha ha

You mean like whether the people we're talking about are alive or dead?

Lanny Kiedrowski

      I loves my


 Elevate Me 
 On Topic

 When I woke up yesterday, I had no idea
 I was going to have a very very good day.

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 From: Andrew Goldberg

 Subject: Chuy's 911 tape

 Hey Christian,

 I am a reporter at The Smoking Gun and I wanted to let bartcop know about
 some audio we just posted. It is the 911 call made by the Chuy's manager when
 the Bush twins were caught drinking at her restaurant.

 It is about 2 minutes long and shows how she first called the Texas Alcoholic
 Beverage Commission, and when they were closed due to the late hour, she called 911.
 She makes a little mistake by referring to Jenna as Laura (sorta funny).
 It is an interesting tape and I thought you might like to hear it:



 Andrew, you guys have a great page.
 Send more like that :)

From: shamus mcfarland

Subject:  Hatfield - Casolaro

Hi Bartcop;

You wrote:

>It's Steve Kangas all over again.

It's more like Danny Casolaro all over again.

Danny was a reporter investigating Reagan, Meese, the S&L debacle, BCCI,
Iran-Contra, Wackenhut Corp., the Inslaw case, and the Inslaw-connected
"October Surprise, for a book he had called "The Octopus".

On August 11, 1991 Casolaro was found dead in the Martinsburg, W. Va., Sheraton.
His body was discovered with 12 incisions in his arms 17 hours after he had called his
mother's house to say he was heading home but that he would not make it to his niece's
birthday party. When authorities eventually notified the family of Casolaro's death the
body had been embalmed and the motel room had been sanitized by a cleaning contractor.

As with Hatfield, there was a "note" found with Danny too.

Danny had gone to West Virginia to meet with a source, a U.S. Army officer, about the
Inslaw case and to pick up the last piece of evidence. He was quite euphoric about his breakthrough.

There's a good amount on the web, but here's a sample;

Thanks, and keep up the great work,

Shamus, thanks for that.
Who would have better handwriting artists than the CIA?
I wonder why they foirgot the note with Steve Kangas?

Is there anything the CIA can't pull off?

 Scarborough aide found dead in office
  No indication of foul play, police say

 Results of an autopsy are expected today to explain the death of a 28-year-old aide to U.S. Rep. Joe Scarborough.
 The woman was found dead Friday morning in the congressman's Fort Walton Beach office.

 Law enforcement officials said the death of Lori Klausutis of Niceville is not suspicious.

 Of course not.

From: (withheld)

Subject: James Hatfield

Thank you for devoting the 7-20 issue to the "suicide" of James Hatfield.

This is a chilling turn, one that should not be overlooked or ever forgotten.
The link to was a great idea. I immediately ordered my copy of his book,
the least we can all do to provide a legacy to this man who dared  go up against the
terrorists that are in control of our government and have effectively destroyed any
semblance of democracy.

Yesterday, at 11am, PDT, the sales ranking of this book was 600.
By 5pm, when I ordered my copy, the ranking was 433. This morning, it is 77!
Hopefully, it will soon be in the top ten.

We need to remember James Hatfield and the others who "committed suicide."

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