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Julie Hiatt Steele


Volume 728 - JulieFest2002


Monday     Feb. 25, 2002             Send Me an Angel                 Recent old stuff              Shopping w/ Bart


 "It's absolutely right that at this time we're all laying off the [Bush] bubblehead jokes...
   but the truth is we're simply pretending to believe that Bush exhibited unspeakable
   courage at the World Series..., or that he, by God, showed those terrorists by going
   to Salt Lake City and jumbling the first line of the Olympic opening ceremony."
     -- West Wing's  Aaron Sorkin

 Would you like to meet Julie Hiatt Steele?
 We have a thing in the planning stages - one of the seven surprises.
 We would like to "produce" a meet-and-greet with Julie in Washington DC on April 27th.
 I'm going to need a lot of help, and it's possible that we'll take a few steps in that direction
 and find out it won't work, but we're going to try.

 Can't get too specific, but as just one example, Julie has a cracked tooth and she needs $1100
 just for that, and that's just one of a bunch of things she's put on the back burner while she
 tries to re-build her life that was once all nice and comfortable.

 I don't know, that's part of the help I need.
 In 1998, we stayed at a really nice Marriott in Arlington for $79, so that's a possibility.
 I need some people "on the ground" in the DC area to assist with the planning.
 I think we need a brand-name hotel chain because security will be a factor.
 I want the hotel to provide the security, so we won't be doing this at The Buttercup Inn.
 I want an armed cop next to Julie the entire time, and another armed cop at the door.

 What'll it cost?
 I don't have a clue, that's why I need some input.
 I attended one of these for Susan McDougal, so I'm using that as a blueprint.
 It was $100 a ticket and they served a nice, fancy meal.
 The more parts this production has, the more there is to go wrong, so my thinking is
 to go $50 a ticket without serving a meal.  Is that too low?  Too high?

 For Susan, they also had a "high rollers" room.  Perkel crashed that for us,
 so we got to chat with Susan like the high rollers, but I have no idea what they paid.
 My guess is $500 to $1000.  So we're considering having one of those.

 The plan would be for Julie to speak for 45 minutes or an hour, and then take questions.
 After that, depending on the size of the crowd, she could mingle or have a receiving line,
 to meet people individually or sign autographs, whatever she wants.

 There are many things to consider but I must be blunt.
 We can't do this unless a lot of people commit up-front.
 It won't help to have a fund-raiser if it loses money.
 I can't even imagine the costs until we find a venue.
 I'm guessing if we rent 30-40 hotel rooms we can get the speaking room free.

 We need to have a certain amount of people commit, (meaning pay up-front) for this to fly.
 If 50 people send in 50 bucks each, this'll probably work. We have no idea what to expect
 as far as a crowd, either. If 250 people commit, we could get a better deal on rooms,
 but we'd need more security - that kind of thing, so all plans are fluid.

 I think we need to know where we stand by March 5th.
 This may be a well-intentioned pie-in-the-sky idea, but Julie needs help.
 Considering what she did for Democrats, the Constitution and our country,
 it'd be nice if a lot of people would want to thank her.

 Meeting Susan McDougal was the highlight of my "political" life,
 and I think meeting Julie will be something you'd remember the rest of your life.

 But since I have no idea what I'm doing, I need help.
 I need people in the DC area who can provide assistance.
 Another thing: We need a camera crew. I need something better than Ernie with a camcorder.
 Maybe some DC Democrat is reading this and would like to volunteer his crew to film the day
 so we can sell copies to the people who weren't able to make the trip to DC.

 Julie has agreed to this one event, but maybe others are possible IF this one works.
 I have set up a special mailbox for inquiries and volunteers - juliefest2002@yahoo.com

 We need information and volunteers in the area.
 One consideration: Maybe we could have a cash bar with the proceeds going to Julie.
 Wouldn't it be fun to do shots of Chinaco Anejo for $10, knowing Julie would get $8
 every time you did a shot?  We'll have Grey Goose, too.   Koresh knows I'll be donating :)

 That's why we need people on the ground, because DC liquor laws are different than Maryland
 laws or Virginia laws. Maybe the only way to do liquor is thru the hotel, which is fine unless
 Julie won't get a cut and then why bother? We're not trying to make Marriott richer.

 So here's the deal:
 I need a bunch of people to send me $50 before March 5th.
 If only 20 people are in, this idea will die and your money will be refunded.
 It's very possible the hammer isn't big enough to make this work.
 Maybe in 6 months or a year we'll be big enough, but things can't wait.
 But if 100 people commit, we'll know we have a plan and we can move forward.

 We're holding this in or near Washington DC.  We will attempt to have some well-known faces
 besides Julie at this event.  If we frame this right, maybe we can make this a "can't miss" event
 for big Democrats.  Wouldn't it be cool if we could get a fighter to introduce Julie?  Any politician
 who helps this event succeed will have bartcop.com  writing good things about them for a long time.
 I need suggestions for possibly available DC celebs.

 I will also shamelessly ask our internet friends to help promote this event.
 This isn't a  bartcop.com  thing, this is a Julie thing and it can't wait.
 Imagine what it's like to have a cracked tooth that you can't afford to fix.
 Add that to the loss of your home, your friends, your life, your security etc etc,
 and it's all because she refused to cave to to that horrid Starr monster.

 If we do this right, we'd all have a good time.
 We'd all get to meet a real hero who risked 40 years in prison
 because the Republicans didn't like getting the red-ass from Bill Clinton.
 Julie could've turned on Clinton and saved her comfortable life and home.
 Then she could have her damn tooth fixed the same day it broke.

 It's not fair that she's had to suffer this all by her damn self!
 Nobody had helped her.
 The Democrats told her she was "too hot."
 The Clinton's can't really do anything until Robert Ray gets a new hobby.
 Nobody but a few stuggling friends has helped her and now we have that chance to do right.

 By the way, if anyone reading this can get a message to Bill Clinton:
 "Bill, you owe Julie. If Julie had caved in, Kathleen Willey's story would've had
   more credibility and the vote in the Senate may have gone the other way."

 Wouldn't it be something if we had a REAL celebrity introduce Julie?
 This is just in the planning stages.  Maybe some big-time DC Democrats with big pockets
 could get involved and comp some of these expenses to increase the benefit to Julie.

 So here's what we need:
 I need some DC-area people to send me their phone number so we can talk.
 I need someone with connections to coerce some DC celebs into helping.
 I need someone with experience advise us on what to do and what not to do.
 But mostly, I need to know if this has a chance of working, and for that,
 I need the commitment and promising "I'll be there for sure" won't do it.
 We have to have the money in-hand before we can start writing checks.

 Send your inquiries to   juliefest2002@yahoo.com

 BTW, Julie hates the name "JulieFest2002," but we have to call it something,
 and I sure don't like the sound of "JulieCon."   Any ideas for a better name?

 Help me make this work.
 Like Clooney says : Are you in or out?
 Odds are you'll never meet Julie Hiatt Steele if this doesn't work.
 C'mon, it's $50 and it's something you'll remember forever.

 You high rollers be sure and contact me, too.
 The high roller's room at Susan McDougal's fundraiser was full.
 We were thinking $250 per couple for the high rollers room.
 I don't know if that's too high or too low - I don't know what I'm doing.
 But I paid $300 for three tickets to see Susan McDougal and had the time of my life.
 So for $250, you could enjoy a little Grey Goose with Julie before she speaks.

 Be sure to put "JulieFest" in the title when you send money.
 Snail mail will work too, just don't wait until March 4 to mail it,
 because March 5th is the day we decide if this will work or not.

 We need help, we need DC celebs, and we need your commitment to attend.
 We may be reaching too far too fast with this project,
  but it needs to be done and it can't wait.

 Will you help?


Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!
   PayPal to  bartcop@bartcop.com
 .Support Bartcop.com
  PO Box 54466.... Tulsa, OK  74155

From: john.payne@mcm1.com

Does Michael Moore read Bartcop?

From Moore’s interview with Bill O’Riely:

MOORE:  You know, well, I'll tell you here's what's dishonest.  I mean, what upsets me
when I think about this thing with Clinton is that we had 200 FBI agents during the latter part
of the '90's, investigating a president's zipper.  I want to ask you really seriously.
Where we would be today had those 200 FBI agents been doing their real job, doing their real
investigating, real intelligence gathering and protecting us from those who would harm us?

 Bush the Chimp

 Click  Here

From: SPolansk@admin.usf.edu

Subject: The Daily Show

Last night I caught Michael Moore on with John Stewart.
I know you have issues with him, but he let loose on the BFEE in a sweet way.
He basically said the Bushs are in bed with the Bin Ladins and backed it up with the mainstream sources.

He mentioned the possibility that the US government knew this was going to happen.
He brought up the plane that was allowed to fly around the US and pick up Bin Ladin relatives
on the 3rd day after 9-11 when no other planes were allowed to fly.
The audience was dead quiet the whole time.  He then ended with saying he doesn't care who
was involved as long as they all are punished including those who knew ahead of time and
those who turned their eyes away as the planes approached.

When he finished the crowd gave him overwhelming applause.

Steve Polansky

Steve, if this was Thursday's show, it should repeat Monday at 7 PM EDT Monday.
That's the Comedy Channel - I'm setting my VCR. TONIGHT

 When was the last time you visited  mediawhoresonline.com?

 John Fund (R-Scumbag) Arrested 
  Just a reminder.

  Click  Here

 John Fund has been arrested for assaulting my good friend Morgan Pillsbury.

 A film crew shot footage of the scumbag in handcuffs.
 Why isn't that all over the news?
 Oh, that's right.
 He's a moralistic right-winger, so it's not news
 when he gets arrested for beating up a woman.

 She's way too hot for John Fund.

 Hey, have you seen the poems written to/for John Fund at mediawhoresonline.com?

 Click  Here

 Morgan is doing an "Advice to the Lovelorn" column at MWO.
 I think that's a capital idea!

 The Accidental President

 Click  Here

 Don't forget to check 

From: Richard

Who _is_ this bartcop??
Some of my friends are betting that you may be a collective of writers, publishing under one name.
Others are betting you are a well known author using a pseudonym.
The story of the 'day job' somehow doesn't fit with the amount of copy you turn out - unless you
are one prolific MF along the lines of Isaac Asimov or H.L.Menken.  So - what's the story, dude?

And where's the book contract?
If you haven't had some offers, the entire publishing industry is asleep.

Yes, I need a big advance so I can write my book.

Get your BartCop Stickers ...while they last.

Send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to
PO Box 54466
Tulsa, OK 74155

Donation not required.

From: natehertel@hotmail.com

Subject: Let's Not Roll

OK, I'm glad you fell for it, too.
The Beam-man makes a good story and "let's roll" is good propaganda
- but Beamer didn't crash the jet - a missile from an F-16 did.

...and your evidence is...

The gov't wants to hide the fact that they shot the plane down.
Although American's would support such an action, the government would like it
much better if we thought passengers sacrificed themselves for the good of the country.
A friend stationed at a base in Ohio told me Sept 12 that planes from his base were up on Sept 11.
Later he denied it, and I think he was coerced, not mistaken the first time.

That's  your evidence? "A friend" told you "planes were up," then denied it?
Do you work for Larry Klayman?

The plane would've been in larger peices if it had just crashed, but it was totally gone after it was blown up.
So- it's nice thinking that 'lets roll' is a sacred phrase, but don't think you're better
because you respect the beamster more than the rest of us.

Oh- I wanted to share something else, chinaco sucks.
Nate Hertel

Nate, I couldn't decide if your note was Monkey mail or not,
but when you said "Chinaco sucks," I decided you were insane.

When did I say "I think I'm better" because I don't like
Weak & Stupid stealing things that don't belong to him?

You seem to have a problem processing information.

...you Catholic?

How about a hemp t-shirt that pricks our Failure in Thief?

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 Julie is back online with an ISP that works

 How does AOL stay in business?
 AOL has what, 16 million customers?
 Nobody can service 16 million customers.

 When you have an AOL problem, which is always and constantly,
 there are 15,999,999 people ahead of you in the customer service line.

 If you didn't check  bartcop.com  over the weekend,
 Volume 727  was pretty good, but it was nothing compared to Volume 726.

 I think Vol 726 - Ben  is the best issue that ever hit these pages
 partially because for the first time, I didn't write any of it.
 Take a few minutes and read  Vol 726 - Ben
 If you can read that and not be affected, I probably wouldn't want to meet you.

 Write to Julie at   PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

 E-mail to Julie, use juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

 PayPal to Julie, Click  Here  -> 

From: thisismyfakeemail@yahoo.com

Subject: Liberal media fun!

Juan Williams and Mara Liason are ADMITTED liberals,

Then can admit any damn thing they want, but during impeachment, they agreed
with every unfounded and salacious charge that Matt Drudge fabricated.

so is Alan Colmes (but you fail to mention them at the bottome of your page).

True, Colmes is a liberal, but he's the least effective debate liberal in history.
He's so bad, we can only assume Hannity hired him to lay down.

The Beltway Boys are both moderate, Barnes-moderate conservative, Kondracke-moderate liberal.

True, Kondracke is less Nazi than Barnes, but it doesn't make them moderate-anything.
Have you ever watched Fox before?

"Chris the Screamer"? I guess you're talking about Chris Matthews?
Sorry, again an ADMITTED liberal. George Stephanopoulos, ADMITTED liberal,
doesn't like Clinton, but still, ADMITTED liberal!
John Hockenberry.....was on NPR for TOO many years not to be a liberal.

The Screamer and Judas Maximus both hate Clinton to their very souls.

As for Sam & Cokie, Tim Russert, Wolf, Bill Schneider, Candy Crowley, Howie Kurtz,
Bill O'Reily, Brian Williams - got no idea on them, but they certainly don't count as liberal.....

I agree, so why mention them?

So you can throw out 16 of your 38 "non-liberals".....
BTW No mention of ANYONE at the NY Times or Washington Post?

How many liberals at the Times or Post have TV/radio shows?
My guess is "none."   You're pretty good at making my point.

Try again.....a little better next time....

Let me ask you - if I "admit" I'm an arch-conservative, does that mean I am?
I think you're so far to the right that you consider anyone to the left of Hermann Goerring
and Rush Limbaugh to be a flaming liberal. When Williams, Liason, Matthews, Judas et al
praise Bush for his "courage, intellect and leadership" on a daily basis, it's proof to me
that they're NOT arguing for the majority of Americans who elected Al Gore president.

 Check today's 

From a chat room

quote: Originally posted by <Fund you baaaaaad boy>:
Anyone got the thread that Z-flux pulled?

From: ********* **** **** [SMTP:********@yahoo.com]
To: Fund, John

Subject: my friend Julie
Sent: 1/21/02 10:49 AM

My friend Julie read about you in the NY Post.
Remember Julie, the opposition researcher who works for *****?
I told her the bare bones basics of what happened, and that you're writing a book.
And she offers her help--

--- ***** ****** <************@hotmail.com> wrote:

From: "***** ******"
To: ********@yahoo.com

Subject: Re: fund
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 15:40:15 +0000

Election fraud? Yummy topic.
If you hear from him let him know I'm still interested in helping him out.
As far as the mother/daughter go we could run all sorts of checks on them
- litigation, etc.... - to discount them.
As far as election fraud goes, well, you know.


I'm not sure what this is, but it seems to be Fund plotting with
an operative to "discount" the woman he was arrested for assaulting.
Why does John Fund need to destroy the woman he beat up?
What secrets does she know about John Fund?

  I'm in jail.
  I'm not as tough in jail as
  I am when I'm beating up a woman.
  In jail, I'm the woman.

TV Sweep weeks are almost over
 That means it's fund-raising time here at  bartcop.com

 Send your money to  JulieFest2002

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 Happy Birthday to...

  Tea Leoni is 36               Veronica Webb is 37

 Also: Thurston Howell III (1913)  Julio Iglesias, Jr. (1973) Zeppo Marx (1901)

 Olympic moment...

 I last night on the phone with Christian and Julie planning JulieFest2002 but I caught
 the last few minutes of the closing ceremonies. When it was all over, NBC ran a montage of the
 greatest footage from the last 17 days. Maybe they read bartcop.com  because the last image shown
 was an out-of-focus Sarah Hughes finishing her gold medal performance while in the background,
 her coach was going absolutely ape-shit with joy and pride watching her young friend hit that home run.

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