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Julie Hiatt Steele


Volume 732 - A Spell was Cast


 Friday     March 1, 2002          Send Me an Angel          Recent old stuff           Shopping w/ Bart

 An Evening with Julie Hiatt Steele

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 Bush sets up 'Shadow Government'

 I didn't even read the story - I don't have to.
 Since Scalia took away our right to vote, we knew this was coming.

 The Bush Family will never relinquish power.
 More and more, the suspicions of September 11th seem to be real.
 The Bush Family has their tentacles into every pie on the planet now
 and they are truly unstoppable.

 If someone gave me a magic wand that could produce tons of pure gold,
 luxury tequila on tap and the power to make any woman my love slave,
 but I could only use it in times of "war recession and national emergency,"
 I'd be bragging, "Lucky me, I hit the trifecta," like like the Bush boy,
 and that "national emergency" would never end..


 Will we even bother with elections in 2004?
 Can't we expect a "national emergency" to take "precedent" in these "troubled times?"

 ...and, besides a few underfunded web sites and, of all people, William Safire,
 nobody seems too worried about the Bush Family Evil Empire total takeover.

 And why the hell are you reading this on a comedy website?

 Sure, I like to have a good time, I have a good time every day, but how can the
 comedians sit back and laugh while the Bush tentacles worm their way into our lives?
 This is worse than some fifties, low-budget science-fiction movie.

 Won't somebody get a little upset about this?

 Did you see the poll earlier this week that said 75 percent of Arabs think
 that Arabs did NOT fly those planes into the World Trade Centers?

 In America, that number may only be five or ten percent, but trust me,
 that number is getting higher with every greedy Bush power grab.

 (deep breath)

 I'm getting more and more frazzled as each day goes by, but I need to get
 some things on the page so those with more time to think and reflect can read it.

 Was John Kennedy Junior murdered?

 Now, before you dismiss that out-of-hand, there is evidence.
 It's one of those things I don't have the time to chase down, but there are
 control tower recordings and other pieces of evidence that say John saw the
 landing lights at Martha's Vineyard and told them he was two minutes away.

 It would be nice of someone had the time to round up news reports and URLs
 and write a complete and comprehensive report that we could publish.

 But what would be the motive for killing John-John?
 Here's the motive right here:
 John was making inquiries into running for the Senate in New York.
 He didn't want to step on Hillary's toes, so he quietly asked a few questions.
 After New York, why not the White House?

 Tell me - who could beat JFK Jr. in an election?

 Not Bush, not Gore, probably not even Bill Clinton.
 It's my opinion even Ann Coulter and Luci the Bat would vote for John-John.
 John would've been totally unstoppable as a candidate, and that would
 interfere with the carefully-planned future the B.F.E.E. has for all of us,
 so maybe, ...just maybe he had to be eliminated for the plan to run smoothly.

 Tell me, would evil men kill innocent people to control the world?

 As with everything, if Bush has his tantacles in the CIA from what, 1974-present,
 you don't think they could make a small plane drop out of the sky in the dark of night?
 You don't think they could spin that story into "an accident" that we'd buy?
 Within minutes, Wolf Blitzer asked if "that Kennedy recklessness" caused the "accident."

 Think back - what if Reagan was really as stupid as we think he was?

 What if George Bush was actually running everything from January 1981 until Clinton
 whooped his ass in 1992?  Reagan was always a doddering, old fool who followed orders,
 but whose orders was he following?   Like Tony Soprano, maybe Poopy Bush decided to let
 Reagan wear the title of "President" while he secretly orchestrated events behind the scenes.

 This would also fit in with my theory that Bush threw the 1992 election because setting the plan back
 a few years is nothing compared to the damage a trial would do if Caspar Weinburger and George
 Schultz took the stand and told what they knew about Iran-Contra crimes, so the 1992 election
 had to be lost so the pardons could happen and keep the B.F.E.E. plot undiscovered.

 It's very possible that Bush was running Reagan, foreign policy and the CIA the whole time.
 That's twelve years of total, unchallenged power for the Bush Family.
 Now add in the eight-years of false and fabricated Clinton scandals produced by the Scaifes
 and the Bushes and the corporate whores who don't want power in the hands of the people.

 Discrediting Clinton was the number one priority for the right for the last nine years.
 "Keep watching Clinton, don't watch what we're doing."
 "Forget the changes Team Bush is making, what about Gennifer Flowers?"
 "Forget the Constitution, what about Paula Jones?"
 "Forget the stolen election, what Kathleen Willey?"
 "Forget the Florida rape, what about Marc Rich?"

 Why was it so important to destroy Julie Hiatt Steele?
 Why did Jim McDougal have to die in prison?
 Why was Susan McDougal offered the choices of jail or perjury?
 Why were more FBI agents sent to Arkansas for a tramp hunt
  than investigated the first WTC bombing and TWA Flight 800 combined?

 We know the Bush Family has done business with bin Laden.
 We know the Bush Family has done business with Noriega.
 We know the Bush Family has done business with Islamic Jihad.
 We know the Bush Family has done business with Hitler.
 We know the Bush Family has done business with Saddam.

 They're not even careful about what they're doing because nobody cares.

 Why are we putting up with this?

 Why Can't Democrats get Tough?

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Koppel Is the Odd Man Out
ABC Woos David Letterman

Click  Here

ABC, trying to challenge NBC and CBS for the sizable revenue of late-night
entertainment, made a strong bid this week to lure Letterman in a move that
would displace Ted Koppel and "Nightline."

Geez, I knew Dave was mega-pissed at Leslie Moonves.
Remember when he hired "the world's biggest band?"

...but I figured he'd go to Fox.

 EPA official quits, rips White House

  Click  Here

  The head of regulatory enforcement at the EPA, Eric Schaeffer, has stepped down,
  claiming in a resignation letter that the EPA is “fighting a White House that seems
  determined to weaken the rules we are trying to enforce.”

 Daschle says war fails if bin Laden not found

  Click  Here

 Tom Daschle said Thursday that the United States will have failed in the war
 on terrorism unless it finds bin Laden and Taliban leader Mullah Omar.

 Not bad - it's nice to see a semblence of a pulse from a Democrat, but I wish
 he'd taken it once step further and reminded everyone that the GOP still insists
 Clinton could've gotten him years ago, even tho the Boy King is helpless with
 unlimited support, money, no laws to worry about, and almost every ally
 (at least in the beginning) behind us on this one.

 If Bush is so helpless now,
 how does that make Clinton seem "asleep" BEFORE the WTC came down?

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 My copy of Betty Bowers's book arrived yesterday.
 Have you ordered yours?

  ABC shakeup
 Madden joins Monday Night Football in two-man booth

 Full Story

 Boom! Just like that, John Madden is in, and Dennis Miller is out.

 So, what will Dennis Miller do now?
 Will he continue to be Bush's toady?
 Will he once again embrace the United States Constitution?
 Will he abandon the racist thugs of the right and become funny again?

 The Tom Cruise debate
  (language, adult themes)

  Click  Here

 Don't forget to check 

 Tonight in Austin,
  the best guitar player in Texas is playing at Steamboat.

  Catch Rick del Castillo from 8-9 tonight at Steamboat.

  Has the Attorney General Been Reading Franz Kafka?
 Big John Wants Your Reading List

  Click  Here

 ...if a judge places a gag order on the press in a case before the court, the press
 can print the fact that it's been silenced, and the public will know about it.

 But now, under this provision of the USA Patriot Act, how does one track what's going on?
 How many bookstores and libraries will have their records seized? Are any of them
 bookstores or libraries that you frequent? Are these court orders part of FBI fishing
 expeditions, like Ashcroft's mass roundups of immigrants?

From: chadbo64@hotmail.com

Subject: pResident Trifecta strikes again

Bush repeated his sick "Trifecta" statement at a North Carolina campaign stop:

"You know, I was campaigning in Chicago and somebody asked me, is there ever
any time where the budget might have to go into deficit?  I said only if we were at war
or had a national emergency or were in recession.  (Laughter.)
Little did I realize we'd get the trifecta.  (Laughter.) But we're fine."

It is once again documented at the official White House web site

Thanks to Democrats.com for publicizing this and to
http://www.geocities.com/democracy1776 for the original graphic that I edited.


We're just sitting back like lambs going to slaughter - watching him do this
and then laugh and joke about it while he does it.

An unelected president making jokes about 9-11 is more than some of us can bear..

 A Tequila Tragedy
  by Michele K,  BartCook webmaster

  Click  Here

From: John

Subject: Thanks to a guy who keeps BartCop going!!!!

If it weren't for my pal and yours, Marc Perkel, BartCop would go black.
Thanks to Marc ... many thanks to Marc ....


John, true, Perkel has been a Koresh-send.

Trouble is, as we grow, his costs are increasing every week.
Soon, we may have to be cartoon-free.

 Bush's Scorecard of Evil

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Check today's 

 Language Alert

 From The Onion

 I thought The Onion was a political magazine.

 In these days when the Constitution no longer applies,
 and we're all under Ashcroft's religiously-insane thumb,
 and the Bush Family Evil Empire is raping the Treasury,
 and The Lying Usurper is going from one country to the next
 "bombing Terra" into submission with no end in sight,

 ...Bono is Number One on the Hit List?

 ...and Freddie Prinze Jr is #2?

 I agree Chris the Screamer needs slapping,
 but why is he the only political whore on this list?

 Also, not that I need to straighten out The Onion, but in searching
 for this cartoon, I typed "cock" in their search engine and found:

Bereaved? Come Bathe In The Healing Light Of My Cock
Why Do All These Homosexuals Keep Sucking My Cock?
Nation's Porn Stars Demand To Be Fucked Harder

 Suddenly, I feel like a Disney movie.

 I've used the word "cock" many times, but only to get the religious-right
 to face the FACT that they neeed a hobby that's not in Clinton's pants.
 But The Onion is praised far and wide by mainstream media outlets
 as a team of great writers who are a truly funny source of comedy,
 so why was I nearly offended by their trip into the comedy gutter?

From: Pat

Subject: RE: you vs. DNC

Dear bartcop,
  Let me start this off by saying that I come from generations of democrats.
My grandmother was vice chairwoman of the democratic committee in Indiana
for many years. In our family, vothing republican was a sin.  Really.

  But as far as the DNC goes, let me say with as much civility as I can muster: fuck those people.
Who the hell do they think they are? They don't do fundraisers for people who helped the DNC survive?
They don't lower themselves to meet with and listen to us little guys?  To hell with them.
By now it must have dawned on more than a few of us that as far as help from any democratic
organizations go, we are on our own.  To me, this is exciting. Lets show those bastards what we are
all about and lets start with this gig for Julie.  Lets meet and form our own plan for taking on the right wing,
illegitimate, ignorant fascists that have taken over our country.

All the best....

Pat, let me tell you a funny story.
Last night, I called a lady who had sent a check and asked her if she wanted to meet JHS.
My thinking was, if someone donated money a week before the event was announced,
they should have a chance to attend since their only "crime" was donating early.

So I asked her, "Would you like to meet JHS?" and she said, "No."
Seems like I'm struck speechless more often lately, but all I could muster was
something like, "Well, different people have different priorities," something like that.

Upon further investigation, she told me she thought JHS was a Hollywood actress
that I was swooning over, and she told me she just skips over that kind of stuff.
(Perhaps she confused Julie with Shirley Manson of the rock group Garbage.)

But my point is, the lady I called last night doesn't work for the DNC.
It's not her job to know who helped save the Clinton presidency.
But when I asked Donna why she didn't know who JHS was, she said,
"Things are very busy here and I have a lot on my mind."

Remember: Donna is the lady they connect you to when you call the DNC and ask for
assistance with a fund-raiser. If Donna is indicative of the caliber of people at the DNC,
we may be in for a really long run of Republicans running everything.

  by Kencarman

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 God, I need a drink...

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