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Volume 733 - Let's Get Thru It


 Saturday     March 2, 2002           Send Me an Angel            Recent old stuff            Shopping w/ Bart

 An Evening with Julie Hiatt Steele

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 Write to Julie at   PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

 E-mail to Julie, use juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

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 "No, I'm not worried. I'm not concerned at all.
   As a matter of fact, I hope the Energy Department gets
   the documents out there as quickly as they possibly can."
  --the Bush boy, the clumsy liar who refused for a year to release the requested documents.

 The Puzzle of the Enron Cover Up

   Click  Here

 Enron is a scandal so enormous that it's hard to wrap your mind around it.
 Not just a single financial disaster, it's actually a jigsaw of interlocking scandals,
 each outrageous in its own right. There's Enron the Wall St. con game, where
 company bookkeepers used slight of hand to turn four years of steady losses
 into stunning profits. There's Enron the reverse Robin Hood, which stole from
 its own employees even as its executives were hauling millions of dollars out the
 backdoor. There's Enron's Ken Lay the Kingmaker, who used the corporation's
 fraudulent wealth to broker elections and skew public policy to his liking.

 And then there are the Enron coverups, as documents are shredded and the
 White House seeks to conceal details about meetings between Enron and Cheney.

From:  Jeff

Subject: Your DNC experience

Here's what the DNC was doing to you. They were 'Linda Tripping' Julie.
In other words, they were doing the Julie what the Repubs did to Linda Tripp
when they were through using her.

Jeff Crook

"Donna" didn't seem to know her.

I doubt the DNC has bad motives, maybe they're just inept.

Also, Tripp hurt the GOP - big time.
Julie saved Bill Clinton's bacon.

 Consumer Consumption


 Time to save Money

  At the end of the day,
 It was my DAMP socks that finally did me in...
   by Julie Hiatt Steele

  Click  Here

 I said good-by to an old friend not long ago.
 I simply held Adam, wiped his tears, helped him into the car, and drove down our driveway
 for the last time.  I never looked back, I had no other choice.  The house that had become home
 for twenty-three years was a house once again.  That I did not turn around for one last glimpse
 in no way diminishes the importance of  my time there.  I had no need to capture one last memory,
 I know that house perfectly.

  Devil in the Details:
 The Office of "Strategery" -- RIP.
    by Kathryn Lewis   at   The American Prospect

   Click  Here

 It took all of seven days to shut down the Pentagon's Office of Strategic Influence
 -- roughly the same amount of time that anyone actually knew it existed.

 Controversy over OSI originally heated up following a New York Times story suggesting
 the office might spread false reports to the foreign press or run "black" propaganda campaigns.
 After taking a beating over this -- as critics barked that the U.S. shouldn't lie to the rest of the world
 -- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld pulled the plug.  Indeed, it was all over so quickly, the debate
 over OSI didn't really progress far enough for anyone to bother asking whether office would actually
 have been very good at duping anyone.


 Shaking Loose the Truth

Wednesday's Law & Order

Something was on Wednesday - the Grammys - so we taped Law & Order.
It was about online privacy and how far is too far.

Bad guys bought internet software and followed and killed a girl.
The software people said "People have a right to know."

To win the day, McCoy had the lady who's not Angie Harmon (sniff) look up
"secrets" on the internet. She came back with McCoy's secrets.

"So, Jack, you have a very weird obsession for The Clash."

ha ha

Who doesn't?
The Clash f-ing rocked.

I think today's opening toon is spectacular!

Lady! Don't get into that car!
That Bush boy might give you to a Saudi terrorist as a gift!

Thanks to  Bruce Yurgil  for the extra-cool toon.


 Things are moving very, very fast, and even with Christian's help, we can't keep up.
 The very last thing in the world I can do is screw up the Evening with Julie Hiatt Steele,
 so what I'd like to do is publish the complete names of the people who've bought tickets.

 This will serve as the "guest list," the people who can get in without paying.
 I won't print your home town, so you should be safe from the ditto-monkey crazies,
 but if you DO NOT want your name listed, tell me when you contribute.

 If you have already contributed to Julie and can't have your name listed publically,
 contact Christian at  publicist@bartcop.com and we'll get your name on the
 hopefully mercifully-short private list.

 We can probably handle a smaller list, but I'm overwhelmed and I need to keep things simple
 or the entire train could derail and you know how hard it is to get a derailed train back on the tracks.

 I'll post the new list in a few days, so if you must remain hidden, contact Christian.


"If this administration believes as strongly as I know it does about its
  conduct in the war thus far, I would think they'd look forward to
  answering the questions that the Congress necessarily must ask,"
   --  Tom Daschle,

 It's my understanding Daschle is pro-life.
 Am I correct?

 Wouldn't that disqualify him from heading the Demo ticket in 2004?
 Somebody straighten me out on that.

Note: Shel Ceresnie has changed her e-mail to lepton1@comcast.net

A book

Walk On, the Spiritual side of U2

A live DVD

Live in Boston, pre-9/11

...just trying to pay back The Onion for the cheap, unnecessary shot yesterday.

I'm guessing, but maybe back around October, reader Kevin Alexander send me a packet.

It was a big-ass manila envelope (do you capitalize 'Manila?") full of  bartcop.com stickers.
His note said something like, "I had these printed up and put a few around town.
The rest of the stickers are for you if you have a use for them."

Well, dumb-ass that I am, I just stared at the envelope for 30 days and did nothing.
Then I posted a picture of one and asked if anybody'd care for some.

I heard from dozens of people asking for some  bartcop.com  stickers.

I asked those of you who received stickers to put them in responsible places.
I got back some unprintable pictures that'd make Shirley blush.
Some of you gals should be ashamed of yourselves. :)

We ran out, so Kevin told me where I could get some more.
I got more and mailed out as many as I could and before I ran out,
IQ-of 64 Boy told them to send more - a HUNDRED this time.

ha ha

I've sent out over 150 stickers, and that's a true story, Kay.
I think we can safely say displaying a  bartcop.com  sticker is all the rage.

When the new stickers come in, I will alert you.

From: Ann

Subject: There they go again

BTW, I don't know if you've been following this in the news, but the Philadelphia
Archdiocese has now admitted 35 priests in the Philadelphia area were found to be
molesting children. They are supposedly no longer working anywhere in the Catholic
Church. Also, four priests in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Allentown were dismissed
after findings that they had sexually abused children more than 20 years ago. Keep
hammering away at these bastards, and at all religious fanatics of whatever denomination.
If there is a God, you are doing His (or Her) work.

Very truly yours,


Ann, I didn't know about the Philadelphia mass rapes (weird term, eh?)
but I know many priests in many communities are raping defenseless kids.
I would truly need a staff to keep up with every molesting priest who was caught.

Funny how the Church refuses to address this problem.
Take away the morals of the issue (church people just kill me with their hypocrisy)
you'd think they'd get tired of paying out these multi-million dollar judgments.

Hey, Catholic Church!
Take a legal tip from Ol' BartCop:

It's CHEAPER to stop the rapes than to protect the rapists.
You can't see that?

If you're not interested in doing the decent thing,
why not consider doing the economically feasible thing?

 415 Die in India Religious Violence

   Click  Here

 Vengeful Hindus torched Muslim homes, killing scores, and rioting spread
 through the western state of Gujarat on Saturday as the death toll in India's
 worst religious strife in a decade reached 415, officials said.

 Isn't religion wonderful?

 Don't forget to check 

 Tally Briggs, Actress at Large


  The Hate Factor

Check today's 

When did you last click on mediawhoresonline?

 Just Thursday, she had CNN's Aaron Brown "beseiged" at being a "media whore."

 ha ha

 MWO is watching CNN, and CNN is watching MWO.

 Damn, MWO is everywhere.
 When's the last time we had an issue where they didn't score?

A great toon, and let me tell you why I think so...

When that bastard Heston held that musket over his head, he said, to Clinton,
with all the drama of a hosiptal scene in a Mexican soap opera,
"Over my dead body, Mr President."

If Chuckie Heston was half-honest, (should I finish that sentence?) he would've held
a goddamn AK-47 over his head and bellowed that, because I can guarantee
Bill Clinton never tried to outlaw muskets or rifles and Moses the big fat liar knows it.

Mr. Heston, why are you such a liar?
Mr. Heston, why are you so stupid that an uneducated rube from backwards Oklahoma
can so easily and effortlessly prove that you are a big, fat liar?

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