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Volume 734 - There’s an Art to Growing Old


 Sunday     March 3, 2002          Send Me an Angel           Recent old stuff           Shopping w/ Bart

 An Evening with Julie Hiatt Steele

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 "You can go through 13 years of absolute denial where you don't
   even remember the fact, hardly, that you ever had an abortion."

 Who said it?

 A. Laura Schlessinger?
 B. Susan Carpenter McWhore?
 C. The Unelected Usurperboy?

 Answer: All three!!

From: Kate

Subject: Ari Wormtongue, press secretary

BC, I just finished re-reading my Tolkien books.
In the second book, THE TWO TOWERS, there's a character that
so reminds me of Ari Fleisher, Mr. Bunnypant's press secretary.

The character's name is Grima Wormtongue...Wormtongue for short...
who lies, spins, and innuendos to whoever will listen.  It seems this would
be an excellent nickname for little Ari, and it fits so well!


 Iran/Contra Rehab
    by David Corn

   Click  Here

 The Bush Administration is turning into one big rehab center for the Iran/contra
 schemers of the Reagan/Bush White House. The latest case involves retired Adm.
 John Poindexter, who's been hired by the Pentagon to head a new agency, the Information
 Awareness Office. Created after September 11 by the Defense Advanced Research
 Projects Agency, it is developing high-tech systems to provide government officials
 immediate access to new surveillance and information-analysis systems. Its focus, of
 course, includes terrorist groups.

 Poindexter admitted withholding information from his boss,
 he destroyed government documents and he misled official investigators.
 Does that sound like someone to entrust with a new government agency?

 The biggest crimes in our nations history (that we don't know about)
 and that unelected fraud is bringing back the whole jailbreak to rule us.

 Is there not a flood of outrage anywhere?

 Bush with his shadow government, giving the Iran-contra felons a black budget
 to run a never-ending secret war that will controls our freedom into the far future?
 Poindexter at some imaginary new office with no controls?
 Cheney, Rumsfeld and Olson without Constitutional oversight?

 Is nobody outraged but me?

From:  Susan

To: hardball@cnbc.com

Subject: Your tasteless Gore joke

I turned on Hardball to get some political news. You discussed how much everything had
changed since 9/11 and you voiced a belief that Bush had pulled people together.
Then you told a joke:  the difference between bin Laden and Gore is that bin Laden is wanted.
You should be ashamed of yourself!

I voted for Gore.
550,000 more people voted for Gore than Bu$h. I believe that except for Jeb and Kathleen Harris
--Gore would be sitting in the White House .  Our surplus would exist if Bu$h had not stolen the election.
Californians would not have suffered at the hands of Enron George if Gore was President.

How dare an egotistical idiot like you that does nothing but scream at people and make a fool of himself,
night after night, criticize the true elected President. I am never watching your biased, stupid show again.
Do you know the difference between Osama and Chris Matthews? Osama is wanted.

 Concerning the Evening with Julie Hiatt Steele

 If you send me any correspondence about this, anything at all,
 please send your phone number with EACH e-mail you send.

 I thought I had mail gridlock before, but I was bluffing.

 If it's related to April 27th, send that number so if you have something big,
 I can call you right then and not have to wait twenty four hours playing e-mail-tag.

 Send Julie-related stuff to juliefest2002@yahoo.com

Perkel Denies Rumor

Bisbane, Australia, (AP) -- Marc Perkel (publisher of Bartcop) arrived in Brisbane, Australia
February 28 just one day before the arrival of Queen Elizabeth, Tony Blair, and President Clinton.
In spite of the rumors - this is entirely a coincidence and Perkel did not attend an unscheduled
meeting between Clinton and the Queen has no plans to do so.

"I know it looks funny that we all just happened to be here in Brisbane at the same time
- but it just happened that way. Strange thing happen you know," Perkel told reporters.
He also denied rumors that after his baggage was lost - that the Queen and Clinton hopped into
a van to deliver his baggage to the house where Perkel was staying. When confronted about this,
Perkel just laughed and said that was ridiculous.
"It's amazing what people will dream up over a mere coincidence."


Look for Perkel's "Girls Down Under" special, coming soon

 Oh, glory days!

 I got tired of watching NBC's Butt-Plug,

 so I checked on Fox and Friends Sunday  and guess what today's Fox Headline Topics were?

 Monica and Gary Condit!

 Yes, at this scary time in our nation's history, when an unelected pResident is executing a secret,
 black-budget global war from one country to the next against an unseen enemy,  and we're forced
 to kiss our civil rights goodbye, Fox is swooning down Memory Lane with Monica and Condit.

 Fair and balanced?

 No wonder they have more viewers than CNN.
 Fox  has more sex than the Hustler Year-in-Review.

 Consumer Consumption


 Time to save Money


Subject: Protect Yourself Against Ashcroft

Dear Bartcop,

This is Deidra.  She's a calico cat in Maryland.  Deidra is unaware of her status as an Anti-Ashcroft Icon.
However, Deidra's expression indicates some understanding of her importance to freedom.

Appointed by the Appointed One, (with a standing ovation from Senate Democrats)
God-fearing US Attorney General John Ashcroft is also deathly afraid of calico cats.

Click  Here  and Click  Here

Thus, we knew that the Great Creator had placed upon this earth a countervailing force that
could prevail against the onslaught of Ashcroft's vision for America.

The Society for Identification of Icons, Idols, and Familiars
(SIIIF) located Deidra.   SIIIF was excited to find that Deidra was a manifestation of a rarely-seen
benevolent energy cluster that displays chaotic dispersal behavior for those known to be religiously insane.
We are very happy to provide her picture to those of you who seek strong, safe and legal protective
measures from the illegal occupants of Al Gore's elected-by-the-voters administration.

Download and display Deidra on your computer desktop.  Send Deidra on to help others.
Even a brief glance at Deidra will provide some degree of residual protection.

Deidra can protect you from John Ashcroft and the illegal Bush Administration, but only if you have taken
steps to inform yourself of the attacks on our constitution by reading  bartcop.com.

Long Live Deidra!
The SIIIF Staff

 Of the Devil! Spawn of Satan!
 The Power of Christ compels you!
 The Power of Christ compels you!
 The Power of Christ compels you!
 The bed is on my foot!
 The bed is on my foot!

 ...get Secret Torture Room 9 ready!
 This cat is Al Qaeda, I can smell it!"


 Shaking Loose the Truth

 From: Teamspack@webtv.net (Craig Berry)

 Subject: Julie Hiatt Steele - what a joke

 She`d have the $1100 if she hadn`t of had to pay the  lawyers fees that your boy Bill
 caused her to fork up. So let her eat cake on the other side of her mouth, since she ought to be
 able to keep her mouth closed as good now as she did before when she should have told the truth.

 It`s no wonder you dilettantes have no shame anymore, how can you be
 proud of a person with as little sense of ethics as her boss?

 Craig Berry

 Craig, I'm sorry.
 I had no idea you were in the room when Willey talked to Julie.
 I wonder why neither of them has mentioned you?

 How could you possibly know "the truth?"
 Are you allergic to education?

 You think Clinton ruined Julie's peaceful life?
 You don't think Ken Starr had anything to do with her trouble?

 You were right about one thing when you wrote:
 She'd HAVE the $1100 if she hadn't...

 But she did, and the Founding Fathers are applauding her courage.
 Just 'cause you ditto-monkeys don't like elected presidents....

  Remark to woman triggered fight outside bar
 Role of four Cheney guards investigated

  Click  Here

 Larson said she was chatting with one agent at the bar when the three others walked up
 and started making "rude comments."  The agent then left. When the bar closed, Larson said,
 one agent approached her outside and asked her to join them for a hot-tub party at their hotel.

 A bouncer, Butch Hofstetter, said there were people fighting all over the street.

 "It was just a bad scenario. There was alcohol involved and (the agents) got
  caught up in something and they just tried to get out of it," Morse said.


 Things are moving very, very fast, and even with Christian's help, we can't keep up.
 The very last thing in the world I can do is screw up the Evening with Julie Hiatt Steele,
 so what I'd like to do is publish the complete names of the people who've bought tickets.

 Christian has come up with a better plan.
 I'd be double-lost without her, instead of single-lost.

 I'm Colonel Blake, she's Radar.

 One of the Scaife-financed bumblebees of the right is Jane Chastain at worldnetdaily.com.
 Jane's job is to fabricate outrage and slant the facts against Clinton, whatever it takes.
 She wrote a Clinton-hating, Poor Paula Jones-the-victim column and I wrote to her.


 I was doing some research on Paula Jones for an article and saw your
"Paula how could you?" column and something struck me:

 You wrote:

> "[Paula] was singled out by Danny Ferguson,  ...as someone who was flattered
>  by Clinton's attention and a willing participant in one of his sexual escapades..."


> "Jones demanded an apology [in a lawsuit] from Clinton."

 Why would Paula sue Clinton if Danny Ferguson told a lie about her?
 Clinton never said a word about Paula, that was Ferguson.
 Clinton never wrote a story about Paula, that was David Brock.
 Clinton never published a word about Paula, that was the American Spectator.

 Yet, instead of suing the people who made money by dragging her into this,
 she sued the man who had nothing at all to do with the article.

 Why is that?

 Thanks for your time,


 Will she answer my e-mail?
 Of course not - these people can't defend themselves.

 There's not one conservative on the Internet who can defend themselves.
 We've been here six years and can't find a single conservative willing to debate online.

We received a nice contribution from the webmaster of disabledcops.com

His name is Gale Hogsten, and he was hit and disabled by a car driven by some fleeing son of a bitch.
His radio was on, and you can hear the live transmission as he gets hit by the car.
Like a pilot in a falling plane, he stayed calm and continued to radio information back to the precinct.

Want to hear a hero at work?

(You'll have to download it, then double-click on your saved file)


Gale, I can't take your money.

If it was for Julie Hiatt Steele I would, but I have no business sitting here,
with two good arms and legs, sipping fine tequila, talking your money.

If you take away 9/11 and the day Bush was appointed Supreme Ruler,
I haven't had a bad day in over 30 years, so check your mailbox.

I'd like to propose a toast.
A shot of Chinaco to Gale Hogsten and every disabled cop.

When Juliefest is behind us, could someone remind me that we owe these guys?
Maybe we could run some of their stories, or do something good for them.

 Don't forget to check 
 March Madness is here, or it's coming up, one of the two.

 Check BartCop Sports for the latest - and send in your opinions!

From: Rochesterjim@aol.com

Subject: Nepotism: Cheney's Daughter Hired By State Dept

Apparently Dick Cheney isn't too worried about the public's perception of his suspected corruption
in the Enron scandal, as he now gets a job created in the State Dept. for his daughter. I guess if you
were Cheney, you must feel that you can now get away with anything. If the public complains, just wrap
yourself in the flag and talk about the war, patriotism and 9/11. The arrogance of this guy is pretty amazing.

WASHINGTON, Feb. 28 (UPI) -- As Vice President Dick Cheney prepares for his tour of the Arab world
next month, the State Department's Near East Affairs Bureau is wooing his daughter for a high-level post,
UPI has learned.  Earlier this month, the State Department officially offered Elizabeth Cheney-Perry a job
as the deputy assistant secretary of state for Near East affairs for regional economic issues, according to
State Department and administration officials.

These officials -- who spoke on condition of anonymity -- tell UPI the new post was created specifically for
the VP's daughter, adding that she will work primarily on economic development in the Middle East.

Jim in Rochester, MI

I predict the Oil Daughter will strike Black Gold in Saudi Arabia, perhaps securing a lifetime exclusive
for the Bush Family Evil Empire in return for American military protection from 'bin Laden."

That bin Laden is a gold mine for the Bush Family, isn't he?
They'll make more from bin Laden than from Saddam,
they'll make more from bin Laden than from Islamic Jihad,
they'll make more from bin Laden than from Noriega, even tho
they were ALL armed and financed by the B.F.E.E.

Isn't it funny that nobody disputes that?

They wouldn't have had this golden opportunity if not for September 11th,
when George Bush told Mitch Daniels, his budget director,"Lucky me, I hit the trifecta."

No, George, "Lucky us," to have you appointed as our King.

I get what I want.
I always get what I want.
Daddy owns the Supremes and
the Democrats are too afraid.

 Joey Ramone, the Comedy Festival In Aspen, a great TBH toon,
 George Carlin, Dave vs Ted Koppel, the new Star Wars spoilers,
 a double shot of Paul McCartney in Las Vegas, Lily Tomlin, Denzel...

 Check today's 


"How dare Senator Daschle criticize President Bush while we are fighting
  our war on terrorism, especially when we have troops in the field?
  He should not be trying to divide our country while we are united."
     --   Trent Lott, 2002, about an unelected pResident

"We can support our troops without supporting the President."
     --   Trent Lott, 1998, about our last legally elected president

 David Letterman, 54, has fired off a hot letter to Mickey Mouse at ABC, making it clear
 that he will not go to ABC if his arrival leads to the departure of Ted Koppel and Nightline.

 Still, ABC executives are making it clear that, regardless of the Letterman outcome,
 they do not necessarily think "Nightline" belongs at 11:35 p.m.

 Letterman told Mickey that he wouldn't mind working for a mouse, that it was better than
 "working with rats," but didn't clarify if he meant the eternal rodents at the Ed Sullivan Theater
 or that rat-bastard Leslie Moonves, whom he's been tormenting nightly for years.

With apologies to Graham Nash and his 34-year old song, "Chicago."

Meet Julie

So the truth is bound and gagged
And they've chained it to a chair
Won't you please come to meet Julie
just to talk

In a land that's known as Freedom
How can such a thing be fair
Won't you please come to meet Julie
for the help that we can bring

We can change her world, rearrange her world
It's dying - to get better

Politicians sit yourselves down
There's nothing for you here
Won't you please come to meet Julie
for a talk

Don't ask the press to help you
'Cause they'll turn the other ear
Won't you please come to meet Julie
or else join the other side

We can change her world, rearrange her world
It's dying - if you believe in justice

Dying - and if you believe in freedom
Dying - let a woman live her own life
Dying - Starr and impeachment, who needs them
Open up the door

Somehow people must be free
I hope the day comes soon
Won't you please come to meet Julie,
show your face

From the bottom of the ocean
To the mountains of the moon
Won't you please come to meet Julie,
no one else can take your place

We can change her world, rearrange her world
It's dying - if you believe in justice

Dying - and if you believe in freedom
Dying - let a woman live her own life
Dying - Starr and impeachment, who needs them
Open up the door

Did you know if everyone who read that sent just $10
                             ...just $10,
we could give Julie over $150,000 when we meet her?
Please consider that.

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