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Volume 737 - I Won't Hold my Breath


 Wednesday     March 6, 2002             Send Me an Angel               Recent old stuff             Shopping w/ Bart

 OIC Releases the eight-year report on Bill Clinton's Sex Life
  It took them eight years and $100,000,000 to discover what?

  I found this quote:

"The investigation of President Clinton from 1994 to 2001
  was intense, expensive, partisan and long.
  There's still no Whitewater report, and there's nothing new
  in this report. It's time to move on.''
   --  David Kendall, Big Dog's top attorney.

 But Mr. Kendall, Clinton's sex life is the glue that holds the GOP together.
 That's all they have, the excitement of the next chapter behind Bill's zipper.
 They can't let go of it - ever.

 This could be Independence Day for you-know-who.
 Her phone has been busy all morning.
 Talking to her attorney, perhaps?


"IF Ken Starr and Kathleen Willey had their way, Julie Hiatt Steele would spend the
  next 35 years of her life in prison, simply because she had the courage to tell the truth.

 Now that Kathleen Willey is on the talk show circuit, she is exposing her true self and the
 portrait is less than flattering. Kathleen Willey is a sick woman. On the one hand, she claims
 that she understands why Julie Hiatt Steele lied, and on the other, she urges Ken Starr to
 continue to pursue Steele on the absurd allegation that Steele obstructed justice.
 Where does that level of cruelty reside?
 Why is Kathleen Willey publicly promoting the determination to destroy Steele?"

 I was doing some Julie research when I ran into this page.
 I was shaken and moved to tears when I realized that was written by my old friend Steve Kangas.
 It's possible Steve Kangas was murdered by henchmen working for Richard Mellon Scaife.
 Steve, who was living in Las Vegas, was found dead in Scaife's building in Pittsburgh,
 the victim of a gunshot and Scaife's hand-picked toadies printed in Scaife's newspapers that
 Kangas was a porn king, gun-nut, leftist and mentally unbalanced.

 But Steve was notoriously anti-gun.
 Shortly after his death, his hard drive was erased.

 I'm not kidding.

 Steve  Kangas
 Please click on this and read about Steve's ...murder?

 You must read http://www.atmosphere.be/media/sea/willey.htm
 It also contains Julie's September 23, 1999 statement.

 If Steve were alive, I'll bet he'd hitchhike to Washington DC if he had to,
 to shake the hand of the bravest woman in America - Julie Hiatt Steele,
 the woman who told Ken Starr to go to hell.

 Smirk's 'Terriers & Bariffs' drive allies even further away
 "What happened to free trade, President Emotional Landslide?"

  Click  Here

 Paula Jones

 Is it obvious to you, too?
 This silly cow is going to have her $20,000 rhinoplasty honker broken by Tonya Harding.
 Hell, I don't think I could kick Harding's ass, so I expect Paula to go down, so to speak.

 Paula Jones and Gennifer Flowers will take ANY job if it involves a camera.
 Don't they seem a little too eager to be famous at any price?
 Doesn't that tell us a lot about their motives for making those wild charges in the first place?

 I don't see Professor Anita Hill slutting for dollars, because I believe (and David Brock
 has now confessed) that she was railroaded by the same evil Republican bastards who
 propped up Jones and Flowers.   Hill's character is on display.

 But Paula and Gennifer will do/say anything to get on TV for 3 minutes so they
 can talk about how horrible their life became after they ran into the spotlight screaming
 "Me, me, me, everybody look at me, me, me, everybody look at me, me, me!"

 Monica, like Professor Hill and Julie Hiatt Steele never asked for what they got.
 But Paula, Gennifer and Kathleen Willey all made money by "reluctantly" coming forward
 to accuse America's last elected president of "crimes" for which there was no evidence.

 What we didn't know at the time was that the Supreme Court was on the take, green-lighting
 every idiotic, no-proof charge that Scaife and his little elves could afford to gin up.

 ...and, of course, the whores of the press were for sale - cheap.

   "Hi, we're whores for Richard Mellon Scaife.
We'll do anything for a nickel.
 If you have a nickel, we'll whore for you."

 Clowns & whores - that's what we have in Washington DC.
 No wonder Julie Hiatt Steele seemed so out of place.

 Stern to get Letterman slot if Dave bolts to ABC

  Drudge said it, so it could easily be false.

From: Marguerite

Subject: You don't deserve to lick Gore's shoes

Dear Mr. Matthews,

You really have the nerve, the balls and the bold brazeness
to make a comment to the effect no one wants Gore.

Gore received more votes than your idol W. Bush.

What is real and factual doesn't matter to propagandists such a yourself.
All that matters is the perception; which you brazenly attempt to mold
for others according to your hateful and stupid agenda.

Supposedly you are a very cool and successful person.
However, you will never find true happiness and will be cursed
because you lack integrity to such an extreme degree.

There is justice in the universe and unfortunately for you
that means your life will suck from here on out.


 Dove calling Albatross: over sanity challenge
  by  Naserian

  Click  Here

  Bartcop, in answer to your question:
 Where do people like you get these wild ideas?
"BartCop wants all the Somalis dead?"

 This is the response from yesterday's unclear-thinker, Naserian.
  It started friendly, then disintegrated into something less-than.

 Mediawhoresonline.com  is tearing Robert Ray a new one.


As a promoter, you suck.
I suggest you feature the date and location a little more.
I only saw one mention of the date in your entire screed.
Use big letters at the top of the page.
The general public doesn't have my patience to search for the date.

Nor your good manners!
Ladies and gentlemen, it can only be Rude Rich from New York!

Take a bow, Rich.
That date is April 27th, and you won't believe the venue we're getting.

True, I'm not much of a promoter.
Julie is in perilous waters with my helmsmanship of this event.
We are trying to learn as fast as we can.

But then again - we're about to break $4,000
but I haven't convinced you to participate, so I must be ineffective, right?

Consumer Consumption


From: Charlie in College Station, TX

Subject: Living in a Conservative Wasteland

Subject: Living in a Conservative Wasteland


I live in College Station, TX, which, maybe the only place on earth more heavily infested with burr-headed
limbaugh lemmings than K-drag.  In the last year, we've had two washed-up politicians speak to sold-out,
adoring throngs of nazi youth: Dan Qualye and Newt Gringrich.  Newt was in town whoring for Brad Barton,
who nearly exceeds Ralph Reed in terms of pure creepiness.  Of course Newt didn't actually spend
anytime extolling the virtues of Barton's platform, he merely talked about Clinton's cock for an hour
while he little Aggie nazi youth hooted in approval.

ha ha

My question to you: How do you deal with living in a community who's idea of entertainment is gun shows,
monster truck mudding, and bumper stickers that say "God and guns made this country great"?
How do you cope with the depression that hits about once a week when you realize you're in a
hopeless minority idealologically speaking?  Do you ever think about moving?


Charlie, Lorena likes it here.
She has the streets mostly memorized and doesn't want to learn new ones.

I'd prefer a 21st Century city myself...

Thanks to my good friend Tom at thismodernworld.com

 Click  Here  to hear Ashcroft sing to BartCop

  Julie has asked if anyone has a VHS copy of
 Kathleen Willey on 60 Minutes years ago.
  She would like to get a copy of that - if you have it.

 I think I have a copy, but there are hundreds of uncataloged tapes stacked three feet high
 all over BartCop Manor. I haven't cataloged tape since I started updating the page daily.
 So if you have a copy of that, send it to me at PO Box 54466, Tulsa, OK 74155
 She would be very grateful.

 An Evening with Julie Hiatt Steele
 April 27th in Washington D.C.

 Click  Here   we have a new total.

 Write to Julie at   PO Box 1351, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

 E-mail to Julie, use juliehiattsteele@bartcop.com

 PayPal to Julie, Click  Here  ->

 If you send me any correspondence about this, anything at all,
 please send your phone number with EACH e-mail you send.

 Send Juliefest stuff to  Juliefest2002@yahoo.com

 According to USA Today, the reason Amy Fisher had to cancel her boxing match with
 Tanya Harding is because her parole officer thought it would send the wrong signal to others.

 Glorifying and enriching the murderous bitch is a bad thing, right?
 So why is the owner of Fox News doing it?

 Excerpt from a letter about which I got a CC:

 From: Carl

 ...for we may indeed share some common ground on Mr. Clinton (probably not much),
 and especially L'affaire de Lewinsky,  but our conversation was about Julie Hiatt Steele....
 and that is a lady that lost everything she owned after being threatened, coerced, and intimidated.
 They asked her to lie....and when she refused, they threatened her child  ...her child.
 Does that not resonate in the slightest degree with even the least compassionate of conservatives?

 Julie Hiatt Steele was not defending Bill Clinton.  He had and still has plenty of people to do that.
 In the face of horrible abuse of power and misconduct by the special prosecutor she was adhering
 to her own principles.  She was adhering to the principles of the Constitution of this country.
 How ironic it is that "your kind" claims the high moral ground of patriotism, but when someone
 exhibits the true spirit of America, you beg for her persecution.

 Julie Hyatt Steele is a great American.
 She doesn't talk about what makes America great.... she lives it.

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 Condit Loses

 That's good news.
 Good bye, Gary, and be sure to let us know which company would hire a man
 who possibly let a woman die so he could cover up his tacky, nasty behavior.

 Riordan Loses

 That's good news, too.
 Riordan was Smirk n Rove's hand-picked boy.
 He tried to retire, but Smirk n Rove said, "We need you - you da man,"
 so he stayed and got his bony, white ass kicked in the primary.

"It's the BartCop Hex."

 This Just In...

  Whore let go

...with no job.

 Check today's 

 Marty has audio of the evil Bush boy bragging about "Hitting the trifecta."

 The wise-ass son of a bitch keeps saying it, to applause and laughter.

 Click  here  and search for "trifecta" and listen to this outrage.

        "Lucky me, I hit the trifecta"

 All of us don't feel as "lucky" as you, George.

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