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Volume 809 - Ludicrously Posh

Peace & quiet, nature, fresh air, wildlife, fishing, hiking, Chinaco

 Monday  June 3, 2002 


"And in order to make sure that we're able to conduct a winning victory,
  we've got to have the best intelligence we can possibly have. And my report
  to the nation is we've got the best intelligence we can possibly have."
      - Smirk for brains, speech at the CIA, Sept. 26, 2001

 CIA Knew Two Sept. 11 Hijackers Were in U.S.

  Click  Here

 Months before the Sept. 11 attacks, the CIA knew two of the hijackers were in the United States
 and that they were connected to the al Qaeda organization, Newsweek reported on Sunday.

 Every day, we see we need a Democrat-led investigation into this mess.
 Bush has the credibility of the Catholic Church, and it's getting worse every day.

 Note: The Newsweek story was written by Michael Isikoff (R-Lying whore, Lazy bastard),
                which means it's very possible he was paid to make the whole thing up.

 The Hijackers We Let Escape

   Click  Here

 The CIA tracked two suspected terrorists to a Qaeda summit in Malaysia in January 2000,
 then looked on as they re-entered America and began preparations for September 11.
 Inside what may be the worst intelligence failure of all.

 From the NYW Times

 President Bush told nearly 1,000 graduates at the United States Military Academy here today
 that the cold war doctrines of containment and eterrence were irrelevant in a world where the
 only strategy for defeating America's new enemies was to strike them first.

 "If we wait for threats to fully materialize, we will have waited too long," the president said,
 speaking at the commencement of the 204th graduating class of West Point.   "We must take
 the battle to the enemy, disrupt his plans and confront the worst threats before they emerge."


 How do we know Bush said that, or anything like that?
 because the New York Times said so?

 ha ha
 You get more honest news right here at  bartcop.com  ...and I lie sometimes.

 Why should we believe George Bush said those words?
 I have no doubt those words were distributed to the press by smarter
 members of Team Bush, but the media in this country do NOT report
 what Bush said - they report that which he was scheduled to say.

 How do you think AP can file a report at 4 AM in the morning telling us
 what Bush said to the Boy Scouts of Troop 216 later on that afternoon?
 The good puppy press writes what they're TOLD to write.

 Not the truth.

 Not the facts.

 Somewhere, buried in the mail was a note from a reader accusing me of stretching a point in
 Volume 804 - Number One Crush  to make Bush look bad - it was over the word "uninalienable."

> "We hold dear what our Declaration of Independence says,
>    that all have got uninalienable rights, endowed by a Creator."
>      -- President Monkey in a Man Suit

The irate reader said he saw a transcript and claimed that's not what Bush said.
Well, I got some bad news for you, Sunshine.

The press reports what Bush was TOLD to say.
They DO NOT report what he actually said.

Your only chance for the truth is to watch the video,
but I've seen them edit their own meaning into the video, too.

Remember when Bush told Ozzy at the WHCD, "Mom likes your stuff?"
CNN and others changed that, even as we heard the tape, to "Your Mom likes your stuff,"
which never made any sense. The whole joke was that the staid, elder Babs Bush liked it,
but they "fixed" that because they were afraid Bush real words would embarrass Ma Grizzly.

Friend and foe alike need to realize that the press is lying to us.

They aren't in the news business, they're not in the honesty business or the honor business.
They don't exist to make Edward R Murrow proud, they exist to make more money than they
made in the last quarter, and that means they go with whatever lies generate the most revenue.

Mail Bag

I watch C-Span everyday. On Friday, Brian Lamb day, they ran a question
about the political conventions and do they matter. It was a yes or no response.

Each and every caller was anti-Bush. This went on for about forty five minutes.
Lamb was so pissed he called for open phones and returned to Republican/Democrat lines.

Now we know the truth, if C-span doesn’t run a Republican line the calls are
so overwhelmingly against Bush, there would be no support for Bush.


 Cheney's former oil firm founders
     by Michael Kranish

  Click  Here

 A Texas energy company plummets in the stock market. The CEO appeals to Washington for
 financial help. A federal securities probe is launched. Reports focus on a merger that may have backfired,
 10,000 laid-off employees, and a former chief executive who walked away with millions of dollars in compensation.

 But this is not Enron; it is the Halliburton Corp., and the former executive is VP Dick Cheney.

 Fighter vs Biter
 Who's got the best chops?
 Get the 411 on 

Tyson fight?
 I'm there, Dude!
 I haven't paid for a fight in many years.
 There hasn't been anything worth paying for.
 Tyson fighting a spaghetti salesman?
 Tyson fighting the Danish Creampuff?
 In the old days, we'd pay to see Hagler vs Hit man Hearns,
 Hearns vs Sugar, and Sugar vs  Hagler - those were fights.

 Milt & I are having a contest - who can pick the winner and the time.
 It's free as the fries Ann Coulter eats, too.
 Send your entry to Milt at bartcopsports.com, pick a fighter, the round & the time.
 Winner gets his pick of any item from The BartCop Store
 Would a live chat during the fight be a dumb idea?
 We could talk between rounds.
 We could make fun of the five-hour buildup and the post-fight
 press conferences from the jail hospital should be funny.

Subject:  Rush's sense of morality

Rush thinks The Osbournes is a profoundly immoral show because it contains
a lot of swearing, but he loves The Sopranos, who actually KILL people.


 Ashcroft's Media Scam: A Confederacy of Amnesia
     by Norman Solomon

  Click  Here

 "It's true that Ashcroft has walked in historic footsteps of civil rights struggles.
  But those footsteps mostly belonged to George Wallace. Not Martin Luther King.
  Too bad so many journalists haven't noticed -- or prefer to dispense with history."

 Can anybody remember the last time the American whore press did any work?

 The beginning of 1992 started the new era, "Clinton's zipper - all the time."
 Since then, they've published scripts from The Star, The National Enquirer, Matt Drudge,
 then Kenneth Starr, James Baker, Karen Hughes and now Karl Rove/Ari Fliesher.
 I'd like to pin down the last time the press did any independent work.

 ...was it the Gulf War?

 Gary Trudeau on King George

  Click  Here

 Katherine Harris has a book coming out.
"Center of the Storm:
  Practicing Principled Leadership in Times of Crisis"

 Although many Republicans such as myself are used to living our lives according to the
 strong principles of self interest upon which our party is founded, few of my fellows in the GOP
 have their principles tested as severely as mine were during the great seething cauldron that was
 the 2000 election of my boyfriend's brother. Few can imagine the firestorm of intense pressure
 to "count the votes" and "obey the law" from those awful days.  In spite of intense lobbying by
 liberals, the sacred committment that I made to my boyfriend had to come above all else: I alone
 was to decide whose votes counted. This is the story of how my unwavering sense of self interest
 overcame all obstacles and allowed me finally to declare my boyfriend's brother the winner
 of the 2000 election and President of the United States of America.

 Katherine is already house hunting in DC, she's so certain that she'll win the election.
 I guess whoever's counting those votes owes her a favor, eh?

 Thanks to SY

 They read it in United Arab Emerates.
 They read it in Lyon.
 They read it in Pensacola.



"Yesterday Mr. Bush signed a farm bill that represents a low point in his presidency
 -- a wasteful corporate welfare measure that penalizes taxpayers and the world's
 poorest people in order to bribe a few voters. What's more, Mr. Bush said he was
 'pleased' to do this, and delivered a brief statement suggesting that he is either dishonest
 or utterly ignorant of what he has just done... During the next months, when the
 administration says there is no new money for welfare mothers or health care or
 low-income housing, remember Mr. Bush's farm bill."
   --"Cringe for Mr. Bush," lead editorial, p. A-20, Washington Post, 05/14/02


This is what happens when you get a kooky religious-o nut at the helm of our nation's primary
law enforcement organization.  Don't blame Meuller...hell, the guy just got the job on September 4,
but the Crisco Kid had been in power since the Dimwitted Prince took over in January 2001.

Ashcroft was worried about pornography, and medical marijuana, and voiding handgun laws,
and right to die cases in Washington State, and covering up breasts in the justice department statues,
and as I understand it, terrorism was NUMBER 13 on his list of Justice Department priorities.
Ashcroft is responsible for these mis-placed priorities and look what it got us.

John DP

F.B.I. was warned resources were lacking in memo
  By James Risen and David Johnson

 Click  Here

is always worth a read.

 The conspiracy continues...
     by Eric Alterman

  Click  Here

"Nordlinger's complaint echoed the even stronger contention of another Kurtz favorite,
 Andrew Sullivan. The world-famous gaycatholictorygapmodel took the amazing position
 that potential warnings about a terrorist threat that would kill thousands and land us in
 Afghanistan was "not a story" at all. Sounding like a Karl Rove/Mary Matalin love child,
 Sullivan contended, "The real story here is the press and the Democrats' need for a story
 about the war to change the climate of support for the President."

 BartCop MIRC chat

 Have you checked out the chat yet?

 It's time to stand in the road
    by jmowreader

  Click  Here

 The Air Guard had a plane up trailing golfer Payne Stewart's Learjet six minutes
 after it went off course. Two huge airplanes roll out of Boston heading for California
 and all of a sudden they're heading for New York... gee, Gomer, do ya think maybe
 we should send someone up to look at these guys?


 The Imperial Japanese Fleet thinks they're sneaking up on Admiral Nimitz at Midway Island.
 The entire war in the Pacific is about to turn 180 degrees.
 Nimitz is about to give Hirohito a major case of the red-ass.

 The Battle of Midway is just a day away.

 Done in by decency
   by  Jesse Berney

   Click  Here

"Republican elected officials also have an advantage over their Democratic counterparts
 in their willingness to abandon principle for the sake of politics. The Clinton impeachment
 saga provided a perfect example. Republicans took the ridiculously small crime of lying
 under oath about an affair (one they set up, according to Blinded by the Right), and
 convinced themselves that it fit the Constitution's requirement of high crimes and misdemeanors.
 Now imagine President Bush lying under oath about something more serious, say, the influence
 Enron had on his administration's energy policy. Is there any doubt at all that the same
 Republicans who called for Clinton's head over a blow job would rush to his defense?"

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 Anybody know this language?

 It's a piece of a giant puzzle sent to me by a mysterious e-mailer.
 It's said to be a clue in unmasking traitors in America.

 I need a translator - anybody?

 Committee Chair Questions FBI Powers

  Click  Here

 The House Judiciary Committee chairman said Saturday the Justice Department
 has gone too far in giving the FBI new authority to monitor Americans and risks
 a return to the "bad old days" of abuses in domestic surveillance.

 Rep. James Sensenbrenner told CNN he wants John Ashcroft and FBI Director Mueller
 to testify before his committee about why "regulations on domestic spying that have worked
 so well for the last 25 or 26 years have to be changed."

 I sense another Karl Rove handjob here.
 Sensenbrenner is a Monica Impeachment House Manager on the B.F.E.E. payroll.

 He's going to hold some phoney-baloney hearings where every script-solid ditto-monkey
 will give the governor harrumph for the TV cameras and then come to the conclusion that
 increased power at Justice and the FBI power is a good and just thing for these scary times.

 Oh, if only we had a free press in this country.

 Father's Day is just around the corner.
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 BartCop, ...BartCop...

 BartCop - come to Vegas...

 Soilent Green is Oil
    by Dwayne Eutsey

  Click  Here

· May 2002:  Plans for the oil pipeline through Afghanistan are approved.

 So what’s this oily recipe for greed and war got to do with “Soylent Green?”
 It occured to me as I watched the gruesome truth come out in the movie that
 the main ingredient Heston discovers is used to manufacture all those little
 green squares also helped make this pipeline possible:

 Dead bodies.


The likely scenario for 2004 is that President Bush will win re-election.
Americans don’t like to change presidents in the middle of war. And you can be sure
the war against terrorism will be ongoing, as the Bush administration defines it, until at
least election day in 2004. Even if we go a full three years without another attack,
Bush will say it doesn’t mean a thing—and who’s to say he’s wrong?
   -- MSNBC

Well, MSNBC isn't going to say Bush is wrong.
Neither will NBC, CBS or ABC, CNN, Fox Whore News or talk radio.
neither will the Whore Times, the Whore Post or any other American newspaper.

Bush the golden boy can do no wrong.

Every phrase he mangles is a pearl of wisdom for history.
Every non-recorded gaffe is proof that he's "just like us."
Every war he bungles us into is "patriotic,"
Every Enron indictment handed down is "an unfair attack."

If Bill Clinton had Bush's fawning lapdog press, every American would have health care,
we'd have a ten trillion dollar surplus and less than one percent of America would've
ever heard of Osama bin Laden or Al Qaeda, and New York City would look like this:

 ...but then, Clinton's goal wasn't a pipeline thru Afghanistan.

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