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The Battle of Midway

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Volume 810 - The Battle of Midway
 Tuesday  June 4, 1942 


"They had no right to win, and yet they did,
   and in doing so they changed the course of the war."
    -- Walter Lord, talking about Midway

 Laura the Unloved Considers Presidential Run
  Most-hated slut says she may run if Hillary does.

   Click  Here

  Bring a barf bag, Laura is naked, nude and vulgar when you click

  Plus, something from JRB:

Dear Dr. Laura,

I'm begging you. I realize you think most people are weak, so I will skip the idea
that you can be appealed to by logic or fact, and segue straight into groveling.
Please, please. Run for President. Get an exploratory committee together and
toss your hat into the ring. Make my day? It would make my LIFE, babe.

I can hardly wait to see Bill Ballance's nude photos of you (airbrushed for decency, y'know,)
on even more Websites, not to mention guerrilla campaign literature. The thought of having your
every stupid quote revisited again and again in every media cycle makes me feel warm and tingly
in my lady place. Even better, it'll be truly interesting to see if your mother, your sister (whom you
haven't spoken to in 15 years,) and the ex you cheated on with Lew Bishop will finally come out
of the woodwork. Maybe his ex-wife will have a statement or two!

A girl can dream.

Laura, Laura, Laura, you can't throw mud without having some of it stick, and Hillary Clinton
would still be your intellectual superior after a lobotomy. Plus, Hillary has her husband's support.
Does Lew think this is a good idea, or is he ignoring you, as usual?

Perhaps the debates can be on pay-per-view. I know I'd tune in.

With all my love,

 Egypt Says It Warned Bush, too
  How many warnings does a moron need?

  Click  Here

 Hosni Mubarak said his intelligence services warned U.S. officials about a week before
 Sept. 11 that bin Laden was about to execute a significant operation against a U.S. target.

 It seems everyone told Bush something was coming, and the lazy bastard just stayed
 on vacation in Texas, talking to the cows, waiting for his goddamn Trifecta to come in.
 Even if he didn't know exactly where and when, his handlers knew a major strike would rally
 the country and give him the cloak of secrecy he needed for his family to rape the treasury.

 ...and the voters LOVE him, and they just can't get enough?

 Or are the pollsters just lying to us like the rest of the good puppy press?

 Pipe Dreams in the War on Terror
    by Ro BB

  Click  Here

 The only problem was the fear that various tribal factions in Afghanistan would sabotage
 the pipeline, mostly because U.S. or Russian companies were involved.  It was for this
 reason that the stabilizing effects of the new Taliban rule were embraced; in early 1998
 the Taliban signed an agreement with CentGas which would net the ruling party $50 to
 $100 million each year as "transit fees".
        As the largest investor in CentGas, Unocal arranged for a Taliban delegation to visit Texas.
 To help push the project in Washington, they hired former secretary of state Henry Kissinger
 and former U.S. ambassador to Pakistan Robert Oakley.

 All the tentacles of the BFEE were used to get that precious pipeline.

 Was the cost too high?

 No, not when the B.F.E.E. is going to steal hundreds of billions of dollars.

 Mail Bag

 I just read this a few minutes ago libmedia.htm and, while I agree in priniciple
 with what you're complaining about I have a question for you ...

 If the Barbara Olson criticism honks you off so much, why don't you edit it out like a *good* journalist?

 Jim K

 Jim, you think every time something changes I should scour
 810 back issues and see if everything ever written still applies?
 I'm a little busy for that.

 I figure it's a form of honesty to let what I wrote stand.
 Liars like Rush always say "mark my words," but they
 hide their words to make it harder to prove they've been lying.
 Unlike them, I stand by my words.

 Fighter vs Biter
 Get the 411 on 

 Tyson fight?

 Milt & I are having a contest - who can pick the winner and the time.
 It's free as the fries Ann Coulter eats, too.
 Send your entry to Milt at contest@bartcopsports.com pick a fighter, the round & the time.
 All entries must be in by 5 pm CST Saturday.
 Winner gets his pick of any item from The BartCop Store
 Would a live chat during the fight be a dumb idea?
 We could talk between rounds.
 We could make fun of the five-hour buildup and the post-fight
 press conferences from the jail hospital should be funny.

Operation Sellout and Other Humorous Interludes
     by Al Martin

  Click  Here

 Over the Memorial Day weekend, the TNT channel had what they called the "Salute to George Bush Movie
 Marathon." Included in the list of movies they played as a salute to George Bush was "Enemy of the State,"
 Conspiracy Theory," "Air America" and "Double-Crossed." The over-arching theme was that TNT was
 obviously trying to be tongue in cheek. The underlying message is that George Bush is linked to all sorts
 of nasty illegal covert deeds. Here are the movies, in other words, that portray the Bushonian form of
 government -- movies about the surveillance society (Enemy of the State), mind control (Conspiracy Theory),
 State-sponsored drug trafficking (Air America) as well as fraud and backstabbing (Double Crossed).

 Mail Bag

 Bart, I was wondering if you were gay?
 If you are, I'd sure enjoy performing oral sex for you.

 Let me know, please.

 Rick S. Tutt

 Rick, thanks, but I'm straight and happily married.

Unocal? You Will, and Soon!
Making Afghanistan Safe for Halliburton
    by 'The Lovely' Tamara Baker  as seen on americanpolitics.com

May 30, 2002 -- SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA (APJP) -- Here in Occupied America, one often feels
as if 90% of the real news is either buried in Page Z36 of the Business section of the papers, or is so hot
that the Powers-That-Be won't even let it into the country, even with the lede buried down to Marianas-Trench-level.
(Speaking of which: Check out this story by Nicholas Kristof, wherein he's forced to bury some truly earthshaking
statements -- namely, that the government knows who the anthrax letter mailer is, and that he works in a government
lab -- deep within his New York Times article.)

For example: did you know that there's going to be a multi-billion-dollar oil pipeline running through Afghanistan
-- and that US corporations such as Unocal are going to build it and own it? Not if you only consume US media;
you have to go to the BBC for this story!

Speaking of oil and Afghanistan, here's a Halliburton connection, something you won't be seeing Tom Brokaw
or Candy Crowley mentioning anytime soon:

Employees of Brown & Root, a subsidiary of Vice President Dick Cheney's former company,
Halliburton Corporation of Dallas, Texas, are set to arrive at the Bagram airbase in southern
Afghanistan in late April or early May 2002 (the exact date is classified) to take over the support
services a Force Provider camp. They are also scheduled to arrive at the Khanabad airbase in
Uzbekistan, one of the main military support stations for the war in Afghanistan, to run three AirForce
Harvest Eagle camps (an earlier version of Force Provider) for the 1,500 U.S troops based there.

Meanwhile, according to New York Times reporters Alex Berenson and Lowell Bergman, Cheney's tenure
at Halliburton featured his instituting some rather Enron-like accounting practices (see Mac MacArthur's
excellent 05/29/02 story [below] for more on this). However, you won't find this story on American TV,
or even in any other American paper. The only other people to pick up on what by rights should be one
of the hottest stories in the US are, of course, the fine folks at the British Broadcasting Corporation!
Unocal? You'd better, and soon -- because it's helping to dictate what Cheney and Trifecta Boy are doing.

And the best way to do that is to watch what the UK papers are saying about it.

 I'm such an idiot, but you knew that.
 This was backwards in yesterday's issue.

 They read it in Bangkok.
 They read it in Liverpool.
 They read it in Washington DC.


 What happens when a Republican steals the White House?

   Click  Here

 The Fiscal Year 2001 Financial Report was issued on March 29th - on time for
 the 5th consecutive year. The report showed a financial loss of $514.8 billion,
 compared with the budget's FY 2001 $127 billion surplus.

 The B.F.E.E is stealing ten times that every year.
 We had a 5 trillion dollar surplus when Clinton left.
 Now we're in debt and the B.F.E.E. is stronger than ever.

I saw the video of the exchange between David Gregory and President Monkey in a Man Suit.

After he (sort of) reamed Gregory for speaking french, Smirk said "Now I'm il-literate in two languages!"
All the quotes have him saying "Now I'm LITERATE in two languages".

The remark was ridiculous on it's face, since he's not literate in ANY language,
and with the Spanish he threw in there, I counted THREE languages.

What a complete moron!!!

Yes, the good puppy press always cleans up after the Boy King.
They can't report what he says because then his "magic aura" might disappear.

This, after fabricating outright lies about Clinton and Gore.

 A nice, long list of Bush/Ari lies

  Click  Here

 About the White House proposal to drill in Alaska in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge,
 page 5-9 of the Bush-Cheney "National Energy Policy" at http://www.whitehouse.gov/energy
 tells Americans that:   "Estimates indicate that no more than 2,000 acres will be DISTURBED
 if the 1002 Area of ANWR is developed...the developed area is estimated to be less than one-fifth
 the size of Washington D.C.'s Dulles International Airport." In August, the House passed an energy bill
 (H.R. 4) allowing drilling in Area 1002, but limiting certain oil production activities to 2,000 acres.
 However, the 2,000 acre (non-contiguous) limit only applies to the area where "oil facilities" actual ly "touch"
 the ground. This is the kind of lie politicians tell all the time. It's factually correct, but totally misleading.
 It's like saying a bullet through your head will only "touch" 1% of your body, implying that the rest of
 your body will be just fine.

is always worth a read.

 Greed Is Bad
   by Paul Krugman

  Click  Here

"It's true that in the long run reality catches up with you. But a few years of illusory achievement
 can leave an executive immensely wealthy. Ken Lay, Gary Winnick, Chuck Watson, Dennis
 Kozlowski - all will be consoled in their early retirement by nine-figure nest eggs. Unless you go
 to jail - and does anyone think any of our modern malefactors of great wealth will actually do time?
 - dishonesty is, hands down, the best policy."

 Yeah, just ask the thieves who stole our right to vote.

 BartCop MIRC chat

 Have you checked out the chat yet?


"There are too many scientists out there whom I implicitly trust
  that have proven to me these [global warming] predictions are
  basically apocalyptic doom and gloom based on raw emotion."
   -- the vulgar Pigboy, on the payroll of the polluters

 Sure, Rush, "scientists" who work for Enron, The American Coal Institute, Unocal, Halliburton etc.

 Project 60

 This is one of the BIG ones.
 Now and then, I'm going to insist you click on the Project 60 banner.
 This is one of those times.

 Midway changed everything.
 If Midway had gone the way it should have we'd all be speaking Japanese right now.
 With Pearl wiped out, Midway is all that stood between Japan and California.

 It took the craziest luck, it took the strangest timing, and it took guts.
 Remember the movie?

 Hal Holbrook comes to Henry Fonda and says,
 "Admiral, you've won a great victory - time to ease up?" and Fonda/Nimitz said,
 "There's still a fourth carrier out there - and I want that fourth carrier,"

 It's called fighting back!
 It's called going in for the kill!
 The senate Democrats should be made to watch Midway twice a year.

 Dave Friedrich has worked hard for eight months or so.
 If you're only going to click a few times, today is one of the days to click.

 Task Force 16 sets sail for Midway Island to meet the Japanese invasion force.
 The force of two carriers (Enterprise and Hornet), six cruisers and nine destroyers
 set sail to do battle with nearly 90 Japanese warships. The slow battleships were
 intentionally left behind and ordered to protect America’s west coast. Nimitz had fully
 grasped the concepts of modern speed over firepower and the supremacy of airpower
 in naval action, something his counterpart Yamato was yet to learn.

 If you don't get a chill reading this stuff, you take freedom for granted.
 A lot of brave Americans died winning this battle.
 Do them a favor, and yourself, and read this great story.

 Mad Hatter may as well run U.S. war
   Phony and baloney

  Click  Here

 There was the attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. There were foiled plots to drive
 explosive-laden planes into the Eiffel Tower and the Pentagon. There were all those bomb
 ingredients driven across from Vancouver to flatten the Los Angeles airport in Y2K. There was
 so much "chatter" of malevolent intent that U.S. intelligence agencies still haven't sifted through it.
 But on Aug 6., after President George W. Bush was briefed about the increasingly oppressive
 atmosphere of threat, he went fishing.

 Enlist in the BartCop Navy
  Just like Midway!

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 Click below to be a Corona Light Seabee for only $5 a month.

 Feeling Patriotic?
Click  below to become a full blown Chinaco Reposada Admiral for $50 a month

 I'll even throw in a lil' Admiral's hat.

 US bishops to release proposed policy on abuse

 Catholic bishops have drawn up a national proposal on disciplining priests who molest children.

 Its recommendations include asking the Vatican to remove priests who have abused
 more than one child in the past, and those who molest any young person in the future.
 However, priests who have committed abuse just once in the past can remain in the ministry, if they
 were never diagnosed as paedophiles, received counselling and met other conditions under the plan.

 The committee's recommendations stop short of the blanket zero-tolerance policy that many advocates
 for victims have demanded. More than 225 clergy out of more than 46,000 US priests have either resigned
 or been taken off duty since the crisis began in January with a case in Boston.

 The Catholics could put Mike Tyson in charge of this and get the same results.
 The bishops don't want a "zero tolerance" against child rape,
 probably because there are so many more rape stories to come.
 To this day, they still don't get it.

 What a mess.


 Shirley was hot last night on Leno.

 "Cherry Lips" was the first song I fell for on beautifulgarbage back in Humboldt County.
 I can smell those trees and feel that wind - ahhh, that was a great week.

 BartCop, ...BartCop...

 BartCop - come to Vegas...

 I read in yesterday's USA Today, front page, that the AVERAGE hotel
 pockets $190,000 per year gouging customers on phone fees.

 ...but that's no reason to use Bartcop Long Distance

 Possibly as early as Thursday, we'll have an announcement on the Juliefest video.
 The great luck we had with JulieFest2002-DC continues to astound and amaze.
 I've seen a rough copy, and it's un-be-lievable.

 We were hoping to find a competent person, maybe someone
 who could hold the camera steady and not shake too much.

 Instead, we got Coppola.

Father's Day is just around the corner.

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