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Volume 821 - Wasted Years


Wednesday    June 19, 2002 


"On a scale of 1-to-20 in military strategy,
  I'd rate the president and Rumsfeld both a 30."
   -- David Hackworth, on K-Drag Nazi radio

 David, why are you lying?

 If you want to say Rumsfeld is a competent Secretary of War, I might buy that.
 (It would be easier to say if he would accomplish something.)
 If you want to say Unka Dick is a shrewd and calculating oil man, I'd agree.
 If you want to say Condi is a crackerjack whatever-it-is she does, that might be.
 If you want to say Rove and Hughes are talented poiliticos, I'd agree.

 ...but don't stand there and say Bush is anything but a moron because it insults
 my intelligence and when that happens, ...I get angry, so stick to the truth, OK?

 Not only is the president an unskilled simpleton, he has no desire to learn.
 Sure, Clinton's first year wasn't his best, but he had the ability to grow and learn.
 Bush has none of that. He's a hopeless, clueless dupe, in over his head.

 So stop lying, David.

 Do we live in a police state?

  Click  Here

A police state exists when federal and state police mechanisms:

  1.Serve the central government instead of serving the citizens

  2.Enforce the policies of the central government instead of
     responding primarily to criminal misdeeds

  3.Spy on and intimidate citizens

  All these conditions now exist in the United States!

 ...and guess who rules over us?

I know what's best.
Shut up and follow orders.
Oil is important for America.

Bush the Scholar And Politics 101
   by smoking Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 Trying to portray Mr. Bush as a serious scholar is about as believable as earlier efforts
 to paint him as a selfless statesman who heeds no polls, adheres always to principle,
 and indulges in nothing so base and "Clintonian" as political calculation.


"We have two cultures in this country, and thank God for one of them.
  One part of the country is very serious about the threat we face,
  and another part of the country is living in the world of Ozzy Osbourne."
   -- the vulgar Pigboy, forgetting that the Unelected Simpleton invited Ozzy
       to Washington knowing Ozzy once peed on the Alamo while drunk

Subject: Bush and his education plans

I know what your thinking about the subject line, Bush and education is kind of like an oxymoron.
Onto the reason for my email, this past Saturday I took the Basic Skills Test for the Illinois State
Board of Education.  During my test I got to thinking, has there been a child left behind?

I know Bush promised that that would not happen, but something you never hear about from
our Resident in Chief is anything on education.  Is it just because were are in Operation Enduring
Handjob priorities like our nations children can not be met?
Prope in Chicago

To find the truth, we'd have to read a Brit paper.
The good puppy American press refuses to criticize the Boy King.

 Another great Ashcroft toon from my good friend Tom Tomorrow.

 Click  Here

 Let's a have a meeting on the chat channel about JuliefestWest.
 (Click  Here for instructions on how to get the chat channel software - it's easy)
 We may have to have several meetings, so let's get the first one out of the way.

 The date isn't subject to a lot of debate, because we'll be dealing with hundreds of
 reservations, so there's no way we can do a "I can't make it that weekend" for 200 people.
 The real subject is where and which night(s).

 Rule #1 - we have to do at least one night in Las Vegas.
 (Can't we say we're there to inspect the Yucca Mtn situation and deduct our expenses?)
 We might do an LA, too, and, if we had some stellar team on the ground in San Francisco,
 it would even be possible (but unlikely) to do a triple-dipper in one weekend.

 Here's what's possible:
 We do LA on Friday night - that enables the great concentration of locals to attend.
 It would also increase our celebrity-getting. holding a night in LA.
 Possible invitees would be Sheen, Redford, Speilberg, Streisand, Baldwin, and ???
 If YOU have any pull with these people, contact me at juliefest2002@yahoo.com

 Some logic says to do Vegas the next night, but rooms are wildly expensive on Saturdays.
 The good news? Rooms are wildly inexpensive on Sundays.

 You can get a room with this view for $85 on a Sunday.

This same room is $285 on Saturday, so I like Sundays in Vegas.
Remember, Southwest Airlines flies to Vegas direct from a LOT of cities, even Tulsa, OK.
I did some checking, two can fly round trip from LA to Vegas for $158,
and they may even have a Friends-Fly-Free promotion between now & then.

What we do in a case like this is take the week off, that was we can lollygag 4-5 days
in Vegas's finest hottubs with Chinaco in hand for mere pennies. If you take the week off,
you can check the Grand Canyon (Five hours away) Los Angeles (five hours) Death Valley
(2-3 hours)

 So, how about Thursday night at 9 PM Central?

 If you can't make the chat, maybe we can copy the important parts
 and print them on  bartcopnation.com  the next day


 "Today, there are more impingements on your freedom in this country from
   environmentalist wackos than from the U.S. government trying to fight terrorism."
     -- his Pigness, the Limbaugh Oinker

  Gee, Rush... Bush & Ashcroft can secretly execute anyone they want,
  and you think the environmentalists are impinging on our freedoms?

 Ever heard of  FHM magazine?
 It's one of "those" men's magazines, but the girls don't get naked,
 so you get a lot high caliber of suspects to display on your pages.
 Hey, it's a sexy magazine without nudity, so sue me, OK?

 The just released their yearly report on the Hottest 100 Women.
 Now, sure, there's lots of testosterone-fueled buggaboo about who's hottest,
 (Years ago, mt favorite Angel was Kate Jackson, because she was the smart one)
 but it seems like there are some absolutes than cannot be infringed.

 I think the last time I wrote about this was when Playboy Magazine,
 with all their brains and all their years of experience and all their hormones,
 voted Linda Lovelace sexier than right-wing ditto-ette Heather Locklear.

 Well, much as I enjoy reading, FHM magazine, I gotta say when
 they ranked this year's Hottest 100 Women, I was shaken when they said
 CNN's Paula Von Zahn (R-Elderly Nazi) was several notches hotter than
 supermodel Josie Maran and Kate Hudson.

 (Zahn picture not available)

 Gee, somehow I disagree.

 Not to be cruel, but ditto-monkey Paula Von Zahn in her prime couldn't wash
 the laundry for Josie Maran or Kate Hudson, if "hot" is used as a qualifier.

  It's everyone's job to prop up the illegal fraud
 A Changed President--or a New Repression?

  Click  Here

 President Bush's June 14 commencement address at Ohio State University was a sign
 of a "revived" presidency, according to Washington Post reporter Dana Milbank.
 "Bush basked in the adulation of 55,000 people who treated him to waves of standing
 ovations in Ohio Stadium as he received an honorary doctorate," according to the paper (6/15/02).
 "If there was a protest in the stadium, it was not visible to reporters."

 In contrast, wrote Milbank, when Bush received an honorary degree last year from Yale,
 "he was booed, heckled and greeted with a sea of protest signs." While pointing out that
 Yale and Ohio State are different places, the Post reporter asserted that "the real cause of
 the difference in reception is the transformation of Bush and his presidency since
 the September 11 terrorist attacks."

 ha ha
 What a crock of shit!

 No, the real difference is that those kids were threatened with arrest and explusion!

 They were ordered to salute the Unelected Fraud or be thrown out of f-ing school and jailed.
 Who wants to study hard for four years and then throw it all away because they
 exercised their formerly-constitutionally-protected First Amendment rights?

 I'm so old, I remember when the Washington Post used to print the truth...


 It came to me durring my commute (40 miles) this morning:
 MSNBC = Most Sources Never Been Checked

 David S


 Mostly Shit, Nobody Believes ____

 Hmmm, ...can't think of anything derog that begins with a "C." :)

 Unhappy Americans, Gay Afghans,
           by Al Martin


Transfer interrupted!

m/column61.html">Click  Here

(June 18) There are cracks beginning to show in the Bush Cabal's charade.
On Flag Day someone asked Bush, "What do you say to the American people
about the deleterious state of the economy? There are 37 million Americans
who now have seen a 50% loss of equity in their IRA accounts and/or 401-K plans
since you took office."

First, Simpleboy had to ask Condi what "deleterious"  meant.

It's a fact. Since the inauguration of George Bush Jr., untold thousands have lost their jobs
due to corporate failures or increasing layoffs. More importantly they have now found out
that despite what they had previously been told, their pensions are not guaranteed by the
US Pension Guarantee Corp because both Bush I and Bush II Administrations had not
funded it. As a consequence, it is as much as $3.5 trillion underfunded.

 Houston is not afraid to protest Dim Son

 Somewhere in this pile is my good friend Steve S!

We need to raid the BartCop offices and seize all photos from this Al Qaeda gathering.
HQ, this is Field Commander Ashcroft. We need some attack choppers to disperse
an unruly crowd of probable terrorists disguised as normal everyday Americans.
I need them rounded up and sent to the new Secret Torture Center.

It's still not ready to torture the truth into people?

I'll bet Hermann Goerring never had to wait fopr a secret torture center.
I'll bet Adolf Eichmann got the tools he needed for the job, too.
I'd better have the boy ask the Democrats for more money.

Are those people demonstrating again?
Why can't they just get over it, like we did?
We love Dubya, he's our president!

 The video that proves 9-11 was not a surprise

  Click  Here

 ...far more telling than Bush's reaction is that of Mr. Card himself who, as can be seen
 in the above clip, steps in to inform Bush of the second impact, then immediately steps back
 without waiting for a reply. Bush's job is to make decisions. How does Mr. Card know
 that Bush will not make one then and there?

 What damns the Bush administration is not what is in this video, but what SHOULD
 be in the video and is not. Ostensibly, Bush and Card are reacting to a surprise attack,
 but Bush does not act surprised, and Andy Card does not act like a man delivering an
 unexpected piece of news but instead is merely delivering a progress report to which
 he already knows Bush will not have an immediate response.


 "Bush asked Osama to the dance, but wants to leave with Saddam..."
   -- from the live chat channel #bartcop

 Click  Here  to learn how to join

Subject: Protesting Bush/Ashcroft voiding Constitution

Why aren't people protesting the Jose "dirty bomber" Padilla's arrest,
and the voiding of the constitution in Washington DC?  Maybe because
nobody with a big enough voice <nudge nudge> has set a time and place.


ha ha

Robert, if I smell what you're cooking, I don't think so.
We were able to attract 200 people to DC to meet Julie, but 200 people
staging an anti-Ashcroft, pro-constitution rally in DC would probably
accomplish nothing more than our arrest for "helping terra."

No phone call, no lawyer, no arraignment, no rights, no sunshine, etc.
I'd rather fight from BartCop Manor, sipping Chinaco.

...but, speaking of the Devil...

 The Bush Dictatorship
    from my good friends at Buzzflash.com

   Click  Here

 We have crossed over into the first stage of a dictatorship when
 American citizens can no longer exercise their First Amendment rights in
 the presence of an unelected president who, by his own admission,
 prefers dictatorships to democracies.


"Man is a natural enemy of God."
  -- Glenn Beck, AM radio Pigboy-Wannabe

 ...but, if you believe in God, why believe that God
 created a "natural enemy" that expects worship?

 Join the BartCop Motorcycle Gang
 We ride the first Saturday after the first Friday of every month with an "r,"
  In months without an "r," we drive air-conditioned cars, you fool.

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 C'mon, put some excitement between your legs.
 Join today!

Subject: I kind of do feel sorry for Bush

I think if he had his druthers, he'd just kick back in Texas and own a baseball team.
Maybe he could even go in on ownership of the Dallas Cowboys with Jerry Jones
(another oil man).  I'm sure he'd rather just sit at home and suck off of the BFEE teet
than destroy the world, but fate has pushed him into this role.

Poor Bush.  He's responsible for so much more than he probably ever wanted to be.
I can't feel too sorry for him, though.  He's still an evil son of a bitch.


Darrell, yeah, I know what you mean.
I kinda feel sorry for him, too, in an evil-son-of-a-bitch-stole-my-country kinda way.
But the B.F.E.E. needed an affable dolt to front their way into that election theft.

For all we know, the good puppy press tried to destroy Clinton
just so they could lower the bar to "anyone but Clinton" in 2000.

I wonder...

Will we have elections in 2004?
Or will "terra" demand that we have "continuity" in government?

 They read it in New Caledonia.
 They read it in Paphos.
 They read it in Telluride, while they snort their cocaine.


Subject: You're right about the press

You're right, millions of americans believe we have a liberal press,
Why is this? When we don't!


Cheryl, when Clinton hit Washington DC, the press changed from being
news gathering organizations to extremely profitable money-making machines,
and lies about Bill Clinton make tons more money than the truth about Bush.

Screw the truth, and screw their ethics.
Today's good puppy press wants to hear that cha-ching.

 "Go crazy, folks, go crazy!"
 Cardinal broadcaster Jack Buck, 77, Dies

  Click  Here

  ...my first autograph.

 ...another short issue.
 Vic took another day off.

 I gotta lose this day job!

 BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you...
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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