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Volume 820 - Praying for a Miracle

many of the great toons you see on  bartcop.com
come from the-broadside.com

Tuesday    June 18, 2002 


"If the Arabs put down their weapons today
  there would be no more violence."

  If the Jews put down their weapons today
  there would be no more Israel."
     -- unknown

 Is Jose Padilla "John Doe #2" at the OKC Bombing?

  Click  Here

 Democrats Endorse Saddam Removal Plan

 Washington (AP) - Prominent Democrats in Congress called Sunday for removing
 Saddam Hussein from power, endorsing a classified Bush administration plan that
 gives the CIA broader power to take action against the Iraqi leader.

 I have an idea - why don't we get bin Laden first, and THEN look around to see
 what other asses need to be kicked?  When those towers fell, Bush gave his word
 that he would get bin Laden, but the media and the eunuch Democrats forgave him.

 But oh!
 When Clinton said he'd like to talk about Monica "sooner, rather than later," the media
 and the GOP repeated that mantra a thousand times ...because that was important!
 Three thousand dead, the Pentagon attacked and Lower Manhattan almost wiped out
 means nothing, because it doesn't involve Clinton's zipper - so it's a non-story

 ...and they say the media has a liberal bias?

 Bewildered in the Holy Land
         by Marc Ash

   Click  Here

 of little benefit to anyone but Mr. Bush Himself. One wonders, if not for the photo-ops,
 would they bother at all? If the most recent round of visits by Mideast heads of state are
 any gauge, swaying the Administration's policy is no more complicated than allowing oneself
 to be photographed shaking hands with Mr. Bush. Provided it is done in a manner that will
 convince American television audiences that Mr. Bush has even the slightest clue what to do next.

 The entire planet knows we are led by a chimp, but the US papers won't print it.
 They're in the profit business, and Bush means an extra nickle at the end of the day.

 One more time on that "liberal media" lie?
 Will anyone deny that the media is big business?
 When did bug business ever care about the little guy?

 Big business wants two things:  a tax cut and less government.
 Do those sound like liberal ideas?

 So why do people insist the major media are a bunch of flaming liberals?
 Gee, could it be they're paid to lie?

 They just opened a  in K-Drag.
 The whole town has gone ape-shit, acting like it's fresh corn, or something.

 The first day, they sold 124,000 donuts.
 They had eight cops out there directing traffic.
 People camped out for days before they opened the doors.
 One guy in a motorhome was at the drive-in window 5 days early.

 It's a madhouse there, and it's in Tulsa's busiest intersection.
 I drove by this morning, there were 50 cars in line.
 Of copurse, that means the cars are lined up in the right lane of the
 busiest damn street in the city, tying up traffic
 They've had to put signs on their neighbor's laws that say
 "Please don't block their driveway while in like for donuts."

 People, it's donuts.
 They may be the best donuts, but it's still just donuts.
 These people are in line for HOURS waiting for donuts.

 When will it end?

 Fire on the Mountain
  The west braces for the worst fire season yet

   Click  Here

 Dear Bart,

 It was a pleasure meeting so many people who shared my political views at JulieFest2002-DC,
 especially Julie herself. What a courageous woman! When I got home I had meant to
 make an extra donation, and this is the kick in the pants I needed. Of course, I'm also
 looking forward to seeing the video! Thanks for making all of this happen, Bart.
 I'm glad for the chance to help Julie.   Send me a Juliefest tape!

 Lori F

 Lori, it'll go out tomorrow or Thurday, 2-day air.
 Thanks for helping Julie.

How the world sees our good puppy press.


"I see where Bush is now going after Saddam.
 What happened to the decision to capture bin Laden?
 Didn't George's mother teach him to finish what's
 on his plate before going back for seconds?"
   -- e-mail to Monday's Crossfire

 Mail Bag


 Please send video to: XXX

 Thank you. We really appreciate all your work. I read  bartcop.com
 every day and feel deprived on those days when it does not appear.

 Have been wanting to say that I think you have tempered your passion
 too much because of the few people who have written in objection to
 the language. Tha language you used was the best indication of your
 real passion for the subject.

 I hope you will get your radio time and will be able to give up your day job.

 Frances C,
 Smallville, NY

 Frances, thanks for that.
 When I have to check a back issue for a reference, and I'm sometimes shocked
 at my choice of words, and yes, that comes from passion. Funny, when I talk to
 women who ...were ...born sooner than me, I always apologize for the blue talk
 and every time they say, "nonsense," which is always surprising to hear.

 As the treehouse grows, there's no escaping the realization that my words carry
 farther than they did in the old newsletter days. I remember writing a story about
 a fireman and his wife getting married shortly after 9-11, and the bride wrote to me
 saying her friend reads  bartcop.com  and she wanted to say Hey!

 That makes me reign in some of the wilder rhetoric, but the passion's still there.
 Just last week, I got into trouble with my passion, so I'm sure :)

 I will keep your message in mind, because I hear it from others, too,
 and thanks for ordering the video and supporting Julie.

 Forget the small fry: the big guys are still out there

  Click  Here

"If the British shoebomber, Richard Reid, had invested a handful of euros in a lighter
 instead of relying on a damp, bent book of matches from the airport EconoLodge,
 he'd have blown American Airlines Flight 63 to pieces. Even Mohammed Atta,
 the Islamonutter-in-chief on September 11, spent a year and a half blundering around
 America with a big "TERRORIST" sign flashing in neon off the top of his head.
 If Ashcroft was shouting fire in a crowded theatre this week, many Feds spent
 the year before September 11 declining to call the Fire Department even as
 the flames were licking the end of their desk."


"Well, Dave, in the final analysis, it doesn't matter what you crazy people in California do,
  because I got smart guys out there who can always figure out how to make money."
    -- Ken Lay, rubbing California's nose in the FACT that his best friend is president and
        that crooked president allowed Lay to screw an entire state our of billions of dollars

 Click  Here  to read today's BONUS SECTION

 Not reruns, not retreads - it's top-shelf, 100 percent pure agave bartcop.com


 "The GOP has had to suffer with Nixons' sins for 30 years.
   When will the Democrats have to suffer for Clinton's sins?"
      -- smarmy, horseshit ditt-monkey on Monday's Crossfire.

 "Nobody in the Clinton White House had to plead guilty to a crime in office.
   Thirty two Reagan staffers pled guilty to crimes in office, so the Democrats
   will start paying for his sins right after Reagan's staffers pay for theirs.
     -- James Carville, making ditto-boy with he'd never opened his smart mouth

 All BowTieBoy could do was sit there and TAKE this abuse,
 because the facts will prove the Democrat right every goddamn time.
 Ditto-monkeys always eat it when tangling with Tequila boy.
 What chance to they have f-ing with James Carville?

Hey, Bart!!

What became of "Chat & Post????
Did Carniviore devour it???
There is no longer a prompt to click to get to it on your front page.

You all haven't gone Re-pubic on me have you??

Thanks for a reply,

Sarah, no Re-pubing here.
A sort time ago, chat & post was split into two sites.

The chat section became bartcopnation.com and the chat became MIRC chat.
I think bartcopnation.com still has a chat room, too, but most of the chat action has moved to MIRC chat

 Julie has settled in her new digs!

Can't tell much from this picture, but it doesn't look like a condemned apartment to me!
It looks like some kinda super-nice lake house, with tall trees and a deck out back - damn!

Julie, can we come stay a few weeks?

A nice lady who attended JulieFest2002-DC was talking to Julie when Julie mentioned
she had to be moved out by June 8th. Coincidently, this lady's mother's birthday was June 8th,
and that reminded her that Mom's house was currently empty, so she arranged for Julie to live
in this fancy lake house - for free!!!

ha ha
Does this mean there is a God?

How about a big shot of Chinaco for Laurie & Charles?

Whoo Hoo!

Laurie sent this:

With the help of two wonderful guys from North Carolina, George and Sam, who had come to Juliefest,
and the help of several nonbartcoppers, and the extraordinary patience and help of two movers from
Two Guys and A Truck who really went above and beyond the call and helped a lot with smiles and
friendliness, Julie has moved.

What the hell - how about a shot for everyone who helped with this move!

Some of you have never been to Julie's condemned apartment, but there's a ricketty stone landing and
as you enter the building you had to take a sharp right, then a sharp left up some supersteep steps,
then duck or your head will hit the water-heater (don't ask) and then another turn to the left to get in.
Then, coming down the steps, it's the same thing in reverse, but then you have to be extra-carefull
because if you trip, your head will go right thru the plate glass window.
This place was NOT a picnic to move furniture and boxes in and out of.

I think the move reminded Julie that she wasn't in her house anymore, so if you have some time,
maybe drop Julie a note to cheer her up and let her know you're thinking about her and that
you'll try to make it to JulieFestWest in fabulous Las Vegas!!

BTW, have you ordered your JulieFest2002-DC video tape yet?

Click  Here  for details on how to get this best-ever video tape.
You'll love this tape, and you'll play it again and again for the neighbors and relatives.

 Hey, BC,

 I've noticed a misunderstanding about PayPal that
 might be keeping at least a few people from donating.

 To use PayPal, you don't need a credit card.  You can
 use it like a check book, too.  That is, you can set
 it up to deduct money directly from a checking account.


 BP, that's a good point.
 And don't forget, they give you $5 just for signing up.

  Principles are for wimps:
 Bush policies follow politics of states needed in 2004
  President accused of reversing positions, angering voter base

  Click  Here

"Bill Clinton was always here to feel our pain," sighs Sherry Bebitch Jeffe,
 a political scientist at the University of Southern California. "But when Bush
 comes out here, the headline could read, 'Bush to California: Drop Dead.'

Condi teaches foreign policy to George

Subject: Kelly Osbourne on MTV

Hey Bart!

The reports I have read suggest that Kelly WAS singing live at the taping of
the awards show, but that her voice was "sweetened" in post-production.

I'm not sure if you're aware of this but the whole show is taped in advance
and then edited for time/content, etc., and replayed at a later date.
Because of this it is possible to go back after the fact and fix any
voice/audio problems a performer may have been having.

I watched the show myself and concluded Kelly as not lip-synching, but
there's just no way to tell what happened to her performance in POST.
There is an old axiom used by those in production when thing are not
going well on a shoot:  "We'll fix it in post."

This could certainly be the case with Kelly.



 As of today, we have 81 subscribers to the BartCop School of Acting
 It's short of the goal to reach 600, which would turn on BartCop Radio
 but we're gaining a subscriber or two each day, so hang in there.
 Of course, one millionaire could wave a wand and create BartCop Radio instantly,
 but I have yet to convince any of the millionaires who read bartcop.com to do that.

 Hmmm, I wonder if Bill Clinton has a spare million?

  Click for Details

 Click to be a Corona Tom Cruise wannabe an actor some day for $10 a month

 Click to be a Chinaco Silver  Ben Affleck actor for $25 a month

 Click to be a Chinaco Reposado Bobby Deniro master for $50 a month

 When you graduate, it's chick city.

 When conservatives sue conservatives

    Click  Here

 "I don't give George W. Bush enough credit. The man's a genius. How else can you
 explain his clever plan for saving America from terrorists?...So Bush (with ample help
 from pliant, poll-reading congressional Democrats and an amenable public) set about
 removing America's freedoms. How clever. When the the job is finished, when all our
 freedoms are gone, we'll finally be safe. The bad guys will no longer have reason to hate us.
 What a brilliant scheme!"

 They read it in Calcutta..
 They read it in Kuala Lampur.
 They read it in Springfield, Missouri, where the cops are as crooked as the B.F.E.E.


 I spent some time on the phone last night.

 I called Doris in Batavia, we had a short talk.
 I tried to reach Sam & George to thank them for
 helping Julie move but they have a fax machine
 hooked up to their phone line and when I called
 Frances in Stottville, I kept getting a busy signal.

 It never hurts to include your phone number when you write.

 If Bob Barr can sue Bill,
 why don't we sue George?

   Click  Here

"Bush has mismanaged his approach to the Israeli crisis where the death toll has
 exceeded 2,100; he has lied through his teeth; he preaches morality while daughter
 Jenna closes down Austin's bars; he regularly robs from the poor to give to the rich;
 and he continually tries to gut environmental protections."

 BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you...
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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