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Volume 824 - Sisters of the way-side


Weekend    June 22-23, 2002 
 VCR Alert - If you're half-way considering going to JulieFestWest in Las Vegas,
 check out the Travel Channel tonight. At 8 PM (eastern) they're doing Vegas Revealed - Casino Techniques,
 which reveals the subliminal and psychological techniques casinos use to entice gamblers. Then at 9,
 it's Las Vegas - Then and Now This should be gooder than hell.  They should show all the
 reasons why there's no place like Las Vegas. At 10, it also says Las Vegas - Then and Now, so it could be
 a repeat, or Part II, or another facet entirely, but this should give you Vegas Fever.  
 Pretty soon you'll be hearing Come to Vegas in October.. every time you turn around.
 I'm talking to the Hard Rock and Rio Suites again tonight, so we may have more info soon.

 Subject: JulieFestDC-Tape

 Because of professional responsibilities the last few weeks I have been remiss with my
 correspondence about JulieFestDC, I wanted to say something different than just "it was great", so here goes.

 When I saw the tape it reminded me of a heroic epic. There was a heroine, an inner circle,
 sort of like the Knights of the Round Table (Bartcop, Christian, Carville and Conason),
 a dialogue of events leading up to the Event, and the loyal masses (us). Then there was
 the Event, the celebration of the heroine.

 What I’m trying to say is that the tape followed some literary conventions and the dialogue
 tied it in and made it really meaningful and that is what makes it a wonderful watch. You did not
 have to know the background in order to understand the Event, it was right there on the tape.
 That was more than I really expected.

 So my advice to the reader is to buy the tape if you haven’t already, throw in a couple of extra bucks
 for the cause, and play the tape for someone who may not have known anything about Julie Hiatt Steele
 before (maybe a moderate Republican who supported McCain). Maybe then we can spread some
 understanding about what happened during the impeachment.

 This tape along with a copy of the "Hunting of the President" and/or "Blinded by the Right"
 would make a wonderful present for a left leaning friend.


 Saturday, we jumped in Mrs. BartCop's touring sedan to meet Christian in Fayettenam.
 (She's been visiting her man Ray in Ft Smith)

 That threw off my timing, this the oddly timed/shaped issues over the weekend.
 Maybe by tomoro we'll be back on schedule.


"When Bush was asked about [the EPA's report] last week, he dismissively remarked:
 'I read the report put out by the bureaucracy.' ...Ari Fleischer fessed up: Bush didn't
 actually read that 268-page report on climate change, even if he said he did. Fleischer
 was asked Monday at his briefing about Bush's comments that he'd read the report.
"Whenever presidents say they read it, you can read that to be he was briefed,"
      -- Ari Fleischer said, producing laughter. --AP, June 10, 2002

 Of course President Brainless didn't read any damn report.
 What do you think he is, ...literate?

 Remember all those men he executed in Texas?
 His staff would prepare a briefing for him on the guy's guilt, and instead of reading it,
 Bush would say, "Just tell me what's in the report," and the staffer would say,
 "Looks guilty to me, Sir," so Bush snuffed his life out on some staffer's word.

 That's how diligent our "president" is with his job ethic and with human life.

 Theft and wealth transfer,
   instead of actual production of goods and services

   Click  Here

 "The phenomenon of CEOs and other executives walking away from their bankrupt companies with their pockets
 filled has become a common feature of modern American capitalism. After running an enterprise on the basis
 of fraud, criminality and cooked books, executives proceed to jump from the rickety and irreparably damaged
 planes that they have built with a so-called “golden parachute,” leaving the workers to suffer the crash. All of this
 money is essentially stolen cash, reaped from the company’s workers, those who invested in the criminally
 overvalued stocks and did not get out in time, and even from other companies. This phenomenon is part and
 parcel of an economic system that functions more and more through theft and wealth transfer than by the
 actual production of goods and services."


"We used to get three sources, now we just have one - Ari."
    -- Bob Woodward, 'splainin' how much easier his job is now

From: Bill15


Why did you publish something from the ironic times site as being factual?

> Which of the following was NOT legalized by the "Patriot Act":
> A) "Black bag" searches of homes, offices, without showing search warrant.
> B)  Copying records of public libraries, credit card companies, banks, hospitals, hotels.
> C)  Wiretapping attorney-client phone calls without judicial approval.
> D)  Preemptive executions, if authorized by the Attorney General.

>     Answers next week.

> http://www.ironictimes.com/0090-p3.html

 Answer D was not legalized by the USA Patriot Act.

 Bill, how can you say that?
 They've publically announced that they will arrest suspects, hold secret trials
 and execute afterwards.  Are you hung up on the word "pre-emptive?"

 Which part of that do you think is wrong?
 Is there a joke here I'm missing?

 They've already arrested people and held them secretly.
 What makes you think some of them have not been executed?
 How do you think they're getting these weekly "terror alerts?"
 By asking these Al Qaeda losers,  "C'mon, please tell us?"

 One thing, don't quote ironic times to me.
 I'm quoting the executioners.

 Tamara Reviews the JulieFest 2002 Video
      by Tamara Baker can be read regularly at  americanpolitics.com

  Click  Here

 The Truth about BartCop
   letter to AMPOL by "Jack"

 Bartcop is a filthy lying pig!.
 Of this fact I have personal and intimate knowledge!

 ha ha
 Why, ...I never did anything personal or intimate with this guy.
 I don't even recognize the e-mail - maybe Jack is a new reader...

 You soil yourself by any association with him and lower yourself
 in the eyes of us who know the truth.  It disappoints me greatly
 to think that that is what represents AmPol today.


 On the other hand, at JulieFest2002-DC I was able to
 meet Gene from AMPOL, to whom this Monkey Mail was addressed.
 You can see Gene in the video, talking to James Carville & Joe Conason.

 ...and Jack, thanks for reading  bartcop.com
 Every click makes the pie higher.

Subject:  Monkey pisses self, press laughs, gives rave reviews

What happened?  We went from a competent elected president that saved the
economy, helped the environment, helped peace throughout the world, and was
continually ridiculed by the press....  now an unelected monkey urinates on "itself"
and causes a mess (seemingly endless catastrophies) and the press laughs, gushes,
and gives apologetic rave reviews. God help us.

Surely even the Nazi Republican unemployment line is growing, and they'll notice an
unqualified evil monkey urinating on itself isn't funny (especially when so many people
suffer).  Whore money sure makes people ignorant, uncaring, evil, and stupid.


MD, your last sentence says it all.
To make it worse, they are cheap whores.
If they have a choice between telling the truth and make a million dollars OR
lying like crazy and making a million and five dollars, they'll lie every time.

Look what happened to once-respected Salon.com

This is the state of the American press in the 21st Century.

Subject: Just finished the J-Fest Video

Hey Bartcop,

    After reading all the great reviews on this video, I was expecting a lot.
But what I saw went way above my high expectations.  I was blown away
by the whole video.  Carville was great and it was great seeing Joe Conason speak.
But Julie blew me away.  Everything she said was so inspiring, and the whole time
she was incredibly graceful and humble.  She's a true hero.

    Bart, you and the other organizers should be really proud of the great job you did
on Julie Fest.  Without your energy and devotion, what I saw would never have happened.
The tape was professional and very well done.  I wish I could have been at Julie Fest,
but the tape is the next best thing.  I recommend it to anybody who wants to see this
great weekend devoted to a real American hero.

-Jim S

 Fox Ho: Bush Insider Claims Clinton Deal Torpedoed Pardongate

 A Bush insider has leaked that a deal was struck between Democratic congressional leaders and President
 Nunnypants not to prosecute the Clintons on Pardongate, Fox Ho's Bill O'Reilly claimed Friday

 "A source told me that Bush had meetings with all of the Democratic leadership.... one on one meetings
 in the Oval Office. The Democratics said Bush would get zero cooperation - zero - from Democrats he
 pursued any kind of a criminal investigation against Bill Clinton."...

 Does this story have Karl Rove’s fingerprints all over it, or not?
 Sounds to me like a lie that can never be refuted, since any refutation
 will sound like excuse making.  It incites the Clinton haters without
 anyone ever having to be responsible for proving whether it’s true
 —or not, which is more likely.—Carol]  makethemaccountable.com

 Carol, sure sounds like a fake story to me.

 Sidebar:  Did you read this on Salon.com?

 First, this bogus report gives the Fox whores a big "scoop." It makes the Clintons look guilty
 when they're not, and it paints Bunnypants as "above it all" and wanting to move on,
 when it was the goddamn lying Bush bastards who fabricated the horseshit in the first place.

 But what sounds the most fake is the idea that the Democrats would stand behind Clinton.
 Every time the GOP fabricated a "scandal," the Democrats would always agree up front that this was
 "just like something Clinton would do," then they'd back off when the evidence proved them innocent.

 It happened what, 25 times in those eight years?

 On Clinton's first day out of office, Rove had his good puppy press claim the Clinton's trashed the place
 and EVERY elected Democrat (except Hillary) sighed and said, "Well, at least he's gone."

 The back-stabbing Democrats stupidly assumed the "trashing the White House" stories were true,
 then they stupidly assumed the "stripped Air Force One of all they could carry" stories were true, too.
 Then they stupidly assumed Clinton pardoned Marc Rich to gain a few bucks for his library,
 then they stupidly assumed the Clintons stole government furniture from the White House.

 Here we have the ONLY Democrat to win back to back elections since FDR
 and the pink-tutu Democrats stabbed him in the back every chance they had.

 I'm so proud to be a Democrat.

Subject: Send me a tape

Keep it up Bart.
We need your voice in the wilderness even if your mouth is full of corn.
Next Bush Boondoggle on the horizon - Amtrak.
We may never recover from this Presidency.

What hasn't this idiot not screwed up? We need more like Julie.
I would never measure up, but at least should see the video and hope
that this measly amount will be of some use to her and her son.


Jim, thanks.
Every tape that goes out is $20 (minimum) in Julie's pocket.
Tape on the way - 2-day air!

Subject: Harassing Republicans

I talked to the head of the Pennsylvania GOP yesterday...asked him about Ashcroft's power
of preemptive executions. His quote, "That's incredible...that's unconstitional. There's no way
that could be done without a trial. I can't believe that's in the bill."

I agreed fully.


TEd, are you kidding?
Months ago, Bush & ashcroft said they were going to secret tribunals.
The Democrats said, "We're with you, Dubya! Anything you want!"

So you think what?
Bush & Ashcroft felt they had too much power and backtracked?
You think they decided more congressional oversight was needed?

Usually I ask for short e-mails, but somebody needs to explain this in detail.

How much clearer could Bush & Ashcroft have been?
You think a secret trial is followed by a fair and public execution?
Are you kidding?
What do you expect next, tapes of the secret Gitmo torture sessions on Fox?

This all happened months ago, and I'm appalled that people think
this isn't happening and the power was never grabbed by these Nazis.

That Padilla guy was held for 30 days - secretly.
He was born in Chicago, and Bush/Ashcroft made the claim that
he was "with terra" so he was thrown in prison without a f-ing lawyer.

What, you think a lawyer will be present at his execution?

Are you kidding?

Subject: Thanks!

Dear Bart: Thank you so much for the incredible tape of Juliefest!
I didn't expect it, and it made a bad week better.

So many Bartistas!
We'll win this fight yet.

Onward to Vegas!



 If a Democrat is elected ( in 2004), will the more odious parts of the Patriot act,
 and other recent enactments, be repealed?  I doubt it.
 Once power is gained it is very hard, without MASSIVE public pressure, to have it withdrawn.

 I see the Dems fawning as much as the Repubs over these new attitudes. It seems that only
 the freedom loving hard right and left are interested  in repealing these constitutional threats.
 There is such a great rush to the patriotic center,  actually the right of center ( Clinton being
 right of center and NOT a liberal), by both sides that neither will wish to sully their own characters.


 Pure, I disagree.
 No way the GOP will allow a Democrat to do have the unlimited power the B.F.E.E. has.
 The Democrats fell over themselves to empower the Unelected Fraud, but they won't mind
 when the Republicans strip the next lawfully-elected (please, God, please?) president.

 Hell, Clinton was elected fair and square and they decided to impeach him before they
 ever heard the name "Monica," and our pink tutu geldings bent over for the Unelected Fraud?

 Like with the "Independent" Counsel, when a Demo wins the White House they'll decide
 it's "too much power" to allow the president to secretly execute men without a trial.

Subject: Re: hey from bart

The Juliefest video is fantastic, I have watched it several times and each time is
as good as the last. I have always felt for Julie for what she went through and
respected her for staying strong and standing up to the thugs but this video,
for me, made her a living being and not just a name in a story on the internet.

So thank you for making this video available for a modest donation
and thank YOU for helping Julie.


 Quick BartCop

 Conan C found the McDermott Cue homepage
 (Funny that Yahoo couldn't...)

My first real stick - the C-11

My current fave - the D-8
It has a cork wrap (instead of the black linen pictured here)
Have you ever felt the smoothness of cork?

These sticks, themselves, have no magic.
But once you close the gap between your eyes and the cue ball,
(a nice, balanced, comfortable stick does that) your hands become an extension
of your eye and you're more likely to win.

 They read it in Catalan.
 They read it in Myanmar.
 They read it in Eureka Springs, on the back deck of The Cresent Hotel.


 We listened to "Eddie" Friday night.
 It brought back 25 year's worth of memories

 It was so good, I had a small taste from my Chinaco Anejo Wildflowers bottle,
 the best-flavored, best-tasting tequila I've ever had the pleasure to run into.


 Click  Here for an R-rated, sex and drugs account by Uncle Ernie.
 He saw this show and even met the band backstage

Subject: Wayne Williams........the other W

Hey Bart,

The name of the man who was convicted of the Atlanta Child Murders
many years ago was named Wayne Williams. I couldn't find a pic,
but he's about the right age, and I'd swear.....hmmmmm.....


Your faithful subscriber and fellow Tequila lover,


I'm pretty sure it's the same guy,
...but I admit I don't have a staff to check stuff like that out...

Subject: Corn envy

        I am experiencing severe corn envy.  Fresh local corn will not replace
those dried up imported ears here in Michigan for at least another month.
As a liberal, I weep for those poor, abused ears; ripped from their rightful
places on the tables of Florida as if they were votes in a presidential election.

Packed tightly into shipping crates, barely able to breathe, they shiver in the
night as they cross the vast wastelands of Indiana and Ohio, only to arrive at
Kroger, where only the taste-bud-challenged will rescue them from the
overflowing bins.  Their sad, shriveled silks will look more like steel wool
than anything else, except possibly Katherine Harris' hair. Adding insult to
injury, their husks will be stripped in the store, leaving some of them exposed
and rejected atop the pile while others head for some poor fool's table, losing
moisture and flavor with every moment of their nakedness.
        Those of us more patient will just have to wait, water boiling, butter and
salt shaker in hand, until the roadside stands once again cry, "Fresh Michigan
Corn!".  With tears of joy, we will approach with reverence, gently peeling
back just enough husk to get a glimpse of the golden glory inside, then quickly
closing them to keep all the sweetness inside.  "Are 2 dozen enough for a
family of 3?", we will ask.  Others will smile knowingly as we reach for a
3rd bag, just to be sure.
        It is rumored that one of the reasons for the delay here in Michigan
is to give the Detroit Red Wings time to have their dental work repaired in
time for corn season.  Did I mention that they just won the Stanley Cup?
No? How did I miss that?
        You, of all people, have deserved this treat, for keeping us informed and
entertained over the year, and for your superb efforts in the defense of fair
Julie's honor.  So, enjoy your early bounty, even knowing that, among others,
Jim from Rochester, Mad Dog, and I will be 5 states away suffering from
produce deprivation and jealousy.  The pictures will be torture, but we will
get through, knowing that our reward is just weeks away.
As Homer Simpson might say, mmmm.....corn......

Perhaps I have been unemployed too long ...I appear to be getting a little strange ....

Pam G

 BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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