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Volume 825 - Eureka!


Mon-Tues    June 24-25, 2002 


"Liberals don't mind getting divorced ...because they have no morals.
    -- a divorced slut named Laura

 Hey, Laura!
 BartCop - married 25 years.
 The Clintons, married 23 years
 The McGoverns married 47 years
 Daschle & Gephart, still on their first wives.


 Red-Ink Reagan - traded Spock's Mom for Jack Warner's ho
 New Gingrich - too many wives to count
 The vulgar Pigboy - too many wives to count
 Bob Barr - murdered his unborn daughter - whoops - nevermind
 Tim Hutchison - House Impeachment manager, was screwing his
    secretary while voting to impeach Clinton on a morals charge.
 David Shippers, Impeachment counsel scumbag - brought his
    whore to court to impress her while impeaching Clinton
 Dan Burton, Bob Livingston, Dick Armey, Uncle OJ Watts...etc.

 This bit goes on forever, but the Internet is only so big...

 Bonus Issue 

 Click  Here

 Remember in the 1992 campaign, Clinton & Gore would say at each stop,
"Employment is down under Bush, and bankruptcies are up.
  Teen pregnancy and teen drug use are up, and home ownership is down.
  The stock market is down and crime is up.
  Everything that should be up is down, and everything that should be down is up.""

 Well, like a true Republican, Bush has reversed the Clinton Miracle, as promised.

 Major Crime Up 2 Percent
   Click  Here

 Stock Markets Continue to Fall
  Click  Here

 Family Budgets Up under Clinton, Down under Bush
  Click  Here

 Air Pollution is Up, breathable air is Down
  Click  Here

  Everything that should be up is down,
  and everything that should be down is up.

 The list goes on and on.
 Clinton made life better for tens of millions of Americans while the Oil President
 rapes our Constitutiom as his crime family and his billionaire friends get richer every day.

 Oh, God, what did we do to anger you so?

  Once the damage is done, claim it was "all just a misunderstanding"
 Ohio State says we got the story wrong

  Full Letter

 First, remarks addressing the possibility for demonstrations made by a university
 spokesperson prior to our commencement ceremony were directed at behaviors
 that had the potential to be disruptive and get seriously out of hand.  They were not
 directed at expressions of peaceful dissent.  Peaceful protest was not discouraged and,
 in fact, has long been an integral part of this university's culture.

 Oh, sure.
 After you threaten the students with explusion and being jailed,
 students who PAID for their education - it wasn't handed to them,
 then you claim it was all a misunderstanding once Usurper Boy leaves.

 Why send the goon to the microphone to threaten the students with jail
 for exercising their First Amendment rights if you didn't mean it?

 Putting "Today" before tomorrow's security
      by Joe Conason

  Click  Here

 It doesn't matter that the families of those murdered in the Sept. 11 assaults want
 an independent investigation. It doesn't matter that many intelligence and security
 experts believe an independent investigation is the wisest course for the country.
 It doesn't matter that the limited scope of the congressional investigation will fail
 to address important concerns such as transportation security and immigration,
 among others. It also doesn't matter that the congressional intelligence committees
 themselves, having failed to exercise adequate oversight in years past, are part
 of the problem that needs to be examined.

 What apparently does matter is that certain members of Congress maintain
 control over the investigation -- and as a result, enjoy a vastly increased
 amount of face time in the national media.


 The evil Post Office monolopoly is about to skyrockets their rates!
 Yes, it's true, folks.

 Postal prices are about to shoot to astronomical, unprecedented levels
 so get your JulieFest2002-DC tape before these rates shoot out of sight.

 This is the LAST WEEK to get this unique, once-in-a-lifetime video
 at the unheard of price of  FREE  with a minimum $25 donation for Julie.
 So beat the rate increase. As Martha Stewart (R-Goingtojail) says
 "Saving money - it's a good thing!"

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 "I just like to be called 'Pickles Bush.' "
    --Pickles Bush, the first lady, dismissing her royal title:
      "The Boy King's opinionless ball & chain"


 It looks like we have a deal.
 We have an offer from The Rio

 I don't want to say too much until I can reach Julie & Christian,
 (both were unavailable last night) but the good news is The Rio has
 waved the "Must-stay-Friday-and-Saturday" rule, which could save you
 $100 on a room Friday night.     That's a free ticket to JulieFestWest!

 Date: September 27-28-29th

 We're not locked into that date, but it's the date with no mandatory Friday.
 Don't make your airline reservations yet, until we get some feedback.

 Possible schedule:
 Friday - Visit to Area 51 followed by a tequila orgy at the Hard Rock
 Saturday - boating on Lake Mead, followed by the Party of the Year
 Sunday - the town empties and room prices fall like Enron stock

 Let me hear from you 
 Can you make it and do you need a room?

 It is the Oil, Stupid!

  Click  Here

 Sept. 11, 2001 - WTC disaster.

 Bush goes to war against Afghanistan even though none of the
 hijackers came from Afghanistan. Isn't that strange?

 Bush blamed Bin Laden but has never offered any proof
 saying it's a "secret." Isn't that strange?

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 Have you been to mediawhoresonline.com  lately?

 Ralph Nader's 2000 campaign manager made a hueueueueueuge mistake by
 trying to make MWO look foolish. If you take on MWO, you'd better know
 what the hell you're talking about and you'd better not make any missteps.

 It's sad what they did to Nader's manager.
 Too bad she didn't know what she was getting into.

 If you don't mind a little blood, check what happened to Theresa Amato
 when she made the mistake of verbally duelling with MWO.

 Click  Here

From: NK

Subject:: you spammed a discussion thread on arborwood

Or at  least someone with the username bartcop did it.
Tell me that wasn't you, but that it was one of your cronies.

ha ha
If the guy said he was Napoleon, would you figure it was really him?
Arborwood sounds like some apartments out near Hiway 75,
but beyond that, I don't know what an "arborwood" is...

...but I am flatterred.

Even so, that's pretty pathetic.

ha ha
What reply are you looking for there, Sparky?

I was reading the posts on the Support Forum of arborwood
and I read the moderator's post about the situation.

ha ha
Dorothy landing in Oz had more clues than I have.

Seriously, what is the deal? These are the people that you identify with?

Wait - anyone who's read  bartcop.com and can use a keyboard - I'm responsible for?

Regardless of your political views (you could be exactly right about things),
people who engage in that kind of behavior are juvenile. They can't make
intelligent discussions or debates so they have to resort to acting like little twerps.

I sure hope I have the facts mixed up.

ha ha
What are the odds?

 At JulieFest-DC, American Stranger gave me a copy of his CD.
 It has three mixes of a song he wrote called "Oil War."
 I heard it for the first time over the weekend - great stuff!
 It sounded like The Clash to me, but they say it's more Ramones.


 Maybe A.S. will play at JulieFestWest, along with Daddy0...

 In search of Democratic leadership
   by Rebecca Knight, as seen on  Buzzflash.com

  Click  Here

 What are the Democrats waiting for? It has been reported that George W. Bush
 is so popular, that the Democrats can't find any issues that work for them. What a crock!
 Every issue works for the Democrats. All the Democrats have to do is lay out the case
 of his failures. The poll numbers, issue-by-issue, support this fact and the overall Bush
 approval rating will drop when the facts are presented in a coherent way.

 Easter Eggs
 Easter Eggs are hidden features on a DVD. I'm not sure why a studio would produce
 something and then hide it to where only the people willing to dig forever might find it,
 but here's the URL and an excerpt.  If you know of a more complete "Easter Egg" page,
 let me know.

 Click  Here

  I clicked on "The Wall" by Pink Floyd, and got this:
 The Wall
 Sony / Columbia Music has hidden some interesting material in the menus
 of the release of the Pink Floyd rock-opera epos 'The Wall'.

 On almost every menu screen on the disc you can see a symbol in one of
 the corners of the screen. Through the regular menu navigation these symbols
 are not accessible, but if you hit the '9'-key on your remote control, you can
 activate them. As a result you will hear various soundclips from the movie
 as well as clips from the Pink Floyd albums 'Animals' and 'The Final Cut.'

Chairman Dumbass

That's not fair.
In China, you get a trial.

 Amerikka, forsaken skies,
 the endless waves of genetically modified grain

  Click  Here


 MIRC Chat Room nonsense

<bozak> Is it not amazing that a man not elected president can give
               another country and ultimatum on how it should be run?
             They should show Arafat laughing at the Unelected Moron

 ha ha

 Security bill bars blowing whistle

  Click  Here

 "It's very scary. The public needs to know what the government is doing,"
 says Tim Edgar, legislative counsel for the ACLU. "Sometimes, it hurts Democrats;
 sometimes, it hurts Republicans, but it's always informative and even more necessary
 to protect whistleblowers in homeland security than any other government agency.
 It's not just tax dollars spent wisely, but doing what we need to do to keep people safe."

 There he goes again, that dinm-witted Bush boy is making it ILLEGAL to criticize.
 Koresh forbid you spot a B.F.E.E. truck loading up with Bearer Bonds from the Treasury.
 If you report what the BFEE is doing, you can be seceretly arrested, secretly tortured
 and secretly executed - all the because the Democrats are without any balls.

Bart, you're wrong about Dubya.
He's our friend, just trying to protect us.
Stop being so cynical, Bart!

How much longer can we stay in the party of scared wimps?

 They read it in Lonloc.
 They read it in Batavia.
 They read it in Knoxville after they make their chocolate


 From: Bruce L

 Dear Bart,

 Keep up the good work.
 You hyped the video so much I had to send for it.
 Never heard Julie speak.
 Looking forward to hearing her.

 I knew I was putting my reputation on the line with this video.
 If the video wasn't as good as I said it was, people won't trust me next time.
 In this instance, there was no gamble at all.
 So far, every piece of feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

 And yes, Julie is dy-no-mite behind a microphone, and Kent Bye did a great job
 of capturing the excitement of the evening. Conason & Carville weren't bad, either :)
 You'll like this tape and I predict you'll play it again and again.

 At some point, when a few more people have the tape, I'd like to ID (not publically,
 unless you give permission) some people on the tape. Even on good days things are
 a blur for me, and I'd hate to think people I correspond with regularly appear on the
 tape and I can't connect the name to the face.

 So, if YOU, the reader, appear on the tape, check your VCR and write and tell me,
 "I'm the guy who asked Julie why she didn't kick Ken Starr in the balls,"
 (Just kidding Pete, I know that was you.)

 Also, when Julie cuts the cake, she picks up this Crocidile Dundee knife and somebody says,
"Good thing Ken Starr isn't here," and someone else says, "She'd cut Starr lower than that."

 ha ha

 There's a lot of funny stuff on this tape - get yours before that massive postal increase!
 I have seven copies ready to ship 2-day air - begging for a good home.


"I watched the World Cup game on Friday morning between the U.S. and Germany.
 Germany won one to nothing. It was a disappointment, it was very close, but over
  in Germany, they were partying like it was 1939."
          --David Letterman

 The Reality Thing
   by Paul Krugman

  Click  Here

 President George H. W. Bush once confessed that he was somewhat lacking in
 the "vision thing." His son's advisers don't have that problem: they have a powerful
 vision for America's future. In that future, we have recently learned, the occupant
 of the White House will have the right to imprison indefinitely anyone he chooses,
 including U.S. citizens, without any judicial process or review.

 ...and the Democrats just lie there and say "Thank you, Dubya, may I have another?"

 BartCop, ...come to Vegas!
 BartCop, Vegas is calling you.
 BartCop, over 90 different tequilas at the Hard Rock.....
 BartCop, ...BartCop...

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