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 Tuesday, May 18,  2010  Vol 2528 - Jellied eels

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Quote of the Day

"Pickles Bush admits to supporting gay 
  marriage and abortion rights. There is now 
  no First Lady who would be welcome to speak 
  before an institutional Catholic audience in the US.
  That's something to think about." 
      -- -Daily Dish reader,    Link   


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Oil strangling the Gulf HOT
Arrow Palin's 'Mama grizzlies' HOT
Arrow Today's primaries - Preview? 
Arrow Caths: No School for You! 
Arrow Oil could foul Florida Keys HOT
Arrow How to clean the Gulf
Arrow My Trip to Neverland  
Arrow Megan Fox's coffee problem 





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"Don’t doubt for a minute that if they thought they could get away with it 
  they would ban guns and ban ammunition, and gut the Second Amendment.” 
        -- The Publicity Whore, lying about Obama and liberals again,    Link

  Butt, isn't that like me saying: 

"Don't doubt for a minute that Sarah Palin would blow Bill Clinton 
  every day for 20 years ...if she thought she could get away with it?"

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Oil strangling the Gulf
Can we save the fragile eco-system?


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Subject: If you hate socialism...

Stop asking the government to designate a day to Pray!

Isn't it interesting Bart, that the same folks that hate the idea of "national" health care 
think a "national" day of prayer is just f-ing great.
 Palmetto Yankee 

Subject: If you hate socialism...

Why is it that EVERY TIME the teabuggers (spelling intentional) have a get together 
it is ALWAYS in a park or some other facility that was built with those "socialistical"
tax dollars and is maintained by government employees? 

Doesn't anyone want to rent their private land to them?   

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Marty's has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

1,000+ daily issues in a row

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!

Palin's 'Mama grizzlies'  


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The Beatles "Love" at the Mirage
 Concert review  by Bay Area Tom 


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Subject: Jonathan Turley

I heard this asswipe again this weekend and as usual, he was wrong. He was on with Robin Roberts (who is also clueless) 
when he said that Elena Kagan was the only Supreme Court nominee who had never sat on the bench. And Roberts, who is 
a complete dolt, didn't even bring up the fact (which even a semi-yahoo from Jersey like me knows) that William Rehnquist 
and Earl Warren never spent a day in black robes before they were nominated either. 

Please tell me why uneducated, uninformed morons are allowed to interview idiots like Turley, who are frequently wrong? 
And why aren't they encouraged to at least learn about their subject so they can at least point out when the jackass they are 
interviewing is incorrect?  Frankly, I'd watch the news a lot more often if these know-it-all, blow-it-all turd machines were 
put on the spot once in a while by the people who were interviewing them. I'd find it a bit refreshing to see Jonathan Turley 
scrambling to explain why he didn't know that Warren and Rehnquist had never sat on the bench. 
 Dee in NJ

I don't know if they're stupid or nervous but it happens all the time, even to the honest ones..

I remember when Scooter Libby got pardoned.   My good friend Jeffrey Toobin said it was "just like" when 
Susan McDougal was pardoned EXCEPT Susan did 2.5 years in solitary and Libby never did a single hour in jail
so "just like" is a Texas-sized screw-up, Jeffrey.

And just like the grocery store scanners, the mistake is NEVER in our favor.

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"After the surviving, dazed and frightened workers were evacuated from that burning BP platform, 
  they were met by lawyers from the drilling giant Transocean with forms to sign stating they had not been 
  injured and had no first-hand knowledge of what had happened?! So much for the corporate soul."
      -- Bill Moyers,   Link

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Subject:  Wild Bill McCollum - gay as a three dollar bill


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Catholics to Gays' kids - NO School for You!
That's what the organized rapists are up to now


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Cameron Diaz, while rehearsing,
kicks the hell out of Tom Cruise.

(70 seconds - great for work!)

You gotta see this


"You can win an election on screaming and anger but you cannot govern on screaming and anger."  
      -- Sen. Robert Bennett (R-UT), on being teabagged by the radical right,   Link

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Obama: GOP drove us into a ditch  
Plain talk even the stupid can understand


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If you feel that drugs or alcohol are a problem for you,
Drug Rehab is a solution to get your life back on track.

Mike Malloy Live

Help  survive!


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 PO Box 54466
 Tulsa, OK  74155

Oil could foul Florida Keys, East Coast


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"Where is the oil?  Except for little of chunks of it, 
  you’re not even seeing it on the shore yet."
      -- FOX's Brit Hume, saying the Gulf spill is no big deal,     Link

"Britt Hume isn't sure there's actually a massive oil disaster in the Gulf,
  but he was absolutely fucking certain there were WMD's in Iraq."  
     -- Attaturk,     Link

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See who they raped lately.
See who they paid to keep quiet.

The GOP/Obama plan for the Gulf

Why are we still hooked on oil?

Exxon-Mobil made $35 Billion dollars
in tax free profits last year, that's why..

Exxon-Mobil is bad for America.

Weird Picture of the Day


 I'll bet you've never seen anything like it.

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Subject: re:  If you don't like socialism...

Don’t join the military under any circumstances.

Seriously, my dad was a career Army officer, and as a military family we enjoyed what amounts to cradle-to-grave socialism.  
We lived in government housing (on base), ate government-subsidized food (commissary), went to government-provided schools 
and churches and playgrounds and swimming pools, and of course Dad had a nice government job. We lived the good life, in many ways.

This is one of the best ways to say “in your face” to those teabaggers.  I should know, I lived it.
Best regards,
 Jeff in Seattle

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Puzzling Evidence: A Boomer Pop History Boob Tube, 
Flicks, Rock & Roll and Politics Part One: 1946 - 1976
 Shanahan and Giacona fit the mass media puzzle pieces 
together with great humor and wit.

Click  to  Order

I showed my copy to Mrs Bart 
and now she won't give it back.

My Trip to Neverland 
 by Greg Giacona


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Bo Bice news

Who runs Yahoo news?  Anybody know?
Saturday I saw that Bo Bice was THE top "Trending now" item on Yahoo News.

If the whole nation - or world - is talking about Bo Bice, I assumed he died or got busted or OD'd or 
something super-odd happened to him because he's not on anybody's radar because he's such a non-star.

I don't know anything about Bo Bice (besides he was on Idol years ago) and I'm certainly not a big fan 
because he's not in the top 1,000 people in show business, so I clicked on it to see what crazy thing happened 
to him and guess what the big news was...

He claimed he would turn over the proceeds from some song I never heard of
to the victims of the Nashville flooding.

Sure, that's a nice thing to do, but wouldn't $100 be a bigger gift?

And does Bo Bice have Michael Ovitz doing his publicity?

How does an absolute nobody like Bo Bice lead the news with some bullshit claim 
that he'll donate some alledged "profits" from some dopey song nobody ever heard of? 

...and how could anybody consider that "news," much less the top trending story of the day?

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Saw it on   mariopiperni dot com

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Subject: I can't read your page 

Hey Bart,

I've been trying to catch up on your recent issues, starting with 2515.  
Several seem to be missing, along with some links, including one by Gene Lyons.  
I need me some Gene Lyons, along with those missing issues.


Subject: Nevermind
I'm getting the issues with Firefox, wasn't getting them with Chrome.  
Stupid machines....

You'd think with all the techinical wizardry on the net
somebody could come up with a browser that f-ing works.

I have to switch back and forth constantly and it's a pain in the ass.

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"We're going to keep the Internet the way it is right now - 
   or at least until people who are worshipping Satan aren't in office."  
      -- Glenn Beck, apparently calling Obama a Satan worshipper,     Link

 So, the GOP these days is run by this handjob, 
 the vulgar Pigboy and the money-grubbing Publicity Whore.

 How are we going to lose in November?

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Today's primaries - Sneak preview of November?



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How to clean the Gulf
Is this for real?  Has this been verified?


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Subject: Donation

Bart, this is for you. 
 Linda in Chantilly, VA 

Linda, thanks for that.

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Megan Fox's coffee problem


 Link to Story

See dozens of  sexy  Megan Fox photos  at BC Hotties

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