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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


 Thursday,  July 1, 2010    Vol 2546 - Punish Me
 green beach hawaii
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Quote of the Day

"I'm not sure I could ever vote for Harry Reid,
 but I sure couldn't vote for Sharron Angle."

    -- Andrew Sullivan, who can't vote in NV   Link



In Today's Tequila Treehouse...
Arrow Held Captive by Zombie Lies
Arrow Australia elects realist HOT
Arrow Attack of 50 foot Pelosi HOT
Arrow Why we can't blame Bush
Arrow Our guys are selling out  HOT
Arrow Eldrick is single again
Arrow I had the best idea ever...
Arrow Vanessa Hudgens - No 'Buffy'



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"The GOP prescription for every challenge is pretty much the same –  cut taxes for the wealthy,
  cut rules for corporations and cut working folks loose to fend for themselves."

        -- Obama, trying to put some light between his and the Bitch and the Boner's positions    Link

 If Obama is speaking up, we must be nearing an election.

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Held Captive by Zombie Lies
  by Gene Lyons


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"We were fighting against the health insurance industry, Republicans said no.
 We're fighting against Big Oil, the Republicans said no.
 Democrats are fighting the big banks and financial institutions; Republicans said no.
 Not one of them voted for the regulatory reform. And on Big Oil,
 what more did we need than them apologizing?"
       -- Nancy Pelosi     

 Suddenly, Democrats are listing the facts,
 which they ONLY do when an election is approaching.


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Subject: Wasilla madness 


I'm not making this up - meat flavored vodka from Wasilla.
Someone up there decided that a smoked salmon flavored vodka was exactly what the market place demands:

Are they on drugs up there?

Yes, and that drug would be meth.


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'Just Imagine' A Night with John Lennon

 Link to Press Release

Starts June 30 at Planet Hollywood, Vegas


Marty's has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!



Australia's new leader is a realist
Why can't we elect somebody who believes in reality?


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Subject: Howdy 

Hey Bart, I ain't bitchin' but that package you promised me still hasn't arrived.
Thanks, Keith

Keith, I sent out a shipload of packages this week, First Class.

You should have something by Tuesday - if not, poke me again.
I'm honest but slow and frazzled trying to keep up.

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Subject: your pet's picture on Bartcop

This is Lucy, my long-haired Chihuahua. 
She is five years old and weighs five pounds. 
She is a sweetheart!
 Suzanne in San Jose.

Lucy the dog

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If you feel that drugs or alcohol are a problem for you,
Drug Rehab is a solution to get your life back on track.

Attack of the 50 foot Pelosi


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Why are we still hooked on oil?

One reason?
Obama has failed to lead.

Exxon-Mobil made $35 Billion dollars
in tax free profits last year, that's why..

They buy senators like you and me buy gum.

BIG OIL is bad for America.

Why we can't blame Bush
by Jon Stewart


Too many Christians in your town?
Call Christian Disposal


ha ha

Subject: Obama caves 

Bart, how can Obama cave when he's one of them?
 Bernie in OR


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"So the dirty little secret is yeah, we sort of informally agree not to report a lot of things that we see,
  some of it for legitimate security reasons, and some of it because it could just be embarrassing.
  And the TRADEOFF
is we get a continued relationship with these people and we can get information."

       -- CNN reporter Jamie McIntyre, explaing that they're ALL Tim Russerts now (not a compliment) Link

  Hey asshole, that tradeoff is your professional dignity.
  You call yourself a reporter?

  You're nothing but an Entertainment Tonight skirt.


"If there's a lower form of life than a "reputable" journalist protecting his territory, I haven't seen it."
       -- Matt Taibbi, who I have problems with but he's right this time    Link

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Mike Malloy Live



"I can't recall another example of the minority party deliberately sabotaging an economic recovery like this.
 They're blocking jobs-creation legislation, and they're blocking unemployment benefits for the people who
 have lost their jobs. They're dooming the economic recovery to be sucked under by the jobless issue.
 And there appears to be nothing the president or the Democrats can do about it. Nothing."

   -- Bob Cesca,    Link


 They damn sure COULD do something about it, but it would take a quarter ounce of courage.

 All Obama's gotta say is, "Boehner and McConnell are blocking this economic recovery.
 We would have more jobs, YOU would have more jobs if those two would stop
 blocking progress.
  They're blocking jobs-creation legislation, and they're blocking
 unemployment benefits for the people
who have lost their jobs. They're dooming
 the economic recovery to be sucked under by the jobless issue."

 It's so f-ing easy, but Obama wants to be "nice."

 He wants to be liked by the people who scream "nigger" behind his back.
 That's never going to happen and Obama seems oblivious to that fact.

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Subject: oil spill conspiracy

The gun nuts (maybe...not you) keep insisting that the Feds
are going to disarm them, and then say "bring it on".

What part of the concept "outgunned" don't they understand.
I guess they missed Waco, where the government proved that it
was willing and able to burn children as well as adults to prove
that resistance is futile. And then raised the US flag over the smoldering bodies.

So, bring it on, I guess. They may be well armed, but not like the US Army,
Marines and hired hands (Blackwater). They're just plain dumb,
Neil in Maine

Neil, the Republican who investigated Waco says you're crazy.
David Koresh set those fires and only the loons (maybe...not you) say otherwise.

There are over 200M guns in America.
I pity the ATF agents who try to grab those guns.

BTW, today I'm using Seamonkey to build the page and it WILL NOT
allow me to fix the damn fonts in your e-mail or my reply.

Why can't America produce an html editor that works?

I don't mind paying for it - IF it f-ing works,
but that seems to be beyond America's capabilities.

Do I need to look to Japan for one that works?

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I had to buy a computer I couldn't afford.

I must raise $1500 before the VISA bill comes.



Can you help an old altar boy out?



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Our own guys are selling us out



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Subject: Paul Krugman

Bart, have you seen Krugman's Third Depression?

No one in the white house is paying attention to mr krugman's good sensible advice....  
The more he repeats it, the less they listen....   trouble is, the when they fail to listen, it brings the entire nation down....
Our economy is in a shambles ....   cutting gov't spending at this time is crazy....  
It was a stupid idea in 1938,,,,   same now....
Obama has no vision....  a friend was commenting on how inexpensive very good cars are available now.  
My response was....  "The next car i buy will be a solar powered car."   That went straight over his head.  

Our president should plough in $$$$billions into research into that, instead of afgan military adventures.

Obama is trying to win over The Boner and The Bitch.
That's not going to happen but I predict he'll continue to try.

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Subject: RECORD US TV Ratings for WORLD CUP

Excluding holidays, the game was the most-watched
weekday morning telecast in ESPN’s history.   Link


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Why Poker is King


Joe Cada, 21, last years Main Event winner

How much do you get for winning the
Super Bowl or the World Series, $50,000?

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Subject: your pet's picture on Bartcop

This is me with Coco. This picture was taken about 5 years ago.
Coco died from kidney failure on January 5th of this year at the age of 19.

Coco was the most wonderful cat imaginable. She was always delighted to see me
when I came home, and she used to climb on top of me like you see in this picture
every single day! She always followed me and jumped in my lap the instant I sat down,
and she slept next to me in my bed almost every night for all the years she was with me.
  Eric Perlin


Note: Eric is a fine toonist



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Adult Friend

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"I hear it on the Hill all the time, it's not reported, but so many Republicans say this is a guy that
 is not the hardest worker in the world. Every Republican I talk to says John Boehner,
 by 5 or 6 o'clock at night, you can see him at bars. He is not a hard worker."

   -- Joe Scarborough, ratting out The Boner's lack of work ethic   Link

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See who they raped lately.
See who they paid to keep quiet.


Weird Picture of the Day


 I'll bet you've never seen anything like it.  

 Subject: yesterday's weird picture


Bart, I would have sworn that was Mussolini and Clara Petaccoi: the early years.
 Steven B

ha ha

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Where did the decifits come from?




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Eldrick is single again
He only had to give Elin $800 million


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I had the best idea ever...


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Guess the City


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Subject: yesterday's mystery city

The presence of the Chicago police car indicates that this is Chicago.

If I had half a brain I would've caught that.

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I'll bet you've never seen this guy doing this.



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Bart, I wish I could send more.
Hubster has been out of work over a year now.
Stay well and feed the kitties a little bit from me.
 Dee in NJ

Dee, that was nice - thanks.
I hope the Hubster gets work real soon!


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Vanessa Hudgens - No 'Buffy' for me

 Link to Story

See more of  Vanessa Hudgens  at  BC Hotties

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