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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.


Bartcop Radio #163 is up  hot
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 Weekend-Monday   August 7-9, 2010     Vol 2562 - Foxux

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Quote of the Day

"Democrats elect a new president
  and then they go home, expecting
  the new president to deliver miracles."

    -- Robert Reich,    Link

  There are two sides to that coin.
  Who runs for the nomination
  of a party that's known for
  stabbing their leaders in the back?


In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow The Death of CNN
Arrow MN GOP runs drunk for Gov
Arrow Catholics: Shooting Obama is fun
Arrow Mysterious ‘Insurance’ File 
Arrow "Ma'am, you shot me in the head" 
Arrow Eldrick hits Rock Bottom
Arrow Eliza Dushku's Dollhouse  DVDs



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Eric has been advertising with for nine years

"Obama's in over his head. And I think he has poor advisers around him.  Some of this is
  a result of he not having much experience and then a complicit media and maybe some
  voters who chose to not to allow him to be vetted very closely."

          --  Sarah Palin, on the dangers of giving power to unvetted, unknown candidates,    Link
  Sarah, how did voters choose to not allow Obama to be vetted?

The Death of CNN
From a billion viewers to 650,000



Subject: On the Prop 8 crash & Burn...
Bart, I read this in the LA Times Letters section:

I'm 54 years old. Half a century is more than enough time to get used to the idea that
something is not an option. Which is precisely what made Wednesday so remarkable.

I called home to see if Jaymes had remembered to pick up the water filter from Home Depot.
He answered the phone with the most exuberant "I love you" that I've heard from him in our
six years of partnership. He told me that Proposition 8 had just been declared unconstitutional.

Then he asked me to marry him.

What a surprisingly strange, otherworldly experience.

Later I closed the class I was teaching with the news that I was headed out to celebrate the
Proposition 8 ruling. When one of my students asked, "Are you getting married?" and I replied,
"I was actually proposed to this afternoon," the class burst into a spontaneous wave of applause.

That surprised me a little. And with each student's expression of congratulations — and there
were many —I realized it wasn't marriage per se that was being congratulated. It was the
fracturing of a 54-year-long story of being "less than," of being "other." It was an affirmation
that my relationship deserves equal protection. Wow.

<>By the way, Jaymes didn't remember the water filter from Home Depot.
And I can't imagine having cared less.


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Kill Me Quotes
"It is unnatural…an older white guy handed down the decision
  and he happened to be gay. That might have had something to do with it."

          --  Pat Buchanan, looking for additional reasons to hate gay Americans,    Link

"All the Catholics on the Supreme Court should recuse themselves from hearing this case
  because their religion predisposes them against gays. What do you say, Mr. Buchanan?
  Fair is fair. You wouldn’t want bias to enter their decisions, would you?"

          --  candide,    Link

"If marriage is solely for procreation, then why didn't Mr. and Mrs. Pat Buchanan ever procreate?
  Why are they still together? Where are the children? What sort of "marriage" is this?"

          --  evangenital,    Link

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Marty's has new stuff every day
on her fine, fine Entertainment Page

Marty always has good stuff.

Click on the E!


"The American people don’t want more Washington 'stimulus' spending
  – especially in the form of a pay-off to union bosses and liberal special interests."

          --  Der Boner, between tanning sessions,   Link

"Incredibly, the Boehner disparagingly referred to those who teach our children,
  protect our homes, and keep our streets safe as 'special interests.'   Republicans
  are opposed to supporting our teachers, firefighters, and policemen at home in
  order to protect corporate tax loopholes that promote the export of American jobs."

          --  Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD)    Link

 Democrats stand for the poor, the little guy getting his day in court, equality,
 teachers, cops, fire-fighters, the unemployed, minorities and science!
 Republicans stand for the super-rich, the polluters, big business, the Cancer Lobby.
 legal warzone rapes, the assault weapons lobby and the absurdity of organized religion.

 ....and we have trouble winning elections?

 One person, one vote.
 If Democrats would educate the ignorant we'd win everything every time.

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Subject: Thank You


I need to say thank you for not turning into a Republican the way most Democrats did
in their irrational hatred of Hillary during the presidential primaries. And for making sound,
rational commentaries on her, Obama and the media, who obviously helped him win the
primaries because Republicans thought he would be easier to beat. I could not find ANYONE
anywhere in the media or liberal blogs who did not unfairly and maliciously attack her except you.
I was sick over it.

The media suckered most Democrats. We did not demonize Obama like they did Hillary.
If we even called Obama a politician, which is obvious I would hope to everyone now, his supporters went ballistic.

I ended up doing everything I could for Obama after he won the primary because Democrats had to win.
I was with you on that too. But you & I know if Hillary had won, most Obama primary supporters
would not have done the same for her. And now look where we are. We knew we needed an experienced fighter.
I'm afraid Obama is going to let the Republicans who nearly destroyed our country get enough power in November to finish the job.

It seems to me all of the Obama primary supporters owe it to us Hillary supporters to get out
and raise holy hell in making sure we not only don't loose the House and Senate in Nov. but gain more progressives.

The fawning media made a big deal out of all the newbies Obama brought into politics to vote for the first time.
You gotta wonder how those dreamers (compliment) are taking the harsh realities of today's politics.

I guess the question is: How many of them are still with Obama?


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How can Democrats be losing older voters
to jackals who want to steal their income?

MN GOP runs drunk for Gov
Plus he sponsored "Let's Party" bill


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Subject: Apologizing for Hiroshima

On this 65th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki I want to apologize
to the people of Japan and the entire world on behalf of America for vaporizing 2 cities.

We must never forget and we must never allow nuclear weapons to ever be used again.
Although I am not an official that can speak for every American, the silence of America
does not represent the voice of the people. Some day the President will speak out, but today
I will be the voice that expresses my personal regret and for those who feel as I do.

Marc Perkel
My blog:
Founder of the Church of Reality
Reality changed my life. It can change your life too.

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"Sarah Palin is criticizing Obama's visit to “The View” as a cheap TV stunt.
  Then Sarah went camping with Kate Gosselin..."

          --  Letterman,   

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Catholics: Shooting Obama is fun
They should be working on Rape Control

   Catholics: "Shoot the Nigger President, win a prize."

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'Not the White Man's bitch'
Woman sues to get 'Bitch' on ballot


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Adult Friend

Must be 18 to click

"Dear California, FINALLY!!!!!!!!!
  R.I.P. bitch!!!   (Prop 8)"

       --  Kristen Bell on Twitter      Link
 I'll bet if Kristen Bell knew about  she'd be a regular reader.

        "What's a Bartcop?"

 Have I mentioned lately how crushed I was to read
 that Shirley Manson's favorite website is  Buzzflash?

 I'll bet my good friend Buzz doesn't have ONE picture of Shirley on his site.

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Another new Bart-business?
I'm attempting to become a retailer for...



WikiLeaks Posts Mysterious ‘Insurance’ File
 That's some serious cloak-and-dagger shit, there...



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"The reason Democrats won in 2006 was 15% of Bush voters cast their ballots
  for a Democrat, a pretty large amount of crossover. There aren't nearly that
  many Obama voters leaning toward the Republicans this year."

          --  Tom Jensen,    Link

"Ma'am, you shot me in the head"
  The funnest story in today's issue!


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 "It's like the damn Planet of the Apes!"
          --  Glenn Beck, calling Obama an ape,    Link

  These days, is it even news when some
   FOX asshole screams "nigger" at the White House?

Subject: Your best week ever  

You made my week this past week with the many postings. 
You made this Bartcop junkie very happy!!

True, it's not every week we see four new pages and a radio show - thanks.

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Bartcop reader Jan goes skydiving

5 minute video - she survives

Weird Picture of the Day


 You definitely have never seen anything like this.

Subject: that JFK Limo
Regarding the actual Kennedy assasination car - You want to know something creepy? 
They kept using it for years. 

After the shooting investigation, the car was sent for retrofitting, with additional armor plating (and a ROOF). 
It was put back into service, and used by Presidents Johnson, Nixon, Ford, and Carter!  They only retired it in 1977!

That actual car is now on display at the Henry Ford Museum, in Dearborn Michigan.

Every time we're there, I sort of breeze past it, because I can't hardly stand to look at it. 
I cannot believe that they kept using it for future Presidents!

Also - Regarding your computer tech business.  I think it sounds like a great idea. 
When you first launched it, I added a web bookmark, for any future problems I might have. 
I assume that a lot of readers are like me - No problems right now, but we will certainly
call Bart when something happens.  I wouldn't trust the Geek kids at Best Buy to fix anything!

Keep up the good work,
 Tom P


Yeah, that car gives me the creeps.

So why the F was candidate Humphrey riding in an open-air car five years later?

Democrats - even after the fact we don't see it.


Send e-mail to Bart

Mike Malloy


Eldrick hits Bottom
"Ugly, ugly, ugly" is how USA Today put it
Worst golf week of Eldrick's entire career,
yet the crooked PGA still says he's #1


Lindsay Graham, a little more fabulous than his friends...

Subject: Make your pet famous!

Anybody else have a pet who needs to be famous?

Your pet's photo will be online for all time.


Rick, in Denver, educating the ignoratti

I like that flag, with the barb-wire stars

Del Castillo back from Europe 

Knuckleheads Saloon     Kansas City, MO     Wed Aug 11 10     08:00 PM      
Vaudeville Mews            Des Moines, IA         Thu Aug 12 10     09:00 PM      
 See More / Details

When you see them, tell either guitar player "Bart says Hey!"

Subject: BCR Show 163

Bart, if pot was legal, you might have had a more productive trip to Best Buy.
When you nervously asked the salesman "What do I have to do to make this mouse work?"
he could have responded:   "Oh fuck it! Let's get high"

And the two of you could've stepped outside for an overdue smoke break.
At some point, you would have become talkative enough for him to learn exactly what you needed.

Or not.

But at least you would've done what everybody else would've done.
    --dave in Portland OR

Often when I do the "right thing" I get bitten in the ass.

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Guess the City


Subject: last issue's mystery's city
Bart, I think it would be Paris France.
The land marry would be Arch de la Triumph
 Roo, the Fest-goer

Dude, you are correct!

It's a hueueueuege traffic circle (roundabout), too.
Someone sent me links to videos, which I lost, but I found this on YouTube.
That looks like more fun than driving in Manhattan!

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Today's History Mystery


Can you identify today's History Mystery Person?

Subject: last issue's history mystery
An interesting image, no doubt.  Brings to mind that fateful day in November of 1963. 
You surely know that JFK didn't travel so well protected from the rear as Humphrey is in this photo. 
The Secret Service was noticeably absent in Dallas - there were no SS attendees on the bumper stations
normally populated by human shields. 

In fact, the footage shows they were incredulous at the order to stand down and move away from JFK's Lincoln.

What a colossal fucking the American people took that day.  To add insult to injury,
the Warren Report was about as believable as the 9/11 Commission's waste of wood.

In Humphrey's photo, he was really only accessible for an assassin's bullet from the front.
Still, a ballsy move.
You're a pillar - keep it up.


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