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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

 Jan 14-17, 2011     Vol 2638 - Rugrat exorcist


Quote of the Day

  "Somebody ought to burn that paper down.
   Just go to New York and blow that sucker
   right out of the water."
        --  Pigboy wannabe Bob Durgin,
            copying Ann Coulter's plan for the
            paper that hates the Clintons and loves
            Cheney, Rush, Drudge and Karl Rove.  Link  



In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Palin Headlines Gun Convention
Arrow Enabling Crimes of Insanity
RNC loses Major Donors 
Arrow The Tucson Witch Hunt
Arrow Clear Channel yanks Pigboy sign
Arrow Pigboy's grunts on Tucson 
Arrow Alessandra Ambrosio's Bikini

THIS is why they can't hide from their past.
First they threaten to shoot somebody
then they shoot somebody and say,
"Who, me?"

"The last two years have seen a proliferation of similar baseless charges of racism,
  sexism, bigotry, Islamophobia and inciting violence against those on the right..."
    -- The Washington Whore Times, a Moonie Publication,     Link   

 I'm calling your bluff because you're lying - again.

 Please list the names of those on the left
 who have "incited violence" against those on the right.

 What are these don't-believe-in-guns Democrats going to use? 

 Their shoes?


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Palin To Headline Gun Convention
See? She's got nothing to do with gun extremists


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Subject: Fuller and Palin


J. Eric Fuller, after being shot in the Tucson "shooting spree," was on local television. 
Gun control was being discussed, and the founder of the Tucson Tea Party said that we
shouldn't be thinking about gun control right now.  Fuller pointed a camera at the Tea Party guy
and said, "You're dead."  Fuller was arrested and held for a 72-hour psychological evaluation.

Sarah Palin, not recently shot, publicized a map with rifle targeting sights on a number of
Congressional districts.  She pushed it nationwide with the phrase, "Don't retreat, RELOAD"
as a message to her supporters.  She is lionized, and her rights to "free speech" are being
defended by liberals more than conservatives.

So what's the big difference between the two? 

One is nationwide, and thus a greater threat; in addition, the nationwide image has a list of
people associated with it, all of whom are in Congress.  Isn't that, then, a significantly greater
threat than one guy saying "You're dead" to another person in the audience? 

So why the difference in how they were treated?

Short answer - the American whore media is pushing for Palin like they pushed for Obama in 2008.
They know a Palin presidency will bring a shitload of great news stories for them.

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Reddit user carblos says this sign is up in Tucson,
near the site of the Arizona shooting

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Enabling Crimes of Insanity
 by Joe Conason


"When I was in Sacramento, one of the best billboard campaigns we had was just a
  white billboard with text: 'Rush Limbaugh is a Wonderful Human Being'.
  And a couple weeks later, tomatoes and other vegetables had been thrown at it."

    -- the vulgar Pigboy,   

 You see Rush?  That's the difference between the two parties.

 Our side throws tomatoes at billboards.
 Your side goes to Walmart and buys 31 bullets.


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"An awful lot of people care about repealing the Obama health care plan.  A lot of people
  care about it the other way, trying to preserve it. But you don't have to call the other side
  'socialists' or 'fascists' or whatever. Maybe we can agree or disagree more agreeably."

-- FOX News' Chris Wallace, begging the Rethugs to knock off the hate talk,     Link

 But Chris, that's all your side has.

 If you take away 'socialists' and 'fascists' and "nigger in the White House,"
 what other argument could your side make?


Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: BCR Show 164

Thanks for the show Bart!
Sounds like the new format with a co host will be great! ( I liked it solo, too)

I don't know why Tommy had a problem with your comedy.  Randi and Mike do what
they do, and you do what you do, and what you're doing works very well, I think.
Not really useful comparisons. Believe me, you have a lot of people waiting for the next BCR!

The Bill Maher Clip from Leno was ripping! People need to hear that everyday, especially leftys.
The right has stolen everything from patriotism to outrage (T baggers) and we should take it back.
Kudos Bart! Love hearing you..

Rick, thanks for that.
I'm hoping more radio shows will mean more subscribers :)

Subject: BCR Show 164

Hi Bart,

My two cents. If BartCop Radio was anything less than top shelf, I wouldn't give a damn.
I would drop it like a hot turd. Trust me, you turn on the mic and the magic happens,
a BartCop subscription would buy a lot of Chinaco, it's worth it...

just sayin'
 Mark in Boulder

Mark, that was nice - thanks,

Send e-mail to Bart

RNC loses Major Donors
It's fashionable to blame the Black guy


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The Tucson Witch Hunt
  by Charlie Blow

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"One year ago, Michael Tom Steele had a blunt message for his critics: "If you don't want me
  in the job, fire me. But until then, shut up." Today, members of the RNC did just that,
  voting to replace the gaffe-prone negro with Reince Priebus, whatever that is..."

    -- what Matt Finklestein might've said if he was speaking GOP,

"Feingold said that it would be good if we captured Obama in the battlefield setting and that he
  suffered the 'ultimate punishment' there.  I find this point to be completely disgusting.
  I hope he has an explanation as to why he thinks Obama ought not to be executed..."

    -- Reince Priebus, the new gaffe-prone Rethug Chairman,  

So, you replaced one gaffe-prone handjob with another gaffe-prone handjob
 but at least this one's white, right GOP?

Send e-mail to Bart

Clear Channel yanks Pigboy sign
because it proves what everyone's been saying?


Watching coverage of the shooting last week,
I noticed some of the footage came from Tucson's KGUN-TV.

Why does everything have to be guns, guns, guns with these violent radicals?

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"I wonder how many innocent little boys John Paul II miracously "cured" of their virginity
  by leadiing the Catholic Church to shuffle pedophile priests and bishops and even cardinals
  around the world... it'd be a MIRACLE if everyone damaged by a priest protected by the
  church could have their childhood restored..."
    -- TD Pittman, who doesn't think John Paul II should be made a saint,  

 Boy, you talk about super-cheesy, they say it takes two "miracles" to become a saint.
 For John Paul, one of his "miracles" came when some nun claimed she had Parkinsons
 and she was "cured" after her village prayed to JPII for her cure.   Horseshit

 That's more lame than the average Jay Leno monolog.
 Catholics - don't they know "God is watching them" fabricate these lies?

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Pigboy's grunts on Tucson
He's gotta be the biggest coward in America


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"We do have a challenge on the Hispanic vote.
  It is a language problem. It is a tonal problem."
    -- The GOP's Alex Castellanos,    Link

No, Alex, it's a GOP-hates-Mexicans problem.

 Someone said right-wing-GOP Arizona will like go to the Democrats in 2012
 because of all the hate the Rethugs have shown their dark-skinned brothers.

 Someone else said by 2040,  "darkies" will be the majority of voters  so, by all means,
 keep screaming "f-ing taco-eating beaner SOBs" at anyone with dark skin.

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Subject: that AZ shooter

This was photoshopped ....  the real one reads 'independent'

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Palin does her Reagan impression...



"They were slobbering over Obama's speech for the predictable reasons.
  It was smart, it was articulate, it was oratorical. It was all the things the educated,
  ruling class wants their members to be and sound like.”
    -- The vulgar Pigboy, picking a fight with Chris Wallace and Charles Krauthammer
        for their praising Obama’s speech in Tuscon,,    Link

"As one of the three slobberers…I find it interesting that only the ruling class wants
  a president who is smart articulate and oratorical in delivering a funeral oration.”
    -- Charles Krauthammer, smacking the Pigboy,   

 You gotta love a war between FOX News and the vulgar Pigboy.

"I was gonna name my first child Krauthammer, even if it was a girl. But no more.”
    -- The vulgar Pigboy,   

Please Rush, tell us how copulating with a nine year-old boy's anus in the Dominican Republic
 is going to result in a child for you and your FOURTH paid-for wife with a ten-year contract?

 The vulgar Pigboy, on the cutting edge of male-rectal-fertilization.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: Monkey Mailer RMann

Haha!  Thanks for printing that Monkey Mail! exchange with RMann bart.

It's been trying week what with the events in Tucson and the right's
sickening response so your humor most definitely lifted my spirits.

And someone really ought to sit down with RMann and have a discussion
about the meaning of the metaphor about bringing a knife to a gunfight.

If anything it might save him from a future bartcop red-ass whoopin'.


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Guess the City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, last issue's mystery city is our beloved city of right-wing,
gun-totin' nutbags known as Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Oh, and because of Republican domination, the air is RARELY that clear. 
The only thing clear is the 3.2% beer--yum!!!
 greg c.  slc, ut

Subject: horse photo in 2636

The photo you showed is definitely the statue at the Meijer Garden in Grand Rapids. 
The original was never made, just a clay model that the french destroyed. 
The two are both recasts, funded by the Meijer family, with the one in Milan
being a gift to Italy from the US.
Nothing personal, just hometown pride.
 Sue in Detroit

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Today's History Mystery


Subject: last issue's history mystery

Who is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, that's an anti-war demonstrator at the University of California, Berkeley
throwing a tear gas cannister at police during a student strike to protest the
killing of 4 students at Kent State University.

The Berkeley student demonstration is one of many across the nation in direct
response to the killing of four Kent State University students by National
Guardsmen during a Vietnam War demonstration the previous day.

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Hey Bart,  Hope this helps a little.
Keep swinging,
 Don in Jersey

Don, that was nice.
Thanks for making the hammer hit harder!

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Alessandra Ambrosio
AKA Bevery Hills Bikini Beauty 


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