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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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 Jan 13, 2011     Vol 2637 - 'Full support'

They told the truth.
Last time they came unarmed.
Last Saturday, they came armed.


Quote of the Day

  "Palin's recent video sounds like
   the response of someone who wants
   to stoke her base and further her
   lucrative career as a culture warrior
    -- not someone who is plotting to
   run for president."
        --  Howie Kurtz (R-Eunich)   Link  




In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow AZ Republican Resigns
Arrow AZ - Palin is the REAL victim
Monkey enjoys boot-in-ass
Arrow Clarence Thomas IS a Pervert
Arrow Lyons: Right-wingers dodge
Arrow Rush: Shooter has Dem support
Arrow Eva Longoria's bankruptcy

Thanks to Don L

"When everyone is carrying a firearm,
  nobody is going to be a victim."
    -- AZ State Rep Rep. Jack Harper (R-Delusional)      Link   

 If you carry a firearm you can't be a victim?

 That means no cop has ever died in the line of duty.
 There are thousands of families that wish you weren't lying.


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AZ Republican Resigns
Cites threats from Teabaggers
Turns out he's Black and AZ Rethugs don't do Black Teabaggers


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Subject: DeLay the jailbird

Bart, any money on the idea that the Hammer doesn't see a day behind bars?

I would not bet on that because it's entirely possible that he'll use his
connections with ultra-crooked Texas Justice figures to wiggle away and,
of course,
the Democrats will be too timid to say anthing about it.

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Next time they say he wasn't political...

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Twenty Shot, Six Killed
but Sarah Palin is the real victim!
by Willaim Rivers Pitt


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Subject: That's it for the other one


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"Westboro Baptist makes me sick to my stomach. They’re a stench from a slaughterhouse.
  We’re just going to block the stench so the family can catch their breath. Nothing says
  stand back and be silent like a Hells Angels presence.”

Glenn Littell, who’s bringing bikers from Phoenix to prevent the Westboro Church
        bastards from disrupting Christina Green’s funeral, 

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Subject: Patrick Kennedy

The interview of Patrick Kennedy was intelligent and thoughtful. 
But, wasn't he the Kennedy that got away with rape? 

Just curious.  Not that it affects his take on right wing hate rhetoric
but it will leave him wide open to right wing attacks on his moral character
which will obscure the points he was making. 

I'm not aware of any Kennedy getting away with rape.
Years ago, an accusation was made against William Kennedy Smith,
but a jury of his peers decided those charges were baseless.

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"Only one side has made the rhetoric of armed revolt against an oppressive tyranny the
  guiding spirit of its grassroots movement and its midterm campaign. Only one side routinely
  invokes the Second Amendment as a form of swagger and intimidation, not-so-coyly conflating
  rights with threats. Only one side's activists bring guns to democratic political gatherings.
  Only one side has a popular national TV host who uses his platform to indoctrinate viewers in
  the conviction that the President is an alien, totalitarian menace to the country. Only one side
  fills the AM waves with rage and incendiary falsehoods. Only one side has an iconic leader,
  with a devoted grassroots following, who can't stop using violent imagery and dividing her
  countrymen into us and them, real and fake. Any sentient American knows which side that is."
-- George Packer, on the "Both parties do it" horseshit    Link

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Clarence Thomas IS a Pervert
Former girlfriend shares lurid details


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Thank Koresh...
We should thank our lucky stars that Palin responded to the shooting the way she did.

She came out all claws, hissing and spitting, hysterically ranting against the "lamestream media"
for asking what every person in America was wondering:  Is Tucson Sarah Palin's fault?

With her looks, if she was a nice lady who wasn't such a self-centered publicity whore,
she might've won over a majority of voters in BOTH parties, but she decided to be "Sarah" instead.

Think if Clooney ran for office. (He may, someday.)  Don't you think women in both parties
would vote for him?  (He's seen as a "Man's man" so men would vote for him, too.)

Clooney is an intelligent and compassionate man who's willing to work to help others.
If he wanted to be a governor or senator, I think he'd win.

With her looks, Palin could've done that, too, but she's so mean and petty and greedy.
Screaming "gotcha journalism" when she couldn't name the newspapers she reads.

Really, Sarah?  Gotcha journalism?

If you ever make the big leagues, you'll f-ing see what "gotcha" really means.
"Gotcha" is when a federal prosecutor with a severe masturbation problem threatens
everyone you ever knew or met with Dying in Prison unless they give them dirt on you.

But just think:
Had Palin come out Monday and said, "It's time we start being civil to one another and
I'll be the first to admit I was among the guilty so let's stop fighting and work together

and follow the example of Jesus Christ and treat each other like we'd each like to be
and let's make this the best America it can be...." 
She'd be president in 2013.

So thanks, Sarah, for being such a hateful, ignortant, use-my-kids-as-weapons slut.
Thanks for being the petty, brainless little vindictive publicity whore that you are.
Thanks for being you, Sarah.

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Thanks to D Ratz

Right-wingers dodge responsibility
 by Gene Lyons


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Pigboy: Jared Loughner Has
'Full Support' Of Democratic Party
The syphilis is raging thru his Oxy'd-out brain


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Palin Quotes

"Where I come from the person that is actually shooting is the one that's culpable.
-- Palin, thru her lying spokesman     Link

So Palin is now calling for the release of Charlie Manson because
he wasn't an actual shooter in the Tate-LaBianca murders?
  Ole zenferret

Someone else pointed out that Hitler didn't personally push Jews into the oven.

Send e-mail to Bart

Subject: We came unarmed - this time

Hey Bart,
Have you heard form the Beckerhead that had the "We came unarmed - this time" sign?
I'd really like to hear his backpedaling rationalization of how he didn't add to the anger and hostility of the teabaggers.
Maybe if you still have his address from when he bitched about you running his picture you could
publish it and have yout tens of readers send him an e-mail asking if he's still proud of that douchebag move.
Just a thought, keep after those bastards!

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"One wonders how Joe "YOU LIE!" Wilson will behave at this year’s State of the
  Union speech. He must be meeting with his ‘advisors’ to come up with a new catch
  phrase for 2011.  Will he yell out a simple “Shut up Nigger” or maybe a more forceful
  "Kill the Nigger” or maybe he’ll go with a simple “Fuck You”.
  Whatever he yells, one can be sure he will be defended for exercising his ‘free speech’
  and ‘protecting’ folks from that “takeover” of our Country that happened when a vast
  majority of Americans elected a nigra as President. And whatever this white surpremacist
  fuckstick from the State of Traitors yells out we can be sure that his inbred pig-fucking
  constituents at the gun factory will stamp it on some weapon to be sold to neo-Cons.”

Dennis G,     Link

Send e-mail to Bart

That graphic doesn't look right to me...
I would've guessed we had ten times
more guns than France and Canada.

I wonder why they don't have 1/3 our massacres?
Could religion be to blame?


"I remember reports about people bringing firearms to a rally.  We enter on to a very
  slippery slope if we buy into the attempt to assign blame for last Saturday's violence
  anywhere but on the individual who was to blame.
(I saw) people on the national mall
  and waving placards that spoke strong opposition to the Bush administration..."

-- Rep Mike Pence, saying if Democrats bring signs to rallies, Rethugs and Teabaggers
       ought to be able to bring assault weapons to rallies because they're the same thing,

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Oklahoma boy rescued after tongue gets stuck on pole
 8 years old, his brother dared him and he took the bait

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Hundreds of old military planes sit in the desert near Tucson.
Thanks to Gary the pilot


Subject: Gabrielle

Gabrielle is the name of a Angel who sits at the right side of God...
A angel married to an astonaut, how about that? 

Makes my head spin,

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Guess the City


Subject: last issue's mystery city

Bart, last issue's mystery city featured Leonardo da Vinci's horse in Milan, Italy.
Jerry and Kay

You are correct!
Many people guessed Grand Rapids, Michigan,
but we were going for the real thing in Italy.

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Bart, that's Claus von Bulow,
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Eva Longoria's bankruptcy

Link to Story 

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