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WELCOME TO BARTCOP.COM A modem, a smart mouth and the truthNews and Commentary NOT Approved by Karl Rove, bcause vicious extremists can NOT be appeased.

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 Thurs-Friday  March 17-18, 2011     Vol 2664 -  Re-harm

Quote of the Day

 "If shooting these immigrating feral hogs
  works maybe we have found a [solution]
  to our illegal immigration problem.” 
        --  GOP state Rep. Virgil Peck (KS) saying
           murder would solve our immigration problems   Link

   Hey Virg, would you shoot them from helicopters?
   Or is there no sport in that?

In Today's Tequila Treehouse...

Arrow Krugman: Another Inside Job
Arrow Hillary: "Get me Outta here"
Olbermann: Republican Suicide
Arrow Hillary on bombing Libya
Arrow Rethugs blame rape victim
Arrow Obama - Use the bully pulpit
Arrow Rachael Leigh Cook in Barricade

"They say that Japan's rigorous building codes and regulations saved thousands of lives.
  Or as Republican say, it fostered a socialist anti-business environment that's worse than being dead."
-- Bill Maher


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Another Inside Job
 by Paul Krugman


The financial crisis didn’t just happen - it was made possible by bad behavior on the part of
 bankers, regulators and, yes, economists.  The rich are different from you and me:
 when they break the law, it’s the prosecutors who find themselves on trial.

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Marty always has good stuff.

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Did Obama wait too long?
Can the revolution be saved?

"Newt has to explain his past positions — specifically, why those
  positions were so often on top of women who weren't his wife."

     -- Stephen Colbert,    

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Subject: getting out of Japan

Dear Bart-
Thank you for saying what needed to be said!

There is absolutely ZERO reason to believe anything the authorities are saying
about the extent of the danger from this nuclear crisis. If we've learned anything
from the string of disasters we've been through recently it's to assume the worst
and trust no one in a position of power.
I lived in Tokyo many years ago, and I have many friends there still. I have been
holding back on telling them to leave the country for the last couple of days,
waiting to see how it unfolds and trying not to feed in to the panic instinct,
but your comments convinced me that time has passed and it's time to leave
if at all possible. I have just told them to come home right now!
If God somehow does exist, may She have mercy on
the people of Japan, and indeed on us all.
 Jake in LA

If nothing else, if someone in Japan has the money, take a 2 week trip
to Singapore or Australia and see what happens before going back.

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Hillary: "Get me Outta here"
Maybe Obama should be worried?


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Subject: democrats


When did socialists give up the fight? 
What happened to internationalism? 
What happened to supporting the working man and the poor in the Revolution?


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Subject: economic ignorance

raising taxes can't ever help the economy.

In Wisconsin, they had a $160M surplus.
Then Walker gave a
$160M tax cut to the super-rich and declared, "We're broke."
One of us is crazy.

Linking those two is as sensible as saying I ran over
a dog with my car and the next day I got a raise.

Only if the dog worked in Payroll.

Tax is a needed way of transferring money from the private sector
( produces everything) to the public sector (relies entirely on tax money)
 Carson the tax free Monkey

Yes, firemen and police and dead animal pickup are funded by taxes.
Under the GOP, your house burns, you get robbed and there are dead animals everywhere.

Welcome to the GOP's paradise.
Carson, if you were rich, I could understand your senseless, short-term greed.
But why vote for fewer cops & fewer firemen so the super-rich can pay less in taxes?


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Subject: Time to get real on energy

Last summer we had the Gulf oil spill that reminded us that that with oil there's a price to pay.
They said that drilling was safe - but it wasn't. Now we are looking at nuclear meltdown and it's
not just one reactor - it's 4 of them. I don't see any way they are going to explain that away.

It's time to get real. If we invested just the cost of one war for oil we could develop solar, wind,
and clean fuels and not have to evacuate areas of the planet for hundreds or thousands of years
or go to war to protect a limited and shrinking supply of oil.

We need to look at what will actually work and fully evaluate the risks and consequence based
on science. Bad choices have consequences and if we are going to survive we have to stop making
these kinds of serious mistakes.

The penalty for poor judgment is extinction. I urge everyone to choose existence!
 Marc Perkel

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Republican Suicide
 by Keith Olbermann

Subject: No-fly zones

I cannot agree with you that we need to establish a "no fly zone" in Libya.

That's too bad - I'd like to see you on the correct side of this.

First off, just exactly where do we get the needed military to do this?

We have hundreds of ships doing nothing but training.

Where do we get the money?

Our military spends "X" every day training.
They can spend "X + 2 percent to save Libya and keep those dictator dominoes falling.

It is not exactly cheap to operate an aircraft carrier and conduct military operations,
considering we would have to first take out all the known anti aircraft sites before doing these operations.

Our planes fly higher and our missles fly farther than their AAA.
Hell, we could take their AAA sites out with drones.

Then, how do we get out any of our pilots that happen to get shot down? Helicopters?

They stay over the water. Libyan towns hug the sea.

What happens when one of them get shot down?

In the water?  No problemo.
Plus, they gotta shoot them down, first.

Pretty soon we are in yet another war, then there will be complaining about that.
We are not the world police, nor can we support any and every group that wants to
overthrow their leader, no matter how despicable that leader might be.

If you're a linebacker at Pizza Hut and you see some Barney Fife-sized punk
slapping his wife around you're just going to sit there and enjoy your dinner?

Unless and until there is a large concensus, with more than just the U.S.
doing the heavy lifting, we need to stay out of this uprising.
 John A

What if some scumbag was slapping your wife?
Would you want a stranger to step in?

I heard 8 countries want to assist and the Arab League is behind it.

Obama wants to wait for the UN - could be a mistake.

If Gadhaffy wins it will be on Obama.

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"Oh, nothing, nothing...Playing bad golf,"
-- Eldrick, asked by Jimmy Fallon what he'd been up to lately
,    Link

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Rethugs blame rape victim
Eleven year old dressed like a ho?


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Subject: BCR 168 and radiation


Show 168 was rant filled and I think you are at your best when you rant. 
The Sheen segment was dead on.

Everything is alright in my little oasis near the foot of Mt. Fuji.
I have an entire metropolis and a countryside between me and the reactors. (~200mi)

American media is reaching new lows with this coverage of the clusterfuck earthquake,
tsunami, nuclear trifecta we have going on here.  


Anyways, my intel from some of my other Air Force buddies says the nuclear situation
is nowhere as bad as the American media is making it.  This radioactivity is the result of
letting off steam which disperses pretty quickly. They have been airlifting some of the
Japanese folks out of the vicinity of the reactors and decontaminating them.

We are dealing with some rolling blackouts, which in this town of lights (like Vegas) is
kinda unnerving.   Anyways, don't take the media whores at face value (jeez, who am I
preaching to here? haha). I'm fairly certain the Japanese people are more scared of the
economic hit from losing all the productivity of Tokyo for a month.
 -Lance from MI, now Tokyo

"We have a nation-threatening debt crisis, and the Republican opponent is a weak
  president who's doing more to exacerbate our problems than he is to solve them." 

   -- the vulgar Pigboy,

  Butt Rush, we have a debt crisis because we've been borrowing money
  to give to the super-rich instead of making them pay their taxes.

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Hillary: UN no-fly zone requires bombing Libya
  She's failing to make herself clear


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"I've made many billions of dollars and in many cases I've been dealing
  with unions. So, really, collective bargaining doesn't bother me so much."

       -- Trump,        Link

 This year, we're watching that Trump "You're Fired" show on Sundays.
 How could we not?
 Gary Busey, Richard going-back-to-prison Hatch, Star Jones, Meatloaf, Latoya Jackson, etc.
 They're all about as stable as those Japanese nuclear reactors.
 Too bad they couldn't get Lindsay and Charlie.   

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"Wisconsin state Sen. Randy Hopper's (R) wife has signed a recall petition against him,
 saying Hopper doesn't even live in the district as state law requires of lawmakers.
  Instead, he lives with his 25-year old mistress.”
-- Political Wire,     Link

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Subject: So wrong

Dear MoveOn member,

What kind of country president cuts food aid to hungry women and children
in an economic crisis—while giving a giant tax break to billionaires?
Seriously. WTF?!

I'm with you. It's very wrong.
I'm amazed that Obama would do that - but he did.

And after giving the super-rich a trillion dollar gift, we have to hear
the Rethugs talk about "wasting money on PBS and NPR?"

Obama fell in with a bad crowd and they turned him.

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Obama, Use the damn bully pulpit!
by Sasha Abramsky


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Subject: Newtie's cuties

DBarty, old stick,
Why do you think everyone married to Newt becomes ill?
Oh, please don't make me answer.
The reason he keeps trading them in is that being married to him is very aging.
Sooooo, the baggers are looking at a newt who never finished anything...
NO Contract With America, NO complete term as Speaker (they still call him "Speaker..." or is it "Squeaker?"),
a government shut-down, and two failed marriages.
No wonder baggers love him...they can't even complete a thought...
As I've said to anyone who'll read or listen...
"While the other candidates are launching exploratory committees,
 Newt is launching an explanatory committee."
Hammer, modern day John Henry, hammer...
  Wayne, Dayton

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American Idol Recap


Survivor Episode 4


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Subject: What will it take for him to act?

Hey Bart

Obama will act when his corporate bosses tell him to.

But who wants Libya to remain under Gadhaffy?

Oil companies - the usual suspects?


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from Anita Phillips in Tulsa

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Madison protests

Our whore media:
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Subject: last issue's mystery city

Last issue's mystery city  is Frankfurt, Germany.
Banking paradise... You see Deutsche Bank on the right,
and the pencil-like building in the back is the fair.
Hang in there
 Marton (now in Geneva).


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Subject: last issue's history mystery

What is last issue's History Mystery?

Bart, that's the Rainbow Coalition.

This pic shows a press conference (circa 1969) announcing that the Young Lords,
Black Disciples, Young Patriots, Black Panthers, and Raising Up Angry organizations
of Chicago had formed a new alliance called Rainbow Coalition. 

The Stars and Bars on the beret gave it away. 

MRG, you may be the only person who got that right.

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Top Ten Reasons Why Men Prefer Guns Over Women


Thanks to Randolph

Subject: donation

Bart, Koresh reached out to me and said, if you will contribute to Bartcop's page so that
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A Story of A Man Destitute of Integrity and Devoid of Honor".
My small donation is nothing compared to the enjoyment I experience from your blog.
  Bill in Elyria, OH

Bill, that was nice - thanks. 
Koresh was supposed to tell you to build a
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Rachael Leigh Cook in Barricade

 Link to Story

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I saw Dr. Drew Pinsky beat up a confused drunk
using lies while the whole country was piling on.
Didn't seem fair.

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